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File: brazil-flag1-678x381.jpg (19 KB, 678x381)
19 KB
how would you redesign the brazilian flag?
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>kristus behind prisonbars
File: NBZ.png (56 KB, 1130x678)
56 KB
thats a gud one m8
honestly, this is my first time on this board and it surprises me the low level shit i see. i guess i was expecting a serious board.... but yours is nice. thank you anon caco

File: headns.png (762 KB, 1819x1819)
762 KB
762 KB PNG
Made this as a shirt print. I dont know what type of design/art this is called. What did you guys think? would you wear it? should i change something?
The "Literally..." part is kind of cringe desu. Get rid of it.
> What did you guys think?
execution 8/10
idea 5/10
aesthetics 1/10
>would you wear it?
fuck no.
>should i change something?
"literally" is about the lamest punchline I have seen, the whole idea is a 7th grader joke.
comicbook head in the center looks ugly irrelevant. if you were going for tumblr/brutalism aesthetic, you missed it. something from a manga might fit more here.
you have like 5 different styles mixed in here, and they all feel unrelated or clashing. you've got comic book drawing, realistic drawing, photography, computer UI/text, inverted image/wireframe. either settle on less at once, or work more on a unifying concept (i.e. if you were going for something tumblresque then go with 90s, anime and cyberpunk).
also I don't know about others, but I don't want fucking brains on my t-shirt.
as for execution, it's done relatively well, so at least you've got that going for you
scrap everything
leave the brain and the mind.exe and center it

File: ipayforthings.png (30 KB, 644x800)
30 KB
>copy and paste a black and white image
>photoshop immediately thinks i want to work on complete grayscale

how do i avoid this?
change it back to the color mode you want to work in

File: 20190620_154019.jpg (4.65 MB, 3264x1836)
4.65 MB
4.65 MB JPG
>xerox of a scribbled out page

Any way to recover this in photoshop?

Ignore that its a photo of a screen.

File: wat.png (91 KB, 500x415)
91 KB
Can someone tell me how the fuck this video was made?

>babyboy's first motion graphics
torrent a copy of after effects and go through the basic training section section of tuts at videocopilot, UI might look outdated on those but it's still spot on

File: 1536081507081.jpg (16 KB, 399x400)
16 KB
do you take your own pictures or do you find them on the internet ?
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Unsplash is the best of the free, Creative Commons stock photo sites. Pixabay has good variety too but a lot of it is cheesy.
I'd say Wikimedia Commons, but copyright might be an issue.
also freepik (and graphicburger ain't bad for mockups)
Great sources for design images...a client should expect to pay for some stock photography if they are not providing product or lifestyle photos.

#1 www.depositphotos.com cheap AF if you get on the flex plan, good selection

#2 elements.envato.com so-so selection and more expensive but it comes with lots and lots of extras, this site is more of a overflow for the envato network so it includes templates, images, music, etc etc

#3 billionphotos.com also cheap af, and a pretty good selection if you want images that look like stock images... all white people smiling at cereal kind of shit.

File: helvetica now.jpg (44 KB, 1600x533)
44 KB
Monotype just released a new modern version of Helvetica called Helvetica Now.


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On Helvetica Text (not Display), the terminals on letters e and c are slanted and look ugly as fuck. Text should not be called Helvetica.
whoa you're right they're slanted. wtf
anyway, since it is a text size, maybe it could be an optical adjustment, and after all on screen at 9-12pt you likely wouldn't notice the difference.
File: helv comp display.png (294 KB, 3690x1920)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
here's one more for Helvetica now display. here, glyphs look pretty much the same as Neue, except they are a bit lighter and the kerning feels a bit tighter.
>on screen at 9-12pt
I wouldn't notice because now I'm focusing on the opening which a blurry grey pixel.
I definitely prefer Display over Text.
A godsend. Was just on the look-out. Came here. found it.

File: 1549474432785.png (442 KB, 1372x1180)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
cannot find official adobe illustrator cs6 download anymore, anybody got link?
ya i know it on tpb but i prefer to download from adobe itself
Sorry, anon, I'm pretty sure they took all the links off, or made them invisible to us mortals recently in order to push CC. Had the same problem about a month ago and after couple hours of searching ended up sailing the seven seas instead.

