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File: Clink.pdf (873 KB, PDF)
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873 KB PDF
God bless you!
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File: 1.png (218 KB, 826x1169)
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218 KB PNG
File: 2.png (168 KB, 826x1169)
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168 KB PNG
No duplicate reply allowed! ò_ó
File: 3.png (102 KB, 826x1169)
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102 KB PNG
I like to move it-move it!
File: 4.png (26 KB, 826x1169)
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Aaah, Baham---t Lagoon, I like that game.
File: 5.png (153 KB, 826x1169)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
They could have added "petting" and "grooming" the dragons too, like in pok---n.
God bless you!

File: BO_NOA_Magazine_360.jpg (73 KB, 200x287)
73 KB
I am Looking for two Issues of the Nippon Origami Association as they have Diagrams for two Letters of the Origami-Alphabet developed by
Katshushi Nosho.
The Issues are:
NOS 360 (letter "t")
NOS 366 (letter "z")
If someone could help me with those Issues or Pages i would be very happy.

File: b_1_q_0_p_0.jpg (13 KB, 453x310)
13 KB
i have been into origami for a while now and i feel like i can't find any challenging origami. Anyone have any REALLY challenging origami instructions? Found some cool pictures but i cant find the instructions.
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I need somebody
(Help) not just anybody
(Help) you know I need someone
so much younger than today
(I never needed) I never needed anybody's help in any way
(Now) but now these days are gone (these days are gone) I'm not so self-assured (and now I find)
Now I find I've changed my mind, I've opened up the doors
Help me if you can, I'm feeling down
And I do appreciate you being 'round
Help me get my feet back on the ground
Won't you please, please help me?
My independence seems to vanish in the haze
(But) but every now and then (now and then) I feel so insecure (I know that I)

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What a dumb-ass.
This is quite a strange thread
well, jews are annoying in general
Damn I really spent like three hours trying to figure out how the fuck to get past step 15. Fuck that snail.

File: 20180216_195429.jpg (185 KB, 740x987)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Look it it fuckers, its so beautiful *-*


I Have to agree and say yes IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!
Is the kit up for sale anywhere?

>Is the kit up for sale anywhere?

It probably is, but heard Japan and Korea don't sell to foreigners anymore because of a tendency for piracy.

File: V28oY.jpg (43 KB, 959x579)
43 KB
Any ideas? When bored i'd like to evaluate on my origami skills (which are non existent atm)
The swan from Prison Break looked dope.
A4 sized or smaller.

/po/ btfo
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I will try something
Who needs friends when I have paper
*folds whilst tears roll down my face*
>dripping tears over your work
Weaksauce. That's not how you wet fold.
I love aru-chan!
Shit thread.

File: satu.jpg (446 KB, 1260x709)
446 KB
446 KB JPG

File: IMG_20180101_163336~2.jpg (1.15 MB, 2927x2834)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
I said if I came up with anything new I'd share it with you all.

I'm still focusing on drawing, but at the moment I am waiting on books, and these are related to what I want to draw in the future anyway.

I've been focusing on minimalism, and have been trying to come up with a couple.

I decided not to post on the old thread. I don't really like having to slog through petty arguments and people being rude to one another just to find the one or two people who are actually saying anything civil and productive.

I don't know if I'll share diagrams for any of the models I make next Any fun I had sharing has been spoiled by greedy spoild people. I always ask for people to post their finished products, but so far have only ever seen one. Doesn't feel like I'm getting anything back especially for a community that seems so eagar to have every diagram possible.

Anyway, this will probably serve as an update thread for people who don't follow my Flickr.

Here's a minimalist gray fox
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That's really cute, OP.
I like this model...can i swap your test c.p for any 9 tailed fox?
File: 21.gif (112 KB, 151x200)
112 KB
112 KB GIF
so pretty wahh
I don't get what you mean? Test swap?

