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File: blck.png (361 KB, 500x960)
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361 KB PNG
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>UB that preys on humans and Pokemon, particularly those that have anxiety and tension. Lusamine says that those parasitized are affected by a strong person. Plus, the poison changes anxiety and tension into happiness and pleasure. She’s not human, and she’s not an Ultra Beast either. She’s the mother that loves and praises all of the Ultra Beasts, Lusamine. Moon and Sun then figure out when she said “mother” that she’s the one Lillie and Gladion has referred to.
Man, she's drunk off the poison pleasure for sure. What's amazing is how fucking fast Nihilego latched on to her, it must have felt all the anxiety Lusamine clearly has inside her and it's like a buffet for it compared to Guzma's inferiority superiority complex.

This is probably why she went from the verge of tears to smiling like she is now. Kinda reminds me of people who do heroine and crack who think they're in control and that they're invincible, which also means Lusamine might undergo some rather severe withdrawl syndromes once this is over, if I recall in the roiginal the woman couldn't even walk or move after being seperated from it and was in a coma for days and only woke up after you become champion.

Oh, and since she's going to Kanto that means the author has the excuse to shill Let's go by introducing Trace, Elaine and Chase along with showing Red, Blue, Yellow, Ethan and Kris again.
I approve of White’s belly button
how is there a thread for this and on /a/?
Why not?
because its relevant to both

File: bullshit.jpg (31 KB, 800x450)
31 KB
Game Freak should remove sexual dimorphism in pokémon from the first generation to the fourth generation. This bullshit like fucking the tail has ruined the appearance of the pokémon.
or just make better ones
>from the first generation to the fourth generation
keep it for the forth, since that's the generation it debuted

File: s-l1600.jpg (318 KB, 1600x730)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
I just finished Omega Ruby and it was easy as fuck (i didn't use legendaries and i turned off the exp share and it was more challenging)

im looking for a new game to play of course harder

(unrelated pic )
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Yeah, HGSS best battles are Blue and Red.
>Z moves
>buffed X-Items
>Roto Boosts
>Poke Pelago features are far more efficient than their previous gen counterparts

Play the stadium games if you want a challenge. all the mainline games are easy without you having to set 20 different arbitrary restrictions to yourself.
Perhaps not using x items nor z moves would be helpful to this. Personally the most i used the pelago for was berries and evo stones
Is Lugia better than HOoh in-game?

File: latest-6.jpg (8 KB, 224x225)
8 KB
So was it possible to catch this motherfucker outside of the japanese version?
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Grazie per avermi rovinato il divertimento stronzi, volevo solo divertire la gente qua come mi divertii io a 8 anni
spaghetti & meatballs
ay Tone, why'd the build swimmin pools for em if they was just gonna whack em?
translation; "Thanks for ruining the fun assholes, I just wanted to entertain people here as I enjoyed myself at 8 years old"
that shit looks so fanmade lmao

File: 1555695308555.jpg (5 KB, 276x183)
5 KB
>This is my son's room. He's a big Pokeemon fa-
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Why have I never heard of this next level autism before?
File: feraligatrmadness.jpg (182 KB, 500x500)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Thats the newest thing I ever heard
This. Chris-Chan has to be one of the most well documented individuals of the 21st century.
File: 1554603904810.jpg (51 KB, 640x640)
51 KB
That's my room

File: _____.png (284 KB, 711x660)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
>gen 7 dex ends and gen 8 dex begins with these designs
Oh no....
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Eh, better than the lead up to Gen 2
>oh man what's the next games going to be like
>a baby ball thing that went SPRRRRRRTTTT all the time
>Pikachu clone
>Pikachu clone
>fat Dumbo
>Slowbro with a new hat
>strange yellow dratini evolution??
File: 807Zeraora.png (160 KB, 565x565)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
>missed the event
The two on top are Gen 7.
Noooooo, really?
Not this again...

Meltan and Melmetal are gen 8, get over it already.

