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My new boss at my job wants me to do graphic design when I'm only a studio arts major.. Recently despite that they've been having me do hands on projects. This week they want me to create a jeopardy game on Trevor Noah's recent book "Born a Crime." So far I made this but I still need to see how to make slides flip in google powerpoint please help
>how to make slides flip in google powerpoint
Why the fuck would I show you for free? If it's even possible? Learn to tell your boss "No'.
fuck off back to >>>/wsr/

File: 664564562.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x1080)
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1.3 MB JPG

File: 643x0w.jpg (28 KB, 643x402)
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How exactly does waifu2x work when not resizing? It smooths out an image better than any program I've tried to use to achieve the same effect with noise reduction.

Soul vs. soulless
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why did they chop his hands off?
Just because something is small doesn't mean you can't have any detail whatsoever.
This newest logo, as well as the oversimplified geometric-sans bargain bin bullshit that's been peddled ad nauseum will age like fine milk.
first, tiny detail already was lost on Firefox logo, unless you were looking at it on a high DPI screen. see for yourself, picrelated compares two icons of about the average onscreen resolution of a Windows icon. to say nothing about tray icons.
second, a logo should first and foremost commit to memory. it should be instantly recognizable and be distinctive. this is textbook truth of logo making.
any fine detail serves little to no purpose on a logo. it complicates the image, it makes the logo harder to adapt to different sizes, and if any of that minute detail would change, would anyone notice? then why it is here, anyway?
you can argue about detail all you want, but try and find me any good and/or famous logos that actually do have very small, fine detail. let's see how many you can find. so tell me again how it's going to age "like milk".
also, here's a great article: https://www.boredpanda.com/famous-brand-logos-drawn-from-memory
basically, they asked a bunch of people to draw some logos from memory, like Apple, Adidas, Ikea, etc. and what an irony, almost no one could get the Starbucks logo right. only 6% got near perfect drawing. 55% forgot to draw the tails, 45% forgot the tiara. and that's for one of the most famous brands in the world.
so, you're telling me they need to keep detail smaller than that?
Coffee fags can't tell their own logo from a pleb on the street

File: 4chan.png (2.02 MB, 1798x9159)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
I'm working on the UI for a career development tool for startups/companies. I'd appreciate your feedback.
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I just wanna throw out there that it looks great
I think there is not enough padding on those requirements cards. I would remove some of the margin, and increase the padding.
File: fug.png (168 KB, 1503x677)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Are you trying to fuck with me? Are you?
I think the drop-down is a little ducky. The radius makes an odd gap between the input and the selector. Also, what would it look like if the drop-down didn't have do much shadow on it? Maybe more like the cards? It just seems like the second are really high above the current option.
Aside from that, holy smokes that's some hot design bruh
a bit more padding and it'll look very good

why do instagram/facebook namefag pajeets frequently end up on THIS board?
Don't you know anon?
Exposure is really important on this field.
I've sent you a couple of projects I need done so check your inbox and get ready for some next level exposure :^)

File: LA logo new.jpg (833 KB, 1500x1500)
833 KB
833 KB JPG
>new logo
>shitty trace of dodgers logo with a circle around it
b8 or try again

File: QAlJg4N.jpg (39 KB, 663x579)
39 KB
Unemployed a solid year!
Thought I could get hired for another graphic design job before unemployment ran out. Nope. Start uber to pay bills. Oh fuck taxes, gas, and repairs.

My will is gone, tell me anon, tell me freelance can save me, tell me I can make $400 a week, so tourist can stop asking me what it's like to drive an uber. I need your courage to wage capitalism against the the third world horde of low low prices.
desu you should be able to outcompete most people on upwork or 99designs both on speed and quality. the design submitted there is always trash with almost no exceptions.

i dont really get the hate for these sites. any competent designer would clean up on those sites easy. i used to spend like 3 hours on a "web design" (basically just a long scroll image with no interactivity) and get paid like $800 for it. Logo work i would spend at most like 2 hours and get around $200 each. I have a decent amount of clients and self initiated projects now so i dont have the time for it anymore.

