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thoughts on the new zara logo?
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their whole identity is being avant garde clothing and the new logo evokes that much more than the old one who looks like an antique store

so it's better in concept, design itself looks pretty busy, maybe skinnier would have been better, also it can be read as ZABA which blows
>ripped off idea

would you consider any of these variations an improvement over the current redesign
all i can see is ZABA
Both of these.

File: ring.png (1 KB, 125x125)
1 KB
How do I make the area between the white rings appear to be sunken in deeper than the rest of the image? Is it just a matter of picking the right color to file the area or is there something more required?
File: Unbenannt-1.png (42 KB, 1773x1773)
42 KB
The area in between the rings would need to be darker than the rest of the image to appear deeper deeper.
(If you can) use gray for your background and add a shadow inside the rings so it looks beveled
Bevel/ Drop shadow are effects you can take a look at

And yeah the darker the further.

File: SerpentChick.jpg (1.96 MB, 2000x2000)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
Check out my graphic art and photography stuff here:


Feedback welcome! Looking into getting some of my stuff onto clothing, do you think some of the pieces would look good on a shirt? Like the piece in this post?
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Keep your head up, buddy. Nobody starts out great.
Maybe consider a separate Instagram just for your art and use it just for accounts similar to your own style. You'll get inspiration and feedback from others.
Keep at it!
please stop tracing. It looks weird. It's awful, it hurts. Unless you're rotoscoping don't do it
>please stop tracing
tracing is totally valid, its just difficult to do well
I like what you did with Sabrina and this is also cool. Keep on experimenting.
I agree with whoever said that you should make different account for your work and yourself.
Tracing is cool, and when you don't have a graphic pen for pc it's pretty much the best way to go, I do the same.
File: 1548950271483.jpg (25 KB, 544x499)
25 KB

Newfag here to /gd/ but I need help

I'm trying to get the angle of this house right and I'm not quite getting it. Can someone give me some pointers?
File: 9p6ropjk.jpg (41 KB, 977x447)
41 KB
the perspective you are trying to use has 2 vanishing points, determine them and respect them
if google doesn't help you understand it, try your luck at >>>/ic/
look up "perspective made easy" on libgen
it's a short but very helpful book
this is half correct.
unless your camera viewpoint is tilted, those two vanishing points should always be horizontal to each other

it is generally a good idea to have both vanishing points on your canvas as well

File: 15486207246871748310585.jpg (6.72 MB, 5312x2988)
6.72 MB
6.72 MB JPG
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Gimp for sure
I have scribus, krita, inkscape and gimp but I use inskscape 99% of the time.
CS5 white rabbit
File: 1546982906298.png (10 KB, 407x416)
10 KB
>anything but Paint.NET
Autodesk Sketchbook

Can someone please help me out and tell me what this font is.
no thank you im busy

File: 20190113_173013.png (102 KB, 625x646)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Im stuck
Where? I cant find it
first time on 4chan sorry
with what are you stuck?
I'm the one from the other post >>358505

A brief would help and change some of my critics but here it goes:

I don't really know what to say, it's font with strokes basically.
Overall I'm not really sure about the colors you used, don't think that light blue fit the theme that good if you want to keep it it shouldnt be the dominant color.

For 1st and 3rd pairs I assume that in your process you kept your text as "text" and didnt convert it as outlines, if you sure about your structure you should always create outlines of your text (keep backup, duuh), help for align and center stuff, because here you may have center the text block but as you can see the W is close to the above elements while the A still have space, thing that don't happen if you use group and outlines.

The fonts also kinda exclude the S, I remember seeing that font before, the A and W being the one showcasing it but the "S" seems to be out of place, I don't know if you did this or if it's the font, but you should either try to get him closer or simply change the font.

The fonts for 2nd pair is okayish, beside that maybe thinner strokes, same for " THE BAR", a little bit.

3rd pair, maybe give "Sandwich" a little more of spacing.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: pay me.jpg (37 KB, 600x384)
37 KB
What do you do when a client tries to stiff you on paying for work? I've got a contract, signed by both parties and he's outright refusing to pay me for my work.
Here's the story.

I was approached by some dude who had a clothing startup with him and a few of his friends. They asked me to design their launch piece (a jacket), and said they'd pay me a down payment for my work. While also stating that if I did further designs with them, I'd get paid via net profits per month. I said sure, figuring I'd have another source of passive income, and some cash in my pocket for the initial job. Before I started though, I asked that we both work out a contract, and we signed. The area detailing payment is as follows:

4. Design-Partner Agreement
It is understood and agreed that the designer will be subject to a payment of 200$ [CAD] and that the CEO agrees to give 10% of the net profit of sales to such designer. All of these are subject to periodical review

I was a bit put off by the fact that I was getting paid $200 CAD (Canadian) instead of USD, but I figured I'd cut them some slack since they were starting up and getting shit together. In any case, I finished my end of the deal, and when asked for payment he said "You agreed that you would get paid the $200 from the profits of the jacket". First off, I didn't, but as long as I got paid it didn't really matter much. Eventually the time came where the jackets were done, but I never got any emails or anything. Sent an email asking what was up, and apparently there was some shit wrong with them, the whole thing fell through and now the business is dismantled. "But we'll try to get you your money."

continuing on next post
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Had I known they weren't going to pay me, I wouldn't have. They had proper investors and shit like company people, they even had to go to them with the contract to say "hey, this is how much we're paying him". You'd think they'd make sure I get paid, but I guess the investors are more concerned about getting their money. I figured they were going to pay me with parts initial seed money, because that's the way legitimate businesses doing this shit would do it.

