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File: Squish.png (399 KB, 1036x894)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
Squishhh edition

Welcome to the wild west of copycats & copyright infringement!

Content can be riffed off irl bootlegs like Stompy or anons own ideas for one. What makes them different can range from anything be it scifi to supernatural and everything in between. It can take place on Earth, Equestria or another world. If you can give a pony a chance when she's not quite as shes supposed to be, then a bootleg waifu might be for you.
Last thread >>34848260

Green Archive and Prompts https://docs.google.com/document/d/12hLgP6X9lEvXphilqkGQa5hWTXWXDuKw7FVj49NlZkk/edit#
Art and pics - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1r78zz2lXslL1JunYYS188jex5m9Nu9YQ?ths=true
All other content and links - https://pastebin.com/zRLKExK0

Ongoing Stories
>Patches - https://pastebin.com/qdrtNHMk [FONYPAN]
>Blotches - https://pastebin.com/YAzvHPKC

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>not wanting the future to be retro future tech, like cyberpunk, but cooler cause its 90's stuff, not 80's
So patches is getting a new voice?
What will she sound like? I hope it's hot.
When is windows ever in cyberpunk? thats just asking for failures
File: illegal reaping leash.png (2.07 MB, 2000x2000)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
Deathlight is here to take you to Equestria
To be fair a lot of cyberpunk settings are full of mainstream tech being crap or ultimately a part of a massive botnet sponsored by the religion of brand.

File: 2112919.png (1.05 MB, 2000x2000)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Previous thread >>34651058

>Shouldn't it be Ponies ON Earth?
Yes, but PiE is tasty. The thread has had this name since 2012 and it helps convey that this is what you get when the formula for AiE is reversed.

>Please explain.
We ask what happens when one or more ponies (or changelings, or griffons, or something else) are placed in a setting where humans are the predominant species. How does one of those adapt to living in a society where they're the odd one out, and most items aren't designed for hooves?

Beyond that, it's all the writer's choice!

It can be anything between silly or grim, set in the far future or distant past, canon characters or OCs! Ponies could be as rare as bigfoot sightings or as common as next-door neighbors! Are humans friendly or skeptical of the new arrivals? Are they even new arrivals? Is the pony a creation of humans, as with Browser Ponies or Hassenfield Bioengineering? Is Anon around? Is he still a jackass?

The door's wide open, so come on in!

>I don't always see this thread on the board.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You know, times when people called Ghost using pony voices, were the closest to having Ponies in Earth
"738, Radio Graffiti."
>"Hello, Ghost! My name is Lyra, I just wanted to say how happy I'm to finally move to Earth! I was so excited to learn you also live in Texan province! I would love to-"
What if we believed they were real? Unflinchingly, unquestioningly.
Their existence as much of a certainty as the ground beneath our feet.
Could we believe them into reality? Is that even a good idea?
What if we succeed? What does it say about the reality itself?
And how would ponies feel, having been dreamed into being by the lonely and desperate, created to make their world a little brighter?
Then it's confirmed that God doesn't exist

File: 2069763.png (260 KB, 800x520)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Last: >>34804715
IRC: irc.rizon.net #/mlp/AiE
Active list: http://pastebin.com/mVG33ERX
Master list: http://pastebin.com/xGf9RcL9
Completed Stories list: http://pastebin.com/QZ4PDe7g
Stories Sorted by Pony: http://pastebin.com/GJyQquaY

>rope's turbo deluxe light inna loafers Thread Archives: http://pastebin.com/Qg2dwzq0
Collection of AiE images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ju8ygvv3n4fa0um/quC3vIooOq#/
Add for Skype: sin.aie

>PiE corner
>Remember to tag all PiE Stories.
PiE Author List: http://pastebin.com/Mgd0QuNy
PiE image archives: http://derpy.me/PiE_Pictures

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File: 959168[1].png (447 KB, 800x784)
447 KB
447 KB PNG
Five minutes later.
Why is she showing her asshole.
why are you looking
bettyspaghetti's pastebin has been nuked, did anybody save the spaghetti sparkle stories before it went down?
I have no clue how long it's been gone for.
It's called hentai and it's ART


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Dat fuselage.png (102 KB, 603x501)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
File: Silly Blitz.png (196 KB, 750x750)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
File: 1516345161248.png (121 KB, 500x500)
121 KB
121 KB PNG

File: hbw6gMQ.png (3.04 MB, 972x2907)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB PNG
Pony videogame/mod thread
Minecraft, Equestria at War, whatever.
229 replies and 58 images omitted. Click here to view.
Is it possible to have a three way fight in HoI, 1984 style but with Twilight, Celestia, and Luna instead? I wanna see who will win the Equestria Civil War!
You already have a 4-way civil war in the sputhern jungles.
could you release a wip version? it looks fine from the clips. or is there something critical missing or broken? i just want to play as trixie desu
Yes, please post a WIP. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just zip up the files and dump 'em on smutty.horse or something. If some stuff is broken or incomplete, that's okay - I've done some Noita modding before, so I can probably work around it.

