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What would the easiest Pokemon origami figures be? I guess Porygon is pretty easy and actually looks the part too, but now I'm curious if you guys have any other suggestions.
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File: 798Kartana.png (94 KB, 416x416)
94 KB
Obviously Kartana
Its body is completely flat like paper
Where can I find the template?
You should put strobe lights inside of that Porygon lol.
File: pokétrafficking.jpg (713 KB, 1000x1000)
713 KB
713 KB JPG
This has a lot of Pokémon crafts available for download (particularly from Gen IV and before), including one for Porygon.
Depends. Origami and Papercraft are 2 different things. I’d say the easiest papercraft ive seen is a cubee type version of Hophip on Paperpokes.
The easiest origami might be to make a frog with a simple water lily flower on its back and call it Bulbasaur. Or make the kind of pikachu I did when I was 10.

File: FB_IMG_1557302755860.jpg (92 KB, 1400x2034)
92 KB
Anyone chika template pls?
From the thread next door? On behalf of you I tried to make my way through taobao, I think you need a taobao agent.
Though actually, might just be cause I'm brit... see if your details work.

Anybody got these files maybe? I know they are on Taobao and you have to pay for them, but I can't order them from my country at all :( I know a Philiphine or something site has some of them, but not all, and I was wondering if anybody is willing to share or trade them? Thanks in advance.
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God, I want all of these Mikus!
It´s not like they are expensive, they are cheap as fuck the thing is the site is in chinese and I dont know how to pay of even if its safe
Maybe this info could be of help? https://www.howtotao.com/buy-from-taobao/
Will try to order one, thanks. Cant be harder than mandarake.
I doesn't matter, the U.S. has just as much infiltration and abuse of your data as China will. I buy from chinese sites all the time and I don't give a fuck because it's cheap. Take the chinkpill anon.

File: kondo.jpg (37 KB, 835x557)
37 KB
*folds your paper*
Ooh yeah baby fold it yeahhhhhh
N-No, don't throw away that paper duck, it brings me joy.
I've came here to fold origamis and eat ass, and i'm all out of paper...
File: lewd_L E W D.jpg (38 KB, 720x759)
38 KB

I’m looking for an papercraft of this original goblin like creature that someone made here if I’m not mistaking. It had different versions. I remember one had armor. If anybody has the file I would appreciate it.

Photo is sort of relevant because the helmet kind of reminds me of the one the character had.

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How am I supposed to fit everything into it?
like, hear me out anons.
paper or cloth? a bit of aluminum paper for that RFID protection.
but, what can i use instead of those metal buttons.
Also, how slim will it end up being?
can anyone come up with a template for this?
OP picture isn't enough for you?
go to the website and pause the video.
Seems pretty easy to draw down.

Hoang Tuan origami submitted his Pegasus diagram here: fb.com/Hoangtuanori/posts/2308510392702945

It is simple.
Check his paper shop: www.etsy.com/shop/HoangTuanOrigamiSHOP
Can anybody fold it, I'm stuck at some steps !!!
Which ???
IT is easy man
It’s not as hard. Once you learn it. Every fold has a purpose to bring about the full shape. Gotta be careful the wrong fold can mess the whole thing up

If I remove their top layer could I use it like a vinyl slap on a car window? What adhesive should I use for this application?

Hi /po/ I kindly request your help, I'm trying to get a decent Flight Control Tower. Just like the one in the picture or something related. Thank you.

File deleted.
Hey /po/. I don't normally come on here but I wanted to share with you my story about paper cranes.

I started learning to fold cranes when I was a teenager. I fell in love with the exercise and have folded many countless cranes throughout my life (I'm 24). The older I got the more I liked them, and the more I learned about them. What really made me obsessed with the symbol of the crane is the anime ghost in the shell stand alone complex 2nd gig. If you really want a very amazing and elaborite anime that has to do with oragami watch ghost in the shell SAC then SAC 2nd gig. There is a very sad love story about a boy and a girl and their relationship to paper cranes.