File: NagitoKomaedaDR2.png (120 KB, 350x350)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
Daily reminder that all this despair you feel for the series has a purpose. Its purpose is to act as a stepping stone, tesring down your expectations so that when GF finally releases an amazing entry, you will be filled with so much hope than the despair from before
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Why are you guys feeding into the anti hype? Cant you see that thats what they want? To make you feel like shit
Fuck hope, hope is what causing all this misery. I'll choose despair.
So do I start the Gundham rp now or later? I'm feeling kinda lazy for that today.
Cause thats a great business decision. If it were any other game scaling down majorly in quality people would drop it.
However, people still buy into pokemon even when they compress all of their most rancid shits into the games as tightly as possible. Theyve come to realize this, so now they just sloppily throw together a game and call it good.
And all these faggot fans eat up their games, well accustomed to the taste of shit from eating the developers' collective diarrhea-spewing ass daily.
why are danganronpa fans spergy freaks

Easter Weekend Edition
Post Eevees, bonus points if Easter related
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File: 1485551227428.jpg (74 KB, 960x640)
74 KB
literally me
File: 1470354292845.png (252 KB, 702x949)
252 KB
252 KB PNG

I'm running out of sylveon pics halp
File: 1498854003030.jpg (29 KB, 500x436)
29 KB

See you next week
It's okay anon, we're at image limit now!

Make sure you have more for next time though
>It's okay anon, we're at image limit now!

Lol. What divine providence. See you next week, nonny!

File: hooh-ow.png (154 KB, 504x194)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Virgin Incel Lugia vs Chad Ho-oh
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Please just leave me alone
>be lugia
>get a brand new tower right on the side of the the tower of your bro houoh
>it was even bigger than his
>didnt actually care about it because towers are for faggots and you didnt ask for that
>go live happly in the waterfalls
>sense shit hapening in the other corner of the world
>go there save the day

>be ho-oh
>be a fabulous bitch who loves being adored by the humans
>get to live in a ugly tower with a moving boner inside and love it
>gets mad because the humans made a bigger tower for lugia
>its all silver so reflects the sun in your eye every morning
>didnt want to fly miles away to save the world

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Is there any rivalry between ho-oh and Lugia? Also which one is better in-game for HGSS?

File: 11s.png (223 KB, 449x340)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
When will Game Freak finally do their fucking job and make a Skyrim-like open world MMO Pokemon game on PC with RDR2 graphics and real-time battles?
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I almost always read RDR2 as R2D2 and it makes me smirk every time.
Oh, shit. I know what you're talking about. Best doujin he's made so far.
Assumably because it would have Pokemon in it.
fuck off frogposter
nope, /v/ is the domain of wojaks
he can fuck off to >>>/trash/

File: 1364862262635.png (44 KB, 349x349)
44 KB
You are given a chance to learn just one (1) Pokemon move, the catch is that this move should be the most convenient one to use for your everyday life.

Which move do you choose and how does it make life easier for you?
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File: mmm.jpg (66 KB, 639x649)
66 KB
no I'm the cummy poster!
Quiver Dance
File: lelatyou.jpg (8 KB, 149x131)
8 KB
Your dubs aren't enough faggot, my TRIPS will confirm that I am the cummy poster!!!!
File: smugboister.jpg (3 KB, 125x125)
3 KB
rolling for trips to become cummy poster

chem emmmm
File: Spoiler Image (35 KB, 521x390)
35 KB
I am the cummy poster..

File: 1554054487421.png (847 KB, 1200x1297)
847 KB
847 KB PNG
What's /vp/ like after the release of new generational games?

I miss when those three were shilled as gods.

File: 5246542.png (81 KB, 295x171)
81 KB
Tell me what's wrong with this picture in your own words.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Guacamole nigga penis
the floor
That weird bipedal chinese cartoon cat has a coin glued to it's head and has cock and ball fingers.
dick fingers

File: switch mini fan design.png (339 KB, 744x369)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Why haven't you bought a Switch yet, /vp/?
154 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Still no Prime 4
>Still no Pikmin 4
>Still no Kirby air ride 2
>Still no Psobb hd remake + ep 5 and 6
>Still no New Golden sun
>Still no New Super monkey ball
>Still no New Chibi robo
>Still no Seiken densetsu collection on english
>Still no Wars game on the style of Gbas Advance wars
>Still no Mysterious Murasame castle remake that looks at least like botw
>Still no 3rd Orre pokemon game directed by Yamana, with music by tawada and with miror b on it.
It's not 2005 anymore, just move on already. You need to stop being such a complete nostalgiafag.
>I have honestly never seen a industry insider leak that came true
lurk more
and where were you when Nintendo lied a couple of times for the NX when details came out?
File: sakurai retarded.png (39 KB, 471x157)
39 KB
>Atomic Purple has been unused by Nintendo for 20 years

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