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File: snapshot.png (509 KB, 2390x698)
509 KB
509 KB PNG
I think it's clear which one has the better logo design.
cartoon network
i agree, the contrast symbolizes current race war very well
Truthful dubs

Let China have it, maybe they can prevent it from becoming a 3rd world shithole by some modern capitalist scheming.

Hyper aggressive bosses?
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No every boss I ever had was scared to lose me. Even my boss when I was a grocery cashier. I think people who complain about shitty bosses are shitty employees.
Most likely becaue your narrow vision of things is somethig that make you easy to manipulate and control...you are not a "variable" they have to worry about! Obediant and stagnant !
yeah ive only ever had 1 boss who was decent and treated their employees like people.
Every other boss ive had was an asshole

But the worse ones are managers. they dont even own the buisiness. they literally just float around and tell other people what to do. they dont know any other skill besides being a grown up version of that kid who reminded the teacher of the homework that was due. always hated every single one of my managers. dont like bosses but i reall really cant respect managers. its why i mostly freelance nowadays and keep my costs low. i cant really function in that kind of environment. i dont know how anyone can stomach any other person who bleeds eats and shits just like you telling you what to do and where to be for most of the days of your life.
I’m always a top performer wherever I go. Bosses learn not to worry about me because I am always reliable. I can also communicate with them effectively. Groups seem to always fall into the 80/20 situation where the top 20% of people are given more responsibility, more opportunities and more compensation while the other 80% is told “sorry, times are hard, we cant give you a raise, better hours, more respect for the time being.”
Fuck them in the bosspuccini

File: portfolio-image.png (2 KB, 833x400)
2 KB
Hey everybody! What projects do you all feel are "required" in a graphic design portfolio? Thanks :)
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Agree 100%, would like to bring him into a paste that I turn into a logo that I sell for $60,000 ... or in his case, have one of my employees to all the work while I take the money
I agree that Chris Do rubs people the wrong way. I struggled watching the channels content for the longest time because of him, but they do offer some sound advice. You can also find the advice else where without feeling like he’ll always be better than you.
imagine being irritated by someone's arbitrary idiosyncrasies that you're willing to lose out on value and solid advice

unless you're running successfully two businesses?

also "pretentious motherfucker" compared to what?

He is a pretentious mother fucker and an asshole too. His name is Chris Do and he runs a shop called Blind, or used to.
imagine thinking that if I don't listen to your god-king Chris Do, that I'm missing out on ANY advice that I could get from anywhere else.

I'd rather use skillshare or just listen to any other established designer. I'm not losing anything by not liking the futur.

File: th.jpg (36 KB, 474x261)
36 KB
Sorry if this doesn't quite belong but it's the best board I could think of..

Does anyone have any tips or instructions on drawing in or akin to the video game Super Paper Mario 's very unique looking art style?
I'd ask >>>/ic/
but if you want an answer from here, the style is not really unique. the obvious characteristics are flatness (as in lack of volume/shading), thick black (or nearly black) outlines and solid colors (with slight gradients), plus geometric/angular feel. this alone will produce something similar.
the rest boils down to how well you can draw and mimick the nuances of the style.
Ah thank you. And alright, my bad I hadn't thought to look outside the specifically SFW board listing

File: 22.png (402 KB, 785x442)
402 KB
402 KB PNG
I want to place a countdown into a video using after effects. Is there a preset I can yoink from somewhere, that is very similar to these videos?



NSFW, its a pornographic link.
no, but you can grab a template if you are too lazy to create it from scratch
Thanks fren

File: 1538837925357.png (305 KB, 652x520)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
So i have until the december to make stuff that shows im qualified to be accepted into Design School what should i do?
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Get a real degree to fall back on.
>go to school to learn design
>must already know design to enter

wtf america
>I hear that design is an easy job for people who like to sit on their ass because I'm a retarded neet who didn't consider it might involve actual talent and work
>why do design schools expect me to have ever touched a pencil, this is so unfair reeeeee
They don't. I went to a normal 4 year with a design program and the program only checks your portfolio after you've gotten a few notches under your belt.
most designer could never follow Milton's advice given their propensity to be leftist

File: fight evil.jpg (23 KB, 300x450)
23 KB
and can you make a living with it?
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>can you fight evil with gd and art
You can fight "evil" (see: opinions that aren't my own) through any medium.
>can you make a living with it
Depends on which opinions you view as "evil".
If your political views don't align with what is popular and safe to think, than no. In fact, you're more likely to lose what you already have by trying.
maybe like for your mental health idk
yeah right my drawings of nude girls and feet will impeach trump, stop kony and end racism
1. Find someone (preferably on the right since your new audience is more willing to part with money)
2. Wait for them to livestream something
3. Physically assault them either comicaly or with the intent to do real damage.
4. Get arrested
5. Have a friend make a son story about how it was actually your life that was in danger through the victims actions
6. Recieve donations.

