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I have a degree in design and work as a designer

Thinking about getting a Masters so I can land an art director job

any suggestions on what to study or good online master programs?
you dont need a masters, you need experience (8-10 years) and a great portfolio.
Lol. You think the degree will get you an art or creative director job? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Jesus, just spend that money and time doing actual work and building portfolio for a junior position, then climb the ladder you idiot
In all the years I've worked as a designer, freelance and corporate, and in ad agencies, I've never met anyone with a master's degree in it. The only master's I've seen are people with GD bachelor's, and get a masters in communications or marketing later, to move up into management.

File: flow.png (35 KB, 384x384)
35 KB
I made this logo with Paint+Gimp.
What could I use it for?
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This is a really good logo to practice using golden ratio type rules
looks like it could be the logo for some altcoin
looks like the start of a anime girls hairstyle
This is a chinese bank or shitty alt-coin. Same thing really
first thing I saw was a womens hair salon logo

File: gtsuper.png (13 KB, 755x406)
13 KB
GT Super
use the font share thead >>374089


File: 1577469029941.png (352 KB, 500x390)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
>Worked as a professional 2D animator for years so have a lot of experience with character design, painting but not necessarily a graphic designer.
>but have been designing and building websites on and off as a hobby for about a decade
>moved away from big city to rural area so can't work in industry anymore
>want to try my hand doing freelance graphic and web design for local businesses

First client was recommended to me from a mutual friend. I know the client and he knows me but we're not super close or anything. The mutual friend who recommended me to client used to do work for him for years but doesn't want to anymore because he's too busy. mutual friend told me he pays well and is the best client he ever had.
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File: greatdeal.png (22 KB, 250x250)
22 KB
Create a fake summons and threaten him :)
File: CKQsQVYUwAAMOM0.jpg (40 KB, 534x409)
40 KB
I hate freelancing bros
>I accept but I don't discuss rates because I'm just happy to have a client without a portfolio yet

>got screwed

pick one OP. Today you learned a lesson.
this guy a real one
Btfo lmao

File: z34634m.jpg (23 KB, 474x394)
23 KB
where the money at?
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No, it's not sunken cost fallacy, it's called using what everyone else does for compatibility, and a workflow that has Adobe apps as the core of, that can't just be replaced and maintain that workflow. And, most of the alternatives simply can't do many of the things Photoshop does, or what people use it for. Considering the skill level of this forum, very few here are in any position to talk about pros at all, because you're not one, never worked around any, and have no clue what they do, and how they do it.
Sure, you can "Just use GIMP", but the extra hoops you have to jump through to get the same work done isn't worth it because time is money, and not a luxury most pros have to be fucking around with an alternative app to see if it will work.
If you're just some 4chan anon fucking around with GIMP for yet another shitty meme image, whatever. But if you're the senior designer at an ad agency that has comps due at 11, and finals for that other campaign due at 5, you're not fucking around, you fire up Photoshop and get the work done. And you NEVER want a call from PrePress that your files aren't printing right.
And, most of all - professionals can afford their tools. $50 a month is NOTHING. It might be a lot to the eternally broke anons here, but I spend more every month on pretty much everything. I don't even pay for CC at work, my job does. I have my own at home.
post it notes

client facing, learn the business of design, learn to orate and write, problem solve

that's where the money is at
Bruh, I don't earn 60k/month
I downloaded the new Monkrus Master collection.
After Effects says it can't load standard module, and there are no workarounds I can find. Has anyone fixed this before?

It worked fine on one pc, but it doesn't work on the other

File: YYKSM 1.jpg (229 KB, 600x902)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
What does /gd think of Yayoi Kusama?
She's hilariously racist.
Racist old Japanese boomer

How would you redesign Boeing’s logo?
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reminds me of evangelion, idk why
File: Lockheed_Northrop.png (17 KB, 1280x217)
17 KB
give text a thin white outline
Kek this guy planes
Reminds me of smash logo

So I'm hobbyst un graphic design, and I'm remaking some logos from national brands un mu country as practice and i'm using Font Squirrel to download fonts, it says the fonts are ffc (free for commercial use) and there's some actually good and clean, but I'm kind skeptical. Any other sites or sources where i can find fonts?
File: SIL.pdf (4.71 MB, PDF)
4.71 MB
4.71 MB PDF
what do you want? pirated or free fonts? the ones in the pdf attached are free
Free would be nice, im starting a freelance job and i dont want problems with licenses and that stuff.


looking nice, thanks for this
this is a nice site for free fonts
www DOT fontsquirrel DOT com
source on this font?

