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File: 1811597.png (342 KB, 1920x1080)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
Stories about NEET ponies.
Previous thread:
#31 >>33299258

Greens may involve:
•Floor Bored, the fandom's favorite filthy forever alone nymphomaniac NEET
•Moondancer, Wallflower or other (potential) neetpones
•Anon(you) intruding on the neetpone's life
•Being a NEET with her, or looking after her and getting her life back together
•Being a lovely boyfriend for your neetpone
•Turning neetpone into the perfect wife
•Lots and lots of hot dirty NEET sex


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Aww. Poor Floor.
Floor doesn't bite to get blood, she:
>dirty NEET hooves
I think that cuddling with this horse is overrated. Prove me wrong. Seriously, prove me wrong. Discussion is important.
cuddling is too normalfag, especially for floor.
now hoofholding. that's some deviant shit

File: 1165712.jpg (320 KB, 1181x787)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
Last thread: >>33465250
Last post: >>33519721
Archive: https://www.anonpone.com/dream/

"Oh, and be sure to tell the cops our names, just in case we were reported missing or something, kay?"
>"Yeah yeah, got it."
>Satisfied with Swift's answer, you carefully head up the stairs, carrying your unicorn friend up the stairs.
>Don't wanna fall down from the stairs again.
>Heading straight into Lumie's room, you gently tucc the unicorn in his bed.
>...It's not weird to be here in his room when he's asleep, right?
>His desk is still a mess.
>Ah well, now that he's in bed... maybe you should go give that guest bedroom a peek.

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Doctor didn't say anything about not using magic entirely but if I were you I'd only lift things like pencils or a cup filled with water. Ask Lumie if he has any food request. Don't give him anything too big though since Cut is supposed to come later with take out.
Then we can clean that couch a pillow at a time.
Yes, you should be able to use magic. Are you really sure no pony would've missed you? Family? Work? The neighbors?
The doctor didn't say you couldn't, but he didn't really know how to diagnose somepony coming from another world.

"Hold on, are you really sure nopony would've missed you? Family? Work? The neighbours?"
>"Heck, I should probably make sure that the store isn't on fire because I've been missing for a few days. But nah, I don't interact much with family outside of special occasions and holidays. Much less my neighbours, I don't even know them! And just because I was silent for what? Three days? Doesn't mean anypony would find it weird."
>The unicorn says nonchalantly, sitting on the edge of the bed.
>...Is him disappearing from the town a normal occurrence or something?
>"Anyway, am I allowed to levitate things? Do basic stuff with magic? It's a bit hard to... do anything at all if I can't do that."
"Er, the doctor didn't say anything about not using magic entirely, so yeah, you should be able to use magic. Though if I were you, I'd only lift things like pencils or a cup filled with water."
>"Gotcha, I'll be sure to be careful then."
"Honestly, I doubt that the doctor knew how to diagnose somepony coming from another world."
>"Heh, think I heard this in a movie somewhere, traveling across worlds causes terrible mental strain to ponies, or something among those lines. Anyway, thanks for helping me and bringing me back home."
"No problem! Do you need anything in particular?"
>"I guess... water would be nice, along with some food. But I can get that myself."

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I don't mind trying to cook a quick snack. My brother should be bringing in noodles for us from a chineighs place. That is, if the police don't take up too much of his time.
No problem. Can't blame you, if life gets in the way naturually.

File: 1929808.jpg (196 KB, 1650x1650)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
ah, another artist corrupted
the fandom is still doing its thing in 2019
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False. He drew tits. On an anthro.
It seems like if views were his main concern, then only posting on twitter wouldn't have been his first choice.
chokershy was a legit meme
My god, are they like the /po/ of /mlp/ or something, they seem to be the dark web here.
Hate to break it to you, but TJpones also came from MLPG.

File: masturboop.png (234 KB, 600x600)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
If Glimmy hadn't saved FiM it would've ended years ago. Remember to thank /ourgal/ for everything she's given us!
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File: boop_disapproval.jpg (209 KB, 600x600)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
S*nburst is BIGLY trash, little man. Don't you EVER post that garbage in Glimmy threads again.
File: boopin.png (367 KB, 940x988)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
Um no sweetie, he's actually SUPER cute and Glimmy's true love who will father many of her foals.
do you even watch the show sweets?
File: 1599090.gif (2.79 MB, 852x1027)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB GIF
sugar lump

File: 1482696387367.png (390 KB, 597x597)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
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File: WOW'd.png (392 KB, 561x645)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
Good thread. GREAT horse.

File: 148945894589.jpg (38 KB, 756x435)
38 KB
ok /mlp/ I haven’t kept up with the show in years but on a whim I watched some clips, mainly focusing on Starlight and Trixie’s friendship, and it really appeals to me since I always enjoyed villains or in this case, reformed villains in this case developing friendship and generally getting along with each other. I am curios how the lot of you reacted to this development when it first came out and what are the best episodes that put focus on this two.

