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File: gdrosterpollsummer19.png (102 KB, 800x595)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
It's that time of year again to share our 4chan related design, stock up on kernings, and make hot opinions on various adjacent things.

It's of course also about time for the 4CC poll. You can find that here:


It'll run from now until the end of next Wednesday (the 26th).
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File: wg_kern.png (247 KB, 564x542)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
A tie isn't great, but it's not terrible. We have to rely on /cm/, which spoiler is a fucking beast. The game against /x/ is something that I really don't want to jinx, but historically... well it's look good.

This is the first version of PES I have no prior tactics for, so no soft assist from smugs. I think it shows a bit.

I would have gone harder at the end there but a loss would have killed us, so it's better to have this than risk that.

Keeper condition matters so much in this version, trust me I'd rather not run the hankster but in theory he's statistically identical to .AI

dere he is!
File: fuck..png (67 KB, 1518x914)
67 KB
That result is not what I expected happening, and it's the worst result for us. Anything else would have been much easier to come back from. If we had gone second I would have definitely pushed for that win now.

Just gonna go as hard as ya can I guess.
/cm/ winning would have been worse, but a 90+ tie was sour
At least we can still advance either way as long as the first game doesn't tie

File: crest11.jpg (52 KB, 740x400)
52 KB
I have an 8x10" image I want to print on standard 8.5x11" photo paper, but everything I try cuts off the image. My printer has borderless printing, but even that doesn't work. I'm trying to print from PS itself, is there a different program I should use?

Please help me, I'm on the verge of tears as I'm very autistic but have none of the associated intelligence that comes with it.
yes - if you wish to bleed the image i recommend changing your art board to 8.625x11.125
that way you have a 32nd bleed or add more
• change art board
• clone image
• scale background image to match bleed

PS is not the problem its that if you print BLEED you need to have extra image area to bleed on the print
Ok thank you, I'll give this a try.

File: images-10.jpg (34 KB, 466x658)
34 KB
Hey /gd/, I wonder if you had any tips/books on flyer design, mostly for electronic parties and such. I think I have the aesthetic eye nailed but I might be missing the "selling" factor.

Thanks in advance.

Idk how slow this board is
I think a good aesthetic draws attention and leaves an impression better than anything else. You have a really nice balance between simple and dense design here and the colors and spacing convey an interesting mood. Reminds me of the time before minimalism took over, and that's a good thing.
It's pretty good desu, i like it.
It's just the colors that made you think that it might missed the "selling" factor.

Good job.


File: main.jpg (163 KB, 1631x890)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
I'm trying to create this site but I'm not sure if it looks decent to other people, looking for crit/feedback if anyone has any. Does pic related look bad? Is there anything I can do to improve it?

File: gd thread.png (45 KB, 2048x2048)
45 KB
/gd/ thread
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File: GD2.png (43 KB, 709x709)
43 KB
I gave it a shot
File: lolgd.jpg (406 KB, 3300x2100)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
File: gdbanner.png (4 KB, 468x60)
4 KB
A suggestion for an alternative banner.
File: 9HK2o8C.jpg (54 KB, 500x500)
54 KB
What are you smokin' man? That's clearly a lowercase g followed by an uppercase D.

Post your ig's here with a feed screenshot
Also recommend other accounts

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File: 20190712_145250.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x2159)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
99.9% glitch art and design soon

lots of cartoony photo manipulation

File: IMG_5833.png (1.85 MB, 1125x3730)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
well ! guys, most of you got a follower, thx for sharing :)

Looking for Vitruvianstudio: Drawing Basics – The Online Course https://vitruvianstudio.com/course/drawing-basics/

I have found their portrait course, but the basic course I cannot find anywhere to download. Any help, please?
Looking for this one too.
>75 americano dollaros for ~25 bucks for of quickly diminishing artsupplies

Well, yea, and probably cheaper on Aliexpress. For example: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32875383117.html
File: SLP-kit-prod-for-web.jpg (235 KB, 1200x1200)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
also, why eat when you can spend 200 dollarinos worth of memesupplies that will last about 2 months
Their supplies prices are ridiculous, but apparently the course is quite good.

File: Untitled13.png (115 KB, 1000x1000)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
does this look okay? what would you do with it?
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I get that it's supposed to say "Liam", but I had to look at it for far too long to figure that out. A first I though it said "Loay".

