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anyone have it?
ExVagos does.
File: c172.jpg (20 KB, 180x250)
20 KB
anyone it share?

File: ihadthisbook.jpg (198 KB, 697x1024)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
What's a good origami book to give as a gift? My brother wants a book for Christmas and I'm not sure about what kind of good stuff is out there. Maybe something lesser-known but anything works.

Pic related, this is the last book he used to use.
genuine origami by jun maekawa if he already doesn't own it
It depends on which level your brother is at. Try this one if he is at intermediate to advance.

File: starwars.n.shit.jpg (78 KB, 630x315)
78 KB
Who's gotem?
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Yeah, OK.
Ok, now I'm confused.
Do I download from the site and give them all my private and personal information so they can sell it like Facebook does or get it from the shady-anon government watched mediafire?
I suppose they could be hosted here, they are small PDFs.
They're hundreds of files though, would only muster the effort of posting them all if people really want them.
where would you prefer them uploaded to? i have been on /po/ for years and have always shared my papercrafts through mediafire with no complaints from anyone.
Well I guess we can trust a /po/bro. In for a penny in for a pound, eh?
It would be nice if morewould share papercraft like the Chapsy days of yore. Not strictly pirated models, but hard to find or limited runs. Guess I'm just an old crank reminiscing about the good old days

File: Hoborginc 1911.jpg (15 KB, 225x224)
15 KB
Has anyone done a print from Hoborginc? Im looking to use pic related for cosplay but Im not sure how to harden it so if someone where to step on it, it wouldnt be destroyed. I know how to resin,bondo, and rondo, but not on a scale this small. How would I go about hardening it?
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ok ok it means REVOLVER SYSTEMS and then the last word i think is spelled wrong but i think its supposed to mean NAGANT as in mosin-nagant the arms manufacturer
Hey op you have any AS VAL templates?
There's also tacome1942 who uses this technique
this pajeet has great weapons

Nagant was the pattern of revolver and a Belgian guy. Mosin-Nagant was specifically in reference to the rifle and was not a manufacturer. The manufacturers ranged from Tula and Ishevsk, to Winchester and Remington who briefly produced M91 pattern rifles during the first world war.
Also not the same Nagant, Leon Nagant designed the revolver whereas his brother Emile worked with Sergei Mosin on the rifle.
Just a little brief history for everyone.

Hello, Alex here from Fold Up Toys. A little while ago I did a request thread on here taking suggestions and turning them into downloadable paper toys for a video series. I had a lot of fun making the models you were interested in.

I've just finished all my major projects for the year and wanted to try this again, but this time work towards a larger overall goal. Putting all the toys based on the requests into a self-published book.

I'll still make the models available for free download, but this way I can wrap the request project up in a neat little portfolio friendly bow.

So, tell me what you'd like a paper toy of, and if I like your suggestion, I'll make it. The OP image has some of the models I designed from the last thread as examples.
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How about a sleeping dragon? Is that not enough? I like your art style it's sort of amazing
File: creepycrawlers.jpg (212 KB, 1200x677)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
I remember seeing you tweet about this, it would be interesting to see more in depth about the process and/or scripts for it, I love the results. Kinda reminds me of those old kids toys where you'd melt a bunch of plastic goo and it'd randomly mix it on some molds.
*chant* video! Video! Video!
File: 2018 Instagram Template 6.jpg (234 KB, 1000x1000)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
I've just had a look through my files and it looks like the original script is no longer available, the project was finished a few years ago and was just never fully released for download. But I can certainly make a video talking about how it worked and perhaps even create a new simple toy and make an action script similar to the Rorschach Project to illustrate the process.

When I created the Rorschach toys I didn't even know about Photoshop tools like Smart objects and struggled with basic Java so it would be interesting to see how much easier it is to create now.

I'll add it to my script list for the weekly series, in the meantime my older video creating automated Crypto Kitties toys might give some insight into some aspects of the design process.
That would be a very good video. Especially for aspiring toymakers.