Thanks in advance lads
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Glimmer is a terrible character so everything associate with her is also brought down by just how much of a fat pile of rancid shit she is
Very nice post op and very good taste as well.
Don't listen to shitposting faustdrones like >>33541663 and keep posting best pony!
File: 6346345.jpg (676 KB, 3333x2493)
676 KB
676 KB JPG
it is the best ship.
Garbage nu mlp
they make a great foil for eachother. the dynamic is unique and interesting.

S9 Bingo when?
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Every time I see Stellar Flare my dick gets hard. How did they make such a perfect MILF? Were they trying hard, or did it happen?
i think they knew what they were doing, they kind of flaunt it with her expressions too.
we already know sombras coming back from the leaks, so it would be a freebie. starlight going evil would fit under 'morality flip', actual death is covered under 'death and morning'.
is russian leaks, leaking episodes meta or the staff addressing the leaks?
File: file.png (1.4 MB, 1042x726)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
No missing squares this time. that's 3 cards. none of the old boxes were removed, just moved to another card due to autism of having too many "new X" or having 'a twist' and 'saw it coming' in the same card. Switched the tree to just talking, since being friends is funny and could happen but talking is more likely since its already happened once.

Anything anyone wants to change on this? I think 3 cards is pretty strong, but the board looks like it could use a break before the 4th

File: Zodiac ponies.jpg (529 KB, 1280x1024)
529 KB
529 KB JPG
Whatever happened to the zodiac ponies? Almost feels like they left as fast as they appeared.

How about we try and bring 'em back, even if only for a little while just for fun? Post zodiac ponies and see what your sign is saying about you.
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someone should make a cyoa about them then not finish it twice that'd be dope
>Most people have their go-to magazine section and never looked into the computations an individual can have
Makes me a bit curious about one thing. Where do you all go when you want to read about your zodiac sign?
What is your sign?
Seriously, tho?

As the last anons are getting their gifts, these threads are winding down to a crawl. This will more than likely be our last thread. For those of you who have stuck around up to this point, its been great having you, and we hope to see you again next time around!

>What is this?
It was a Secret Santa giveaway, but you've missed like 99% of it by this point. We just reminisce about the holidays and wait for Christmas to come back now.

So is my marriage. But just like the Christmas spirit this year, my wife still lingers.
The only difference is that Christmas doesn't take the fucking kids along with your house and still ask for alimony.

>Still confused?
Please be sure to give the FAQ a look if you are new or have any questions! It covers a fair bit. Also consider looking at previous threads through Desuarchive to see gifts and cards from years past.

>General info and FAQ

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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W-well, the early package I got did cost around $20 if I remember correctly, and there was another package sent to me as well, so I wouldn't exactly consider myself grinched.
I mostly want to find out what happened to that second package and where it is, since I never saw it arrive here.
Girl, I love you, but the textual stammering is pretty cringe.
Do you want a replacement Santa or no?
File: 800px-JFD.png (72 KB, 252x170)
72 KB
I want.
I don't know if you guys like stallion lewds, but I commissioned Fruitloop when I was at HarmonyCon for this image. As of now, it's still a WIP.

File: Armored Flurry.png (1.24 MB, 3560x3823)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Equestria is in a state of total war.

Over two decades ago, Anonymous arrived in Equestria.Out of his element- forever separated from his previous life, friends, and family- Anon sought out a new beginning... Only to find that the role he would best play in this strange world was that of a soldier. So Anon fought. And fought. And fought. Fought for Equestria, his new home- for his comrades in arms and the only family he found in a foreign land. For Flurry- the infant child of his mentor and best friend after all he had known was lost.

But Shining Armor is gone. Twilight too. Lost overseas, in expeditions to a wild and unknown land, known only as 'The East'.

With his new home threatened once again, an aging Anonymous wields his sword and dons his armor- one last time. Not for honor. Not for glory. Not for Equestria itself. But for Flurry Heart- the mare who calls him 'Uncle Anon'... The closest thing to blood he can have in this world.

(Also featuring Thunder- an everyman pegasi who must always suffer)

Newfags start here:
Current Act:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
115 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sorry, fell asleep last night.
Thanks man, spent mine alone and drinking, but too sad to actually get drunk.
Thunder: peg
Lancer: earth
Wave: earth
Brairheart: uni
Arrow: peg
Call: peg
Harv: Harv
Rusty: min
Proff Fort: min