Make the "i" taller and either make the tittle smaller or do away with the empty circle style altogether.
The "A" being part of the "M" is a clever idea, but it affects legibility far too much. Unless whoever is reading this already knows your name, they're going to have a hard time figuring it out at a glance. Also if you're going to give the "M" a tail at all, make it shorter.
>supposed to say "Liam"
what. I thought it said Liay
I've had lots of people question that as you said, but thanks for the suggestion! And, yes, it says LiAM
so you just bought a wacom
probably randomized brush edges and pressure in settings to such a degree it would be hard to tell it's done with photoshop's default round brush. maybe roughened it even more with some textures and filters before autotracing the vector and cleaning up.
that's where you're wrong
>got phone app
>used finger

File: 1560869473437.jpg (59 KB, 580x330)
59 KB
Design the PS5 logo
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I could see the handwritten one on marketing material for a summer sale or something
make it sharp
Did you have to use fucking calibri? You didn't even turn off ligatures.

Post your logos.
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>powerpuff girls
File: rhutnodetail.png (44 KB, 900x1413)
44 KB
File: th (1).jpg (7 KB, 474x270)
7 KB
ass the headphones
Jesus I'm blind. Didn't even see the image already said that.

File: dance on ems.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
I want to use 4chan to make a website where anyone can change anything and trolling is something that is regular. Defending your "turf is the way of life, So if ur reading this I'd like to ask you to join in on the shit show we could possibly create. Also I'm using this to learn to code more so this is the BEST place to go since you know...4chan is better dUh
Do you have discord? I'm interested
$1,000,000 says you are never going to follow through on this
It would be taken down by the 4Chan users themselves with a ddos
I want to make a website where you’re banned.

Can anyone recommend me some good video editor for mobile?
Do you expect to render videos on an ARM chipset that typically can barely run Super Tux Racer on medium settings?
Youcut. Good for cutting clips together, some free features some filters you have to pay for if you want!

Are skill bars recommended in CVs? They are practically in any GD cv I've seen online
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Completely pointless. I know Photoshop really well, and passed the Adobe Certified Expert exam (haven't bothered to re-qualify, because fuck that, I did it to prove to myself I could), so when I apply for a job, I'm saying "I can do the work you need done", and show that in the interview. I don't list apps I don't know enough about, to get work done in.
Besides, if the job requires basic photo-editing, you don't need more than 10% of the tooset, anyway. You're just trying to bamboozle the interviewer with "skill bars". You either know the app well enough to get the job done, or you don't. If the job requires working in CMYK and your "60%" bar doesn't include that, then you're not the right candidate for the job.
My portfolio shows what I can do, and do really well.
Why not colored paper?
Why print it? I haven't needed a physical resume in years - PDF and text is the standard now. Most people don't even have business cards anymore, which is why low end printers and places like Kinkos and Copymat are going out of business.
But the standard rule is, and has been for at least 15 years - simple, easy to read, no photos, graphics, or any of that shit, unless you're an actor, and a text version, for the HR database. Everything is digital now. Who and where are you applying, that you need a physical resume?
don't work anywhere that asks for a CV it's outdated and supports HR which are filled with feminist harpies who have no business judging who is capable or not.

a portfolio should be enough and only talk to the decision makers
Nah. Resumes and applications are for record keeping, most places worth working for will want one. But PDF and text is all you need.

File: JVMxSeg.png (53 KB, 1252x582)
53 KB
What does /gd/ think about The Designer's Republic?
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File: angrymanteams.jpg (153 KB, 864x576)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Pretty much. Their style is sleek and minimalistic, tinged with a side of techno-Japanese quirk and with their frequent collaborations alongside electronic music acts, their designs feel very futuristic as well.
gives me the JSR feels
they are fucking based
They do some of the best design work I've ever seen, but their website is trash.

I mean, who the fuck uses Flash in 2019?
I remember them from the early 2000

File: brazil-flag1-678x381.jpg (19 KB, 678x381)
19 KB
how would you redesign the brazilian flag?
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I put an asshole right in the middle of it. that shit is fucking sexy
File: IMG_20190715_174127.jpg (24 KB, 1000x300)
24 KB
hire me 20M$ start 200K$/revision
>people actually fall for the "Brazil is a communist/socialist country" meme
if hueland downscaled to being an electronic music label on soundcloud or some sort of contemporary art blog this would be very very good
that's India actually

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