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File: skull-edited.png (948 KB, 1000x1000)
948 KB
948 KB PNG
Hey guys could you recommend me resources / tutorials on how to improve my mascot and sport team logos?
I'd also love to see your works for inspiration

(pic is my best one yet)
Not really a resource, but try to experiment with different viewing angles. Sports mascot logos are rarely seen from a head-on perspective. And try to use a palette of white, color 1, color 2, and a tint/shade of either color 1 or color 2. These colors are going to show up on the team uniforms, merch, branding, etc. so add some variety.

Making mascot logos is not really that profitable, most people will pay $50~100 at most, and it could take you a day or two to make one if you're not that experienced, the process is the same as a regular logo, basically think of a catchy and strong concept, get references and draw on paper 5-10 small sketches, pick the top one and iterate on it, then take a pic of it and trace it on adobe illustrator. get a drawing tablet to speed up things.
I already bought myself a wacom intuos s last summer, I just need to use it more I guess
Considering that I'm a student and that I live in Hungary $50-100 would be really good money pocket money for me. I'm learning to become a web developer and I wan't to make / design websites for mock up teams and orgs.

Your IG looks amazing, never seen such clear logos.
Thanks for the advice, shading is actually something I really need to improve on.

Hey Guys Look At This Logo
bit too crowded innit
Pick one and revise.

What font is the one they are using for this?
>INB4 use any sans serif font and stretch it

I just want to meme this and I want the most closed type of font
how do you not recognize bank gothic when you see it

File: why_do_this.jpg (109 KB, 270x400)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
What would be the benefit in creating a new document in order to place a linked photograph from Lightroom, in order to mask it and save it as a PSD, in order to placed the masked linked file as a link file for a composite?

File: Web 1920 – 1.png (1.83 MB, 1920x4654)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
I think the proportions are all over the place. The small text looks too small. The button links look too small relative to the icons. I don't understand what category 1, 2 and 3 are. Is the text supposed to look like that? If so, I'd imagine there would be more info than just a title. I don't like the typeface at all. the shadow on the black text is bad, I understand that it makes it consistent with the glowing white text, but I'd take it off. The line-height on your paragraphs is too small, try making it 1.3. The colors in "GAME OVER" do not match the colors used in the other images. Other than these small details, overall it's good, yet seems very derivative of Playstation's branding. I feel like I've seen the icons at the top right somewhere on psn. I would use more purple so that it's not so similar to psn.
tanks man appreciate the critics

so i have this mac that i bought last year, why does it run photoshop and clip studio paint like shit? is it because of the 8gb ram or is it because of the cracked version of photoshop?
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The level of difficulty when it comes to hackintosh depends on the PC, mostly because the drivers required to install OSX on a non-apple machine have to be written from scratch most of the time. Although, depending on the comp you get, there might be a guide already written for it
Here's a part list I came up with for under $1400
Feel free to edit it
go AMD and get better hardware cheaper
I'm not checking prizes for you but if you want to get into >>>/3/ shit this is your order of priorities
>CPU: this is your top priority and where your pipeline will bottleneck, a top tier Ryzen should work wonders
>GPU: if you can afford one of those new sexy beasts that claim can do real time ray-trace rendering, that's a no brainer, otherwise just go straight for the highest CUDA number you can find (if you were going for Ae, this is the only thing that matters for fast renders)
>Everything else: get an SSD, 32GB ram (doesn't need to be Corsair or other fancy brands as long as it has dissipation), MoBo to support it all, a PSU that can run everything and a big gabinet with space for a couple of fans (heavy rendering is heat intensive)
with a $1800 budget you can even upgrade to liquid cooling
File: 1554225653572.jpg (104 KB, 850x1200)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Thanks for the advice but I don't have a clue about how to build a pc
You're using an HDD, compared to an SSD which will substantially decrease loading times for the app itself, and objects/brushes when browsing. As well as opening files. CPU is mid-range but usable.

File: 1540-1.jpg (18 KB, 340x340)
18 KB
Any recomendations or opiniones about 2 in 1 budget notebooks and sketching?
pic related lenovo yoga 530, is it any good?
also interested in the hp pavilion x360
thank you very mucho mr roboto

File: header.gif (736 KB, 940x275)
736 KB
736 KB GIF
Anyone know of a way to get this plugin for free?

you can find it on cgpeers and in cgpersia

File: Profile Pic Cartoon .png (870 KB, 1200x1200)
870 KB
870 KB PNG
Do you like my new logo for my gaming?
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The J looks very bad with the buldges, idk what, but something is off with the P, maybe too small, maybe that it's rotated when the J is not. Background looks somewhat decent though. I'd definitely do more experimenting with the letters .
So blurry and the anti-aliasing. is above the roof. Tone it down with the anti-aliasing. Right now it is painful to see.
Based always sunny poster
looks like literal shit.
looks like the silhouette of a bendy turd
Takes theses as advice, don't be afraid to start over on shit, thats just the creative process at work

File: cfg.png (346 KB, 900x300)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
Anyone else participating? Share your designs and critique others.
Here are some of mine.
left one is dope

If you start from scratch trying to build your brand doesn't it feel like planting a tree in a dense forest?
that's a very pessimistic view, when comparing to regular users or clients I don't even think there's that many good designers on social media yet, plus the internet is so big there's still plenty of room for any good designer.