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Manifest Destiny stands before you.
“It’s been a long time…”
>”Only a few months for me.”
“Almost a lifetime for me.”
>You look to Appleoosa’s mayor.
>”How have you been?”
“Well… yes.”
>”That busy?”
“Look on the bright side. It looks like Equestrians might actually end up marching towards the sea you wanted them to reach.”
>”I hoped for better circumstances.”
“Well, the engineers will be placing rail down as we march. One way or another, Equestria marches west.”
>”You’ve spent hours speaking to soldiers, I would say that you… well it looks like despite all the officers and messengers you’ve had to deal with, you have some friends waiting to speak to you.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Back tomorrow, need to put a few parts between this and what I have written next
>You then hear an unexpected voice speak out to you:
>”Could I do your hair?”
>All eyes are on Ruby.
>She looks puzzled.
>”Did I…”
“Yes, that was out loud.”
>”Well- all I meant was that with all of those curls in your mane, it causes a lot of drag… If they could be straightened out, you would be a lot faster when flying…”
>Merry Weather then speaks
>”I don’t think that’s what you meant.”
>”Of course it was. Blueberry’s known me longer, she can tell.”
>Blueberry then responds:
>”Will you do my hair too?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Multiple Mares sharing a small room together
I like where this is going.

File: AH HA.png (306 KB, 2000x800)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Link to last thread:

This thread is about exploring any and all sorts of ideas for the underutilized and under-developed Shadowbolts from Equestria Girls.

Completed Stories:
Treating Miss Sweet by ChurroAnon
- https://pastebin.com/7r8iCJ2U

Ongoing Stories:
To Listen (Part 1) by AlexanderGrey
- https://pastebin.com/c6D2XDbL
Game of Headphones (Part 2) by AlexanderGrey

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
448 replies and 72 images omitted. Click here to view.
But is she busty?
This is getting even more intense I love it!
I'm certain that Fleur is in an alliance with Suri and Upper.
That part is obvious

File: downloadfile.gif (833 KB, 536x294)
833 KB
833 KB GIF
Marital Problems:
Fucking dead edition.

Previous thread: The past

> Dafuq is this? :
The premise of this thread can cover a multitude of issues. Maybe you and your waifu are fighting over something insignificant that snowballed out of control. Maybe the spark just isn't there anymore, or the trust has decayed. Whatever challenges the marital norms of 'perfect pone land'. Either side is welcome to have issues with the other.

If cu.ckoldry is your thing, this isn't your thread.

New content is welcome and appreciated. Discussion is encouraged.
> Revive from the dead edition.

Pastebin of previous threads and current stories thus far: http://pastebin.com/ARKY1Kny

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
114 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Twilights secret will never be completed

Fuck. It hurts more than the story itself.
we'll never get the sequel to divorced satyrdad anon
yes Loki was writing that too and yes Loki abandoned it too
hes a fucking normie now with a job and everything
And then?
It'd be him dealing with having his reputation both stolen and destroyed by his wife. Bad end it gets worse and he offs himself. Good end he find someone who actually cares, but can't actually marry or convince anyone else of the truth.
Let's go for the good end then

File: 8266194.png (557 KB, 732x638)
557 KB
557 KB PNG
Name your three (3) favorite fics
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Those books aren't really that thick are they?
You would be surprised.
There are also some books on sale here, although the selection right now is unfortunately limited
Captain Anonymous
King Anonymous and his Crazy Marriage
Where would you get hardbound books of fanfiction printed like that?

What if we made a petition to keep G4 running?
27 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I've actually really enjoyed the shorts. I think they're better than most of the episodes
What makes you think Lauren would want that? She's a creator, not a recycler.
What was the last time an online petition from a handful of people on the very edge of the target audience ever changed any corporate decision?
Besides, the end of S7 and the entirety of S8 was pretty meh. I'd like to remember the show for what it was at its best, not for what it eventually became when people ran out of ideas.
Wonderful idea.

OK, you silly ponies. You asked for it; I'm willing to facilitate your ridiculous horsecock-late shenanigans.

Here is how it's going to work:
Sign ups at this point are now closed.

Cupid Pone will assign you an anon the following week, January 21-27. You will find out which waifu/husbando you are supposed to be embodying based on their preference. Keep the roleplaying off the board and on your cards, no need to cause drama. If you need to talk to your anon to sort stuff out that's cool, use this thread for that.

Make a valentine for your anon. Cock-lates, flowers, etc are entirely up to you and not part of the rules. You will have about 1 week to make it and send it before it's going to be late, but it's one card. I believe in you.

If you are sending international, send ASAP. If you are sending domestic, try to send by February 7.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
359 replies and 138 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20190222_170921.jpg (3.25 MB, 1960x3642)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB JPG
This letter is lovely and very in character, definitely warmed my heart!
File: 20190222_171252.jpg (1.71 MB, 1953x2130)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
And final letter. Thank you so much Pseudonym, for everything! This is such a one of a kind Valentine's package, and I cant wait to try the new goodies~ The yen was a nice touch too, very cool. It was so worth the wait, your generousity and thoughtfullness knows no bounds!!!
That’s some sweet weeb shit right there. I’m Full jelly right now.
Hey, Nom de Plume. Have you opened up my gift yet?

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