What are your honest thoughts on this flag design?
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File: us-state-flag-vectors.jpg (196 KB, 1400x980)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
More than 25 states do.
Good for an American flag
Why are so many of these state flags shitty?
File: nv.jpg (343 KB, 1400x980)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
>Kansas shit
>NH nice
>DC meh
What's the logic behind this?

File: Untitled.png (114 KB, 1104x735)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
How far is too far on your opinion?
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File: skylight.jpg (1.16 MB, 1795x1195)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Still looks terrible if you have to use the same character twice. Just hand-letter.
Still looks naff
point proven
I'd add the following from the stylized fonts to the gimmicky section:
>Hendrix Groove

File: tfwnopdf.jpg (2.63 MB, 1400x1940)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB JPG
Looking for an english version of Piet Schreuders' "Lay in Lay Out" in any format, it's not in the regular places ie b-ok/libgen/public trackers/etc
if youve seen an exerpt you know

What aesthetic is this?
90's post david carson post vaughn oliver psuedo product design pre contemporary product design nostalgia
60s construction equipment branding
Disturbing I found this again by happenstance when reading about the Budd Dwyer suicide. Not the same image, but from the same album.

File: uzmIwCf.jpg (26 KB, 500x334)
26 KB
after effects warp lens distortion


File: id2019.jpg (38 KB, 404x500)
38 KB

File: design.jpg (199 KB, 2000x1250)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Reddit-tier post coming up...

I'm a fairly experienced(5+ years) hobbyist programmer with 1 commercial service with 6k monthly users.

All of my projects I find myself spending a few weeks getting the programming side of it done, but it takes me many months to get any design and UX work done. I try and copy general ideas from other websites/apps but all my work just comes out as bland or amateurish and I'm sick of spending so much time and energy into something I'm just not very good at only have it look like shit in the end anyway.

My financial resources are limited - yet I did manage to bite the bullet 2 times and hire a designer. After hours of shopping around I found someone that had gleaming reviews and decided to give him a go. He was obviously over-worked or just not very good because what I got back was worse than what I could do and I've been turned off hiring someone and potentially wasting money ever since. Similar story with the second guy. I want someone who is as invested in the project as I am. Someone who is "passionate" about it.

So with that being said, do any designers here want to team up with a programmer? I don't mind what kind of project we work on, as long it is a helpful service/product that we can profit from and that it is manageable by 2 or 3 people.
go back
Yes, many people would be interested in your offer. It sounds very lucrative, because it seems like an ongoing gig for a potentially fitting designer. I would take it myself but I am an eurofag and I don't wanna mess with international transactions, calculating taxes, looking up laws on what taxes apply and shit (only within my country I can pull it off correctly with taxes and whatnot). When I figure it out in following years, I might start taking international offers.

However, please don't advertise it on /gd/. Many people here are hobbyst and enthusiasts who's peak idea of graphic design is copying whatever is on YT tutorials, and can't work on more programs than PS. I doubt you get a good offer from here. Same with r/graphic_design, also filled mostly with students.

Best I can come up with is to join a design-related FB group (if its for designers in your area, even better) and advertise your offer there, and you might find some good offers from freelancers.

Good luck, OP!
I'm in the same position as you—except that I'm a product designer, not a programmer. I live in the middle of nowhere and have no acquaintances that I could cooperate with to find work and I refuse to team up with pajeets. I would be willing to pair up with a programmer or a web developer who's honest about his work, but I also have to point out some incongruency in your message: you say you have 5 years of experience, yet you consider yourself a hobbyist. Do you mind dropping a throw-away e-mail address to contact you privately and prove that you're serious about it by providing further details?
Wow, 2 out of 3 quality replies - you've exceeded my expectations 4channel.

You sound like the perfect person. Here's a throw-away email address robertthemay@gmail.com if you want to talk more.

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