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Ninjask and Shedinja are also welcome.
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i wish shedinja was usable, its design is god tier
how viable is nincada with an eviolite outside of lc?
>45 Attack
>31 Hp
>30 Special defense
File: s-l1000.jpg (145 KB, 467x654)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
I remember its weird card art
>Does this look like the face of mercy to you?

File: Capture.png (83 KB, 872x171)
83 KB
Congrats, the Pokemon League has given you the position of a Gym Leader!
The... first Gym Leader.

You're permitted to use of team of 2-6 Pokemon.
to select a team.
>Gym Puzzle if you want
>Team movesets if you want

I'll add the other shit to these fags later
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File: Screenshot (2).png (57 KB, 542x170)
57 KB
>Gym puzzle is finding feathers throughout the city and trading them for a key to the gym

Gligar Lv 13
> Immunity
>U Turn
>Wing Attack
>Poison Tail

Ducklett lv 14

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: trainercard-Lence.png (46 KB, 245x171)
46 KB
3 lvl. 13 Dragonites with barrier.
>level 13 dragonite
lance you're not allowed in gyms anymore, go away
File: 1531907371023.jpg (8 KB, 127x124)
8 KB
Ok that last line is just devilish

File: wikileaks.png (35 KB, 1383x297)
35 KB
Real leaks from a credible source
Can confirm, is a credible source

Proof: This came outta my ass
hello, 2600:1017:b427:5d6b:88cb:beee:b236:a56
>B2W2 get their own bullet point
>USUM are in parenthesis
Gen 7 btfo

File: waba.jpg (5 KB, 248x248)
5 KB
File: OMGKILL.jpg (603 KB, 1306x2972)
603 KB
603 KB JPG
I just had a really comfy match with a guy who used monotype fighting and only the move metronome. I kicked his ass but it was fun.
There's something comfy about monotype teams, using one or battling one is mostly always fun.

File: Route_120.png (46 KB, 640x1600)
46 KB
Predict Gen 8.

>60 new pokemon
>friendly rival
>new gimmick working with a stupid wristband
>dumbed down gameplay and gym system (6 gyms)
>all trainers have 1 pokemon in their teams. Gym leader have 3, and Elite 4 have 4
>you cannot explore anything because the game is based on tourism and being forced to follow and listen to your "friends"

Who is ready for gen 8 ;)
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>muh friendly rivals
>keep kicking the asses of asshole rivals and yet they still keep up with their "huh, i sure am better than you MC, i will destroy you like i always do next time" bland, pathetic bullshit
the only good asshole rival is silver, gary was shit. the problem isn't that the rivals are friendly, it's that they're in a pokémon game, so they're bland as fuck.
Deny it all you want child.
It's going to happen.
a bunch of cool pokemon in a barely playable visual novel format with a boring plot. thats what alola was like for me, and i expect nothing more next time around, especially after LGPE
ADHD-riddled underage twat
File: 1538376930225.jpg (158 KB, 1024x995)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Pokemon's the one series where they just try to make 'em like they used to.
>*sips cold monster*
Ahh that hits the spot.

File: AfterGen8.png (183 KB, 600x600)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
Masuda after Gen 8 Comes out.
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He isn't even directing Gen 8
That's the point. He's not directing Gen 8 and Gen 8's going to be such a shitshow that you'll be begging for his cock.

I interpreted this image that Gen 8 will be so good, we won't have to ask Masuda-senpai for something ever again.
liking masuda in 2019, lol
No one said you have to like him, Ohmori's just worse.

Gen 2 was pretty cool. Let's talk about stuff that was cool about Gen 2. Gen wars not welcome.
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Don't agree with Crystal. Suicune's story is tacked on, but it's still an improvement overall from the originals imo.
I'd argue it's the opposite actually. If you prefer the third versions it means Game Freak fucked up the first time. Just look at RS and DP. People always prefer Emerald and Platinum because those games were flawed and their third versions fixed a bunch of problems they had. Red/Green and Gold/Silver are good enough to be praised on their own, you're not missing out on much if you just play the base versions.
File: Adobe_20190223_020708.png (56 KB, 220x261)
56 KB
If Yellow made wrap and sleep less infuriating maybe I would consider it the best Gen 1 game, but they're still terrible so it doesn't have any reason to exist other than to keep GF afloat while they worked on PM 2.
In terms of features, Japanese Crystal is undeniably better than Gold and Silver. But much in the same way people want the "perfect" Pokémon adaptation with game-accurate Red, I want to experience that undiluted story of Gen I and II. Look at the Legendaries of Gen II. It's a duo, Ho-Oh and Lugia. Suicune is part of a different trio. Crystal doesn't normally follow Gold and Silver. That's why I feel it's tacked on. If there was a third super Legendary and the third version was called Bronze (less valuable, so eeehhh) or Platinum (before Gen IV), I'd be more interested in trying it out. In Gen I, Blue or Yellow naturally follows Red and Green, though technically Yellow is just called Pikachu in Japan. Japanese isn't really definitive or anything though. New tile sets, some new Pokédex entries, mixed Red and Green encounters with a few new ones like Ditto in Rock Tunnel, wild Jynx instead of Electabuzz/Magmar, some new trades, etc. But it's the exact same story. It's a third version following a pair, but it's not any more "definitive" than either of them. It's just slightly different. You can get all the starters in Yellow, but that's an anime thing. Decisions in the game are based off the anime, not game design. So for Gen I and II, I'll play Red and Gold as they're the first listed. I'd still like to play the others for their differences because it doesn't make them worse (some are even better), but it's because the definitive experience was the initial release.