It's not like there's really anything to learn from here. I did everything the right way pretty much. Got a contract, gave them updates, showed them my hours, made sure it's what they wanted.
Only thing I really learned is never trust a leaf.
Im having trouble dealing with clients, any advice appreciated

They post a project but ommit key details "size of design, content etc"

I ask them for clarification by email and phone and they don't get back to me, a junior answers and says he doesn't know

then a week later they ask for an update and are angry I havnt even started, when I remind them I asked for clarification they just tell me I should have tried to contact them harder.

And a lot of prospect clients want to pay me in future revenue like >>357795 said.
they sell my design and pocket quick money, if they don't sell anything they will stiff me.
No way I'm signing up, but they waste a lot of my time, deliberately being vague about payment terms
Get the money upfront, especially in those cases or at least 50% upfront.
I figured since I had a contract saying they had to pay me they'd honor it. That's what they're for.
They agreed to pay me after the initial design was done. I sent them an unfinished piece to get tested for printing on the patch (told them it was unfinished, even had a watermark), so I could know what to fix as far as colors and shit went. They just ran with the fucking design and printed the jackets without telling me. They didn't even do it on actual threaded patches, just some fucking vinyl shit, which led to the problem of them not adhering to the jackets properly and wasting the whole shipment, so they couldn't sell shit and they failed as a business. I guess it's karma, but I still would have liked to be paid.

If you don't have anything in a contract that prevents it, drop that client, or threaten to. It should be their job to know what they need, not yours. If anything it'll make them turn around and you'll be the one in charge for a bit.

As for
>And a lot of prospect clients want to pay me in future revenue like (OP) said. they sell my design and pocket quick money, if they don't sell anything they will stiff me. No way I'm signing up, but they waste a lot of my time, deliberately being vague about payment terms
They told me they were going to pay me straight up. There was nothing said about future revenue (until they just decided that, and just decided that I agreed with it). Just that after the initial work I'd get paid net profits in addition to what they were going to pay me initially. I figured as long as I got paid for the initial job, I could just sit back and watch how things go for the rest. If things didn't go well, no harm done. I'd have the money from the first design, and just wouldn't do new ones.
Holy fucking run-on Batman.
Seriously didn't see that shit in the textbox.

File: timurlastslide.jpg (720 KB, 1280x720)
720 KB
720 KB JPG
1st pakistani male combat game by fervider
Pakistani scum bags

anyone know someone who is professional with gamedevelopment? i need someone for creating map objects and help me creating a game.
Depends on if you know someone with money
>not a paid position at the moment, will pay with exposure and if the game sells you'll receive a share of the profits...
its not about the money its about the person who is able to deliver german quality
>map objects
those are called assets anon
lets discuss this in private:

File: Gallery_1548939217993.png (1.29 MB, 1356x1920)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Hey anons, have y'all ever seen a competition about plagiarism and thought about what a hoot it'd be to submit super high quality plagiarized entries?
there's your mistake, though now a days if there's a serious/decent money price they will run a background check to avoid controversy.

also advertising agencies rip off each other all the time https://www.joelapompe.net/

File: Capture.png (58 KB, 811x614)
58 KB
New to this. What do you think?
14 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
even a 11 year old can create a better hentai image with the 11 layers in blak ops then this fool can with whatever he uses
File: Mita.gif (1.12 MB, 550x400)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB GIF
Give it a shot I'm sure you can do it.
File: Kako-god.gif (1.92 MB, 550x400)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB GIF
11 year olds can be pretty good so I'll take this as a compliment.
is this the pilot to your anime?
What software do you use???

File: spike.png (3 KB, 573x159)
3 KB
i use illustrator. is there a way i can make the end spiky like this?
File: 1548879733965.jpg (152 KB, 864x824)
152 KB
152 KB JPG

also it's mirrored unless you hold shift/alt/whatever

File: idontunderstandcolor.png (42 KB, 849x498)
42 KB
Why does my version of photoshop display one set of values for RGB to CMYK:
0, 46, 93 100, 87, 36, 29

But this brand identity chart displays another?
0, 46, 93 100, 71, 9, 56
Go look "iso 12647-7" on Google.

File: Letemplate.png (898 KB, 2480x3508)
898 KB
898 KB PNG
Hey guys so I basically failed my Business Uni so i have to look for a job. Do you have CV/Résumé designs that say " I am creative and design oriented " Without being too much? Or just good CV designs.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
retire ce piercing de merde, et c'est pas le même gars qu'avant2
Sinon au passage, utiliser des dots ou des pourcentages pour parler de tes compétences ça pue sa mère et ça veut rien dire.
Tu appliques pour quoi je comprends pas ?
Pas de francais, Votre économie pue la merde et vous etes toujours d'une sale humeur. Give me designs
File: udbgo2nemm921.jpg (33 KB, 640x504)
33 KB
>giving your opinion on france when staying 24/7 in your room
File: file.png (12 KB, 675x851)
12 KB
Fixed, dickhead.

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