File: kawahata_h.jpg (38 KB, 284x400)
38 KB
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exvagos does, however the book is not that special.
can someone share the flaming dragon by oriol esteve please?
File: 20190512_151107.jpg (1.12 MB, 2560x1440)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
Looking for a decent Godzilla diagram. The one from tanteidan convention book 25 looks nice.
Does anyone have it?
Ps: have this king ghidorah i folded
Book 21 i meant
Ok, I'm tired of seeing this "Idiot who folded" shit. I demand to know what happened

File: orirobo battle royale.jpg (17 KB, 185x250)
17 KB
Orirobo Battle Royale

オリロボバトルロイヤル 切らずに1枚で折るオリガミロボット / 切らずに1枚で折るオリガミロボット


I am looking for a pdf or scan of this book. I loved his first book and only found out recently he made a second. Does anyone have this one? Thank you kindly!

In the mean time, does anyone have any cool robot/mecha origami to try out? I'm always on the hunt for cool robo models, thanks again!
Is Battle Royale that much of a meme that origami book publishers are using it as a selling point? Ffs
This looks fun. Watching.
Looks really interesting, hope someone posts a scan because I would also love to read it.
those are some ugly robots, the fuck u wanna make them?
OMG... Can you actually build smth like that using origami?!!

File: BOR.jpg (169 KB, 800x650)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
anyone have the template for this? debating whether i should just freehand it since it so simple. (minus the lames) i just need the rocket
cant you just craft a fallout nuke bomb instead which looks way cooler?

This looks like something a stereotypical big glassed ginger with rabbit teeth and a crooked telescope will own if they made a movie and knew about this model

File: ray.pdf (236 KB, PDF)
236 KB
236 KB PDF
I must be daft but I just don't get step 7. I'm new at this, and couldn't find a video explaining this particular model. Can anyone explain this to me ?
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I could fold this blind folded with 1 hand.
That's not a surprise, most can. But can you fold it with your feet : ) ?
File: IMG_20190511_145948.jpg (1.21 MB, 4160x3120)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Can anyone help me with this fold? It is from "animal origami for the enthusiast", by john montroll, page 70, the elephant.

I don't get what he means by "the original corner"
File: IMG_20190511_150009.jpg (1.59 MB, 4160x3120)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
I don't see how to unfold it.
If you look at step 5 and then 6 it shows the paper changes to the color side, in the second photo you posted towards the top of your paper you can see a tiny bit of the color side showing. You have to pull the paper out. Its there but a bit hidden. Your basically just undoing one of the flaps/corners you folded to the center in the beginning

File: 1278664012279.jpg (41 KB, 1600x1200)
41 KB
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File: Batman.jpg (50 KB, 300x506)
50 KB
File: BVM.jpg (73 KB, 535x705)
73 KB
File: Christ.gif (26 KB, 1200x1216)
26 KB
And I'm out.
that stencil sucks ballz
File: 1315188976858.jpg (396 KB, 1752x2280)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
More lewd ones.

File: KIMG2603.jpg (1.74 MB, 3840x2160)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
I made it!
Pop-up picture book about big tits.
For other images please watch a movie.

Stupid version

Serious version
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I think posting it thinking it is interesting.
The trick of design is to fold line-symmetrically

I thought it was interesting and posted it.

The trick to make is to fold line-symmetrically.
I would 100% do it anon
I'm getting the urge to get one, OP.
Anyone have that image of the the female torso made of paper?

This guy on Deviantart made this and it makes me cringe on more than one level.
I just want to know, if I am not the only one that feels that way.
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File: Oasis.jpg (26 KB, 223x310)
26 KB
Not all lands produce mana.
File: 1554056479506.jpg (27 KB, 500x514)
27 KB
>Haven't visited /po/ in a while
>Check catalog
>Start browsing this thread and get an overwhelming sense of deja vu
>After few minutes I realise it's a thread I posted in 2 years ago
It's an odd feeling.
File: 1556852309013.jpg (80 KB, 600x800)
80 KB
its been three years
See you guys next year
Getting a taste for the game VERY early on.

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