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File: yMLAGVx.gif (76 KB, 632x315)
76 KB
Is there a tutorial to convert existing images to 16-bit stylized similar to the Sega Genesis? Most youtube video tutorials only go with 8-bit, which, honestly looks like absolute garbage and is just lazy.

I've been converting images to anime watching mclelun's videos and getting some great results, but would also like to try 16-bit such as pic related.
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File: 3N0WPfx.gif (172 KB, 800x336)
172 KB
172 KB GIF
ask /ic/ pixel art

it's not much but thank you
yeah thanks
>anon wants genesis-style images
>none of his images could be produced by the genesis

i get that you're using it as an example, just lol

you need to select a console and do some serious reading of its programming manual, because each has a very distinct look based on the quirks of its graphics hardware (snes and genesis both shared 15/16-color palettes per 8x8 element per layer, but snes had freeform blending between layers with a maximum of 256 entries in use from a 32768-color gamut, while genesis had the raw speed to update palettes while a scanline was being drawn with only a small amount of garbage generated and allowed 61 entries from a 512-color gamut which could also be modified with prebaked shadow and highlight effects, neo-geo where op's examples were from had up to 3840 entries from a 65536-color gamut but allowed fewer blending tricks and had extra cpu load for tiles outside the first 256 entries)

File: logo-1200-630.jpg (75 KB, 1200x630)
75 KB
Hey guys,

I want to diversify my skillset and learn some graphic design and web design. I'm already a business student at university so i'd like it to be a hobby thing so i can apply it to future business ideas/know what i'm doing when hiring future graphic artists. I was thinking about learning through skillshare, anyone recommend another way to learn that isn't too expensive?
get into cgpeers.to and search for lynda graphic design. there's also a couple of decent youtube design 101 series.
SkillShare sucks. It's basically like any YouTube video quality but you have to pay for it. Lynda is the best one.

File: 1538335565888.png (200 KB, 584x284)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
Is it better for graphic designers to meet their clients to have a better understanding on what they want?
definitely. I'm pretty sure every big designer/studio will have lots of meetings with the clients, not only that but you'll have to do lots of research on the company history/products, their target audience vs where are they making the most money, what their competition is doing etc. if you put that on a budget brief and if you can you design well and talk/network you can end up charging thousands for a week or less of work easily. I've even read some designers ask the clients crazy stuff like "if your company was a car what model will it be?", you can get lots of interesting feedback if you try out asking creative questions.
Not of your in India working off fiver

Left or right?
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left for a wooly jumper right for anything else
babbys forst style transfer
right no doubt
both look like shit but the right one looks better but using premade browser things is a pretty unappealing look

File: IMG_20180824_075523.jpg (87 KB, 700x791)
87 KB
Hey im doing a lot of design/video editing work and im stationed in Texas im curious if there is any media companies that are stationed in texas that i should keep a lookout for. I'd like something like vice or vox where their content is less geared towards one specific medium/audience

Im having trouble finding stuff that isnt the fucking chive in Austin
File: anhero.jpg (35 KB, 557x378)
35 KB
why does 4channel think geolocation data gathering threads are a good idea?
>thanks hiro

File: BATEMAN_VECTOR_.png (306 KB, 892x659)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Have you guys done any poly vector stuff?
I'll start; pic related btw, critiques welcomed.
File: dmesh.jpg (88 KB, 959x823)
88 KB
>Have you guys done any poly vector stuff?
Have you? Because I'm not buying you made all tthose little hair triangles on Ai
Too many vertices and colors
I did brother.

Is Affinity Photo a good replacement to Photoshop?

I'm downloading it right now. Anyone have experience using this?
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The only category Affinity beats Adobe in is pricing. If you were to compare the programs without mentioning cost Adobe would win by a landslide
Doesn't allow you to save/load selections and the available adjustments aren't great (no desaturation filter etc). And I wish they'd just copy Photoshop's UI more closely rather than using their own clusterfuck.

It runs fast as hell for me on a Ryzen 1500x and GTX1050 off an SSD.

I'm looking forward to them improving, though.
File: what.png (21 KB, 553x188)
21 KB
you can save selections
you cant just ctrl+j to duplicate a selection from a non-pixel layer or load selection from channel with a simple ctrl+click, and that drives me nuts
The logo looks like something a Newgrounds flash author would be proud of.
who dis cutie

What do you guys think about this magazine collage i made. It's for my clothing brand
Nice type, except for the 'Space Age' bit, you're trying way too hard to make the P A connection work and it just doesn't, give it some space. also its way too crowded, keep it simple.
dang i didnt even notice that, i was just trying to have to look like "age" was in front of space but ur right, thank you!
I don't know what this aestetic is called but you definately nailed it
great job, I really agree with the space age comment
i didnt even know my thread was still up but thank you!

im trying to decide what to put this on, any ideas?

