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Post the best/most aesthetically pleasing flags. Old thread reached the image limit.

My contribution would be the Austrian flag, very striking and has an amazing legend.
>According to legend, the flag was invented by Duke Leopold V of Austria as a consequence of his fighting during the Siege of Acre. After a fierce battle, his white surcoat was completely drenched in blood. When he removed his belt, the cloth beneath remained unstained, revealing the combination of red-white-red. So taken was he by this singular sight that he adopted the colors and scheme as his banner
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File: 2000px-Flag_of_NATO.svg.png (24 KB, 2000x1500)
24 KB
what do all these flags do right? this: >>357607
flags have to be simple yet easily distinguishable
very nice
buddy, I live here

I just got one of those turboultrawide monitors really cheap and I love it. I was able to find most of my textbooks online this semester by simpling googling the name of the book and putting pdf after it. So now I am able to read the book and have a second window open for notes with the huge monitor, but I don't like using the mouse to take try and write with. I can always use pen and paper, but I was wondering if I should get one of these things.

How easy is it to be precise with these things? If I'm writing equations with subscripts is it going to be hard to get the little subscript to look well written? Can they be used with software like OneNote? Is the input kind of laggy?

File: file.png (4.01 MB, 1920x1080)
4.01 MB
4.01 MB PNG
How do I land freelancing gigs online. I wasted three years of my life studying graphic design only to realise I don't like it that much and I am now starting uni again for something else. How do I monetize my useless skills as Side hustle? My main focuses are CI, Editorial and motion design. I have no real portfolio just some half-assed uni project that I could disguise as real work.
Areb sites like upwork and freelancer viable or has pajeet ruined that too? Thanks I guess
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not the anon you responded to
but I'm in the same boat
however, I thoroughly suck at writing cover letters, never know how to start it, what they want to hear, nor anything meaningful i would like to relay.

I'm very passionate about the craft itself, just really bad with people. I suck at selling myself. I think I've grown bitter actually, I think people can sense that.

Don't know what to do.
File: mpKZg.png (200 KB, 500x276)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
I work freelance in a small shitty town of like 7000.

I get work once a month if im lucky and most of that is just posters for shitty pubs and their crappy bands.

Best you can do is just throw yourself into every job you come across.

Other than that I have nothing.

Rooting for you though. We're all in the same shitty boat.
not OP but I feel your pain
pop 20k here
how much do you charge those pubs for their crappy bands?
Usually around 50. They're not willing to pay any more because "I could do it myself in word"
Small town life is for shysty anti socuals who hate diversity..and want a family..should you have out grown the place and dont want to be the village idiot for wearing pink i suggest you travel to broaden your horizon then move if need be to where there is more work...most advertising work is done on computer not the old way but it makes sense not to settle for mediccrity and scarcity..
Be yourself with your own swag..if you are a nerd who likes anime or a metal head that plays game of thrones..just express yourself by your interests ..bosses are not hipsters btw most of them look to the staff to provide whats trending..being from a rustic background is a privelehe but it all boils down to you have no hunger to be succesful or better than anyone else..your competitors are no challenge to you are all happy and dont believe you need to look in the mirror and be the best ...even to spite the one country poster girl that everyones had

File: mb_slack_01.jpg (127 KB, 3000x1870)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
What do we think about the new Slack logo and rebrand?

Seems to have ignored everything that made it unique and replaced it with generic, dated, messenger app branding. Forgettable and lazy.

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Everything's getting rounded. I don't like it. I don't like that "a" too.
it's nice that $CURRENT_YEAR is all about baby-powder brand rounded humanist font driven pastel colored shit now

that additional abysmal abuse of 'e' and blue totally isn't something from elementatryOS logotype older variant or something because i have seen this shit before
the left part of the 'a' bothers me, unlike the 's', the stroke width changes for no reason.
File: 1547735751368.png (341 KB, 3000x1870)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
It was my first thought, but I didn't say it, because I have to be careful around my coworkers

File: 9781780671642.jpg (31 KB, 325x400)
31 KB
Anyone wanna help a poor designer out? I need page 62 of this book. (Editorial Design: Digital & Print by Cath Caldwell) Or if you know more of the three types of cover design, abstract, figurative and typographical?

Thanks a lot!

File: 1280px-Ikea_logo.svg.png (29 KB, 1280x648)
29 KB
Two rules:
1. Color to remain unchanged
2. No other characters permitted
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listen here boyo i just exported this from Ai to Ps the pixels are here just because i disabled aliasing
File: 6m.jpg (84 KB, 1089x768)
84 KB
It matches my recent redesign of 3m <3 I love it
looks like Lidl
We can make a team now

File: aether.png (132 KB, 1500x1000)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
post your work or cool stuff you found that doesn't belong to the sharethread.

pic related: font I'm working on
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pretty cool. reminders me of A Clockwork Orange
and update on these >>358884

Glyphs or fontforge (free) or robofont or fontlab are all good to make your letters into a useable font.
These pieces of software will make it a bit easier to draw smoother curves as well. How are you currently going about drawing the letters? Your lines could be smoother.

bubbly, nice, did you make them?

liking this a lot but the 'i' feels strange, could you try a different tittel?
looking good!

