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File: 48461845_p0.jpg (1.98 MB, 1800x2000)
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1.98 MB JPG
Post 'Zard
Charmander and Charmeleon are fine too.
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File: 38930217_p0.jpg (1.17 MB, 1400x1500)
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1.17 MB JPG
File: 73964189_p2.jpg (240 KB, 1000x1000)
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cute dragon
File: 1554790215731.jpg (119 KB, 1280x1105)
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119 KB JPG
I want to give Charizard foot rubs
File: 57355547.jpg (106 KB, 960x555)
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106 KB JPG

File: National_Park_HGSS.png (164 KB, 300x264)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
I forgot this even existed. Where is it again?
Due north of Goldenrod.
soulful as fuck

the GSC BGM was better than the remix though

File: 1566407642316.jpg (595 KB, 2048x1370)
595 KB
595 KB JPG
Post your favorite Pokemon and what class they would be
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Acceptable answer.
Chaotic Neutral monk.
neutral evil knight pog
File: fini001.png (873 KB, 1280x1280)
873 KB
873 KB PNG

File: regigigas.gif (1.4 MB, 200x152)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB GIF
Show me your best
File: Magic Bounce.jpg (15 KB, 500x209)
15 KB

The most astounding thing I’ve seen about these games is the performance. No frame rate drops, double battles don’t chug. The absolute worst we’ve seen is slight pop in with the Wild Area.
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did you not see the last trailer it dipped to like 10 FPS
File: asuka disgusted.jpg (53 KB, 556x606)
53 KB
>magenta is on the sword wolf side
>cyan is on the shield wolf side
This is fucking awful. I hate this. Who designed this shit?
Who says that Ganon will be the villain of Breath of the Wild 2?
File: images (1).jpg (8 KB, 222x227)
8 KB
>posts on veep
>thinks they can criticize game design

The watch dogs fiasco didn't happen that long ago, zoomer

File: maxresdefault.jpg (202 KB, 1280x720)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Design an ice-type Pokemon that is top OU but not uber-worthy.

Some ground rules:

-no box legendary BST or absurdly min-maxed stats like Deoxys-A.
-no OP moves unless they make sense (i.e. Quiver Dance is acceptable on an ice/bug type. Not so on an ice/fighting one).
-no OP ability (Huge Power, Wonder Guard and shit). Strong abilities are fine if they thematically make sense.
-signature moves and abilities are fine as long as they're reasonable.
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Freeze isn't any more OP than sleep is.
Yes because it's still immune to 11 types. It would completely wall entire movesets.
>only 50% chance to hit
>the two hits doesn’t make it more accurate, it either misses or hits 1-2 times
It’s just zap cannon with less power and a better status.
Or what about an ice type with a version of wonder guard that shatters after it takes one hit. It could have an hp stat.
A stained glass themed mono ice:
58 HP
82 ATK
45 DEF
135 SPA
73 SPD
137 SPE
Ability: Dazzling
Has access to screens (and Aurora Veil), Taunt, Magic Coat, Recover and an ice version of Eruption/Water Spout. Also has Thunderbolt, Moonblast and Flash Cannon for neutral coverage. Can Volt Switch out of a bad matchup. Also has Frost Breath and Freeze-Dry as alternative second STAB.


Why are they still developing games like they’re made for the 3DS? They really should’ve taken a year out to prep themselves for HD console development, since they’ve had barely any experience. Once again another example of TPC being the main problem plaguing the Pokémon franchise.
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>Which it should.
We already knew this. It was confirmed that Gen 8 would emphasize the handheld mode before we even knew the titles.
Game Freak always said that they want Pokemon to be a game for handheld consoles. We've known this well before Gen 8 was even announced.
actually this thought popped into my head today
at first I was thinking about how bad it would look in handheld mode, then I realized all we've seen is probably handheld mode and there is no docked mode, or at least it isn't like other games where the portable mode is a cut-back docked mode
fuck gamefreak
>they admit this now

File: IMG_20190821_164345.jpg (2.09 MB, 2580x2000)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
Post your current or most recent team and other shity anons shit on your shity taste.
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Can‘t you just straight go to the safari zone after getting the flute? They are not thaaat difficult to catch. Chansey was worse
unown-s (named seinfeld)
In this case, I didn't go to the Safari Zone. I got the Dratini from the game corner. It's much easier.
>Not naming it einfeld

Your reaction when this was revealed
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This and Rolycoly are the only new Pokemon that I like.
Not again
It looks cute but it is so fucking generic as all hell.
The evolution is even worse in my opinion.

