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/gd/ - Graphic Design

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File: IMG_1633-1.png (328 KB, 680x340)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
War...war never change's
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It has been so long!!! TF you talking about?
Why is this on the fucking graphic design board, you retard?
Must be babby's first photoshop, wants 4chan asspats, prolly. This forum is dead, it isn't about GD.
does anyone even use tumblr anymore?
nah everybody pretty much dipped after they couldn't post porn anymore

the compositional finesse of some 'old school' painters... godlike?
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it's what they got paid to do back then, not in demand anymore
whats 'compositional' here?
The composition on this isn't particularly interesting at all. Let alone godlike
Please be bait
its not a great composition.
composition refers to the organization of parts, the relationship of parts to each other, and the relations of parts to the whole.

its a 'realistically rendered' painting, but it isn't an amazing composition by any means.

enjoy being an art cuk.

File: pepefroggie-730x410.jpg (31 KB, 730x410)
31 KB
if I make a logo, how do i legally make it mine?
if you make, it is yours.
you don't have to do anything.
trade/copyrights are essentially formalities for ease regarding conflicts.

File: 123.png (368 KB, 577x704)
368 KB
368 KB PNG

It’s fine could be better could be worse except i have no idea what the fuck it is which is a problem
I've seen worse on /ic/. You should make the beard a solid shape with the simple graphic art style you've got here -- as opposed to making it look "fuzzy".

I need advice. long story short...

>took a basic GD class (Photoshop, and Illustrator), and it was cool
>was going to major in GD
>ended up graduating with a totally different major I don't use for my current job
>ended up in the IT field doing basic shit (pay is okay)
>love computers, but I don't feel like it is my passion. so while the whole world is moving and studying/learning every day of new technologies, I honestly don't give a shit so I don't progress in this field
>too much of a Doomer to care about IT, and don't even play video games anymore
>really enjoyed making projects in Photoshop and even Premier (doing videography on my own)

if I were to decide to give this field a go, which resources should I use?
Where should I start to get a feel?
Is it really hard?
Do I have to get a 4 year college degree?
Do you have to use your hands a lot for typing?

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from some of the threads here, it appears like u need 2 no how 2 draw... guess this isn't the field for me.


>if I were to decide to give this field a go, which resources should I use?

Watch videos on Lynda.com, and youtube: the futur

>Where should I start to get a feel?

Adobe Illustrator

>Is it really hard?

Fuck no

>Do I have to get a 4 year college degree?

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Inb4 the fags come in here and cry about not making enough: you just suck and don’t care about making art

File: 2020.png (5 KB, 246x240)
5 KB
is it worth upgrading from cc 2018 to cc 2020? i've been using 2018 for a while now but i'm not sure if i wanna upgrade.
I'm still using CS6.
I thought the CC version upgrades by default with your Adobe subscription? you mean it becomes free after the new version comes out?

the only negative thing about CS6 is it stopped supporting RAW files from newer cameras...
go read changelog you fuckin moron

File: 1573904503173.jpg (76 KB, 1352x759)
76 KB
Since everyone on /sp/ is bitching about the new belgian football logo: what does /gd/ think?

Feel free to redesign
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honestly like it
That's not Bauhaus, retard
I mean, compare that to the previous kit...
When it's embroidered onto the shirt it looks great. Also like the new shirt design, it's something different, though not too different as to seem out of place. 8/10

File: 1565454442946.jpg (276 KB, 900x1232)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
With blue eyes and orange/blonde hair?
You mean commit fraud? Send her to a school in Poland to get typhus.
Tchouk tchouk music

File: Cloud Puff.png (157 KB, 608x600)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
How do I pirate Photoshop?
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File: unknown.png (53 KB, 1422x408)
53 KB
Only download this ISO

2019 Version of the creative apps. DW it'll work the same as 2020 or whatever the fuck the new one is. As long as you don't use 15 or below.

Paste this into a browser window and it'll automatically open whatever torrent client you use.


VPN so your ISP doesn't rape you.

