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File: fuckadobe.png (93 KB, 264x378)
93 KB
ADOBE has become EVIL

Photoshop = Affinity Photo
Illustrator = Affinity Designer
After Effects = Resolve/Fusion

or nah?
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This was taken way out of context for clickbait headlines, that blogpost from Adobe literally said, you risk being sued by third parties, not them. It's just corporate speak to cover their ass.
No, it’s corporate speak to save money because adobe fucked up big time by breaking licensing agreement with Dolby. Dolby isn’t going after the end user, they are going after adobe and making adobe pay them for all of the user that still use the software.

The letter is adobe using fear tactics on their own customers to save them money.
File: 2a_0801_big1-W1H9.jpg (115 KB, 900x575)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>be using Adobe for 20 years
>never paid a single $ to them

The only thing that change is the dealer.
At first I was buying CDs from a guy on thevmarket,
Than Napster, than TPB.

Unironically, I think piracy helped them establish monopoly. If it wasnt for pirates, I'd have to resort to open source or cheaper alternatives.
File: me.jpg (5 KB, 287x176)
5 KB
i just want sketch on window or linuk
Sometimes I wonder if Adobe pays Windows to keep MS Paint obsolete.

File: Barnsley.png (67 KB, 256x256)
67 KB
Let's post crests going full patrician
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File: 11 Blackburn Rovers.png (72 KB, 256x256)
72 KB
File: 04 Liverpool.png (27 KB, 256x256)
27 KB
File: Helsinki.png (36 KB, 256x256)
36 KB
File: 13 Real Valladolid.png (29 KB, 256x256)
29 KB

File: 2138.png (89 KB, 700x488)
89 KB
It would be tragic if they picked one of the designs they've already shown
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File: Merch_TeeShirts.jpg (898 KB, 1011x1011)
898 KB
898 KB JPG
>These all suck way less than the ones OP posted. Way less crowded, no over-reliance upon text or color. Not some gaudy NASA-lookalike logo either.
Now we need to market this to the masses.
Captain America, is that you?
what font space bro
I believe I used one of the thinner fonts in the Montserrat family.
> Nasa gets sued by Nike

File: 20190421_005559.jpg (108 KB, 1320x1379)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Brief backstory:

This logo represents a future company which focuses on wearable future jacket / coat which is bullet / fire / frostbite resistant using unfamiliar material.

Each color represents it's 'class' or 'genre' with each unique technology.

Re-design the logo to make it more 'professional' if you want.

I just need more creativity coming from you guys
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yeah maybe different length sections of the cross. Almost like a star of bethlhem balance.
Don’t be such a fucking meanie slovenie.
This is shit, your company is shit, go fuck yourself.
thicker lines/higher contrast colors. Needs to be very visible. get rid of the gradients into white, they get too vague.
How did you go from a company that makes clothing to an overdesigned poorly-printable plus symbol lmao

It's just a bunch of screencaps with diferent levels in Photoshop, i want to make it more equal...
To get the best quality you should take it into illustrator and trace/recolor it
>you want to be skinny.mp4
>ctr+u and try to match every frame to a single one
File: sailor dyke.jpg (84 KB, 640x960)
84 KB
Retrace it but without the towel.

File: Fixed 4chan Logo.png (12 KB, 960x540)
12 KB
There, I fixed it.
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who's moot?
>there, now it looks even more like a swastika and less like the ponytails of Yotsuba which they were originally meant to evoke
wow you really nailed it bro
the real 4chan icon 100%

File: finaldOnet.png (3.77 MB, 1920x1080)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB PNG
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Good to see blender guru get them views
i loved the entire beginner series. i love modeling now. dont know what to do with wanna be a game developer now.
Gawd, I fucking love donuts.
ay i commented on your reddit post lol
Can you do wemons donat to?

me me funny

Browsing this board, I can very clearly see that 4chan cannot into graphic design.
can you chug 5 liters of bleach instead of polluting the fucking board ?
Kinda low effort picture. Use Photoshop
I do think there's a few good designers on here but none will post their work since there's not an incentive for them to do so. If you post something good here you'll only risk getting your work stolen and your name associated with 4chan.

File: india-162319_960_720.png (47 KB, 960x640)
47 KB
Is there a way to redesign the already perfect Indian flag?
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It looks like a puckered asshole. Seems like India to me.
lol fuck off fiverrr bois
File: India.png (130 KB, 945x622)
130 KB
130 KB PNG

File: 1547280486375.png (79 KB, 249x249)
79 KB
>interview for 60-90k legal designer job
>they like my portfolio enough to send a pre-screening interview email
>answer it thoughtfully, they ask me to make 4 designs which would take the equivalent of at least $500 worth of freelance at my rate
>in professional-speak, tell them im too busy and to fuck off
Never do free spec work, young anons. any place worth their salt will test you in-house for an hour at most.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
lol what a retarded decision
Lol, you must be 16 or something
File: 1556919155018.jpg (2 KB, 125x108)
2 KB
>confirmed retard, enjoy unemployment

Doing spec work to secure a position in a company is way different to doing free work for some cuck on instagram for 'exposure' you fucking moron
No it’s not, any respectable place offering a job would pay you to do that bs. If they don’t, it’s proof of a shitty gig.
if you charge as little as 500 dollars for FOUR designs it seems like you fucked up pretty bad. you probably created this thread some kind of damage control didn’t you?

>s-s-s-o i t-t-told them to f-f-f-uck off which was the right decision right guys?

enjoy your epic freelance income of 125 dollars per design lol. fucking retard

File: Profile Pic Cartoon .png (870 KB, 1200x1200)
870 KB
870 KB PNG
Do you like my new logo for my gaming?
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Looks like ghost shit.
more like a finger doing a prostatectomy


File: lmaoo.jpg (72 KB, 640x714)
72 KB
2012 London Olympics
15 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pretty much every other olympic logo looks like it's been taken off some generic stock logo website.
you like that lil guy running huh
that's a dumb opinion. nearly all these logos are relevant to their locations and reflect olympics well. and yeah, they're simple, duh. welcome to graphic design.
The second 2 is trash but it's not that bad.
>multicult dystopian police state arab spreekillers and child transexual prostitutes and gay sodomites city rapidly wiping out its heritage goes with clashing pomo fagbug eyesore

now imagine short pudgy round inbredfaced burgeouse englishman or woman with double chin signing this saying high-pitched "..cheeeeeeers!"

File: IMG-20190426-WA0030.jpg (131 KB, 901x1600)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
What's your favorite can design ?
121 replies and 68 images omitted. Click here to view.
The key to the Universe.
File: Campbell 1.jpg (68 KB, 600x834)
68 KB
Does soup count?
File: Campbell 2.jpg (396 KB, 1250x1600)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
lol at all of these shitty ass can designs
Post a better one faggot

but you now know are extream trash
It was still unfinished and had some placeholder stuff but
>Thought this was so good
>Message me like 30 minutes after sending it saying they were getting someone else to do it

First time using photoshop. I turned this in for a magazine advertisement project at school. Is it any good /gd/

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