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File: memphis.jpg (600 KB, 3600x3600)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
What are good sources for finding high quality images without watermarks?
Recently i've been working on ads for a 90s themed bar but i have some trouble finding good backgrounds without annoying watermaks. It's my first gig as a gd, i appreciate any help folks
try freepik
Why not just make your own? Get a feeling for the 90's aesthetic, draw up your own design and get it into photoshop. Shouldn't be too hard.

Post some contemporary artworks, also if there's a collection please share the mega link or some other.
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wrong board faggot
i kind of like it actually
going to goodwill should be life-changing experience then
File: oppenheim.jpg (122 KB, 1024x680)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Wrong board you disgusting homo
It is pretty fresh. It is obviously art

File: quark.png (11 KB, 220x218)
11 KB

File: icon (1).png (241 KB, 750x650)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Why do you still come to /gd/?

personally, I come here to laugh at 'how 2 do this' threads written by teenagers with PS CS2.
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What if they have Gimp?
Because Graphis Desgin is my passion.
I used to take time to fulfill simple requests and critique work other people had uploaded.
Now I just open the same threads every day and hope that maybe something interesting happens.
this board is pretty much useless now

File: felix_chromatic.gif (1.62 MB, 540x540)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB GIF
Where should I go if I want to buy some good, clean web templates? Tried some free ones and they all felt sluggish, slow and unresponsive.
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File: How DO GeeDee.png (74 KB, 922x587)
74 KB
I've been copying geometric logos, by manually using pathfinder/ shape-builder tool, for inspiration and practice.

How would I replicate this logo using the shapebuilder tool / Pathfinder?
How to do this type of illustration? Is it made by hand or some kind of filter(s)?
How do I cut text out of a vector image in illustrator so that where the text was is "transparent", but the picture still exists? The pathfinder tool method that I've seen everywhere online isn't working.
File: opera_Ii2soNx1B8.png (1.43 MB, 1129x1130)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
Whats the process of creating that color overlay/filter?

How my Pikachu looking
sonic cameo

File: download.png (6 KB, 369x136)
6 KB
Won a ticket from an IG giveaway on The Futur's page. Got to meet Chris Do and everything. Really nice guy, much more deliberate of a person off camera. But you know, everyone in this industry talks like a pussy in public and tries to out nice each other like a bunch of fucking canadians or something. Idk, weird trend in the world right now.

I was bummed that Blind is closing and Chris will only be working on The Futur. Selfishly tho. Because I was going to hound him for a job. But /education/ like the Futur's platform is not for me professionally.

What else, Debbie Millman was cool af.

Also, the head of Pepsico seemed coked out of his mind during his speech.

Where any other Anons there?
blind isnt closing moron. blind is more profitable than its been in a while and the futur isnt close to being anywhere near worth the amount of effort goes into it
This, don't know why op is baiting

File: font.png (584 KB, 688x503)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
guys can you please help me identify this font?

I've been looking and looking but I just can't seem to find anything similar
it's from schmoyoho's songify episode dedicated to the room btw, it's a font they often use and that I'd really like to try out for a little project
crop it and try whatfontis or whatthefont. also for requests use >>>/wsr/

wow that worked, didn't know such a thing even existed, thank you kindly
why is it that summerfags never ever read the sticky?

File: 1558992800687.jpg (426 KB, 1280x1280)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
is this album cover good or bad?
>do you really have to ask?
and it shows that you can't properly apply textures as well
Its bad.
But the backwards E is kinda cool and could work if it were spaced better.
Tilt the D back a little bit and maybe try to decrease the amount of overlap.
Look like computer art from 1991
Get the fuck out of this field and never come back.