File: fsh.png (178 KB, 750x750)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
Guys I'm looking for software that can imitate what is being done in this video:

It's basically making animations for game assets but the dev working in the above video is using macromedia flash MX running on Windows 7. I am looking for something that can behave similar to that but in Linux? What are my options? Is Synfig good enough to do that essentially? What program offers that level of control and simplicity when it comes to brushes and animation?

File: 1536065147473.png (720 KB, 500x704)
720 KB
720 KB PNG
What are some ways to make passive income as a graphic designer / Illustrator?
There's lots, though none of them are "passive" since you'll have to spend a few hours per day to make any money, the best way is just to built your own website and make bundles or partner up with someone that has a physical and/or digital store and sell stuff there. some options:

Creativemarket - selling fonts or design graphics
Amazon Merch - selling shirts
Themeforest - selling web templates
Redbubble & Teepublic (same owner) - selling stickers and shirts designs
Society6 & Bigcartel - selling designs but you'll need an audience or followers
Designbyhumans - selling shirts if you're a bit more artistic
Etsy+Printful/Shopify - selling hand crafted physical or digital designs
Gumroad & Sellfy selling assets or digital files
Logoground & Brandcrowd - selling logos
Shutterstock & Depositphotos - selling generic vectors
Stockillustrations - selling artistic illustrations

this isn't really passive, but will set you up working for yourself for the forseeable future. It's slightly luck based though and takes a shitload of work until it slowly starts to pay off.
build up a social media following through posting trendy works on reddit / instagram etc, you have to be there in the middle of the trend though to catch the most exposure. e.g. the recent explosion of '/r/imsorryjon' has died down now, but for about a week, every half-decent artist that posted a scary garfield piece made the top of /r/all, and gained a huge instagram following.

Once you've got the followers, you'll begin to accrue passive followers and interest without really having to grind out work, eventually you can turn around and sell these followers different things for next to no effort, such as instagram/youtube thumbnails, logos, just general art, anything really, they'll buy it just because it's coming from you.

Slow and steady for a long time, but the payoff is consistent work, and I get to sit at home all day smoking weed and designing bullshit for a job
Back to /biz, coinfag.
draw furry porn.
there is no way.

File: Profile Pic Cartoon .png (870 KB, 1200x1200)
870 KB
870 KB PNG
Do you like my new logo for my gaming?
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Slightly less bad.


The worst.

You need stronger colors, and more natural looking-letters. People need to be able to automatically recognize that it's a J and a P, without focusing on the letters.
My gamer tag is JigglyPug so people should automatically correlate the 2.
File: PFP 500x.png (228 KB, 500x500)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Do you like my old one better?
Actually, you know what I take back that statement, they BOTH look like some shit you'd see on Roblox
Hahaha thanks, that's a sick roast

File: touko.jpg (661 KB, 650x870)
661 KB
661 KB JPG
is this a good glitch effect?
first time doing it
needs more jpeg

also try putting more effort into distorting the subject rather than just fucking with the color channels and cropping out their face with text
There is no glitch effect here as you dont distort shit, you are on the right path tho.

File: frosty venture.jpg (59 KB, 500x375)
59 KB
more examples
https://nickholmesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/venture (not my music but still awesome)

these are kinda different i would appreciate the type of art these are as well

i cant really give anything in return for you helping me out so think of all these images as a thank you i guess. thank you eheh
looks like concept art to me, or at least the base they use for this stuff
just 3D landscapes done in early 3DS Max I guess. tangentially related to vaporwave and 90s nostalgia/computer aesthetic.

File: hollyweed22.jpg (1.48 MB, 2018x1346)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
pretty proud of this
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...so what did you do
I'm assuming camera overlay and shitty generic glitch effects
you made a glitch effect on someone else's photo, why are you proud?

this is something anyone who's spent 15 minutes with photoshop can shit out you sperg
File: 6a2.png (565 KB, 600x610)
565 KB
565 KB PNG

File: latest.png (247 KB, 612x655)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
Hi guys if anyone could be so kind to photoshop a cock in Cao Cao's sword hand? I'll love you forever
fuck off retard

i agree

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