File: 1579493213661.jpg (200 KB, 1000x1000)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
ITT: Hard Reset, ERP for the sophisticated gentleman, magical lesbian babies, the thread tries to make Goldenwing happy, airships vs dragons, batponies of quality, 1488-Anon supports his favorite clopfic, maximum rationalism, Anon asks for shills and recieves, Goldenwing has a cozy conversation with a gentle critic, Anon shares his schedule, Anon hates the gays, the best Lyra story, Estee writes clopmedy, Anon wants a tutorial, the cult of rationalism, the Young Six try to pawn their bits, the white pony's burden, Discord is for faggots, Sufficiently Advanced is shit, Bleedin finally bit it, why crossover with D&D?, and Anon remembers to vote.

>FiMFiction Starter Kit (recommended fics):

Renomination of fics for an updated list is currently in progress:

>How do I write fanfiction?
Ezn’s guide - https://eznguide.neocities.org/
Politics and the English Language - https://www.orwell.ru/library/essays/politics/english/e_polit/
Vhatug's tips for anatomically correct clop - https://pastebin.com/g4VpEg4f
Horse Behaviour - https://www.equestrianandhorse.com/equus/behaviour.html
Setting a story in motion - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufO8LbwTdu0

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Mismatch in tones is fun?

No, what you've linked is retardation committed to paper and word, not "mismatch in tone", Anon.
What's longma
I believe that may have been the point he was trying to make
File: Spoiler Image (663 KB, 400x275)
663 KB
663 KB GIF
Longma balls, eyy.
Basically picrelated

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (122 KB, 1280x720)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Did anyone watch this?
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lol fuck off, manchildren
right, we should only use TTgo as reference.
File: achtung baby.png (115 KB, 996x712)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
run along tourist, the group might leave without you
Yeah, that's scary as fuck, but I still wouldn't put it at the top level of stupidly broken shit in the DC universe. DC has handed out some ludicrous abilities.
>Hurting ponies

File: 1438736471922.jpg (129 KB, 1280x720)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Well, you did it. You made it to Equestria. The promise land. A utopia. A world without strife.

And you hate it.

It nothing like you expected. Things are too different. Not the way they are is the show. For whatever reason, everyday is a living hell to you. You barely get by, with just enough bits to feed yourself and not much else. You don't click with any of the ponies and none of them have gone out of their way to befriend you. Most days are lonely.

To make it worse, reminders of what you gave up on earth are cropping up everywhere. No matter where you look, you see something that makes your heart ache with homesickness.

A mother and her foal? A reminder that your own parents are gone now.
A young couple on a park bench? You see nothing but yourself and your last lover, but know it's not real.
Some laughing friends exiting a late night bar? Pain in your chest, as they all sound eerily like YOUR old friends.

You can't even try to earn your attention, as it seems like every adventure happens too far away, and human talents pale in comparison to magic.

It finally happens. No matter how strong you are, you are just one man. And you are a man who hit his breaking point. You though it would never come to this, but you see the ultimate sin as the last choice.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I was feeling particularly lazy, so I decided to generate something from a prompt I came up with just to see if it knew what I was going for. I'll format it to proper green.

Prompt: Anon simply wished to live a happy life in Equestria, but the ponies were not as accepting as he thought. When at the end of his rope, he's saved from himself.

>After a while, he decides to join Pinkie and Sweetie Belle on their vacation to Canterlot.
>However, they run into trouble after they failed to plan well enough.
>He once again tries to live a happy life, but Ponyville's caretakers often remind him of the harsh reality.
>After losing his job at work due to excessive laziness, Anon looks for other work, but is discouraged when no one will hire him.

>Anon has a female counterpart, Pinkie Pie, who seems to have similar interests, though his girlfriend is revealed to be friends with- ???