Congrats you now have a career in social activism, you can now:
A. Announce a fund that'll under deliver
B. Go on a speaking tour and have a book written about you, it won't break top 100 on amazon but it'll turn a profit and will fund a free year of your life or so

Hurrah! Your old normal art now has a name and a cause behind it.
Everyone has some evil in them, it's a made-up concept little guy

File: the shrake.png (228 KB, 360x504)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
He Cometh
it's bad and you should feel bad

but you now know are extream trash
It was still unfinished and had some placeholder stuff but
>Thought this was so good
>Message me like 30 minutes after sending it saying they were getting someone else to do it
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the meme generation z hasn't really caught on like "generation x" did. People keep calling young middle aged meme 'boomers' even though they weren't born during the baby boom of the 60s, and young kids 'zoomers'.

I don't think the generation x meme caught on like it should have, now we have nothing to distinguish between our parents and our grandparents.

Some people use the meme "Boomer" ironically, but i don't think they really know what it means in terms of contemporary history.
>middle aged meme
*middle aged men
File: adidas2.jpg (937 KB, 2000x2061)
937 KB
937 KB JPG
this really isn't terrible. I can feel it moving like a motion graphic, reminds me of this a little
This shit

Whenever I use geometry (particularly flat colour), type, photos, pretty much anything in my designs, it always looks stuck on - sort of tacky, immature, unprofessional. Is there some sort of really subtle feathering, grain or effect that is used to make people's images look more uniform or cohesive?
Sorry if this doesn't make sense.
no I don't think it is my colour choices

appreciate the help
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nah mate, added some subtle noise and it looked fine.
So you chose ignorance instead of learning your trade.

Good luck, "mate".
it's not my trade, I'm just fucking about with it. sorry
he's right though, your pieces will look shit without proper colour theory no matter what you do, it's literally one of the key principles of any design field
Ask a serious question, expect serious answers. Which you got.

Shit you make when you're bored?
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I like the concept, but it seems a little rough. You're trying to convey too much information with the tiny particles and it will not scale well. Try to back off of the scatter a little and use 10-15 chunks that convey some motion... it also reminds me of the game mirrors edge... which is not a bad thing
Solid menu design, I'm not in love with the color... but 99% of the time the client requests shitty colors and you just have to work with it.

Yours is at least 150% better than the original, far more interesting and dynamic, the typeface is much much better, it evokes a helix... nice redo
how do I do minimal if there is so much text and the guy wanted me to use his pictures on every page.
do you even work on this field?

this guy gets it
pretty sure if your logo is anything to go by my grandma's left toenail has more design industry experience than you

File: a0292496416_10.jpg (968 KB, 1080x1080)
968 KB
968 KB JPG
Given you had the original, unedited photo, how would you recreate this in photoshop?
One of the painting filters makes that "cell" effect on colors. Forget which one. Then do two layers of graphic pen, at 90 degree angle to each other, and set them to lighten or overlay. Something like that. There's probably multiple layers interacting here, just play around with it - isolate one effect, perfect that, then move to the next. He might also have done some selective layer masking on each layer, too.
Image trace it in illustrator several times with different settings and then export each trace as a layer into photoshop and add FX/adjustments and play with opacity, then send everything over to InDesign.
Maybe an hour of work unless you're lazy or brainlocked.
The Filter Gallery Crosshatch is definitely in there, you can see the pattern.

You can create the cell/posterized create look with any of the paint stroke effects.

I'm thinking there's a glowing edges filter in there too - there's too many ways to combine these to know for sure, but it looks like the right path.

Then there's a shear filter on the green channel for one of the layers.

Just use a contrasty picture and you can get pretty close.
Why would you send it to indesign? seems like an extra step for no reason.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (314 KB, 1280x720)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
I've got an internship interview coming up and they want me to bring a portfolio. The majority of my work is books, magazine, newpaper layout and posters. I don't really like the idea of bringing a self published book with small images of these items. Would it be appropriate to bring a folio of my books and and then a larger porfolio of just my full posters which are all 11" x 17?
How many pieces are you thinking of bringing? Because if it’s more than 8, you’re wasting their time.

File: animefilter.png (1.63 MB, 1200x1413)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
Something that I always wondered is how to create that blur effect that anime studios like for example, kyoto animation always use when making anime. It is possible to recreate that filter on any drawing using Photoshop?
15 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (90 KB, 1280x720)
90 KB
there are 3rd-party plug-ins for Premiere or After Effects to acheive similar look

check out RedGiant's Magic Bullet suite, for example
based plugin
one of the best
What's the sauce on the right?

File: 1559569755456.jpg (154 KB, 880x823)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Does anyone have some CSH Photoshop Shapes of some Hand Tools? Like a spanner / wrench or a screwdriver or some shit? Been looking all over the internet and cannot find any...
>Been looking all over the internet and cannot find any...
you aren't even trying anon

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