>liking this a lot but the 'i' feels strange, could you try a different tittel?
I'll have to try making it shorter or placing it higher.
believe it or not, I'm doing everything on adobe illustrator
thx, I'll check those out
hey, I liked your criticism on G
can I get your opinion on some of my small caps?
I suppose I have no choice but make a's tail a bit less eccentric?
the straight horizontal lines for the 'i' and 'f' stick out, especially given that you don't use horizontal straight lines for the top part of the 'l' or the second stroke of the 't'.

How can I get the logo on the left to look like the one on the right? I'm using gimp and tried using the color exchange tool to replace the colors to either black or white but none of the colors are the same shade so it's only selecting certain areas.
bump up the image size with waifu-2k (there are public instances, no need to install) couple of time. then pirate illustrator and autotrace that result, do selection of anything not yellow, make that white, make yellow black, remove background, export png or whatever.

File: CF---iTunes-Web-copy_1200.jpg (652 KB, 1200x1200)
652 KB
652 KB JPG
help me create metal textures similar to this one
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It's literally vaporwave art which people have been doing for years ironically, this guy hardly innovated, he just does it very well.
good artists copy, great artists steal

Its not about copying frame works, I just get inspired and I want to learn new skills so I can apply it to my designs.
Kill yourself, you dumb fucking retard.
lmao top kek this is quality /gd/ stuff right here
Picasso didn’t say that you fucking inbred it was wrongfully attributed to him. Steve Jobs said it in an interview and misquoted him, I don’t disagree with the statement but too many art students with degrees get this one wrong.

File: west.png (11 KB, 370x162)
11 KB
Hellp /gd/ I am a blind graphic designer and wanted to share a piece of my wprk with you, what do you think? Ceiticism will be greatly appreviated.
it's great!
It's good, but maybe make the hat monochrome.
>wanted to share a pie
itz grate dude1!
Don't hurt his feelings anon, this is the day he ropes himself

File: c4a.jpg (9 KB, 238x192)
9 KB
I had a brain fart and i completely forgot how to photoshop.

I need my text box to stay on a certain size, and i want to, when i place text inside that box, that the text itself resizes down.

How the hell was this made

File: orbitron-intermission.jpg (105 KB, 1000x562)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
How most efficiently would I go about selling digital products like twitch overlays and youtube thumbnail templates on the internet? I appreciate it if those of you who have experience in the field could drop me some tips like which website should i start on etc

File: Nasdro%20Octobre%20A5.jpg (47 KB, 420x595)
47 KB
can this effect be achieved in photoshop? if so, how?

the shape of the text, that is
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
This is the best i could do OP
just use some style that do that on photoshop
File: op.png (264 KB, 1333x2000)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
Well, I tried
just some shaping, gradient and masking
If you can’t figure this elementary shit out I have bad news for you. Warped text, this is without rasterising. You can get 100% if you rasterise it.

how would u do pic related package
any ideas

Is Apple the industry standard for graphic design? Or is PC more commonplace?
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How in the fuck is Apple the standard when they don't even do touchscreen tech yet? Wacom blows asshole and so does the ipad. Why cant you lemmings figure out the Surface is the way to go?
No, not at all.

There was, a long loooooong time ago, a brief period where Macintosh computers had better font and colour management, and were therefore the better choice for artistic (especially print) work.

However this period was so brief and so long ago that the vast majority of people on here were likely not born then, let alone worked in it.

Now Macs are just high-priced luxury items for people who don't understand computers and use material objects as personality props. People sticking religiously to Macs are the equivalent of someone only driving a Ford because they were the first cars, and everything else hasn't caught up yet.

The vast, VAST majority of design jobs will have you on a PC, because they're cheaper to buy, cheaper to fix, and cheaper upgrade, and cheaper/easier to integrate into other departments and networks. In my office, when some junior starts and starts whining that he only works on Mac, or that he wants to bring his Macbook in to work from, the whole place rolls their eyes so hard the fucking kettle boils from the ambient gravitational pull.
idk why everyone likes apple, maybe society is just simple
For freelance work, where i'm not periodically visited by the local software licensing enforcment jews, i'll probably put together a cheap hackintosh to run Sketch on. 2000-3000 EUR crap non-upgradable 'genuine' Apple device to run a single 100 EUR piece of software on.. I dunno.
>industry standard

plus its just cooler to design on mac. feels more right. but is by no means necessary

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