I know that asians have a way to fold a perfect crane and there are videos on how to do it on youtube but I never looked them up. I wanted the challenge of learning how to fold a perfect crane on my own. After countless cranes I still slowly learn better technique. It's an intimate relationship between your hands and the paper when you've folded them so many times.

Often times no matter how well I fold a crane if I look at it very closely I notice some flaw. A malformed tail or beak. A misshapen abdomen. A body too big or small. I imagine what this crane would feel if it were a real live crane and were born with such a defect. And I think maybe god is like the crane maker and no matter how many people he makes he just can't prevent his huge hands from making tiny mistakes. And it makes me more comforted knowing I have been created with mistakes.

Now wherever I go I carry a stack of stickey notes and while I set on my computer, wait at the doctor's office, study at school, or am in class, I just start folding crane after crane after crane. Normally I throw them all away but if I really like someone I will give them a crane.

I have read that in japan it is a belief that if you fold 1000 cranes you get a wish. Some say ten thousand cranes. And there is a very sad story about this. Cont.
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I do the same thing, I find folding them calming whenever I'm anxious, it's something else to focus on, I got a stack of origami paper at home, I like your idea with the sticky notes though, I'll probably do that too
Wonderful, origami is delicate tradition and I'm glad to see you enjoy it, paper cranes are nice, but it's good to have a change in products.
My story was I once mailed a crane to go a friend of mine named kanye, I called the crane crane (his last name) while a few days later he sent me a dragon that was a foot fall made from origami, turned out, he was extremely talented at this.
It's very possible. Just look for Tallship sailing for renewable transport companies.
File: IMG_20190503_012156_1.png (6.73 MB, 3111x1860)
6.73 MB
6.73 MB PNG
A beautiful story anon. I've also been folding cranes, for around 15 years now, although I've only folded hundreds, not thousands. Something about it fills me with happiness, turning a worthless piece of paper, a candy wrapper, a sticker tag into something which brings others joy. The best part of it is after you finish and someone notices your crane, you give it to them and they pull on the tail to flap its wings after you show how to do it (most people I've met weren't familiar with the cranes). I haven't made them since some time, but I think I'll continue just to give them to various people even if they keep the cranes only for a few seconds. After reading the story I felt inspired and made one from peach coke bottle wrapping as it was closest to me. This one is for you anon.

File: sperm whale.jpg (39 KB, 354x500)
39 KB
I'd love to try this sperm whale. Does anyone have diagrams for it by any chance?
I found a crease pattern:
Great, thank you so much!

File: 1.jpg (133 KB, 1600x1238)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Started a new thread since the last once has been archived.
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File: bike.png (54 KB, 692x300)
54 KB
this part is the easist to fold. I drew sort of a treebase.
Thanks a lot for sk3
A God among men

File: origami-star-10.jpg (9 KB, 300x298)
9 KB
I used to know how to make them. I got it from a book. Youtube doesn't have it. Does anyone know how to make one?

This has been driving me crazy all week
Sorry but I don’t know how to make those
Your photo is of a single sheet origami star, for which instructions are available at:
There are many 4-point modular origami stars, some from 2 sheets of paper, some from 4. Here's a video to a 4-point star from 2 squares, by Paper Kawaii:
actually, I figured it out. Thanks

File: 3fold.png (27 KB, 964x592)
27 KB
Hey /po/, I'm tying to fold like a napkin/bandana type of cloth to wear as an accessory in my belt but I'm having a bit of trouble doing sort of a 3-fold and I was wondering if any of you had any experience or a tip in properly folding one. So in the image (sorry for the shitty paint) i want to fold the napkin (left of image) in either one of the two 3-folds (right side, doesnt mather which one) and have an easy way of tuckin the backpart into my belt/pants. Any help at all would be appreciated

Does anyone have this model?
Has been available in the past on papercraftsquare but been deleted and can't find anywhere else.
Use this link and you can download the model:

File: diatron.jpg (39 KB, 666x696)
39 KB
Thank you very much !

I tried the same thing with this link https://actionpapercraft.wixsite.com/fvdesign/diatron
but it didn't manage to work on waybackmachine, can you make it work?


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