It's pretty short, but I think it captured the feeling nicely. Is there something besides Talk to Transformer that generates longer results that I'm not aware of? Would be interesting.
Okay, I don't want to flood this thread with nonsense, but this very next one with the same prompt is too funny.

And now, Anon's tale begins.

A very early draft of the above is documented on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - An Alternate Universe. Some things may have been changed or outright re-worked (such as the name of the lead character).

Nothing in the above really reflects the character that's currently shown (or for that matter, the show as a whole).

According to J.K. Rowling in a guest blog on January 27, 2010, the name 'Anon' was inspired by Squeakquel and his mother's-
Rolling for who gets to see me pull a McTwist on the noose.
oh boy do I get luna a second time?
>Page 8

File: Wherever.png (240 KB, 400x300)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
>What is Flutterrape?

Flutterrape is a collection of stories about ponies trying to have sex with Anonymous, the only human in Equestria. While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, others may follow in her stead and attempt their own versions of rape. There are different versions of Flutterrape, but most are lighthearted stories about the ponies failing in their comical attempts to get into Anon’s pants. Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn't mean it fits in this thread. Check other threads (AiE, RGRE etc) about story content before posting.

>It's been seven years, how is this thread still alive?

A perverse mixture of Necromancy and spite.

>How do I start writing?

Use your imagination, you, wonderful human being, you. Also, try to have good grammar, competent writing skills, poor standards and questionable life choices.

Writing Guides:

Clever Dick's Tips For Short Stories -- https://pastebin.com/GGBkxi7e (embed)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Nothingtoworryabout.png (398 KB, 800x468)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
Haha yea your probably right...........
We could probably consider this to be the official Wall of Shame.


Alex the Narrator has a lot of unlisted pastes too, but I don' t think he's ever deleted anything that he posted here.
No offense, but as a princess, wouldn’t she be more likely to eat in a five-star, snobby country club in Canterlot?
File: flutterbryant.gif (453 KB, 692x388)
453 KB
453 KB GIF
Flutters is sad because Kobe died

She knows what it's like to be called a rapist
From what we've seen in the show she either goes out to cheap places or just eats whatever Spike makes for her

She's got the same eating habits as a NEET

File: Cozy-clop-clop.gif (316 KB, 1500x1061)
316 KB
316 KB GIF
Golly is golly to golly
Previous Golly >>34768724
459 replies and 68 images omitted. Click here to view.
>you wanted to say something, but only managed to make a raspy grunt
>"I can't do magic... I can't raise the Sun or the Moon... I can't protect, I can't write, I can't pick anything up..."
>Twilight was getting lost in despair, you had to stop her
"It was me, Twilight, I grabbed your horn... and... I removed your magic by accident."
>Twilight froze, staring at you with fright
>"No... you are not magical. You can't do magic! You can't *take* alicorns magic by accident! Can you?!"
>she was losing it, this time for real
>you looked away with unfocused gaze
"I can't take magic... but I can destroy it. Spells don't affect me, remember?... That's how I freed the trio - I just touched the monument."
>Twilight didn't move, frozen like a wax figure in eternal shock
>the, her lips barely moved and you heard a pleading whisper
>"P-Please, give me back my m-magic. Please."
>you sadly shook your head, not daring to look in her eyes
"I can't, Twilight. I don't store magic, it just... disappears when I have contact with it. I'm... I'm sorry."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 2258179.webm (1.99 MB, 1000x562)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB WEBM
Oh that sucks, maybe Twilight could use the bell until a solution is found to her magic problems. Maybe Tirek or Chrysalis could also have the experties to help somehow. Can't wait to see how Anon figures this out.
Poor poners

Fallout Equestria, a story that bleeds two franchises together to build something magical. On one side, you have death, destruction, decay, and misery - on the other, you have ponies. Doesn't sound like it should mix? You'd be surprised. When the world around you is wasteland, all you're left with is hope, and as we all know, ponies can do spectacular things with just a little hope.
The last thread: >>34691150

Read Fallout Equestria by Kkat to appreciate the setting that many writers have then lent upon after being so captivated by the wonders.

The original story which spawned its own fandom can be found here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/119190/

These next four stories comprise the rest of what is considered "the big five", alongside the original. They were biggest hitters early in the fandom, be it for having started before many others, their length, or overall quality.