Torrent client of my choice.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Unironically https://www.reddit.com/r/Piracy/wiki/megathread

File: DSC_1095-3~3.jpg (1.88 MB, 3614x2713)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
Your thoughts?
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also, the music is shit, and youre copying a fucking photo

youll prolly b fine tho
A compass?
Enough of your fucking advertising, use a single thread or fuck off already.
never gonna make it

File: logos[1].png (23 KB, 1640x526)
23 KB
Coming from /g/, I'm interested in exploring what UI design would look like if HTML and CSS was thrown away and we started over from scratch.
But I don't speak your language. I could do it anyway, but I figured if I was going to do it then I might as well do it right.

What are some resources to learn how professional UI designers communicate with each other?
Use a proper english translator next time
>Coming from /g/, I'm interested in exploring what UI design would look like if HTML and CSS was thrown away and we started over from scratch.
Nobody else is interested in exploring this stupid idea.
>What are some resources to learn how professional UI designers communicate with each other?
Getting a job as a UI designer.
The Flash era /thread/
st eve job s

File: 2552_ColoursInCulture-1.png (213 KB, 2552x1773)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
Hi /gd/, /ic/er here.
I'm an illustrator whose looking for someone to help me fix/reconfigure/redesign my website.
Currently I use GoDaddy's WordPress subscription which you use plugins to make your website. I thought since I know how to use Photoshop very well this wouldn't be too hard but its preeetty hard...
How much do novice graphic designers charge for putting together a website using WordPress, if I already have some of the barebones down and what I need? Its a very simple website, just about 5 pages with 5 different galleries mostly, along with one About page.

I tried looking to see if there was a questions thread but there wasn't which is why I'm posting here.
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Like 100 bucks?
For that budget, you might find Squarespace as a better option.

I would recommend either Squarespace, https://www.squarespace.com, which is good, but kind of pricey or Cargo Collective, https://cargo.site, which is cheaper or was cheaper, but slightly more work, last I checked and not as good with mobile layouts, last I checked. That may have changed with their latest version of the site / service.

Also wanted to mention Carbonmade for portfolio sites. https://carbonmade.com

I noticed here >>377627, you said your budget was $100.

Cargo Collective is $99 per year or $13 per month. https://cargo.site/Rates

Carbonmade has similar pricing per month. https://carbonmade.com/pricing

Squarespace pricing. - https://www.squarespace.com/pricing
The first link is a Tumblr premium theme with its own domain.
The second one is a Squarespace site.

How do you make the blue faded shape on illustrator? please help
Radial gradient, blue to white or blue to transparent.

soft brush nigga
look at how the left side of the circles gradient extends more outward than the right side. pay attention to that detail when you're recreating this. a soft brush as mentioned would work.

File: 1567374042582.png (729 KB, 1680x912)
729 KB
729 KB PNG
How can I fix this design?
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your images are still too big and they do not align. here's the layout I use, notice how all images' tops align. same with text. they are spaced evenly too.
I'd also advice to make the name of the board ("meta") in big bold letters, maybe even caps.
>What font size should I use?
9-12pt. 4chan uses 10pt, that's a good start.
File: 1551375464647.png (358 KB, 1680x911)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
Does this look better? I will definitely continue with a grid in mind now
I'd size the text a little bit, but it looks better! c:
yeah, definitely an improvement. it looks like 4chan now which is good. add a bit of a margin between text and pics. optionally, add slight box-shadow under pics like on 4chan, it helps with contrast.
and make the name of the board bigger and bolder
File: 1543987443936.png (366 KB, 1680x914)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
I added the drop shadow and margin, and wow, it looks a lot better now! I didn't even notice how close the text was to the image until you pointed it out! I tried making the board name larger and I tried making it bolder, but they both seem to look very bad. I also don't want to go over 32px for the font size.

The difference just by adding the drop shadow was amazing! Thank you for the suggestions!

I changed the font size to 13.5, hopefully this looks better!

File: 1516939164698.jpg (50 KB, 508x720)
50 KB
Where do I pirate Indesign templates?
Need a lookbook specifically.
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File: 1557771657241.jpg (43 KB, 746x541)
43 KB
I am noob.
Then learn how to use InDesign, and stop being a noob. If you don't know enough InDesign to make a look book, you shouldn't be trying to rip people off working as one.

Lynda.com has great beginner tutorials on InDesign.
File: 1556737532728.jpg (4 KB, 238x250)
4 KB
also use /wsr/ for requests
File: 1573845655401.jpg (245 KB, 1038x1155)
245 KB
245 KB JPG

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