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File: timeline.png (22 KB, 942x336)
22 KB
New to /gd/, was directed here from /wsr/. I checked the catalog and didn't see any kind of /sqt/ or /qtddtot/ or anything of the sort so forgive me if I rustle any feathers, but I'm new to, well all this software in general, but specifically, Premiere.

I had my video pretty much done, everything cut and transitioned and timed as I wanted it, but after watching it through once, there was one audio clip I wasn't satisfied with so I rerecorded it. I want to put in this new audio without mucking up any of the other stuff I've done in the video, but the new audio is a couple seconds longer and everything I've tried either scoots the audio back and screws up the audio/video syncing, or cuts off either the end of the new audio or the beginning of the audio clip after where I want it. I'm sure my workflow is all kinds of fucked up, but for now, I need to know how to do this.
Use razor tool (c) to cut the audio into 2 pieces then dlete the excess
you can timestretch audio to fit
cut the silences in the audio till it fits

File: NUWA.png (29 KB, 1280x1280)
29 KB
redesign it / critique / new ideas
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my bad, we do research and digital fabrication
File: nuwa-01.png (61 KB, 1275x660)
61 KB
Just my $0.02, but the N doesn't mesh well with the W, A, and the cut on the U.
Also, the whole logo is so angular, which to me reads as sort of dynamic and industrial, but the pale blue color and the subtle rounding of the corners read as soft and friendly. Im not so sure there is a better solution, but to me the two seem a little at odds with each other.

What is your brand trying to do?
Be friendly and approachable?
Be dynamic and aggressive?
Be cutting edge and avant garde?
Be dependable and trustworthy?
Drop the roundings, fill in the N, change color of the blue and the subtext does not match the feel of the big bold text
needs more occult/sumerian symbology

File: NIIGGGAE.JPG.jpg (65 KB, 800x600)
65 KB
whoever the guy is thats making the 4chan clone please keep us updated
What are you talking about ?
File: 79847583685.png (176 KB, 904x1080)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
tell me more of this "clone", will it be a failed knockoff and resemble tumblr?
Do you mean 0xchan?

File: wp4307673.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x1080)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
File: bigpus.gif (820 KB, 1920x1080)
820 KB
820 KB GIF

Where can I download free/pirated wall art, preferably in vector format?
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BANKSY is big gey
Banksy here, I do have the vectors.
well, bitch, upload em for OP

Anything can be wall art. It's just images you put on a wall. There's not a vectorized wall art database. Trace over the image, try to recreate it as closely as you can, then save it as a vector.
LOL, thinking beggars have any interest in doing any actual work, or putting any effort into it. I'm surprised he didn't beg for free printing for his stolen vector art image database. So he must be stealing time on a large format printer somewhere.

Didn't see any threads related to this so I'm making one.
I'm looking for a software or site where you can design by both drag and drop and text editing and ALSO be able to export HTML, CSS and JS.
I was recommended Wix but I want to control the hosting myself without having to pay for the code.
Web design general I guess.
Incomedia X5 is a good software to do it. Once you finish with drag and drop you get the source code in a zip file for you to upload.

Another thing I use is Odoo. Is an ERP but includes a webpage creator with wysiwyg editor and HTML editor too. Uses bootstrap, tho.

The best tho is to learn HTML/CSS/Javascript and learn how to make pages without drag and drop.
This. HTML and CSS aren't that hard to learn, and it can be done with notepad. JS is a little harder, if you don't have a coding background, but even idiots can scrape something together with the stuff other people post, or sell.
>control hosting
>Automated page design/coding
I mean, pick ONE.

File: 61whVjAbXwL._SX679_.jpg (47 KB, 679x679)
47 KB

I just bought the Painter 2019 humble bundle, I'm learning how to use this product.

I'm making a drawing using a layer with linework using Sumi-e brushes and another layer with the Digital Watercolor brush category for color. I'm liking it a lot, but once I make some coloring with Digital Watercolor I want to change the layer's colors in a similar fashion as I used in older Photoshop (hue/saturation or curves window). I've found a similar option in Painter via Effects > Tonal Control > Correct Colors... then I change the curves and I get a proper color change preview but when I hit the OK button the preview disappears and the color keeps the same way as it was before the Correct Colors was applied. When I use the Effects > Tonal Control > Adjust Colors It doesn't do anything at all, no matter what options I use.

Please help me! How do I change a layer's colors?

