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File: 1553098917761.jpg (40 KB, 720x793)
40 KB
Hi. I'm confused
What is boaster humbert?

send feet pic
Hi confused! I’m dad!

File: download (1).jpg (7 KB, 200x182)
7 KB
Do you know some cool resources
Isn't it mainly used for UI design, not perse webdesign but more like apps and shyt.
No. It’s meant for illustrating images. It’s nice for combing vector and bitmap better than adobe products. For web design (assuming you mean layout mockups and not actually coding a real website) you want either sketch or adobe XD.

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 245x206)
8 KB
How much do you guys make and what's your title?
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I work on contract with a company, usually 6 months a year or so
Videography & Graphics

Self-taught, no degree or the like, just experience, however i've got a spot at the Scandinavian Design College from this summer
Currently freelance and generally refer to myself as a freelance graphic, digital and marketing designer.

£200 (GBP) is my day rate but often work to fixed project fees.
Not in my state.
What's your day to day like? Do you perform hands on user research?
Im make ₹347132.50/month Thats is about $5k/month American. I am fucken baller here in India my friend!!

File: usflag.jpg (69 KB, 1233x649)
69 KB
How would you redesign the US flag?
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Now this is unironically great
Overlay the white stars fringed with blue evenly superimposed on the red and white bars.
That's a nice flag Satan.
took the guy two weeks to make it so it definitely is
And then there's this faggot

File: shitfuck.png (96 KB, 1600x900)
96 KB
Originally pic related had appeal in uniform design and being generally better typeset and had better layout than most of the common blogging platforms.

Now it's more tedious to read and navigate than some shitty Blogspot theme from 2005.

What is this 'trend' in design of popular platforms having websites covered in distracting 'anti-navigation' shit, being slow and unusable 5MB JavaScript monstrosities?

Other day I visited to Dribbble company's job openings page, it had couple of elements (images) that merely have to react with CSS animation on scroll event when they appear and scrolling in the page was completely broken in web browsers that are not Chrome.

Like how can something so simple you can do in cross-compatible way with vanilla JS can be turned into convoluted, broken shit.

Do 'UX Designers' up there have a power or interest to bring up that as a consideration when they make literal crap, while earning 100k per year at the fancy company?
I think you're right on the money with this. I'm also tired of those lazy bloated JS libraries used for everything because "it's 2019", and it's funny that all those "good design" sites are usually overdesigned to all fuck. It is a paradox how in the era of "minimalism", design manages to be so unintuitive AND bloated. I don't want to talk out of my ass but I also suspect the UX designers don't understand design at all.
Well UX is currently a meme field with no real standards so that makes sense.
But did you see that wobbly chart background neon gradient animation render for that never-existent fitness mobile app's mockup? That's what design is about. Aren't you impressed?
It never had any standards

And that's the root of the problem. Web design started with a bunch of kids copypasting hackish javascript code onto websites constructed of frames and full of a zillion flashing bobbing gifs using all 256 colors at once.

These kids grew up and swapped out the gifs for pngs, toned down the color and upgraded from frames to divs, but they never lost the old mentality of just throwing someone else's code into their own site and acting like they did it

The web design industry started with highschoolers, not programmers, and said highschoolers set a ton of really dangerous precedents

File: CITE6Wn.jpg (43 KB, 515x496)
43 KB
Will graphic design ever be automated?
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pee pee make yellow water hahahhahahhahhahah heheheh it is warm and yellow XD

Wasn't there an AI site that generates logos for you using information you give them? I saw it in a youtube ad once. Obviously it's not tailor made but its giving business owners simple logos so they no longer have to outsource.
If you can feed enough info to a computer that is specifically designed for such tasks, yes. They already have a simple website where an AI crudely mashes up pictures and pixels to make pictures of cats. One such had been created to paint Rembrant replicas with 3D printing technology and it can replicate everything down to the brush strokes.
Not any time soon. AIs aren't actual thinking yet. They have pattern recognition and regurgitation but that's it
That's been possible since the 80s anon

Greatest music covers of 2019, post em
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>Implying that the Nazis weren't aesthetic as fuck
This is terrible. Pure DUDE 80s/90s I DONT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE LMAO nostalgiabait.

I can still make money on top of this inescapable kike brainwashing.
if this is "good" then graphic design has failed
Bauhaus was a vomit-inducing minimalist rollercoaster that lead to brutalism in the postwar period, it should have never been attempted in the first place. Albert Speer was architecturally 100 times better than anything Bauhaus.

File: peach.gif (468 KB, 246x322)
468 KB
468 KB GIF
Design me a tattoo /gd/
anything goes
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if you seriously consider putting these on your body you should much rather consider suicide
>le biblical art woodcarving tattoo.

