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File: 0tI0fdQ.jpg (40 KB, 375x375)
40 KB
a thread died for this

File: png-incorrect-filter01.png (2.44 MB, 1280x854)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB PNG
Any idea ?
I don't have photoshop
Go to PhotoMosh.com
get photoshop

File: 1558607527081.png (533 KB, 544x544)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
do you guys have any photoshop, indesign, illustrator pdfs where it's not 'for dummies' and shit like that but more like a compilation of useful, straight to the point advanced stuff and instructions? i want to print out some good references and all i get is this 'comprehensive' waste of time shit
look for "Adobe x Classroom in a Book" just change x to the program's name. if you don't want to pay I think they're all at https://thepiratebay.org/
will check them out, torrents are dead but they're on libgen as well thanks
Look for anything with the name Deke McClelland on it.

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OP's mom
File: black.png (23 KB, 1000x1000)
23 KB
probably just a black bmp file
fuck me that uploaded as a png
Actually I think it’s a jpg2000

Absolute /beg/ still in training
What's a good place to share (and possibly sell in few years) my /gd/ stuff like UI elements or icons etc?
Also what are the places to hangout besides /gd/? I'm /ic/+/3/ interested in /gd/ as I found courses on design cool, tho I'm more into stuff like designing infographics than logos or fonts as these are 2abstract2me.

File: scan (8) - Copy.jpg (113 KB, 1096x1136)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Hello !

May i request a hi res redraw of those PC stickers ?

I want to put them on 2 old dos PCs resurrected from the attic :)
google it

I meant the whole sticker to be drawn , not just the logo.

This is official from the Ministry of Education in Brazil.
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great news, no competition in brazil
up your game and make that money
I understand what they're trying to do, they just didn't do a very good job at it.
The image canvas is too large for this style. The unused space on the sides ruins it.
copy paste job kek

File: 9d0.jpg (102 KB, 960x945)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
So I thought it'd be funny if someone made the "me and the boys" meme with tha genetic CalArts style. I can't draw shit but maybe some of you guys can.
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You guys are so butthurt. No wonder people won't pay you, lol. If you don't want to do it, just don't and save the bitching. If you drew at the same rate that you bitch that meme would've been done, mashed up and laughed at days ago...
It’s a shit meme for worthless faggots. Cope or kys.
you idiot, this board is not for requests and not for drawing. go to >>>/wsr/ you dumbass.

I really need someone to critique my B&W graphic design shit. Let me know what you think and I’ll spam my work.
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so all in all, I think you got a good eye and sense for visuals. but if you want to improve you need to learn other aspects of design. if you have time and dedication, read some textbooks on design and art. if you don't, just start paying more attention to what you convey with the image, rather than just the surface look.
Are there any textbooks or books in general in particular that you’ve found helpful? Thank you for the help. I’m always looking to improve.
Megg's History of Graphic Design
Gardner's Art Through the Ages
these 2 are long books, but by far they've been the most helpful to me. you can jump straight to "interesting" parts like modern design/art and read the rest later.
also if you're interested in meaning/message of art, check Visible Signs: An Introduction to Semiotics.
logo design love
these are all great, i bet when you turn 13 people will take you more serious, keep up the great work only 3 years till college

if you're not a child OOPS

Any tips on replicating the distorted background effect in Illustrator?
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there's lots of ways to go about it, though that one was probably made with a photocopy machine, just look for tutorials and experiment.
Maybe draw the lines and add chalk effect to them? Turn up the and down the options in the preview until it looks how you want it
Nope...bad advice...

Could do it with envelope distort mesh, but that's an assload of work.
Try this..Illustrator

Draw lines...select all when done.
On top nav bar, click effect, then click distort and transform, then click roughen, check the preview box, set corners and absolute or relative, and drag your sliders until satisfied.

File: %20.jpg (38 KB, 744x325)
38 KB
Since tumblr already got hold of the 1997-2002 design, can we just skip it and go straight into the mid-2000s?
Aldo general mid-2000s thread
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File: KDE 3.jpg (202 KB, 1218x884)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
pic is a fork of KDE3. wanted this inside of my computer around 2004, but didnt have enough internets at home. those glossy directory icons look like pure cum.
i don't see how these were supposed to be appealing, the PC guy is nerdy but looks like he knows what he's doing, the apple guy just looks like a slob
idk i guess i forgot what being cool looked like in the 2000s
tasvideos.org also looks pretty 2000s, although not as flamboyantly.
I wish the look of right girl would come back
File: WII-SS-LIM.jpg (57 KB, 800x800)
57 KB
Nothing says mid-00s like lime green.

wtf were they thinking?
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they look "cool" but they communicate absolutely nothing. form over function all the way, and barely related to product in any way.
also, they look like they are made of Halls.
Looks good but if you dont know shit about the suite you won't be able to guess which do what.
Christ this is awful.
Even with 'minimalism' it still looks bad!
They're fine. I've had them on my computer for a while now and they don't actually bother me at all.

File: bruh.jpg (69 KB, 1024x937)
69 KB
Hey Anons, I'm a Teen Anon wanting to learn graphic design, what are are some good learning resources and tips I should learn. Also, some good software?
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>that's baneable

Eighteen and nineteen are considered to be teen.
you need to buy a copy of The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst and read it
I agree with this anon and am generally surprised to see someone suggesting bringhurst.

I’d also suggest Grid Systems by Josef Muller-brockmann

Any of Kimberly Elam’s books

Interaction of Color - Josef Albers
Is Graphic Desgin your passion?
Bringhurst is good, if fucking dense, not an easy read if you just want better layouts - an easier read (relatively) with more real world usage, and a better, more up to date introduction is "The Complete Manual Of Typography" by James Felici. Bringhurst is an excellent book, but not as an introduction to typography.
Also, a really useful reference is the Chicago Manual Of Style. A lot of won't matter to you, but as you move up in the design world, you'll run into editors and art directors who will use a lot of the rules in there, and the more you know, the happier they'll be. Typography is what fonts to use, and how - this is how to organize the actual information, and the more obscure stuff like proofing marks editors make, that you might need to know - or how to format things like footnotes, proper puncutation marks, etc. You don't have to memorize it, just skim it and see if anything looks interesting. The higher up you work, the more likely it is you'll need this - especially if you want to work in book or magazine design.

File: ..png (1.2 MB, 841x819)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Post your OC and rate others

I've been using Photoshop cc 2015 for a while and I was thinking of upgrading, my question is if there is any significant changes between 2015 and 2019 that's worth the trouble
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He meant that upgrading ps is not worth it but ai is dumdum UwU
Photoshop has had a lot of updates since 2015, mostly good ones. So I would strongly recommend updating!

(working as a fulltime graphic designer)
I have both CC2015 and CC2019, because I only have a 2015 Asus craptop, 2019 lags horribly when I am streaming(was because I officially decided to give up on drawing) on picarto for drawfaggotry, but it's less noticeable with CC2015. At least for me. Otherwise, I didn't check to bother to find the difference between the two of them. 2019 has a stability option though which 2015 doesn't have.
Personally, I found 2015 to be a bit more reliable than newer versions, I had a lot less technical issues back then. That, however, is just me with my equipment, your experience is likely going to be different on a different rig.
File: 1561092766466.jpg (44 KB, 466x473)
44 KB
why not just simply download it? -1337-
is that simple

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