File: 2018-09-06_01.31.16.jpg (725 KB, 1078x1078)
725 KB
725 KB JPG
This thread is a contest where we post the worst logos we've ever seen.
Try to beat this, faggots.
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Is this a nudist restaurant?
>Earl fucked the meat I'm eating.
Maybe, he is chocking the chicken in that logo.
That one is brilliant actually.
File: IMG_6249.jpg (3.72 MB, 3264x2448)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB JPG
Food truck logo

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That said, I’d say there’s plenty of mascots still thriving- it’s just on a local-level for things like plumbing service contractors or grocery stores.
Japan has a weird attachment to mascots. I remember reading somewhere (sorry, it was years ago so I can’t cite my source) that it has a lot to do with the lingering national psyche scarring from WWII, and the feeling of “well fuck- people got melted into shadows on the pavement- I’d rather enjoy this sentient egg with a depressed opinion than be reminded of the terrifying excesses of destruction.”

(Of course, this could be BS, but it’s certainly a compelling theory)
They did do better- McDonaldland has a dense mythology to it, compelling characters, and really strange puppetry. Blame targeted marketing ratcheted to 11, and the general awareness of better nutrition.

But as much as I hate this box character, it’s doing it’s job to keep us thinking about McDonalds and their delicious, mouth-watering hamburgers, even indirectly, and the fact you and I are clearly not the target demographic for this. I’d be curious to see how the 3 to 9 age range thinks of this abomination.
Didn't they have to shut down tony the tigers and another mascots twitter account because furshitters could not stop themselves from spamming it with porn?
Some great advertising there.
They're still around, but less cartoon characters, as opposed to things like Flo for Progressive, or that dumb lizard for Geico.
Mostly, they're shot down because they're expensive to get an agency to design and deploy. Agencies drool at the potential billing over something like that - many hours of trademark search, copyright research, test marketing, etc.
In my experience, half of executives love the idea, the other half think they're corny, ineffective, and a waste of money. I've seen mascots get suggested, and shot down instantly.
Depends on the market, too - toys, anything kid related, you NEED a mascot. Adult products, not so much, but they do pop up.
Mostly it's $$$.

File: 1548812390617.gif (349 KB, 300x169)
349 KB
349 KB GIF
Just made this, post anything in the comments, seeing if the site will hold up

Seriously anything
i aint touchin your dirty fuckin link with a nine foot pole

File: Brainlets.jpg (724 KB, 3600x1700)
724 KB
724 KB JPG
Yo, one of u drawing fags knows how to draw memes/make ur own versions? Like brainlets and stuff. What program u use?
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This thread is likely the most ironic thing I will see all year.
File: HAHAHAHAHA.jpg (96 KB, 800x800)
96 KB
SAI if is just a doodle.
For something more elaborate, Manga studio.
3ds Max and Zbrush if the chips are down.
ms paint is the correct answer
the more artifacts, shitty edges, aliasing, etc. the better
File: serveimage.png (38 KB, 535x471)
38 KB
been looking for an mspaint alternative, shitty anti-aliasing and all bc I don't use Windows.

mtpaint is available on both windows and linux and in terms of today's hardware has the impact of a spec of dust.

File: IMG_20190609_111052.jpg (2.3 MB, 4160x3120)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
Sorry for the shitty phone pic. Does anyone know the specific print technique used in this sticker? It's a thick plastic, not like a security hologram. I'm trying to produce a sticker using this technique. If you've seen this used anywhere I'm also interested.
Could you post a video example? Not sure how thick you mean the plastic is, but is it the normal amount of "depth" for a hologram?
File: mgs2.jpg (35 KB, 1280x720)
35 KB
I found the original stickers here:
They are thick like cardstock, I would say it's the average depth.

I've learned that this process is known as "photopolymer" holograms, which are much more convincing than average holograms. It seems to be more niche than what most chinese producers are making, so now its just a matter of finding someone who does this process. Pic related is the image I'm working from .
>more convincing than average holograms
I should specify that it's because it has a full parallax effect

Hi guys I'm getting crazy making this jpeg better quality and try to figure out what's written on. Tried different online options and also last GIMP version, please make it readable
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Just convert it to a png, it's lossless and you won't see the artifacts anymore...
Are you really this atupid
Are you? Stop bumping the thread btw
Sounds like a job for Google... If you have a lot of similar thumbnails where you KNOW what it says then you could use machine learning to read what the white dots mean.
Deep feature interpolation

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