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File: 1542981096507.jpg (22 KB, 450x337)
22 KB
Is there anywhere I can get some nice uniform dev textures with numbers on it? I've tried searching the web and nothing comes up. GIMP is too much of a pain to use when centering and writing text.
Thanks if anyone decides to help!

File: WWW3.jpg (60 KB, 413x550)
60 KB
what /gd/ thinks about Osamu Sato?
First time seeing it, not my style desu, I preffer chae byung rok
Is that the LSD Dream Emulator guy?
he has some pretty cool music

File: pepehammer.jpg (87 KB, 957x621)
87 KB
how would i remove the white background from this image in a way that retains the blurry transparent border? just simply using the magic wand in photoshop looks like garbage
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File: c0naorlfvc.png (508 KB, 957x621)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
File: IMG_20181209_122934.png (221 KB, 957x621)
221 KB
221 KB PNG

The only problem would be that his eye would also become transparent.
File: okpd.png (595 KB, 957x621)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
There is a new tool in PS CC 19 that's called background eraser tool, learn your shit boys.
resorts to syntax to feel good about himself. better luck next time faggot

File: download.jpg (16 KB, 284x177)
16 KB
Challenge: Design a new "post-racial" flag to represent the Southern United States that can be used to represent all races equality and does not share the historical baggage of the confederate flag. Whether or not it uses design elements of from the original confederate flag is up to you.
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What confuses this anon is wasnt the confederacy traitors to the union. So how do so many ameritards think they are patriotic while still fucking with the traitors flag. Also is it impossible to remove the racism from the flags connotation. Its like redoing the nazi flag and saying "hey it's cool now"
I want you cuckolds to leave.
>reconciliation between blacks and whites
A total meme.
The only correct answer. Really what all "post-racial" kumbaya nonsense boils down to.
It looks like a funnel.
dont think that will screencapped unfortunately, gotta be funny
>mentally challenged

Post sexy business cards.
51 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's really not, not at all. Doesn't convey anything at all, it's way too cramped, so much that the designer decided to overlap the signature and the name (I know it might be intentional but still looks total ass). It kinda looks like as if both the front and the back were shitted on only one side, which convey exactly the opposite of what they were going for. The blank space between
>THE TRUMP ORG and the rest
actually does even worse, as it blatantly spit on the
>go big or go home
>big dick energy
message they tried to go for.
This card lacks direction, clarity and actual design, it looks like Trump itself designed, then scrapped it but forgot to cancel the order of 50000 print he made so he's now stuck with this pseudo-2dimensional turd and is so cheapskate to actually use them.
It took a while to sift through the vendors but I've managed to find a very good printer on Alibaba. Got 200 x 450gsm + deboss cards printed for about US$40. Great service too, not so much of a salesman but more of a technical advisor. Which is what you want in a printer.
Here's the link: https://cnssp.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.9014153.0.0.57763e5fqUvUF0
>wipe ass with tp
>fold over
>wipe dick with tp
>fold over
>wipe ass again with tp
>fold over
>scrub face with tp
>fold over
>brush teeth with tp
>crumble remaining tp
>swallow tp
lol how so? was considering taking a year there

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
I need to print off my own front cover/back cover with spine to fit into a CD jewel case. For some reason I can't find a template for this or the right dimensions anywhere online. It's as if it's hidden knowledge or something. Please can anyone point me in the right direction here?
>Please can anyone point me in the right direction here?
how retarded are you?
google: jewel case template
As if I haven't already done that. The point is nothing comes up.
File: wat.jpg (214 KB, 1920x810)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
i have no words dude

File: logo.png (10 KB, 284x284)
10 KB
Being a graphic designer is kind of lame when people can just make logos like this with a template instead of paying some wannabe photobashing adobe illustracer user to make something equally as crappy.
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do they?
but it is.

Keep believing what the place that wanted your money told you.
someone has to make those templates...
Once the templates are made...

Then there is less work for designers.

File: Unknown.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
thoughts on david rudnick and the ubiquitous david rudnick thing

my professor and this guy were in the same class. he described David Rudnick's style as 'Fuckboy Modernism'
yea precisely....but i somehow cant not appreciate.....

