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File: Screenshot_1155.png (55 KB, 517x514)
55 KB
Got a job, first one. Simple vector stuff. Character design. Looking for advice, how much money should I charge? Also, per drawing or per hour?
Depends on too many stuff. How good you are, how fast you are, how complex are the designs, what are they for, etc etc etc etc etc

For a project (book cover) I have to put content inside of a frame like this.
Im referring specifically to the pink canvas around it btw
I'd do it in illustrator, pink frame was done first, the flower was drawn then copied and joined on the white lines, stars were added, then pink stroke added.

This is simple, if you can't do this you don't know the basics yet and should study then before asking for the specific method

File: 1534616703522.jpg (3 KB, 162x121)
3 KB
help with gimp 2.10.6

With an older version of gimp i had a macro set up to scale to a specific height by pressing tab until it reached the height box on the dialog.

with this version of gimp there seems to be no way to highlight anything in the scale dialog without clicking on it.

there is a detach dialog from canvas button that brings it back to the way it used to be, is there a way to make that the default?

or any other solution to my problem?
Isn't there a gimp forum or something you could ask for help?

File: faketimeslong.jpg (1.13 MB, 864x1584)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Does anyone have any tips for Newspaper Design? Applying for a position as a page designer/graphic designer for my small town's local paper, made this to throw in my resume.
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— headlines are the ABSOLUTE most important thing on the page. make them huge and loud. NEVER go below 30 pt for a front-page headline, and that 30 pt hed better be by far the least important thing on the page.
>>357327 is 100 percent right. hierarchy is everything. why does the bottom story on the page have the second-largest hed? try putting the most important shit at the top, and with the biggest hed, then work down.
— work on the content of the fucking headlines, too. even if there's an editor doing that for you, you need to have a sense for how long the hed for each story has to be if you're going to be blocking things out. this is the one thing that will sink you in the business if you can't do it properly, even if everything else is perfect. I GUARANTEE it. here's a quick tip: if you have "still" in a hed, the next word better be "explodes."
— one of the first things I learned about publication design was the dollar bill test. if you can take out a dollar bill and lay it across any part of the page and it only touches body copy, your page is too gray. there are about 4 ways to fail the test on your sample. use mugshots or pull quotes to break up the monotony.

also why did you let local man write a fucking story about himself you hack
you call yourself a newsman?
Dude, go on twitter and search for 'front page'
>You just need inspiration, vision and determination
I think OP didn't ask to be BTFO'd
or go to newseum
they post hundreds of front pages every day
Don't hire me I suck

File: comcast xfinity.jpg (77 KB, 625x469)
77 KB
>Comcast TV guide still looks like this
What the fuck is their problem?
It's the software on your specific box.
Probably Cisco
What would you prefer it to look like?

File: 374354753.png (526 KB, 571x571)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
What is this design style called and what are some other good examples of it?

I want to research this modern dadaist-like design more.
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Check trendiest . org for these kind of questions, this specific style is often called "exposed content".
meant trendlist, not trendiest lol
Those examples are hideous.
I'm critical of this too but there's no obligation to like every trend that you encounter.
>There's no thought put into this
Did you even listen to the album?

File: perro.png (45 KB, 850x1170)
45 KB
Could you guys give me some examples of how graphic designers impact Editorial fields?
I got an assigment about just that and i got zero leads about it.
I would really, really appreciate if you guys had any forms in which a Graphic Designer could influence the editorial process of a magazine or something.

Or am i just overcomplicating things and is just stuff like"Graphic designers make the product interesting to the customer"?

File: whoooa.gif (5.61 MB, 318x175)
5.61 MB
5.61 MB GIF
I want to create something similar to pic related, but I have no idea how to make it phase and distort.
Reminds me of EarthBound encounter backgrounds.
Very cool effect.
I don't have any experience in Flash but I guess a shader or animation filter would be the way to go.

anyone know how i can get the psd file of this without paying for the subscription?

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do people actually think that employers want trendywave pointless decorations and retarded fucking icons all over your resume?

the purpose of the resume is just to communicate as much information as fast as possible.

stop with this shit, you're embarrassing yourself.
>When you're a "Graphic Designer" and you can't even design your own resume.
For graphic designer it speaks more than the shit your wrote in
You fucking retard, nobody knows what the hell it means 80% of creativity and nobody cares, they also don't care about your face and skimming 5 pages of stuff just because you wanted it to have giant spacing. Designers give the portfolio with the resume, end.

Also if you are applying for large corporations pdf resumes are a pain in the ass for machines to interpret and parse your data, and human Human Resources isn't much different, they want the data simple, readable and standardized because they have to skim through a lot of shit.

It does speak something, though, using pre-made, unimaginative templates that everyone and their mother can download online classify you as the shittiest fucking hack possible.

It absolutely 100% does not. A CV, is a CV, is a CV. It's a list of your abilities, education and experience, your portfolio is what you use to display your creativity. The most fantastic behence CV in the universe will not cover the fact you're an autist who dropped out of college and never held a job for more than a week.

Jazz it up a little, nice font, nice layout, but don't think design will cover for being a spectacularly average person. I have NEVER hired anyone because their CV was an artwork. But I absolutely HAVE thrown over-designed CVs directly into the trash.

File: vlcsnap-00011.jpg (340 KB, 1920x1080)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
this animation uses templates that people blow into to make each frame for real on the window. Has anyone else seen any graphics etc that use condensation in windows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znjxyKP2cNs

File: SFState_Logo_H_rgb_2in.png (28 KB, 1147x300)
28 KB
Anyone here know anything about SFSU's Visual Communication Design program?
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Recent grad of SFSU Design program, would have been better off if I literally burned the money I spent on it for warmth.

It was a complete waste of time.
At least you have a Bachelor's, though. How hard is it to get internships?
depends on how good you can suck a girthy white dick
tell us more
How hard was it to get in?

File: sema z car.jpg (1.31 MB, 1826x1027)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
It's ok. 6/10 you tried.
Invest in a stabilization rig.

File: 20180816_130630.jpg (1.73 MB, 2576x1932)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
just run a dual boot

otherwise you can use Ps CS2 with wine
you can run some ancient Ai version but it will be buggy
and there's no Ae equivalent
This. Create a new partition and have windows as an option from startup.
Gimp is default Photoshop alternative.

Where can I buy a really good quality ink pen and paper for writing? A Bic pen and a notepad from Staples just isn't cutting it, where do I find the good stuff?

Preferably something I can order online. I'm in Canada.
Rhodia notebooks, PIlot V5 pen.
my wife uses jerry's artarama for all her art stuff
Rhodia, clairefontaine, or goulet notebooks. For pen I would prefer the fountain variety. I recommend Lamy Safari or TWSBI eco.

File: tsuki(3).png (23 KB, 512x512)
23 KB
Why does this logo captivate so many people? Multiple people already tattooed it onto themselves.
Idfk ask the anime death cult

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