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Hey /po/, does anyone have templates for Ponyo papercraft models? I found this on image search and it looks so nice and cute, but I can't find instructions for them :(. It would be great if someone can find them... or instructions for an equally good or related model. Thank you.
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>Not into the pol stuff though.
Congratulations anon
may you have good smiles and fortunes
File: ponyo_and_sosuke.gif (2.6 MB, 480x260)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB GIF
File: ponyo origami.jpg (43 KB, 458x640)
43 KB

Does anyone have this Type 38 rifle model? Or any other bolt action rifle?
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>bolt closed before it physically can
Closest I could find. Pattern is linked in the description.
>Type 38 rifle model
Just google rifle paper model. You'll find tons of them.
File: pm.pdf (67 KB, PDF)
67 KB
and here is one of them.
There used to be a bunch of /pol/ accidental drop ins around 2016.

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Get yourself an insta and post this shit if you haven’t already. Tag a bunch of paper companies and the IPs you’re modeling after, and you could make a career of this after awhile.

bill cipher from gravity falls
File: 1539072625646.gif (149 KB, 250x250)
149 KB
149 KB GIF
I would be very surprised if you guys have some Rogue printouts.

File: 5-10.png (242 KB, 775x370)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
Hi, i have just started make "日の丸いねこ" by Akira Yoshizawa, but stump on this bloody 4-5 steps. Coud you help me out with this one?
File: 1-4.png (271 KB, 854x453)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
Here are 1-4 steps
File: 5 step.png (331 KB, 871x473)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
these are 5-10. the book is completely in japanese and several characters are blured, so i coudnt translate it in google
Step 3: inside reverse fold.
Step 4: inside reverse fol. The dotted line means that it is a continuation of the indicated fold that goes behind another flap.
Step 5: Open up the flap (A)
Step 6: fold to the middle and fold the top of the flap inwards as you wish.
Step 7: close the flap.
Step 8: inside reverse fold 8, bring the tail (A) downwards,
Step 9: inside reverse fold B, the flap that is inside.
Step 10: shape the body.
Did that help? If not, ask me again for precisions or further help
Yeah. I don't know will you seee this response, but thank you man

File: _sXHGAPApIc.jpg (136 KB, 1280x960)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
All old papercraft forums are dying and almos all links there are dead for more than 2 years and after my hard drive died i decided that i'll share everything that i could recover from it also i urge you to share your collections so they won't dissapear like mine did https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vTOwUI78y3D0k63uTxC7-G5bArKQP0Sr
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A print and play mecha wargame that someone uploaded here a long time ago.
are there no Military vehicles? Tanks and whatnot
Wow, nice of you! If you would create a torrent i'd happily seed it from my seedbox.
File: AUkyLbfBICk.jpg (45 KB, 604x339)
45 KB
can do
ok ho tf do i do that? i've never created a torrent file

File: s-l1600.jpg (68 KB, 761x757)
68 KB
can we do a origami hoard thread where we all share unique and secret origami pics and techniques (no animals and generic stuff), clips and videos avaliable before /pol gets this place banned completely so i can compile it and save it

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Whats wrong with generic models..
File: fag book.jpg (109 KB, 663x884)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
I just found this old pic
it spells "fag", in case I did a terrible job
(This was my own way of bumping the thread)
another bump because I don't want to kill this thread

File: 848003.jpg (922 KB, 5606x1960)
922 KB
922 KB JPG
Greetings /po/
I've been looking all over the web and I can't find it anywhere, so I hope you can maybe help me out.
I'm looking for : WoW Warrior Tier 2 Pepakura file.
I've found a page where it's located on but the link is broken and seems like the owner hasn't been checking the blog in ages...
I've also tried to extract it myself, but I can't seem to get the modelviewer to work.
I tried alot even tried on my laptop and still no succes. Anyone that could help me out? I would appreciate it alot!