Oh definitely. He has a lot of skill and precision behind his work. I think he used to study history before turning to GD, so he pulls all these interesting historical references into his work which is pretty dope. Maybe it is all a but "style over substance" sometimes but he can also probably get away with it because he is David Rudnick.

File: darktheme.jpg (66 KB, 1080x1080)
66 KB
Why are dark themes so hard to get right? And what tips have you learned in designing some of your own?

File: canadiangarbage.jpg (44 KB, 534x712)
44 KB
hi /gd/

has anyone here taken the Graphic Design course at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario?

If so what are your thoughts on it? Is it worth it? Did you learn everything you wanted to? Did you get a job after?

How bout any other GD programs at other Ontario colleges? Any input is appreciated

also if I go at 26 years old am I gonna have no friends and want to kill myself even moreso than usual?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
cool, thanks anon.

I did IMD at algonquin so i've got a small portfolio of web design, photography and motion graphics. i'll think about the brand thing, thanks again dude
bro george brown is trash. Seneca@York's GD program is much better. I've seen what people from george brown make and its absolute garbage.
Not gonna lie tho, seneca is pretty trash too.
I graduated from the York/Sheridan graphic design program and really enjoyed it. Good profs and facilities, well rounded course options. Started with fundamentals, then in the last couple of years you can focus on what you're most interested in. Unfortunately they're discontinuing the program, but I think York is offering a BDes program now.

A few designers I've worked with graduated from George Brown and they seemed to enjoy their time there. Varying levels of skill though.

Also quite a few of my classmates in uni were in their mid to late 20s so don't worry about it.
>I've seen what people from george brown make and its absolute garbage.
examples? i also like the gbc location which is a bit of a factor

hey /gd/

I don't even know what I am doing, I just do.

Am I going the right way?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
need more..umm.. more *psssas
File: g7MFMPg.jpg (77 KB, 605x581)
77 KB
not bad, the purpose of it may be unclear, but as a graphic composition, not bad
it looks good
what is it
>transgender pedowood "star" worship on 4chinz

Yeah, I suppose you are doing it right.

File: woke.jpg (697 KB, 728x4014)
697 KB
697 KB JPG
What do you think? Would something like this work?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Sounds good but for the love of God, get rid of that impact font
>fortnite font
>recognizing the Fortnite font
really nigga?
Strokes on typo are a big no-no.
Drop Shadow too.

It makes whatever you want amateurish and low cost.
File: image.jpg (29 KB, 630x630)
29 KB
It's hardly a stretch

File: white-rabbit-bar-bbq.jpg (7 KB, 550x291)
7 KB
Dear patroits,
I hear people worried about a split in the group but that happened day one between those who believe and those who do not I was one of those people I watched and waited to see if everything Trump and q anon was just a double cross and on standby if my country needed to be defended from a unseen force but now I believe I see the light and the darkness the storm is here you are needed patroits come home to the family of truthers you were willing to fight next to bleed with and kick the shit out of the nwo it's time for a peaceful revolution we fucking did it we are not alone the good guys need are help though we need to have their back so stop hording ammo and let's make this one for the books let's change the world again
Militias come home
Watchers come home
Truthers come home
Patroits come home
True leaders come home
Ps. I'm a younger military age man in unorganized militia I have been awake for years still didn't even know how bad it was so don't let it get to you trust the plan
Adapt. Overcome. Improvise.
fuck off with your larping bs somewhere else you damn burger, this is an international board focused on gd
this country needs to be destroyed

I made the logo and website and video
follow @TrapMonkie @SeriouslyPlaned

this makes me wanna KMS

I need help. I'm looking for a good graphic tablet, and I can't decide between Theslate, the purpose is that you clip a paper on the sensor and it lets you use both artist pens and ink pens, I'm not sure about markers but I would like to know, and it works on pcs, macs, iphones and androids and you can switch it to graphic tablet mode, OR Wacom Pro Paper, you can get a size L and that sounds good to me, artist pen doesn't work but you get an ink pen and also get the paperwork into it's digital version only with the ink pen, and you can also continue working on it in the graphic tablet mode, does anyone know a bit more about the Pro Paper and could you suggest something better or similar
Kinda think it's a waste to go for one of those desu, better go full digital, check some huion for a better price/quality ratio

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