File: stalker ammo.jpg (445 KB, 1375x894)
445 KB
445 KB JPG
Does any extremely kind anon have the textures for stalker ammo boxes? I can't figure out how to extract them from the SDK.
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Look here: https://forum.facepunch.com/f/fbx/pryc/S-T-A-L-K-E-R-Model-Packs/1/

If the download links still work you should be able to find them in the prop pack. Maybe look in this thread and you find more. Gl on your search
Thanks anon, it appears these have been extracted in the Source engine format. I haven't been able to find the ammo in the prop pack.
File: wpn_ammo.jpg (833 KB, 1024x1024)
833 KB
833 KB JPG
I finally managed to extract them using the Lost Alpha SDK. I can post them if anyone wants them.
Why are you bumping my thread? There are no textures, I realised the game simply uses the top of the box texture for the sides and bottom.

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fkn cool, reminds me of a luger I did back in highschool, wish I kept it.
How did you manage to make the arms and legs like that? Is it similar to the thingy on bread bags?
that’s exactly it layered on some paper over it as well
Neeto. Any plans on sharing?
File: 1539916942306.jpg (3.49 MB, 4032x3024)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB JPG
these bits are a bit sloppy but other than that great job! Do you intend to share this tamplate or is it just one off thing?

File: iu[1].jpg (214 KB, 640x628)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Does Origami help getting a gf?
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hey i am late to this thread, but i have been here for a decade and this is seriously a standout post compared to most of the garbage i see here. You made a lot of sense. Theres a lot of wisdom here.
this is why i started transitioning from male to female
if the girls don't come to you, become the girl
bar sluts are for quick fucks
there's a reason there's alot of them
not gf material
This is insulting on so many levels

File: IMG_20181115_213554.jpg (104 KB, 1080x938)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Is there anyone who has diagrams from the new's Ekaterina Lukasheva book?
I'm searching diagrams of beautiful floral kusudamas too
i have a maria sinayskaya book though also with kusudamas
I'd love to see it. Sinayskaya has some really great stuff.

File: ku jason.gif (12 KB, 360x360)
12 KB
pls someone gimme reference points for this cp
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Haha, there's quite a difference between drawing precreasing and drawing actual folding steps. Maybe Jason Ku will diagram it himself one day...
It was worth a shot anyway.
Jason ku does a lot of odd number box creases....5x7x9xand so on
I folded his Jewel beetle and box grids the tiniest lines fell on third or half box..
With Jason's models his schematic diagram helps with the collapse...
I was proud of doing that alone####
I have a folder full of his c.ps ...I'll look for the double of this
Nice effort.
Thanks :)

Hi there, just found this crease pattern, and can not decipher it, can you guys help me fold these two TIEs?
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they're not square, and i don't have thin enough paper for it if i cut my square in half.
Reds are mountains, blues are valleys?
The best folders section a c.p to crack it..here beside its density 4 seems the simplest way to tackle it..
It looks really easy, what section is giving you trouble?
*trips* oh shit, whoops haha
This crease pattern looks pretty cool OP post more :^) 8^)

File: IMG_20181130_212147260.jpg (3.19 MB, 3120x4160)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB JPG
I made this origami tree frog by Robert Lang (Origami Design Secrets). I am satisfied with how it turned out, but, since it is for a gift, I would like it to look as good as possible. What recommendations do you have?
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people like tissue foil because it's easy to shape and fairly thin so can be used for models that have a lot of layers. it can also be used to make double colored paper very easily. but. reversing creases sucks, so anything precreased then collapsed won't always want to follow the creases you made (reverse folds, open and closed sinks etc), its weak and will tear easily (unsinking is hell), and any tiny little mark you put in it will stay there permanently.
double tissue is also very thin and suitable for complex models, but it's much stronger and is more willing to follow existing creases. making double sided paper is harder, shaping is slightly more effort (but if you can make the paper you can shape with it since you'll have the MC). i've rarely had double tissue fatique and tear unless I pulled it too hard.
i think tissue foil was the hot shit until double tissue came along, but some people are stuck in their ways and continue to push it. most complex models are some kind of single/double/tissue paper these days. imo you should try a lot of everything, as something i learned was there's no perfect paper. you want to go as thick as your model will allow coz it makes your life easier, and every paper requires different manipulations to get the most out of. i still think tissue foil is shit though.
Alright well thanks for such a lengthy writeup.I appreciate it. As someone who has only ever folded the stereotypical papercrane from printer paper, is there a resource I should be going to, to educate myself? This board strangely seems to have no sticky despite having a lot to learn.

Lastly, can you suggest a good place to buy origami paper from? I live in america, so i figured art stores like micheals or hobby lobby would be the obvious place to look. But is ebay or amazon good as well? I found some really interesting looking origami paper on amazon, but a lot of the coolest paper had constant criticisms of overpowering chemical smells coming from them.
Yeah it tissue foil. And thanks for the vote of confidence, bruh.