>Is social media necessary to make a name in GD?
It depends probably yes, what's your goal? there's lots of professional designers who only have a behance or linkedin and their own website. others use instagram and dribbble to have fun and explore ideas rather than "build a brand" since usually you don't need to build a brand, you'll rather find your vision, convey it simply and let your product quality build the brand.
it is not.

I visited a designer here in Chicago the other day.
They do stuff for Millennium Park, Expo Chicago, about 20 restaurants, and plenty of others.

They don't have social media at all, and aren't interested in it.

It probz doesn't hurt to have social media, but low follower count could make you seem less legitimate to potential clients.

a sleek personal website and a refusal to play the social media game might work in your favor.
What this person said.

If you're designing, I dunno, take-aways for a manufacturer who makes siding for construction to be on display next to product at a Menards or a Lowes, you're probably getting good work through word-of-mouth in that industry, and wouldn't need SM.
If you're publishing a print magazine for design and trends in UI to supplement a website? Yeah, you'd probably want to start planting that tree (and go through the exhaustion of having a Facebook, Insta, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pintrest, etc.
GaryVee makes it very clear.
If you're not on twitter, instagram, facebook, youtube and have your own podcast (voice is going to be huge), you simply don't exist.

Facebook ADs especially are heavily underprized. Go all in and build your social.

It's a lot of work so most people say it's not important because they are lazy.

When did this style of signage originate? I’m not referring to the “No Smoking” message, but the style of the sign itself. I’ve encountered a fair number of little placards engraved with this exact sans serif font in older buildings, not just as “No Smoking” signs, but also labeling bathrooms, utility closets, etc. My father seems to recall them showing up in the 1970s, but I would have guessed they dated to the 1960s or *maybe* even the latter part of 1950s.
It's a JIS industrial standard font family, or a very close ancestor or descendant. JIS Z 8903:1969 and 1984 for toyo and joyo kanji, JIS Z 8904:1976 for katakana, JIS Z 8905:1976 for Arabic numerals and Roman letters, and JIS Z 8906:1977 for hiragana.

ttp://font.kim/ has a ttf version.
Thank you anon. So if I understand, these placards date no further back than 1976?
Could be a little older, industry standards have a habit of being based off an existing model, sometimes more closely than others.

But 1976 is definitely when Japan decided en masse to make it the default typeface for all of the cheap engraved plastic signs they were selling us and on all of the cheap engraving machines they were selling us.
Just to extend, automatic letter engraving signage tech goes all the way back to prewar, you're right that it was possible and that it showed up from time to time. One of the big early applications was engraving printing negatives for easy-to-read, standardized maps and charts during the war.

So your understanding of when it was possible was right, and then your dad's memory is still sharp and he was right about when it hit mass-market in that particular format.

Anyone got a personal website/portfolio for their work?

What's the best host to use for a simple Wordpress portfolio website?

Is Wordpress still the go-to service in 2019?
Mine uses WordPress. I don't update it so I'm thinking about deleting thf whole website itself.

File: download.jpg (14 KB, 347x145)
14 KB
Going through some real problems in life. Just need some temporary relief from my hardship. In need of some guidance to counterfeiting United States currency. I'm not really looking into hardware options. I suppose I could look into it if it proved to be a better option.
Any knowledge of where I might be able to order any?
I understand the legal ramifications from such felonious behavior. I just need to get by for now.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is the US dollar /gd/? What would you improve?
I love the design of US currency, especially classic designs.

This has no basis in reality, but I always liked to imagine the founding fathers as the original "hypebeasts", and symbols on currency like the eye of providence being the equivalent of the word "Supreme" today
File: cash-money-yo.jpg (251 KB, 1930x1152)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
You are not going to be able to reproduce US currency to a degree that you could use it for any transactions. Even fast food places can easily spot a fake.

The resources that you'd need to do so are out of reach of someone that's "going through some problems" in life. US currency has so many security features on it, that if you *could* replicate it, you could probably already pull off a lot of other stuff.
op first of all this isnt even a gd question
second of all its against the law and i know you nor anyone here would attempt to break the law
but hypothetically if someone did try to break the law in this way they would hypothetically find it much easier to do other kinds of fraud than counterfeiting money. that shits serious and hard af. not that i or anyone here would know
Wish you the best.

File: lankets .jpg (1.56 MB, 1800x1350)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
what happens on this board?
Not much. What does happen, happens very slowly.
People ask what happens on this board

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