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File: 1484576729725.png (213 KB, 621x398)
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213 KB PNG
gorilla arm dragons
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But what's the point of this thread?
File: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.png (584 KB, 618x479)
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584 KB PNG
this is nice oc
File: 1503855373804.png (16 KB, 288x288)
16 KB
File: 1558547327596.jpg (82 KB, 630x630)
82 KB
What is the fucking point of this thread?

File: 429.gif (80 KB, 71x116)
80 KB
which pokemon would you marry and impregnate?
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>when there is some quarrel or some discussion she will always get her way using pheromones
Truly the best form of love.
floofiest wife
File: 1507428370151.png (906 KB, 1400x1050)
906 KB
906 KB PNG
Would marry but not impregnate
File: D8N8UBHUEAAZy_s.jpg (531 KB, 2398x2747)
531 KB
531 KB JPG
File: 1338312394949.png (500 KB, 800x1040)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
None because that's furry garbage.
I'd be life long best friends with mine though.

File: images (4).jpg (6 KB, 259x194)
6 KB
would a darker pokemon game be cool?
>wild pokemon are more like wild animals, they either run away or attack trainers on sight
>legendaries are seen as forces of nature, things to be truly feared and cause magnitudes of destruction
>no gore or crazy amounts of blood but people do die from pokemon and evil teams are truly evil
>world isn't as explored and due to pokemon a lot of locations are just uninhabitable. lots of places are shrouded in mystery
>pokemon fight in the wild and the trainer can come across things like aggrons and golems fighting over territory
just some ideas
literally all of these things are in Reborn
play some hacks/essentials, that's part of why they're there
Pokemon Reborn.
The game is good but the writing is god awful, so imagining a darker game made by Game Freak would be even worse than Let's Go.
Honestly Colosseum is about the darkest an official Pokemon game has gotten. Or, wait, does it count as a spin-off?
Insurgence is the closest I've found to this without it getting too over the top edgy, The story still kind of takes itself too seriously by the time it ends though.

File: Pokemon League.png (495 KB, 1102x689)
495 KB
495 KB PNG
Post your victory screens boys. I really liked using this team with everyone coming in handy, and even though I didn't plan on using a camerupt he ended up my mvp.
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Global link
what game is this?
File: unknown[1].png (50 KB, 1026x795)
50 KB
I just made it to the second region.
F Magby
He spits fire out every now and then. It's free coverage and pairs really well with edgequake.

File: 1539871039400.png (547 KB, 613x683)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
So what RPG will you put your energy into now that you're not wasting it on Pokemon anymore?
Personally thinking about picking up DQXI, it let's me ride on monsters!
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Well, Shadowbringers comes out Monday for me, gonna focus on that for the time being, then try out Pokemon Insurgence.
Fangames are still good. Calm your dicks.
This line of thinking is exactly why the games suck and will continue to suck for the rest of your life. Find a new hobby.
Pokemon will still get fanart no matter how bad the games get, and what's the harm in checking out something else in the genre?
not even pokemon has most of the pokemon in it anymore.

Can pkhex be used to get infinite items? Rare candy code isn't working in Emerald
Obviously I could give myself the max number but then I'd have to keep going back and forth to add more
Can you give me a mew, bro? Fuck gamefreak I'm not giving them my shekels.

*NEWSFLASH* Complaining about how ugly the box art legendaries isn’t going to make a difference. Just saying.
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What do you think these guys are based on?
Wtf I thought magic existed in this realm
You are a faggot. Just saying.
Joke's on them, I love the new box Legends. Zacian a cute.
This comment is just as pointless as complaining about the designs

File: P5o7RZq.png (541 KB, 1022x594)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
>fun pokemon to use
>memorable characters
>challenging battles
>complex dungeons
>high quality soundtrack
>even some clever jokes among the memes

I had lots of fun playing this game, it has more soul and passion put into it than any of the nu-pokemon gen6, gen7 and gen8 games. I highly recommend you play it if you haven't already. I want to thank the developers for giving me this experience for free. But at the same time, hurry up and release the fucking update already.
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>If you don't like me shilling my game, maybe you'll like me shilling my music
That's not how it works retard
Judging by your posts in the thread you're a shit person and since you don't like it you've disproved yourself
>not ground type
one job again.
>i don't laugh at things
we noticed sperg lord

File: FNkJixM.jpg (30 KB, 500x422)
30 KB
Fusion thread.
What are your favorite fusion fakemons?
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File: 29824804_p0.jpg (107 KB, 553x553)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
File: 58110486_p0.jpg (814 KB, 1600x1000)
814 KB
814 KB JPG
File: D9uI_BUWsAAeGr7.png (28 KB, 571x661)
28 KB
I fell in love with this skeevy fucker the other day. Wish there was art of it.
File: Darkbas.png (4 KB, 288x288)
4 KB

Festival of Champions is raw as fuck
both the fandom and the creators have been making blue more of a wuss over the years, it's good to see him back at his roots.