I am one of those tissue foil apologists. The reversing is a bit tricky, but you get used to it. Also a lot of the lines can be buffed out and become barely noticeable, though some are easier than others.

I usually put the order of paper as construction<printer<kami<tissue foil<specialty papers (double tissue, washi, lotka, origamido, etc).

I like tissue foil because it's a bit easier to make than double tissue, and despite it's flaws is still infinitely better than kami you'll find in hobby shops, and cheaper than specialty papers. I use Dollar Tree items and make several large sheets at once
origamishop.us my man. I recommend getting a discovery pack if you really dont know whats around. by the way the tissue/metal foil here isn't quite the same as tissue foil people always talk about, it's way stronger and thicker and less useful for very complicated models with lots of layering (but the 'sandwhich foil' seems just as shit). they also don't sell premade double tissue, it's something you gotta make yourself.
i learned more about paper as the models i was folding required it. i think tant (even though it tears easily) and biotope are good starting points for beginner > intermediate models, and much better than printer paper or kami.
Speaking of the thing Origami Shop calls tissue foil, I find it appropriate only for intermediate and high-intermediate models. I confidently attempted Tadashi Mori’s Darkness Dragon 2.0 (because ‘well it’s expensive specialty paper and it says it’s good for complex stuff, so it should be fine, right?’ and I absolutely do not recommend folding models of that caliber with it. Looking back I should have chosen Jo Nakashima’s Devil Dragon 2.0 instead (his instruction video used the exact same size and colour of tissue foil that I had).
Also their ‘sandwich paper’ (the real tissue foil) is decent.

File: IMG_20180101_163336~2.jpg (1.15 MB, 2927x2834)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
I said if I came up with anything new I'd share it with you all.

I'm still focusing on drawing, but at the moment I am waiting on books, and these are related to what I want to draw in the future anyway.

I've been focusing on minimalism, and have been trying to come up with a couple.

I decided not to post on the old thread. I don't really like having to slog through petty arguments and people being rude to one another just to find the one or two people who are actually saying anything civil and productive.

I don't know if I'll share diagrams for any of the models I make next Any fun I had sharing has been spoiled by greedy spoild people. I always ask for people to post their finished products, but so far have only ever seen one. Doesn't feel like I'm getting anything back especially for a community that seems so eagar to have every diagram possible.

Anyway, this will probably serve as an update thread for people who don't follow my Flickr.

Here's a minimalist gray fox
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I honestly don't know why that happened. I just removed it from the trash, see if that worked.
It still doesn’t download and displays the same thing.
File: Mouse Diagram.pdf (3.01 MB, PDF)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB PDF
I don't know how to fix it. But thus way you can download it
Thanks, can’t wait to fold it.

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 196x257)
11 KB
Maybe it is on libgen.io
No need; this anon >>569756 already fulfilled OP's, pointing to the other tessellations threads.
This board is more or less a reliable host for origami books, and will be listed in the catalog for some time to come.
I tried hosting a non-origami PDF on /po/ but they deleted it :^\
Try /gd/ next time.

File: 1400544349555.jpg (39 KB, 497x470)
39 KB
Hi /po/ erm so as a grand gesture I'm going to send the girl I love a gift box for her birthday - she lives in another city, she is back with her ex after telling me she doesnt have that "spark" with me.
I have all the finer details planned (gift, letter and asking her professor to call her into her office before her birthday) but I want to know if there are any ways to prepare the gift box - other than what I found on this website.
Youtube hasnt proven helpful.
Thanks /po/ and yeah I know it is hopeless. But I'll rahter go down swinging than watch from the sidelines desu.
32 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
That box honestly came out really nice- what the hell. I rolled into this thread beyond late. What the fuck happened, OP?
what happened anon? i really hope you didn't give it to her.
I know you've probably committed suicide by this point over 6 months ago but you need to know that your girlfriend stopped loving you a long time ago and since she was 15 she had been fucking 10 dudes a week without stopping and she's probably fucking someone right now both as I type this and as you read this
I once wrote a poem for a girl that dumped me. She laughed. I felt awful. Now I have a new girl that isn't a giant cunt and life is great.

Move on OP.
There's at least three great humble girls you passed up on while getting scorned by this ex ...she literally thinks you're too nice

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