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File: IMG_20181215_152058.jpg (430 KB, 1280x1920)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
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Ok i’ll wait
Okay I'm going to get mad and go out of my way to prove how great I am at art or maybe I won't give a fuck about the stupid thing...
damn his whole page is legit
File: .png (147 KB, 500x472)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
Leave Milky to me
File: 1547589058872.png (1.02 MB, 1200x1080)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Shikata ga nai

You won.

I remember I found a sex doll of Asuka from Evangelion on this board made completely of paper. The guy who made it had a Twitter where he just posted his disgusting creation. Does anyone have a link to that or just pictures?
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how would this work?
do penis + paper feel good to people??
Are you sure that this is a sexdoll, not just an overcreative papercraft? Glue and paper is pretty unfuckable for me.
Plus the model is just paper and might be destroyed completely if he attempt to do anything.
>that cum stain
pretty sure he just hotglue the thing and call it a day
File: 1542486012047.gif (82 KB, 379x387)
82 KB
this must have taken so long to make. I'm sure if the tits weren't there and the doll had a nice finish people would be thinking this is pretty cool. Imo it looks like it has a lot more potential than being a cum dump

File: Fold Up Toys 4chan Thread.jpg (167 KB, 1212x1212)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
This thread is for all the Fold Up Toys projects, whether they be free downloadable paper crafts, building videos or website updates. Rather than trying to put the releases into other threads I figured it’d be easier to keep them all contained in just one.

Also, if you want to share you FUT builds that'd be great!
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I like that you make your own papertoys instead of unsimplified game rips. I wish you would up the degree of difficulty more for us more advanced builders.

Give us a thicc Cortana yeah?
> I wish you would up the degree of difficulty more for us more advanced builders.
The problem with that is that if the model is hard to build, I feel like I've failed my job as a designer. Even the Advanced Series of models I worked on feature some quite complex paper engineering but are designed in such a way that they're easy to build.

My current goal is to release all of the older models I've got clogging up my hard-drives so that I can start fresh, without the weight of 100+ unreleased or unfinished models on my shoulders. Perhaps after that's all done I can work on something a little more intricate for the people wanting a building challenge.

Pic is of an old war-games concept piece, table top war games are something I always find myself re-visiting but it often feels like it's been done to death and I can't add anything new to the sub-genre. But perhaps I will once again return to the drawing board and see what I can do.

>Give us a thicc Cortana yeah?
*adds "thicc" to my to-do list*
(forgot pic)
Please add risk of rain toys to your list as well
Only after thicc Cortana.

Is there a way to import a pepakura file with its texture into a program like Sketchup so I can draw over it and create a 3D model with popped and recessed detail? I've got 'Mechs I want to 3D print that are only available in papercraft form.
you may want to ask /g/
If pepakura file is not locked you can export geometry in OBJ format with designer

I never did it but I think its posible
I can't help you, because I don't know anything about 3D printing, but can you post that file so I can make it too? ;)
not OP but here ya go. enjoy!


File: IMAG2073.jpg (1023 KB, 3264x2448)
1023 KB
1023 KB JPG
i was kinda depressed and spent 3 days in my free time making birb
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another crocodile ^__^
File: IMAG2099.jpg (936 KB, 3185x2140)
936 KB
936 KB JPG
thanks, i improvised it quite a bit cause i wasn't sure what the instructions were saying, but was still fun to make :)
I hope the moose won't eat them :(
put one outside your enemy's home. then two. then three.
That's the wrong birb, ya doofus! Now you will surely die from leukemia.

File: kawahata_h.jpg (38 KB, 284x400)
38 KB
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It's in the lower middle area of the last archived thread.
Go get it.
File: 1529849918263.pdf (5.41 MB, PDF)
5.41 MB
5.41 MB PDF
Thank you! Also here it is again for anyone who’d want it.
Anyone has Tanteidan Magazine 171, please share!
If you would learn how to read more than one thread, you would realize that it's in this thread >>568438.
Kinda obscure, but I suppose it's worth a shot... Does anyone have Aussiegami? I read it in my school library as a child before I was good enough to fold any of the models inside, and within months it had disappeared from the library altogether, would be awesome to revisit it. The paperfolding down under version was the one I had, not the prehistoric one.