File: Nintendosurvey.png (257 KB, 586x802)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
Nintendo of Europe was sending European Nintendo Switch owners e-mails this morning (presumably people who wishlisted SwSh) with a link to a survey about SwSh, asking people what they think of the game so far and allowing people to say what they don't like about SwSh at the end.

Is Nintendo reacting to the outcry?
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these "surveys" from western branches of the company mean absolutely nothing at all. the people actually making the decisions are japanese, not european, and it's doubtful they'll even see the results of this crap.
i'm saying this as an atlus fan who has to put up with port-beggars getting hyped for useless surveys from atlus usa every year.
Anything is better than whatever fucking battle system Pokémon Go's tap fast to win like an autistic kid is.
I'd totally be down for action RPG combat. But turn-based combat also has its place, it's just that when it's 1 vs 1 it doesn't work well.
Japanese Nintendo has sent out these surveys to Japanese people as well. Nintendo NA is the only one who hasn't sent these out yet for whatever fucking reason.
>Turn-based shit is outdated
no, you're just a zoomer.
>and lacks true interaction.
turn-based is the perfect level of interaction for pokemon. you have to remember that you're not playing as the pokemon during battle, you're playing as the trainer giving orders to the pokemon.
the only other way to make this work would be to use the battle system from digimon world 1 or the first three yo-kai watch games, but zoomers would bitch even harder because they're less "interactive."
Still works in some of today’s most popular games. Persona 5, the new Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem, Wargroove, Valkyria Chronicles, etc

>Lacks true interaction
How else would you like to command your Pokemon? You’re not one of those idiots who wants to play as their Pokemon in a main game are you? This isn’t Mystery Dungeon. You’re a trainer not a Pokémon. Your Pokémon just do what you tell them to do. There really doesn’t need to be any more “interaction” than that outside of the occasional petting and feeding mini game.

File: mjAbVtR.jpg (172 KB, 900x885)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
I'm craving for seeing the full range of GF's incompetence one more time.

File: Basic_Nuzlocke_rules.png (221 KB, 1000x415)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Back to the Basics Edition

>What is a Nuzlocke?
Nuzlockes have three rules - 1) First encounter in an area is your only capture, faint or don't like it? tough shit 2) If a Pokémon faints, it's permaboxed or released. 3) Nickname every Pokémon. Other rules can be added - most people, for instance, play with a dupes clause to prevent having a team of five Zigzagoon. More info on additional rules and variants below.

>Is [insert thing here] acceptable?
You can do whatever you want. As long as it follows the three rules, it's a Nuzlocke. Feel free to add additional challenge if you want. It's your game.

>Is [game/romhack] hard?
Probably. There's a ranking list of mainline games below. Most romhacks will be as hard or (likely) harder than that, some are borderline impossible.

>Nuzlocke info
>Nuzlocke generator

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: mfw.png (6 KB, 57x44)
6 KB
mfw i dont have a mon that knows fly so i have to go through twist mountain again
Diamond Completed. Cynthia can suck a fat nut. Garchomp was huge problem, and I was lucky it used Brick Break and not Earthquake on Penguin. Losing Riddler at the end is really saddening, he was probably the MVP of this run.
no joke when I was a teenager playing Diamond for the first time I also named my Dialga Joker, grats on your win!
I'm a bit burnt out now. Finished 11 of the 12 in the last month. Going to take a break and play some other things before starting Pearl.
Slowly making my way through Unova. Village Bridge is max comf. I love how in gen 5 you can add different parts to the music by speaking to npcs. Had a few close calls since Reversal Mountain, but I'm still cruising along.

File: 1561428054421.jpg (3.7 MB, 2984x3888)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB JPG
What happened to Pokemon's soul?
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I agree, Kalos ruined everything
the card game was great until the end of the EX series
it didn't exist yet in gens 1 or 2. it was there during gens 3, 4 and 5. and then it vanished with gen 6.
I never even realized these had full art.Where can I find more like it?
these are fan painted cards

File: download (10).png (24 KB, 483x96)
24 KB
Turn in your trainer card and wr'll tell if you if you qualify

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File: trainercard-Free Z..png (67 KB, 245x171)
67 KB
Oh shit am I late?
File: index.png (25 KB, 483x96)
25 KB

Put me in coach I'm ready

Good fuckin theme
File: trainercard-Fred.png (47 KB, 245x171)
47 KB
Am I in?
File: trainercard-Anon.png (27 KB, 245x171)
27 KB
There should be one of these that allows for more than 6 mons

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