This, Rolycoly, and Wooloo are my least favorite Pokemon revealed thus far. So derivative it hurts.
I feel the same way then as I do now, it’s underwhelming. But Eldegoss redeems it.

Let’s roast /vp/. What are your harshest criticisms towards them? What would you call /vp/ out on? Show no mercy!
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The amount of people that instantly ignore all issues with a game because "omg cute girl shown" is absolutely pathetic. It's one thing to be a waifufag, but to be a waifufag that instantly drops their flavor of the week for another flavor of the week is even sadder.
ok tranny
based based based based based based based based based based based based based based based based based based based based based based based
I have a feeling its like one person who spams that shit and everyone else just ignores it

File: 1561732334547.png (47 KB, 650x740)
47 KB
>what vp thinks a good design is
"Just make it bigger and add more repeated details that the first stage has xD"

>what in reality makes and defines a good design
Actually making something that people don't expect, while expanding on the subtler themes of the first stage in a way that makes sense with some connecting secondary theme for an overall more interesting design.
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File: nuzleaf (m).png (982 B, 96x96)
982 B
982 B PNG
This gen 3 is so fucking bland it's my 2nd least favorite gen
>>make it more like an obstacle
Wow, a fatass that's barely able to move! What an obstacle!

>and more believably related to its previous stages
It's a different Pokemon. Fuck off with this meme.
Wtf how did its design change by being unrelated to Linoone? Are you retarded?
because I thought people liked evolutions to previous mons. Why are people suddenly so reluctant to having one?
Nope, it's not. You're just retarded if you think it's just fat. It's not in the humanshape egg group. There's no need for the human legs. It's more an ambiguous animal based monster. You know, like most Pokémon.

>dude, Typhlosion, which these legs most closely resemble of existing Pokémon a badger which this Pokémon also is is totally a dinosaur!

File: 1556340995711.gif (466 KB, 500x368)
466 KB
466 KB GIF
>U-turn is removed in the transition to Gen 8
>Bug is resisted by 2-3 fewer types
>X-Scissor buffed to 90 BP
>Fighting-type move called Tag Out introduced to replace U-turn, can be blocked by Ghosts similarly to Volt Switch
Does the meta improve?
>Change distro on u-turn to just bugs
>Bug resists fairy
Just these two changes would make bug a lot more viable
we or specs sneedle

/vp/, you are in charge of a new pmd game, and you're allowed to put in only one new pokemon (or a returning pokemon from a previous game) as a starter. Who is it?

I'll start

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>(or a returning pokemon from a previous game) as a starter
So what does the starter roster look like without any new additions right now?
ralts :D
Aside from starters, Riolu and Pikachu
Eevee and Meowth for gen1
Togetic and Marill for gen2
Skitty and Bagon for gen3
Shinx and Bunneary for gen4
Zorua and Axew for gen5
Espurr and Helioptile for gen6
Rockruff and Alolan Vulpix for gen7
Morpeko for gen8
Mareep, obviously.


File: snou.jpg (507 KB, 950x1678)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
I seriously hope it'll look like this....
File: snoy.jpg (601 KB, 955x1609)
601 KB
601 KB JPG
....and not like this
Meant Gen 8 btw (Galar)...
the bottom one looks fine though
Not color wise, and even less when it comes to drawing quality
I don't get it, middle looks fine, top looks overly bright and bottom has characters clashing with the background.

This is for the express purpose of decoding the weird symbols and shit inside /ss/.
>symbols are fucking wack
>no good compiled image of all symbol sets was findable, so this shitty screencap is all we get for a thread image
These symbols could hide many different secrets, such as town names, pokemon names, and much more.
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U+1107 HANGUL CHOSEONG PIEUP (U+1107) ᄇ A korean 'p'
It’s Arabic
File: eh.jpg (56 KB, 500x500)
56 KB
U+114C HANGUL CHOSEONG YESIEUNG (U+114C) ᅌ no idea about what this is

Sorry lads, Gamefreak hasn't bothered to come up with coherent alphabet and the symbols are essentially used randomly
If you were able to read Japanese, you'd be fucking thankful Katakana exists instead of just using Hiragana straight through.

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