File: 2018-11-19.png (28 KB, 1920x1080)
28 KB
How do I make this logo less boring
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Coke ripoff
Good advise.

Quite honestly, tracing this would make for a better logo.

He also spelt 'sauce' wrong.

Graphic designers, eh?
That logo is beautiful.
I'm looking at that picture on my phone, zoomed in a bit. I think he just has shitty handwriting and/or used capital letters inconsistently.

File: Montreal_logo.svg.png (59 KB, 2000x445)
59 KB
Hey /gd/

rate Montreal's logo
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Because some designer out there tricked the mayor into thinking that they need a logo, when in fact every city has its own coat of arms, which always looks better and is more fit for the purpose.
Exactly. What's next, logos for countries?
literally a flag
File: canada-logo.jpg (129 KB, 3669x1284)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
About that...

File: 5zeyQks.jpg (33 KB, 600x485)
33 KB
Anyone have any word for word guide/tutorial that is in text? I am a huge gay dumbass and I need help

File: stick.png (52 KB, 760x483)
52 KB
im making art for a fightstick, what should it be?
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there is no answer that doesn't involve a joystick springing from where the dick would be
doing the same here, just download some saples you desire at [support . focusattack . com]
File: 23e5f.jpg (368 KB, 3150x1912)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
I thought it interesting the designs around the buttons
File: impressive-very-nice.gif (7.22 MB, 477x255)
7.22 MB
7.22 MB GIF
The linework on Mega Man should be smoothed out a bit but other than that, this is clean af.

File: credit card.png (140 KB, 1440x1024)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Designing as a daily ui challenge. What does /gd think about this payment form.
22 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
looks nice but form follows function. looks like it would require a bloated implementation of JS to get those shadows and that bar at the top working. the grey text 'order summary' to the side indicates to the user that they cant highlight that text which they might want to do.
perhaps a better design would be to have the card form on the right and on the left a live updating receipt that includes in the same box things like shipping address, name ph number and order summary that is clearly and easily able to be copy pasted. before buying things people want to check that they are getting the right things, so they might want to copy paste those lists all at once, send off an email and verify before making the purchase.

I'm not a /gd/ guy, I'm a software guy btw. software guys always notice horrible web design.
>looks nice but form follows function. looks like it would require a bloated implementation of JS to get those shadows and that bar at the top working.
Obviously not a software guy... That can be done in pure css.
File: file.png (402 KB, 1294x1841)
402 KB
402 KB PNG
doing this for a thing. thoughts? it's a scheduling form for iphone repair.
Not him but:

-Not sure if I like the way you smoothed the two edges on the blue box. It just looks too much like a random choice you made in an attempt to make it look dynamic somehow

-Drop shadow on Submit button is way too big. Think about why would it cast a shadow so big like that? Probably don't need it at all though.

-Not sure what to think about the slider section but I don't think it works. At the very least the dotted line needs to be more uniform. Each segment should be the same size.

-Make all of the input fields align
I was team OP until anon came in and demolished it.

Ngl easy fix though,
Center order summary on top of payment details and add an order (sub) total box under shipping address.

File: photoshopthing.jpg (1.69 MB, 2000x2000)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
how can i improve this
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
There's so many things that make this image disgusting that I don't know where to start. Obviously a bait but still...

Fuck me is there anything worse than the slowly disappearing square capcha.
is this the zommer version of bleeding cowboys? may I call it glitchy cowboys?
it looks like christian chavez from rbd
oh god I hate that shit so much
File: Dimma delete this.jpg (16 KB, 480x357)
16 KB

File: my logo.jpg (217 KB, 2480x3508)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Hello guys, I am an freelancer without any work can you please check out my portfolio
And tell me what I need to focus more on and how to get clients. Currently I really need some money.
File: StudioJQ-2017.jpg (1.33 MB, 1400x2560)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
Not bad I liked them, but they are a bit amateur and abstract to get any attention, I would suggest you split your commercial work from your personal artwork since most times your personal style could take years before you can cash on it.

Since you seem to have experience with mockups/printing I would suggest you'll focus on branding/stationary or just make a cool design that can be used anywhwere and make mockups for stuff like a phone background, business card, posters, letterhead etc, and maybe even on a website, that would show your potential clients that your works are adaptable to any medium. also for logos I'll suggest you'll make a few ver minimalistic ones, just a modern font/startup name and an original small abstract icon on the left, that's what clients usually want.

Wedding and editorial stuff pays well but is a nightmare to work on, I would stay away from them.

Also listen to this audio he gives great tips for freelancing (a sample is on youtube the full thing cost $60 I think)

And some here's some really useful videos

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thank you very much for the quality tips. I really appreciate that. I needed such an advice and to be honest I didnt expected such amazing tip. I really want to shake your hand and thank you very much. :)

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