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is this a good icon for an educational app?
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File: gdedu.png (151 KB, 1800x1800)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
So I think you have the right idea, I just went ahead and cleaned a few things up, Some of the colors seem too harsh against others, and I think there are a few sharp edges that could use some cleaning up as well. Overall it's a good logo, I just think there are a few things that could use some cleaning.
Oh, I also made the background of the app thing green because usually green is associated with calmness which I think this logo tries to show
Sorry about the size, I made it 6x6in and I forgot to make it smaller
honestly i prefer the bright colors on my version but thanks for the feedback
This is cool. I’m not sure what to think of the lines. I’m unable to test it at its natural size because the thumbnail is shit quality, and the full image is large.l
I do agree about the lighter colors, I was just throwing this together to show you what I meant, like the areas in the white pages, and the book shape in itself.
I think your colors are much nicer than mine lol

File: art copy.png (982 KB, 948x806)
982 KB
982 KB PNG
question about art theft here:

some loser on a facebook page is taking officially licensed art, tracing it, and selling it on his website
image related, right is original, left is his copy

he claims that his copy is vector art, is this true? and even then, isn't this still plagiarism...
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report him
Yeah he's a faggot for stealing content, but I'm still gonna masturbate to both.
The real question here is why someone would tracer such shitty art.
You can report him for it on fb
Hes a fag go report him to wherever he makes his money from.

File: album.jpg (1.15 MB, 1600x1600)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Give it to me straight, does this look like crap?
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File: album.jpg (1.02 MB, 1600x1600)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
Very nice, thank you for going through the trouble of making that. I spent maybe two minutes making the original pic, and I now realize I didn't even remember to change the fonts. Adding some texture is a good idea.

While still not very good, at least this second version is a step in the right direction.
Looking better, I like that more!
Hit up dafont and filter for royalty free options, have some very professional looking free fonts. default fonts can look amateur-ish imo, but whatever you prefer
people have gotten away with it in the past lol
File: 2.jpg (738 KB, 2200x1000)
738 KB
738 KB JPG
ive never seen a cover like this unless its on sacred bones which isnt even horizontal like that + (its shit)
File: 1564224334111.jpg (53 KB, 466x466)
53 KB
try cropping an interesting section (not like this)

File: 1564350067069.jpg (42 KB, 741x486)
42 KB
this board is filled with interns and juniors
i would never hire any of you faggots to work at an agency.
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>implying quality designers want their work associated with /gd/
Post your work.
Im a student.
ok cool
you must >>/b/> lost

I need something like this
>I need something like this
good to know
now what is your question you forgot to ask

File: brazil-flag1-678x381.jpg (19 KB, 678x381)
19 KB
how would you redesign the brazilian flag?
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With flags, a lot of the time it is preferred to use flat, simple colors over gradients and shading since flags are meant to be easily memorable, and visible at a distance. A lot of the shading and the yellow glow you added will go unnoticed most of the time. Maybe make the yellow glow into a simple yellow circle, and make the blue and green into flat colors.
File: pls come.png (50 KB, 1358x764)
50 KB
It clearly isn't and never was but it really should be.
Isso diz muito sobre nosso Brasil

Does anyone have Adobe tool icons in vector or PNG? I want to make shortcut images for a stream deck
Why don't you just cut them out and save them as individual images? those screens are tiny anyway, you don't need high resolution.
Mainly because i want to give them backgrounds and theyll be easier to manipulate as vector (or png i guess)

Its just a little surprising that theyre not something thats just been kicked around the internet for a few decades.

File: cock central station.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
ITT: Things you made for shits and giggles but also wanna share with the world

pic related was made in about 40 minutes with only the help of my retarded friend. i like to make him happy
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Looks like someone just learned how to use photo shop.
File: babd_bingo.png (516 KB, 2339x3157)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
File: IMG_0836.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448)
2 MB
I call it "Proud to be Proud"
This is probably a warning from God
File: sex.jpg (58 KB, 900x507)
58 KB
I made this when I was like 12 or 13.
I think this was one of the first things I made in Photoshop.

Please design a title
How about "El Osi Doesn't Know where /wsr/ is"?