Thank you in advance for your time!
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unfortunately that links to mediafire. once that file is gone from there it is gone forever. i tried searching google as well. no help there either sorry :( have you tried that MEGA link to the huge papercraft archive here >>577410
Ant idea how I could get it?
only way to get it is if someone has the file still. i couldn't find anything except the link you provided.
bump because I don't want to kill this thread with mine

File: howls.jpg (142 KB, 677x960)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Hey guys :) this is my first time doing a papercraft and i got a Howls Moving Castle one as a gift, I dont really know where to start, nor do i know how to read japanese so the instructions are useless for me, any tips? Thanks :) and if anyone could give me a hand at translating the instructions id appreciate it.
no advice, I only wish you good luck on your endeavour, and if you actually manage to do it, please post the final result !
Look at the directions that begin on page 109. In the upper left of the page is a little box showing different lines. On a solid black line, you cut. On a dotted line, you score and then fold such that the fold is up, like a mountain ridgeline. A dash dot line, you score, and then fold down so it forms a valley. Some people like to score on the front, some on the back, but use something a little dull to score the paper, not a sharp blade. The diagrams below that one show a piece first being scored with a ball point pen (out of ink, of course) and then cut out of the page. This is a good idea. It's a little harder to score a piece once it is cut out. Do not cut off the little tabs used to hold one piece to another; in some cases you may wish to score the line where the tab starts to make it easier to bend. The dotted gray areas are always in the "interior" of a part, and should be cut out and removed.

At the bottom of every part sheet, there is a small schematic diagram that reminds you what to do on the three types of lines and the gray areas.

The instructions contain detailed diagrams showing part numbers, and which parts connect together. You don't have to read Japanese, but it might help.

What else? Score, cut, fold, glue. Elmer's glue-all (not the "school glue") is great. Use it sparingly, spread it thin on the tab with a toothpick, maybe let it dry a few seconds, and then glue together..

This model is A LOT for a first model. Please try something simpler to get the hang of score, fold, cut, glue. And once you do, you just score, fold, cut, glue 1000 times or so, and you will first of all experience the peaceful feeling of flow that comes with this repetitive but varied exercise, and you will also have a nice model. Don't rush.
I'd honestly recommend doing a few smaller paper crafts before tackling this one. It's a challenging craft for beginners however its beautiful!!!

File: 81PNsI0hBFL.jpg (380 KB, 1399x1932)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
check out this new book coming out in November.
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looks great my guy post the amazon link or something
Google it.
>hey guys look at this thing on the internet
>have a way to access it, since you're bring it to our attention?
>lol no just google it

libgen (dot) is

File: alice_r_f.jpg (45 KB, 380x550)
45 KB
hi /po/

does anyone have the scans for


there were some from the archive back from 2014 but the link died

also are there any more who did touhou papercraft stuff other than ssa and lily?
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File: 1562271169830s.jpg (2 KB, 66x125)
2 KB
Lastly, this one! Thank you so much everyone!
anyone has the files from Lunatica(OP papercrafts)? I could only find Reimu Patchy Remillia and Flandre. Creator seems to be dead.

Sadly I can't find any, I don't even think the papers have ever uploaded to internet.
We need more chen!!!!
File: download (2).jpg (23 KB, 691x426)
23 KB
a fucking picture for ants

File: IMG_0109.jpg (61 KB, 518x403)
61 KB
Pika pika
kinda looks like the crying emoji

File: download (4).jpg (14 KB, 201x251)
14 KB
Anyone have this book by Yoshihisa Kimura?
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I'm glad, it seems the best out of the ones in the cover thumbnail.
Anyone have a pdf version they can share yet?
If you don't need it anymore, can you share? I would appreciate it.
>can you share?
You can get it as >>576749

as subject, I can fold this model or the various fold make the paper too thick after a while?

File: katsuta_h.jpg (50 KB, 283x400)
50 KB
Origami House has a new book coming out later this month: Works of Katsuta Kyohei.

Only 13 models unfortunately, several of which have already been published in Tanteidan Convention/ Magazine, but some good stuff:

"only 13," but there are wonderful models inside
Not suporting this guy, which I met
at least the owls there.

File: b2WgJr5.jpg (183 KB, 724x960)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Can anyone try building this? Just found it online.



Also is cleanup of the images at all possible?

Pic related-one of the sheets
Too hard

Build or cleanup?

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