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File: OmertosaReview.jpg (308 KB, 1024x576)
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What the fuck was Hypergryph thinking? why is the whole meta of the game determined by this bitch now? dps higher than trashter the holungday and more versatile...
>be me, work at HG
>need new whale bait
>make a unit with higher dps than surtr and deployaple 4 times as much
>players somehow fine with this
>cool day
Are arknights players just retarded? is that it?
I wouldn't know since I never played the game, but considering all the normalfags probably left this game for genshin, it's pretty telling if all you have left are retards
hard cope, the genshin community is the most retarded one
>Implying Texas doesn't deserve to replace Surtr
Besides if I've survived this entire time without surtr then you can without texas alter.
>Besides if I've survived this entire time without surtr then you can without texas alter.
This, no wet chen, no sutr, and I've also survived just fine.
Just got Mlynar so even if I miss texas, I can cope
i know but that's not the point, future events will be made knowing such bullshitly op ops exist, making max cc and shit impossible to optain without them
File: 6f6.jpg (52 KB, 768x894)
52 KB
>max cc
>oh noes all the max cc videos use meta characters so i can't copy it
Max CC are always more of a puzzle and whether you have the right puzzle piece or not. If you really care about doing max cc you should be rolling for every character anyway. Unless by max cc you mean copying that one video where you have all the necessary characters.
fuck you nigger, i've been doing max cc since cc beta without all the annoying shitty meta operators they released, your point is invalid here
Why is spot's skin not on sale what the fuck
Vid or hoax. Well, joke aside, I never said you need those meta breaking unit for max CC, tho?

>making max cc and shit impossible to optain without them
Did Chalter ever being a must use for max CC? No? Then one more broken shit won't matter then. Your point are invalid.
retard, broken shit do matter, did you look at the last cc in CN? all the runs used texas, you're delusional or just braindead and like using trashter
who cares, it's spot lmao
It was event gift, those are added to cc shop after (quite) a while.
Have YOU tried without Texas tho? What's the chance all those chink just want to take the easy way out by using Texas? Surely you aren't the type to just copy someone else video, right?
I got her for free through hard work of saving pulls for weeks so I'm not complaining
It's called "being rewarded for playing the game"
duh??? i didn't even raise her, tf are you on
I asked you to try without Texas so obviously you don't need to use her. To me it sounds like you're just mad that you can't copy chink's video because you don't want to use Texas.
File: file.png (1.89 MB, 1640x720)
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1.89 MB PNG
Literally unbeatable

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