File: 1563833332247.jpg (40 KB, 408x439)
40 KB
Couldn't find any particular thread to post this in so I'll ask here. I need to design a restaurant menu that will be displayed on a 16:9 TV. It's like 5-10 ft away from where customers would stand, so I need to make sure that the fonts and everything is readable even for aging boomers. Aside from winging things and making things bigger than needed and resizing down while testing on the TV itself to get it right, I want to know if there are guidelines for these sorts of things, so that you can use the correct size canvas and font sizes right off the bat for the medium you are designing for. Any relevant resources you guys know of? I appreciate anything that'll be useful.
Create templates/grids/simple samples.
Test them on the tv to figure out the answers to your questions. Do this before you start designing anythibg or you'll make things really difficult for yourself. Make good notes. And make sure the images are native resolution to the TV's!
I would also suggest doing the answer of the person above me.

Is there a simple way to make a dithered gradient like this in Photoshop?

By simple I mean without having to fill pixels with a pencil tool by hand like some YT "tutorial" shows.
It would also be nice to replicate the effect using HTML + CSS if there even is a possibility.
Im not so sure about the pixelated part, but there is a linear-gradient css/html canvas property
Sure there is, but the pixelated part is what is it all about.

I've been trying to find some js lib to do the work with no luck so far...
what about a svg and repeat it?
look into bit mapping and duotone filters in PS

File: images.jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
as the title suggests; I'm looking for a software, program or application that will show me images to scale. or maybe something that has a consistent zoom default no matter the image size, so I can adjust the images accordingly.

Why? It's for dnd, i use a tv as the mapboard and use it to show the maps of the levels/campaigns. I have the tv hdmi'd to my laptop, and i bring up PNGs of the maps. I end up having to do all this zooming shit to make sure the image is too scale with the tv dimensions.

any help or suggestions is appreciated
>have TV as an extension of your desktop (win+P)
>print screen
>open Ps, Ctrl+N, Ctrl+V
>crop it so that you only have the tv
>adjust images from your campaign to fit the new canvas and export them
Why don't you just make the images fit the tv?

File: 1548382310675s.jpg (3 KB, 250x140)
3 KB
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terrible. just like the last time you posted, glad to see your skill has come on loads LMAO
File: download.jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
Rogue Squadron! Where's our cover!?
Chewie's not gonna be happy.
File: latest.png (332 KB, 570x493)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
I am the cheese. I am the greatest character on the show. I am better than both the salami and the bologna combined.
I see a mountain with boobs

File: Skull-Pirate-Premade.png (320 KB, 903x688)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
Hey does anyone know the best way to remove this kind of watermark?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Pay for the image
if u want it that bad, open it in illustrator and trace it yourself. you'll get the best quality possible
Kill yourself you degenerate fuck, just pay the designer
Hey Anon. I found the best way is to select each area by color and then blur it, or fill in the space on a new layer with the desired color. It takes some time but overall you can get a better look, especially if you later resize the image to a smaller size. It's basically the method I use for less complex watermarks as well.

And if you haven't tried it already you should do a reverse image search and try to find if anyone has previously shared the image without a watermark.

Hope that helps a little dude.
Oh, and next time maybe post in /wsr/ first. Anons there are more likely to give you advice or even quickly do the work for you. People here will just tell you to kill yourself. They're full of rage because nobody pays for their work lol

File: IMG_1273.png (41 KB, 300x300)
41 KB
How do you guys come up with a name for your business?

Do you:

1) Care if the "com" extension is already taken?

2) What criteria do you have?

I've noticed folks like Pentagram and metadesign can getaway with their names because they own the most popular domain extension to their name. I don't want to make it after myself since I have an ethnic name and usually only (they) can get away with that shit (like CGH)
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
You should know some things first:
-know the profile of your costumer, or the public you want to aim for;
-know who are your competitors;
-define what the message you are trying to convey

Then you should Make a brainstorm on words you think are fit for your bussiness or the message. You can get a word from the brainstorm and Make a brainstorm from it too.
Then you should check if the name ia already taken (or similar one)
About pentagram metadesign, i don't know how It works on USA, but in my country you can't register a descriptive name (like metadesign has a descriptive meaning in your language), and you can have multiple same name on different segments. Like, we could have pentagram design, pentagram foods, pentagram wholesale, but not two pentagrams bussiness related to design
I've been trying to come up with a freelance business name since January.

Either I find one that I like but all the relevant extensions and social media are taken or I find a new name I get exited about but there's already an agency doing the same thing I do

If I had a cool name I would use that.
dude seriously

pick a name that inspires you and get going

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