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swinub is cute
Good. If I get this game, I may consider putting him on my team if the weavile like is found early
>Mareep has basically been a ranch Pokemon since it's introduction
>Signature sheep of the Pokemon universe, if a region has an area that would likely have sheep then you bet Mareep will be there
>They introduce a new sheep Pokemon
who cares? mamoswine is super important for competition, those two are useless
File: 75965631_p0 (1).png (1.74 MB, 3000x3000)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
They can introduce as many sheep as they want, the more the better

File: finally.png (1.34 MB, 1439x1741)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
....it's been so long
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Are you intending to give up everything you enjoy when you turn 40 then? Better enjoy video games while you can, since you aren't allowed to play them past 30.
File: 1277334582817.jpg (8 KB, 250x250)
8 KB
>Yes see above.
You may also see above.
>And a 24 year old isn’t? I think its just as much. We are the same.
So you don't understand simple math? Funny that you call me an idiot when something like this alludes you.
>You don’t explain how so I’ll simply say no there isn’t.
Difference being you are a 40yo man, it would seem you are in need of things being spelled out for you, though I understand you are just being oblivious because you can't rationalize why you are still playing Pokemon as a 40yo.
>Actually I’m at work. Why do think I’m posting from my phone?
Good, get back to work.
>I don’t and my kid is the one who got me into it, its something we bond over. Whats your excuse?
I don't need an excuse, I'm 24, you are not. Did your kid also teach you how to use 4chan grandpa?
>And what is it your doing?
Once again I'll repeat for you, 24, you are not.
>Says the Pot autistically screeching at a kettle
Says the retarded oldfag screeching that he is not pathetic for playing competitive baby games.
BTFO him anon
File: 1570324325642.jpg (19 KB, 411x305)
19 KB
File: 1361829757142.jpg (14 KB, 260x194)
14 KB
Yep. Power button.

Lmfao imagine being a graphicsfag and a competitivefag at the same time. Like y’all fine playing this 24/7 but if the main game your ass only plays once’s doesn’t let you see the pussy water stains on Bea’s shorts y’all mad???
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And that's the thread. Good post, anon.
Based Texan
Speaking of competitive, about those new pokemon in the meta. Oh wait what new pokemon?
Thank you
Showdown is actually better than the current games, given that the current games are on a 2 inch screen. When swsh come out, showdown will update to the ""new"" models anyways.

File: 1571092883882.jpg (106 KB, 900x530)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Now with EXTRA cuteness
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Funniest duo
File: hands.png (839 KB, 640x894)
839 KB
839 KB PNG
All of this Jun and Kouki is a blessing.

Wish I could do that.
Bumping for more boys, also don't want the thread to die while I'm preoccupied. Can't have that!

Looks like the protags are the chosen one again like in Gen 5 and 7
What do you mean
Plot-wise, probably chosen by Zacian or Zamazenta to do their job.
The reviewers confirmed the player meets a mysterious pokemon at the begining of the game
You mean that If you go with Victor, you never will see Gloria?

Autumn edition. Post rare and cute Ralts, Kirlias, Gardevoirs and Gallades.
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I actually didn't know that about feet
thanks for teaching me something, anon
File: Sensory homonculous.jpg (29 KB, 400x398)
29 KB
Here's the pic, you can see they're right next to each other so it's likely there's some bleedover associating genitals and feet. Also explains why there aren't too many other body part fetishes like arms since genitals are right at the end and only connect to the feet bit

Glad my otherwise useless degree has come in handy
Hips and Legs are pretty close too, so I wonder if that can end up crossing over (like in people that enjoy large thighs/hips)
Maybe, though wide hips are a secondary sexual characteristic, as it helps with childbirth. That accounts for some of why people find that hot, but you might be right, come to think of it. The brain is an odd thing
File: 1505621517068.jpg (47 KB, 600x800)
47 KB

Why do you guys hate Kanto so much I see too much of this Red version was my first pokemon game and is still one of my favorite games. Charizard deserves to get a lot of attention because he was on the front cover of the very first game and he is some peoples first pokemon like me. Also sword and shield will be my very first pokemon title that isnt in Kanto I played all the other games that were in Kanto and even enjoyed lets go as well. I dont think its very fair to give hate to something that started the series because some people like me is my favorite part of the series I just dont get all the hate towards it all
Your gf is getting Blacked right now
You cant like kanto or the gen 1 games because using substitute while asleep, paralyzed and frozen has a 1/256 chance of making your crit chance decrease by 30%
Can I just pound your gf's tight little slit while you watch? Slam my body onto hers as she buckles and quivers in pleasure, squeezing me dry as I pump her full of hot cum. Afterwards you can lick clean her sore little pussy.
I think most of the people who claim to actually hate Kanto are just bandwagoning on the more reasonable disdain for how much Kanto pandering has been going on for the last couple gens. I love Charizard and I love the gen 1 games even now, but I do wish they’d share the spotlight more with the other generations, and that these newer games wouldn’t rely so much on nostalgia for the first game.