If you cant outcompete the non designers on 99designs youre not at the level you need to be to freelance yet. Really hone down your fundamentals and learn from the masters of design. Also read books about architecture. Surprisingly really helpful.
>web design
Just the design file or with completed HTML & CSS?
where the fuck are you finding those clients anon

File: g1.jpg (2.1 MB, 3225x2156)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB JPG
So I got bored and started to completely redo the ssbm cover for the gamecube and my energy is depleting fast so do any of you have any ideas or contributions? thanks! - bobert


>so I got bored and "started" a thing except I haven't yet done anything and I'm all out of ideas
this is a joke but anyway, do you have any concept to begin with? what is your goal, if any? just "make it again"? if you want to train by re-doing exactly the same thing, then I have a question: could you choose something beside lame 2000s photoshop for this purpose?
I have no idea what you want to do. fan project or not, no matter how shitty, at least have a clear goal in mind.
if you ask me for _any_ideas, I'd ditch bevel and other outdated Photoshop effects, and remove blur on main pic (because it looks like tilt shift).
the one i linked looks bad?
i had to put a file so i put the original
my purpose is to make a better looking version of the original so I can print it and put it in the case of ssbm (I recently bought it from a thrift store with a bad case and cover)
Your energy is depleting fast? You haven’t actually done anything yet. If I had a cool idea for a different melee cover I’d just do it myself, since you haven’t added any ideas of your own to this anyway.

File: lines-transparent-9.png (82 KB, 640x640)
82 KB
im a gd undergrad, so far it seems I'm good at this, high praise from professors, a few pretty successful freelance gigs under my belt. but i realized i hate it, even if its for something I like i just feel like a wagie, and contemporary styles fill me with melancholy. i want to be an academic, i want to go to grad school and eventually become a pedagog. I have an elaborate theory I am working on regarding design and the optical unconscious. what should i do lads?
>what should i do lads?
post on the right board >>>/adv/

File: cuntcommies.jpg (102 KB, 1242x683)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
if you want to work with the big boys.

Unless of course you're a basedboy fighting climate chaos.
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Your resume immediately gets thrown out, having no social media to normies means either you're a freak or that you have something to hide

*söyböy fighting climate chaos
Can confirm. An HR thot gave me ‘that look’ when I admitted that I don’t use any of them.
Isn't LinkedIn enough? Ugh
makes sense

GD is filled with communists

wrongthink and hate speech will be punished

About to have an exam in Graphic Design, wish me luck
good luck

Anybody else experimenting with glitch art? (berserk)
it looks great imo. How did you do it ?>>368290
Illegible ugly mess.

File: download (3).png (110 KB, 550x344)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
Has modern Graphic design become lazy?
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File: shelllogo.jpg (54 KB, 600x400)
54 KB
>Has modern Graphic design become lazy?
No, they're doing the right thing with their logo in your example. When a product becomes recognizable you simplify the logo, because people will still know what it is.
>No, they're doing the right thing with their logo in your example. When a product becomes recognizable you simplify the logo, because people will still know what it is.
Wouldn't in the windows case in OP they'd want to keep the colors? As it stands the 2012s logo looks too distinct compared to the established logo.
>As it stands the 2012s logo looks too distinct compared to the established logo.
Crap, you're right... but I guess Microsoft was too confident for any concern for that due to how large their brand is, and it fit in with the overhaul of the entire operating system.
this is true sometimes, but there is a point though at which simplification becomes reduction. you just take away familiar cues, reduce for the sake of reduction, and then you are left with something so generic and abstract, like circle or square, that it doesn't even feel like a logo anymore—it feels faceless. which IMO is exactly the case with the newest Windows logo.
but—it fits their dumb flat aesthetics well, I'll give them that, and it wouldn't be Pentagram if they didn't give us something painfully dull that cost a lot of money.
Minimalism is about stripping something of it's ornament/decoration so it no longer carries a trend of a certain era/time which is why minimalist designs look both primitive and futuristic. It would make sense for tech companies to go minimal because that way their logo will always look "current".
The only real time you wouldn't want a minimal logo is if you purposely wanted your product to appear from a specific era.

File: font.jpg (48 KB, 328x454)
48 KB
I've seen, or at least I feel like i've seen this font many times before, but I have no idea what it is. Found on an old custom t-shirt catalog printed for some reason on a 12" vinyl sleeve
If it was pre-digital, it was most likely a dry transfer font, used to make the screens for printing. Letraset was the most well known, and they had a similar font "Manuscript Capitals".

Thank you for the info. Came from a now dead subcompany (Model-T's Tshirts) which was owned by an also dead company (Tee Vee International Records). The ad was from 1976, which I'm confused by because the company was formed in 1978. Definitely would have bought a slave shirt if it was still around.

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