Really fucking original. its the male equivalent of a dream catcher
File: oofer.png (43 KB, 420x420)
43 KB
And what's wrong with them exactly?
File: JPEG_20170912_191200.jpg (10 KB, 374x374)
10 KB

File: Coat of Arms.png (1.02 MB, 2835x1417)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
/GD/ could you kindly rate the design of my Coat of Arms and point out areas where you think I should improve upon it
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Like >>364095 said, all parts of a coat of arms have a meaning depending on context, you can't simply mash up things together just because it looks cool. If you're doing it as a fun project then it's good and all, but if you want to register it to a heraldry institute it's probably gonna get turned down.
the wolves or whatever look very furry-ish..
>In Europe and the Commonwealth arms have to be granted by the an official institution like the College of Arms
Many parts of Europe don't have heraldic authorities and arms can be freely assumed.
>Drop the black borders on the white elements, for sure.
Eh, they look like they are just outlines and not blazoned fimbriation.
>all parts of a coat of arms have a meaning depending on context
Meaning behind the design elements of a heraldic device can be freely assigned by the armiger, there's no universal inherent meaning behind anything, except of course for stuff like crowns indicating rank etc.
>you can't simply mash up things together just because it looks cool
Of course you can do that.
>most european countries don't have heraldic authorities
>that means arms can be freely assumed

What an absolute retard, self-assumed arms have no value and no title assigned to them, there is no point in assuming something with no value.

File: 2019-03-28_110816.png (22 KB, 558x539)
22 KB
Imagine doing 80% less work and still getting paid the same amount—this is the power of scripting.
I'm a designer who does catalog work, so most of my job is doing the same things over and over. CC has the ability to have all functions scripted so technically, anything you can do with a mouse you can do with a script. So now most of what i do can be done with one click, instead of 3-4 hours of clicking....and boss doesn't know, so comfy.
If you care to learn I'll be glad to point you to resources that can help.
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>he's never worked on anything other than flyers
maybe youre not the designer you imagined you were
Yeah I get paid doing that work that already only take up 5% of my day and I shitpost/read the other 95%. I also get paid to "home office" one day a week. Feels good.
bout the same. it takes the other designers a week to do what i can do in about 4 hours as i script my entire job. definitely feels good.
If you need a good lot of scripts anons, I suggest Xtoolkit:


It might be difficult to install if you don't fully understand action scripts, but it's worth it to figure it out.
I forgot to mention that one of the more useful features is the ability to convert actions from the palette or from atn files into formats like jsx.

Which one is the best program to make or edit a gif.

depending on what you are trying to do
Photoshop/AfterEffects/Premier will do
Put 2 gif together, try using Photoshop AC6 but could'not edit it well
>Photoshop AC6
guess you are talking about CS6

just load both gifs, open the timeline panel and put one after the other
you can also make it a frame by frame animation and shield the same results
gimp (super user friendly)
photoshop if your willing to dump out your entire savings (or just pirate) or you can use paint.net or gimp as free alternatives

File: pikachu_hi_pokemon.jpg (33 KB, 800x600)
33 KB
remove.bg was a amazong site, but is not working anymore.
Any other site/program to replace it?
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it dont cut pics without person on it
File: 1553996701410.gif (1.57 MB, 260x289)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB GIF
do you really need a website to do it for you?

>Open image in Ps
>Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C
>Create clipping mask and Alt+Click it
>Ctrl+V, Ctrl+I
>Adjust levels to separate silhouette from bg
>Press Enter
I'll try it. Thanks. But while im using only Gimp because im poor and lazy, I'll have to accept that
I liked you now like me
gimp has the same exact tools required for that procedure

LayersWindow > RightClick Layer > Add Mask (Grayscale Version) [after the mask is created, make sure "Edit Mask" is checked. that option is again found by right clicking the layer]
Colors > Levels
Adjust the levels of the mask

You have now leveled-up your gimp skills

File: org-chem-modern.png (206 KB, 791x988)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
Modern textbook design is disgusting trash
3 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: accounting-modern.png (343 KB, 746x968)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
>"make sure to hit those Learning Objectives anon!"
File: usa-history-modern.png (160 KB, 766x975)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
File: newtons-2nd-law-modern.png (515 KB, 1232x1614)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
>these engaging little blurbs are definitely not a ploy for us to justify printing so much paper! no no no!"
um… are these supposed to be bad? I've seen worse, desu. I wish my textbooks were like this and not the dull 1960s shit.
i guess its just my taste then. nobody cares. i guess ill go kill myself now

File: sad pepe.png (660 KB, 1106x1012)
660 KB
660 KB PNG
need to rant a bit.
so I'm on Mac and use Safari. and I have custom CSS for some sites like 4chan. I used it to change fonts from defaults to prettier ones installed on my machine, like Neue Haas Grotesk.
After Mojave update, for some reason all of my custom fonts defaulted to Arial/Times New Roman. I thought maybe it was temporary and waited.
Turns out that starting from Mojave, Safari is blocking ANY user-installed fonts from pages because of some vulnerability they found. The only way workaround is to use web fonts. And it's only Safari, Chrome/Firefox are said to work fine.
thanks a lot, Apple.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
from my experience it was the fastest and most convenient browser on Mac. Firefox was stuttery, Chrome was bloated and a resource hog
Chrome is by far the best browser available. Saying its a resource hog is simply absurd
I bet you are also the kind of guys that think
>real designers use mac
your whole bandwagon should be set on fire and nothing of value would be lost
why tf u using an apple product?
are you butthurt by something

File: JUST.png (34 KB, 961x399)
34 KB
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File: staples 2.png (16 KB, 480x399)
16 KB
>nescaf e
make it full swastika and it'll be /gd/ approved
File: nescafé 2.jpg (44 KB, 900x658)
44 KB
Gotta include the autism

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