What’s /vp/ opinion on these pokemons?
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Crazy good Band sweeper in randbats.
File: fearow.png (113 KB, 400x438)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
absolutely based vulturebros

this manga is the reason I love Fearow.

The very first time I ever played Pokémon was on my cousin's Red version, he let me start my own file and the ONLY thing I did was pick Squirtle, catch a Spearow, and train it until it evolved. I recognized it from that manga as a total badass. Once I got my own Blue version for Christmas, I trained my own Fearow, basically treated him as my starter and he's been a staple on many of my teams ever since.
Pretty based, had a great time using one in Silver recently.
I always use fearow instead of piggy because i'm a rebel like that

Which is your kind of girl?
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because adult kalos girls are trash.
Because he wants to talk about pokemon while everyone else wants to talk about their kinks
File: 1544296915975.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1943)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
>Dawn is a degenerate animal rapist
Hey now, Dawn always makes sure to ask for consent first.
File: vjyynee.png (745 KB, 1280x720)
745 KB
745 KB PNG
>animal rapist
Horse cock is not just any animal cock.

File: weew.png (142 KB, 945x899)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Uh oh
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yeah because gamefreak definitely has a predictable schedule pattern they surely never deviate from ever and can be relied upon year over year
>TL;DR: I don't trust my original prediction and I'm moving the goalpost to not harm my """"""""credibility""""""""
Its the end of February, predicting they'll announce the gen 8 titles within the next few weeks would be like predicting the sky will appear blue this afternoon.
going off "muh patterns" for announcements would mean we'd still be getting an announcement in a random corocoro. Things change, there was a time when Pokemon even being mentioned at E3 was considered a joke, and now its generally expected to see a new trailer + gameplay in the aftershow.
Pokemon rumors were more fun before the internet/when the internet was still in its infancy.

File: Dzn8POuVYAAiVD-.jpg (78 KB, 863x1199)
78 KB
Typhlosion laying on the bed innocently
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jap artists don't know how to draw animal legs beyond the simplified shapes you see when an animal is sitting since all their art is based on simple shapes and designs, so shit like this happens all the time
oh i understand.
i'm just telling this anon that it isn't a dick.
just a weird lookin' foot.

but thank you for explaining.
You shouldn-t call your bf fat, Gaytr-kun
a girl feraligatr?
I wanna rub his belly and cuddle with it

File: cutie fight.png (699 KB, 800x800)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
Do you wish you were a Pokemon, /vp/? Wouldn't you be happier as one?
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Cute picture, I'd rather fuck a Pokemon
>thinking you'd get to be your cute fursona pokemon
>implying everyone on this board wouldn't just end up as a trubbish
I'd like to be a Ditto so I can live my life transformed as a human.
Why not both?
What are the rates of pokemon in the world? Chances are most would be water types since oceans exist and most life is found in them anyways.
You'll live your life in the nursery, breeding endlessly.

What is his name?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Exactly right!
Release all your despair! Use your sacrifice as a stepping stone for the radiant hope of all Pokemon!
I’ll release my despair alright, I’ll sacrifice a nice load of piss directly into his eyes for the hope of all people who hate shit characters.

File: heart gold.png (8 KB, 720x720)
8 KB
Welcome to /shw/! Here, we post about our shinies here because people might care about our shiny pokemon even though we don't give a shit about other people's shinies.

What are you hunting? What game/s and method/s?
Cardi or Nicki?
What was your last shiny?
What pokemon was your longest hunt?
What's your favorite shiny hunting method?
What's your favorite non-kosher food?
What's the ugliest shiny pokemon in your opinion?
as OP, I'll start
corsola through SOS
>cardi or nicki
Nicki writes her rhymes and is better at rapping but they're all repetitive(about her butt/how she takes dick) and she seems mean. Cardi apparently doesn't write her own stuff but her tracks overall have variety and sound good
>last shiny
corsola, but it didn't get synced so I'm rehunting
>longest hunt
HA fomantis through SOS. I wanted a careful one for a superpower/leech life/leaf blade/knock off set. Caught 2 HAs and 9 non-HAs before I got an HA that was synced
>favorite method
SOS because I like the idea of holding a pokemon hostage until it calls a shiny pokemon over
>non-kosher food
lobster thermidor
>ugliest shiny

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Furbait.png (299 KB, 721x739)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
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After Salazzle they could add a vibrating coneshell that shoots white sea foam out of its tip and I wouldn't be surprised now.
I want a starter with a secondary typing we've yet to have on one yet.

Namely bug
Having more than subtle differences a bad idea, but they'll never do it regardless. Starters are meant to be face of the generation, splitting fans of the same starter would be just dumb.
File: 20181106_093850~2.jpg (1.63 MB, 3986x2962)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
OA here. Just wanted to clear up some confusion regarding the grass one. It was never meant to have a defined ass. Pic related is the originsl concept art dating back 3 months ago before I even started shilling this artwork. It was meant to have a body shape similar to Lopunnys. The artist who I commissioned it from "added" the defined clefts. It's also probably lools like an actual ass because of the angle not because it actually has one.
Still doesn't excuse other criticisms though.

Can post original image with dated tag if you really don't believe me.

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