Project Horizons:

Pink Eyes:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: DISCORD.webm (665 KB, 640x360)
665 KB
Tunnel Snakes rule!
Not that I know of. Maybe in PH it mentions it.
What's up with this retarded webm? I've seen it in multiple threads.
Do you think Littlepip or Blackjack would win in a fight?
The Rape Of Sabine, is what it's called. Last post mentioning that got deleted.
>Page 8

File: 1313730.png (622 KB, 1664x1194)
622 KB
622 KB PNG
Previous thread: >>34832890
(Archive Link: http://yuki.la/mlp/34832890)

>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies being enslaved.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

Are you new and want to write your own story but have no previous experience?
Check out these guides:
https://pastebin.com/g4VpEg4f (clop specific)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
163 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
>extended bath scene
Feels good, man!

>continuing mystery
Just the right pace: enough to keep us interested without dragging. What could have happened to her?!
File: 1580086391086.png (1.06 MB, 2104x1845)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
>qt sisters sold as a package deal
>looking for a cuddlehuman to lewd
>in the morning AND at bedtime
Yes, you're correct. Cellyboo was the pet name for 'Off Duty'
File: doubt.png (470 KB, 1280x800)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
>jingles actually updates the bins
I'll believe it when I see it
This just makes this new thing even better. I loved Off Duty to bits. Despite some hitches and snags, it's easily as good as The Sun Where You Belong, which I highly recommend everyone to read if you haven't already.

File: WAIFU_WARS.png (1.11 MB, 1200x2700)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
>What is this?
EWE is the next form of Waifu Wars. Instead of doing 4 leagues a year, we do a (mostly) weekly show with titles, feuds, and more characters involved. For those that don't know what WW is, we do simulated wrestling matches of MLP Characters on a wrestling game called Fire Pro World.

Yes really, I enjoy having fun with it and doing it more often and actually doing more things sounded like a plus, so that's why the format has changed.

>What replaces the League winners?
Formerly the WW crowned 4 league winners, two elites and two babbies. Now the EWE employs several titles that the characters can fight for. Right now we have the Best Waifu Title, which is our top title, and is currently being determined in a 16 character tournament, consisting of all that would've been in the next Elites League.

>When/Where do you do shows?
Sundays at around 2PM Central is our Preshow(Which is currently making Yona the best Junior Heavyweight in New Japan Pro Wrestling), then at 3, we do the league at Twitch, at https://derpy.me/daVFb.

>Why did you make a thread?
To keep people informed, I guess. I got asked why there wasn't one, and I thought it wasn't needed, but if someone wants one, sure. Though I feel like we do things on too regular a basis now for it, so if it does get canned by mods and such, we'll not make another one.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
At least you didn't go 0-4.
But I don't think anyone could, unless you were a madman that took Sonata.
Derpy Hooves defeats Ember in 21:04 via KO with a Critical Swanton.

Autumn Blaze and Zecora defeat Bon Bon and Lyra in 24:04 after Autumn Blaze pinned Bon Bon with a Stunner.

Fluttershy defeats Aria Blaze in 13:20 with the LeBell Lock.

Rainbow Dash defeats Spitfire in 12:26 with Go To Sleep. Gilda ran in and helped Dash attack Spitfire, probably turning Dash heel.

Trixie Lulamoon defeats Sonata Dusk in 8:07 after a Concussion Syndrome.
Vinyl Scratch defeats Berry Punch in 9:57 after a Canadian Destroyer.
Rarity defeats Princess Celestia in 9:30 with a Rollup.
Treehugger defeats Princess Cadence in 11:29 after a Standing Moonsault
Show's uploaded.
Betting on Trixie Rarity final
We'll see, there's only two matches of the tournament for next week to get to the finals.

Which means I have to make SIX non-tourney matches.


File: 2223740.png (1.99 MB, 3102x2871)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
It's dangerous to go alone!
21 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
I like to imagine Link having a pony version of epona, and she's super talkative.

In fact, she's so talkative that Link's words also come out of her mouth.
>can she not change forms though?
I think so. Though her 'default' form is still human.
Damn, Zelda is such a colossal faggot for not banging that.
How much games was made, and he never even glanced at her.
You mean Link, right?
Yeah, probably.
Not really familiar with series.
Just happen to know how much games/ports were made and how Majora's Mask was one of most controversial(in sense of difficulty) out of them.

File: large (7).png (2.91 MB, 1280x720)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB PNG
>"Look what we have here, a green pervert trying to sneak and peak at a bunch of high school girls!"
34 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wonder how big Tree Hugger's bush is
That's a side from me
File: LEAVE.png (419 KB, 507x288)
419 KB
419 KB PNG
>no hooves
Yeah fuck it why not.
>Glimmer shitter

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