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>that Dream World art
More like Downsaur.

File: arbok.gif (1.65 MB, 500x281)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB GIF
Coil raises Speed instead of Accuracy now, i.e. it's a physical Quiver Dance equivalent. Is my bro Arbok finally good?
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The accuracy boost is neat though, it makes Gunk Shot more reliable.
I'd get rid of the defense boost instead.
>imagine getting rekt by a pokemon like Arbok when you are a fully evolved starter

Also yeah need sauce of the episode pls
Accomplishes nothing except making Zygarde unbearably broken, good job.
Read the thread it's >>37190465

File: 7678656.png (137 KB, 320x240)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
*Special* Pikachu
*Special* OP

File: 1518545169795.png (819 KB, 1032x579)
819 KB
819 KB PNG
Justify this expression.
dumb memeface anime
justify watching a children's commercial when you're a grown ass adult
She ate some shroomish

Previous thread: >>37082762

Blue Rescue Team, Explorers of Sky, Adventure Squad (Wiiware, Japanese only), a DS emulator and custom portraits for EoS

Super and Gates to Infinity
Check >>>/vg/hbg/ to learn how to install 3DS games

EoS/RT Music

Anime and manga adaptations

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yes using the menu that comes up when you talk to a pokemon.
>feed gummi via menu to recruit
>guaranteed statup

the game even hints at this man
so, have you watched them?
>"sorry this is exclusive for you and your partner"

You mean in Red/Blue? The only time your team is restricted is in the fugitive event, otherwise you can take whatever whenever. I remember fighting Rayquaza and Groudon with like Beldums and shit.

But also yea having to reform the team after every dungeon will become more annoying than it's worth. Past the credits yo should just solo everything and only take partners if you need an HM slave for it.
Oh yeah, I forgot that existed

File: Starterz.png (277 KB, 597x495)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
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File: images.jpg (5 KB, 264x191)
5 KB
Finally some starters that look marketable.
These are quality compared to most but there's a few issues like the size difference between the final forms, the fact that there are not 1, not 2 but 3 herbivores, the rabbits final form has a hidden face which reduces relatability, the second fire form looks rushed, the grass starter final is over sexualized. You got a lot of other things right. Unsure about the silhouettes as well. The names are not good but nobody ever fetches good memorable nomenclature when designing fakemon. You might have a concept job one day keep it up. Also the carrots are awkward and confusing on a fire type (is it grass? Why do the ears fall off and become weapons? Etc)
Disgusting gay shit.
Designer here. Thanks for the feedback.

I've been reworking these concepts over and over for the last 2 years and I don't think there's much else I can personally do to the designs without starting to loose the central concept of each. So far as I'm aware these are the best I can do at the moment. But I understand most of the complaints here, and I'm listening. But at the moment I'm not interested iin reworking anything, I'm pleased, and I think some others are too.

But hey, I was never good at naming things. Lol If you want to pitch better names I'm all ears.

As far the ears on the first stage, they're supposed to resemble carrots and sparklers simultaneously.

How busted would this be? Could this last in OU?
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>Any offensive Electric type being in OU as long as Koko is around, that also doesn't fill a very specific niche like Magnezone

Good one, OP. It'd be RUBL at most.
>Volt tackle

Also scarf pokémon need to excel at doing something to justify locking yourself out of moves.
File: faba_the_jew.png (74 KB, 166x216)
74 KB
Quagsire is on every tier like Gastrodon, and yet walks a ton of pokémon. Blame Smogon for being this autistic and letting a single pokemon threat every tier. It's all Smogon's agenda.
>slightly stronger Nidoking with worse coverage
BL3 at best. Electivire is still way too slow and fragile to take on most Pokémon, let alone the powerful threats of OU. Not to mention that Sheer Force doesn't help it at all when its learnset is smaller than a old man's cock and Electivire is a mono Electric type, meaning it can't get helpful STAB with the new moves you gave it.

Good lord this board is dead lately. Let’s go didn’t have any content to talk about for more than a few minutes after release and gen 8 news is likely still a few months away.
[spoilers] would be great if someone posted leaks riiiight.....NOW [/spoilers]

Anyways. Can we discuss our favorite hype moments to keep some smidgen of excitement alive. My personal favorite was balliofags getting btfo
Cock. Spoilered wrong. No leaks for us.
Way to spoil a spoiler you fucking melt

File: kevin-visco-jigglypuff.jpg (284 KB, 1920x2226)
284 KB
284 KB JPG

File: relief.jpg (20 KB, 578x577)
20 KB

Guess which platform just got another update.
You seriously think Gen 8 isn't coming to 3DS?
Mark my words, it's happening and you can't stop it.
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stop being a third worlder, third worlder
>LGBTards actually believe this
god if i could find you I'd cut you slowly.
>falling for an obvious bait shitpost
the fuck's wrong with you
Imagine if all of this shit was patched in.
It'd be shit tbqh

>its been 8 years since the last pokemon game was released
File: 1544208701090.jpg (26 KB, 443x453)
26 KB
I can't believe it's been about 19 years since the last Pokémon game. What ever happened to Game Freak?
It's only been 5 years but still.
What the fuck is pokemon?
File: 91f.jpg (27 KB, 550x366)
27 KB
>gen 3 was 15 years ago
What are you talking about? Digimon Hackers Memory came out last year.

File: PikaVee rematches fixed.png (1.65 MB, 1579x2370)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
>Trace never evolves his starter
>pokemon unrelated to Kanto are still unavailable but evolutions of Kanto's pokemon introduced later are a thing
>a few changes for Rockets' teams
I fixed this bullshit
File: PikaVee rematches fixed j.png (1.65 MB, 1579x2370)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
also Jolteon version
Honestly what needs to be fixed is Green's team. Clefable and Blastoise make sense, but I feel she should have Ditto, Nidoqueen, Scyther/Scizor and Aerodactyl

File: tired bugs bunny.png (100 KB, 342x245)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Post >yfw Gen 8 takes place in Kanto
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File: 1541991492061.jpg (22 KB, 391x397)
22 KB
File: flat,550x550,075,f.jpg (31 KB, 550x550)
31 KB
File: laughing bat.jpg (44 KB, 553x579)
44 KB
Yes because sinnoh is better than kanto.
Are you really comparing a region with poor lore and mostly centered on a single legendary with ridicolous villains and region with an illogical and pathetic level design with a lot of trainers with O N E fucking pokémon everytime, and we already played it 5 times; and a region with a good lore which talks about the origin of the world, gods and good shits, and it's not only about one or two legendaries, but more of them, and there is lore even for one non-legendary pokémon, the villains are credible and Cyrus is well-written, the region is amazing with different biomes and a good level design with no bullshits like "hurr durr i need a tea and i will let you pass", or for going into other 2 routes you need to pass through a home which is vandalized by the evil team.

File: Capture.png (373 KB, 632x366)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
Thinking about buying a 3ds again and playing through Omega Ruby, X or Y, and Ultra sun or moon.
Is it worth it for 83 for a 3ds and pokemon Y?

File: vanilla.jpg (127 KB, 441x312)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
ITT: Anti-genwun Pokemon that burn the eyes of normalfags like holy water burns vampires.
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tee hee boys, i'm ugly
stop telling me i'm cute and beautiful haha i don't want attention
Ice cream is dumb
Garbage pokemon is based though
File: XIfUxM8.png (211 KB, 1294x1394)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
Normies unironically hate the Honedge line because >lolobjectmon

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