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What do /gd/ think about my shit. You can be brutal. My friend. I always like my works in the first hour of creation. But when the delusion is gone, all I see is trash.
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This is an example of good vaporwave art. In comparison yours is much worse in just about every way I can think of.
I love it when it hurts the eyes. Because that is the point.
its totally uneducated, but fuck it. try to remove some of the ignorant "i am copying shit entirely" and make it fucking worse and you'll prolly be a hit because of how much I hate it.
I thought vaporwave died in 2017.

I hope it did.
I was really going for the hate it till you love it style. But I can't help myself to make it look good. Should have realign the text to make the readability even less.

Here's a challenge for you /gd/, make flags of any country, any state, any meme ideology, etc using the patterns included in GIMP. You can do some additional doctoring if need be, but use them as your base.
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File: gommie_flag.png (72 KB, 637x344)
72 KB
File: ancap.png (69 KB, 637x344)
69 KB
File: stirner.png (107 KB, 637x344)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
File: 1442452486267.png (125 KB, 256x256)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
File: ice chucker.gif (84 KB, 600x338)
84 KB

What is cut omission?
why are you a graphic design board about a section cut of a mechanical part
File: aula17.pdf (172 KB, PDF)
172 KB
172 KB PDF
Read this, my brazilian brother.

I am trying to figure out how to cut up a gif multiple different boxes like this picture. Anyone have any ideas?
Try gimp
try cutting it up into multiple different boxes

File: 6246012_0.jpg (81 KB, 630x630)
81 KB
Can someone make a Photoshop image on the famous Albert Einstein with tongue out but with the eyes of ahegao, like with better quality the photo is an example

File: Untitled.png (53 KB, 1273x659)
53 KB
I'm new to illustrator. I'm using CC 2017.

For some reason, whenever I try to import (into Photoshop) an AI, EPS, or PDF file that I made in Illustrator, the colors end up looking de-saturated, and I can't figure out why. The only thing that looks the same are SVG files, and with those, they end up clipping out small parts of the image sometimes (also only in photoshop, if I open the svg in a browser, it looks fine.)

I tried googling it, a bunch of threads told me to fiddle with the color settings and proof setup, but neither made any difference.

You can see in the picture, I have 4 files overlapped, the ai, eps, and pdf are all desaturated, and the svg is the actual black one. This happens with other colors too.

Thanks in advanced for any help, this has been driving me up the wall.
I’ve never seen this before. Have you tried setting up a new canvas in Photoshop and pasting the artwork directly from Illustrator?
make sure you aren't working with cmyk on illustrator
That was it, the profile was CMYK. Thank you!!!

Jesus, there's like 5 different menus for color settings.

>receive logo
>looks like its made with blend tool
>hundreds of slices gradienting out of existance
>super chugs computer
>vendor cant open file.

Any way to reduce the strain of a hyper-blended art?

Pic unrelated
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Hahah. Im the middleman. I dont pay for shit.

But sending back to the client almost never gets you better results

The fact that its vector is already more than i could have prayed for.
Stop trying to do work on your gay laptop.
fire the client or fire the designer

what's the problem?
in that case, export as large PNG with transparency. five times bigger than you need. It's chunky but way easier on cpu at least.
Almost like im jusy coming up with problems at this point,
its gotta be pantone.

Otherwise. Thatd be great.

My company is the middleman. I make 15 bucks an hour. I cant fire anybody.

File: mGSMzUj.jpg (363 KB, 1080x1350)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Is it supposed to look like something generic from the 60s?
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>Is it supposed to look like something generic from the 60s?
It doesn't scream 60s at all, but it looks nice I like the way the font is arranged.
60s stuff is a lot more faded and very rarely has real people, especially not front and center.
Its supposed to be BOOOOOOLD

I don't understand the hate, I actually like it. The color, the edit, the font. It somehow just works for me.
It's not bad as it is, but it's not in the 007 vibe at all.

Looks like a cover of a new collection for suits, being bright and shit.
And def not something generic from the 60s, did you even check what the 60s looks like ?
It looks like the headline for a magazine segment about a Craig interview

File: Kartevelian.png (46 KB, 750x373)
46 KB
Is Kartevelian the most /gd/ writing system out there? I mean look how beautiful this looks, I honestly don't think anything can compete with the balance, flow, letting and weight.
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Thank you for highlighting Georgian script. Here is some lettering I did a while back for a client that fell through, I hope Georgian typography gets more attention as we become more internet-centric.
ღმერთი შენთან.
you can almost tell when/how many times a region was conquered by how flat or curly their alphabet boys are
I live this one a lot. Why does the Caucuses have such nice writing systems?
We should go back to old english. It makes a lot more sense and is actually more consistent in pronunciation and easier to learn.
I like the work. Best of wishes from the states :D

File: Bear.png (151 KB, 1416x712)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Hello. I am a graphic designer. I design stuff in 3d. Tell me what to design. If you have discord i will send it to you there. My stuff is free. I will put an image of a bear i made in paint 3d
Ur bear is bad lamo
I'm going to cry ;(((((
File: Starfishmangba.png (912 KB, 960x512)
912 KB
912 KB PNG
Do StarFishMan!
You poos have shitted up YouTube with this crap, why not here, too?

Post your ig's here with a feed screenshot
Also recommend other accounts

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File: 20191009_233219.jpg (531 KB, 720x1365)
531 KB
531 KB JPG
File: _DSC0233-1_clean.jpg (4.15 MB, 3011x3011)
4.15 MB
4.15 MB JPG
graphic design, photography, painting
>this is the type of retards that critique work on /gd/

It's just the one retard and he appears in every thread.
That looks really good dude

@mewntadent Traditional and digital art, as of now daily posts

Communism works after all
Adobe Zii downloads skyrocket
Wait no people there are too poor for MacOS

Adobe Illustrator Help
be more sprecific
well, dumb cunt?
File: 1566121159-bruno1.png (99 KB, 400x300)
99 KB

File: album cover.png (1.35 MB, 1000x1000)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
Post your album covers and let's discuss what we like and don't like! I feel like this would be a good way of learning to better your craft. I'll start. This is something I made for my Soundcloud, it has only two tracks in it, one's a remix. It's all electronic ambience right now.
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File: true-fear.jpg (47 KB, 630x630)
47 KB
Legit looks like a shoegaze or slowcore album I'd have bought in the 90s. Nice
Thanks :^}}
Pretty cool. I love the scratches.

File: my dog richard.jpg (142 KB, 1025x772)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Is there an image viewer that can quickly preview EXR images?
Im dissapointed I can't seem to get honeyview to do it

I wish I could at least preview in the explorer

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