File: giga dragonite.png (941 KB, 1491x847)
941 KB
941 KB PNG
This is YOUR fault. You caused this by your mindless complaints so gamefreak had to take this path, this is the future of the games.
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is that homer

Is this real my hombre??? source?¿
>dragon pause
I remember that
File: 1550684211853.jpg (270 KB, 1200x783)
270 KB
270 KB JPG

File: klefki.jpg (54 KB, 600x637)
54 KB
Welcome to Showderp, where champ gets together a gang of six Pokemon to pull off the perfect crime, only to get locked up by the Showdown jannies, who do it for FREE.

Death Row: dogars.ml

Mug Shots: https://showderp.booru.org

Prison Bitch: !EHkjfXIsGY

Stenographer's Notes: >>40391350
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water wings (Floatzel) @ Fightinium Z
Ability: Water Veil
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Bulk Up
- Aqua Jet / Liquidation
- Ice Punch
- Crunch / Power-Up Punch
holy crap lois it's __________________________sans undertale______________________________
everything dies to ice thanks guys love you
opp can't tell the difference between peanuts and walnuts baka

File: 1200px-763Tsareena.png (749 KB, 1200x1200)
749 KB
749 KB PNG
>ability completely shuts down all forms of priority
>strong versatile movepool
>excellent attack, okay speed
>pretty bulky

It's especially satisfying stomping Guzma with her, Acrobatics OHKO all of his Pokemon and if it doesn't do that to Golisopod he runs away and can't do shit.
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>wasting a Z-move just to do a stat boost

How does that looks anything like a diaper?
Increase Speed
>wasting a Z-move just to do a stat boost
Are you new to Z-moves?
Her design is okay but she is extremely fun ingame. I used her just for some type variety and was blown away by how hard she ended up carrying for most of the game
Cumbrayne dumbrayne

File: 1548650499463.png (149 KB, 475x475)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
Press F to pay respects
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confirmed where ?
>>40412349 read >>40412242
File: 1560719655354.jpg (296 KB, 1255x709)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
It's weird, Garchomp was getting a lot of presence in the anime. Why leave Garchomp out?

How is it confirmed?

File: smh.png (493 KB, 1497x893)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
Pokemon trainers sure do walk around a lot. And all the while carrying a heavy bag filled to the brim with half a bajillion items too. You'd think, at the very least, their gastrocnemius would exhibit higher levels of overall development. So, why do these characters have little stick legs nowadays? It is seriously immersion breaking, especially considering the early gen artwork actually addressed this issue to an extent.
72 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
>So, why do these characters have little stick legs
Because they are 10 years old.
>Well developed calves are one of the hottest things on a girl's body
Yeah but that pic is too much
post a picture of yourself then
Go back to >>>/fa/.
run, you retards.

File: 248.png (156 KB, 475x475)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
This nigger has been OU since gen 2. How the fuck does he do it???
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I'm so fucking glad Gengar was nerfed. People were always bitching over GF pandering to Genwunners but nobody calls out Gengar for it when hes literally one of the most pandered Gen 1 'Mons and he gets away with all of it
pretty much everything about tyranitar is good and you can do quite a few different things with it

The fuck-ton of type weaknesses that it has is honestly a blessing
Steel no longer resists them.
Steel losing its resistance
Knock Off although that doesn't really matter for Ttar
Gigalith does also but its because
>Amazing stats
>Good utility
>STAB Pursuit
>Surprisingly versatile
>Team support via sand storm
>Can also invalidate Leftovers/Focus Sash
Tyranitar has a lot of shit it can do, it really is just a shitton of qualities

I kind of hope SS buffs Hail, and gives Snow Warning to either Walrein or makes a new Ice-type psuedo with Snow Warning

File: dark nigga.png (253 KB, 800x500)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
Darkness Falls Edition

>Official Pokémon Go Updates

>Latest APK

>Frequently Asked Questions

>Server Status


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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normal and shiny only since they are raid-exclusive
is duskull also shiny now?
its been shiny for like two years now anon
Apparently mine piggybacks on it for my area, so I can either have data or texts and it keeps coming and going still. They didn't bother telling customers there was a problem on their website or anything, and the news was just the usual shit so I went out and ended up using NHS wifi to spin a stop.
Okay, does duskull also have an enhanced percent chance to be shiny now?

File: images (3).jpg (36 KB, 764x401)
36 KB
Monolith soft gets to develop next Pokemon main series game
>Your reaction
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>next game runs at sub 30fps and 360p and looks like terrible smeary bullshit
no thanks
Monolith can handle the gameplay
someone however need to do the pokemon assets

do a spinoff if you must
Go back to /v/ eric
This right here, give us ANY of the spinoffs gamefreak is letting die.
I wouldn't give a shirlt

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