File: thumbnail.jpg (1.84 MB, 2550x3509)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
I humbly share Byakuren's papercraft. i think it was never share before.


I can also scan Suika and Yuuka.

If someone has Meilin i'll be more than happy.
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based op
I have meiling I would like to exchange for yuka
>I can also scan Suika and Yuuka.
please do
File: thumbnail.jpg (1.61 MB, 2550x3509)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
A bit late but here Yuuka.



Please share Meiling, it 'll made me happy.
Any more of them?

File: top.png (39 KB, 520x316)
39 KB
Hey po/ do you know where i can find the last version of pepakura designer 3.1.8 full with the patch to view locked models? thanks a lot for your help
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Interesting read
offsets for version 4.1.2 ??
Is this one second place? I'm to lazy to look it up.
still without offsets for 4.1.2 ???

don´t let the thread die
Hmmmm.... this looks interesting.

File: ninjashadow01max.jpg (137 KB, 800x600)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Does anyone know how to fold this?
Apparently the crease pattern is really hard and I haven't found any conclusive answers when searching for help.
Yes, it's actually really easy/ obvious, just look at it again. More specifically, the sword and dragon torso.
While it's true that it is structurally obvious, being from a rectangle, you aren't fooling anyone when you say it is "really easy" or "obvious". Reverse engineering a model s not easy, and there is more to it than the boxpleated aspect.
File: cactus-wpcf_1024x683.jpg (83 KB, 1024x683)
83 KB
This the thread where we ask for help?
Any one got tips/instructions for Robert Lang's cactus?

File: pic848144.jpg (71 KB, 870x600)
71 KB
Hey guys, what about post papercrafts castles and buildings in generals. post and help to people to get more papercraft models

I can't find any life sized papercraft models of the Keaton Mask. Can someone tell me where I can find a print out of this for free?
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errr... i found it with a google search first page... and this is my first hour on this board.

Well yeah, the request was fulfilled by this anon >>565619 July 6 last year, which was a few days before that article you linked was published (July 10). Presumably the writer of that article got it from this board, after request was fulfilled. Though while were here, probably worth adding the PDF to this thread for future reference.
That's a Pikachu you god damned retard.

I love this model . I can't find Ares Alagna cheetah any diagrams.i have a crease pattern. does anyone have any?

File: image.jpg (1.08 MB, 3264x2448)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
Hey guys, first time I make origami. This is what I folded to give away when my relatives come for dinner at Christmas. What do you think?
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Pattern for the dino?
They did, but only two of them brought home an animal :(
I guess most people can not realize how much effort it needs to make them

Do you mean the seal?

Thank you!
That s pretty good for a starter good job!
that's pretty good IMO can you pls share the patterns?
Great job!

Let's fold together. I am folding models from this book for fun. Probably in order. Come join in, ask for help if needed, and help out if you can!
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File: STEP9.jpg (227 KB, 750x1000)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Step 9, this is a squash fold. Note that the mountain fold goes to the light cyan line, and the green edges meet. The orange crease stays still/static. Then you flatten it.
File: STEP9-PARTIAL.jpg (202 KB, 750x1000)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Partial fold.
File: STEP9-HALF.jpg (226 KB, 750x1000)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
This is only one side of step 9.
File: STEP9-DONE.jpg (216 KB, 750x1000)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Step 9, finished.
Spread squash. Nasty. Good luck with this!

File: images (1).jpg (5 KB, 198x255)
5 KB
Anybody got these? Can anybody share them please, links are all dead and they are super cute :( thanks
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
sey ar wery kjut
shame all the links are really offline from what i can see
Hey, that's really cute. Going to watch this thread for interest.
This seems to be where they originated and the japanese says it was limited availabilty

here ya go OP. found it using google reverse image search and a bit of searching but was able to find it in about 10m enjoy!

File: mymelody.pdf (233 KB, PDF)
233 KB
233 KB PDF
On behalf of this anon, posting PDF here as per normal practice on this board. Will remark there is also PDO file in that zip file, that may or may not be of interest.

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