File: 4chan.png (5 KB, 300x100)
5 KB
Is Graphic design an overflowed market? Can any Brad making decent designs make a living in the career? How much does one need to stand out? Will the degree get you anything? Find out more in this thread when anons reply!
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if you can't use google you aren't old enough to browse this fucking site
Assuming you mean over saturated, in which case yes, there are a lot of people working in the field, all over the world and the job is typically something that can be done remotely.

Its not enough to just make "good" stuff regardless of where you are, there is a lot of organizational, interpersonal and business skills you need in order to be really successful.

Not sure what you mean by standing out. I don't even think you really want to be all that different from your peers depending on what your goals in the field are. Somewhat related; if you can draw well I think it will help you out immensely vs. the waves of people with pirated software

Degree is extremely helpful but not 100% required. If you graduate and have a shit portfolio with a BA in Design you're probably not going to get much work when you start looking for it. The networking you do in college is probably 500% more important than the actual degree.
>The networking you do in college is probably 500% more important than the actual degree.
I'm not into gd but I wish someone told that to me 3 years back.
overly saturated?
yes and the vast majority is garbage
making a good living?
sure, just call yourself UI/UX Designer
stand out?
learn to copywrite
don't go into debt
>No, graphic design is not overflowing, it's not a liquid.
Terrible joke, you should just show yourself out.
Yes, anyone who makes decent designs can absolutely make a living doing GD.
>Enough to get hired.
I don't understand the question or the answer, so whatever.
>Yes, "the" degree will get you a job.
A degree will get you a shit job at a shit agency. It will not help you make better designs or create your own business, or get more jobs as a freelancer.
>Nobody else is going to respond.
Oh, how wrong you were.

How to chrome or chromatic distortion, chromatic abstract art?

It seems like liquidfy is in play, I just don't know how to do it, any pro tips?
File: liquify.gif (347 KB, 700x700)
347 KB
347 KB GIF
it's a liquified object slightly changed in RGB channels (see pic)
good work anon
File: IMG_20191003_210704_463.jpg (49 KB, 1080x607)
49 KB
That's what I thought. I tried it and did something like that. But instead I played with the channels.
File: pentagram.jpg (123 KB, 900x859)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>But instead I played with the channels.
that's what I meant.
here's something i made a while ago using this technique.
File: exp mb.jpg (54 KB, 640x400)
54 KB

File: Reefclaw.png (663 KB, 728x1016)
663 KB
663 KB PNG
Has anyone found any potential graphic design jobs at a job fair? Like, were there any actual offers?

The job fairs my family send me to only have salesmen jobs and private college recruitings.

File: joker movie.jpg (1.39 MB, 3996x2160)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
What kind of texture was used to make this treatment?
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Society Sans Condensed Bold
I think anon just wanted to feel good about himself
File: eek.jpg (368 KB, 894x894)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
Just find a photograph of a trash bin with scratched or scuffed texture on it. Or you can take a photograph of it yourself. Then pick up the texture and overlay it. Depending on the contrast of your texture, you can also use soft light or hard light.
Bleeding Cowboys

File: mmld.webm (1.95 MB, 1920x1080)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB WEBM
My goal this month is to make this MMLD (stands for Momoland) logo in GIMP and upload it to Redbubble so I can buy this sweatshirt for myself.

I know I need GIMP and something called a CMYK plugin, any tips?

File: edel grotesque2.jpg (78 KB, 449x584)
78 KB
Anons i'm begging you to help me out, this is time sensitive. ANY resources on grotesk fonts designed in years 1900 - 1940? Picrel - this is the kind of vibe im looking for. Wide, bold, raw. What these designers were inspired by, any similar typefaces, history of grotesk fonts in that time, literally anything. please.
ok im gonna reply to myself in case anyone is ever interested, just go to archive.org and look for typefoundries specimens in 1900-1940. flickr also has some of these but harder to find
Google it, dumbass.
There's already a font share thread, you dipshit

File: Untitled-1 copy.jpg (65 KB, 360x516)
65 KB
I designed a flyer for my company using Photoshop 7 and the printing company asked me to send the PDF file so the font and contents are aligned.

After I tried to save the file in PDF, this thing popped up.
What options do I select to preserve the font I used (was mostly Calibri and Arial) and the alignment of the contents within?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
other than outline text,embed fonts and max encoding

also why photoshop instead of illustrator op? Ai has better control and option on exporting pdfs
Even my ass has better options for exporting pdf than Photoshop. But I can only do sepia.
>also why photoshop instead of illustrator op?
Because I only know how to use PS :(
I'd learn Illustrator sometime into the future tho.

So I have to tick embed fonts and select full on max encoding, right?

I'm trying to do the best on my own so I can ask the help later on.
what isn't 'aligned' and why isn't it 'aligned'?

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