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File: Furbait.png (299 KB, 721x739)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
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After Salazzle they could add a vibrating coneshell that shoots white sea foam out of its tip and I wouldn't be surprised now.
I want a starter with a secondary typing we've yet to have on one yet.

Namely bug
Having more than subtle differences a bad idea, but they'll never do it regardless. Starters are meant to be face of the generation, splitting fans of the same starter would be just dumb.
File: 20181106_093850~2.jpg (1.63 MB, 3986x2962)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
OA here. Just wanted to clear up some confusion regarding the grass one. It was never meant to have a defined ass. Pic related is the originsl concept art dating back 3 months ago before I even started shilling this artwork. It was meant to have a body shape similar to Lopunnys. The artist who I commissioned it from "added" the defined clefts. It's also probably lools like an actual ass because of the angle not because it actually has one.
Still doesn't excuse other criticisms though.

Can post original image with dated tag if you really don't believe me.

File: 1531726062407.gif (3 MB, 500x281)
3 MB
Do you like James' Mareanie?
Yes and They make great couple.
Never seen a SM episode but James' mons are usually based. Cacnea, Chimecho, Carnivine, and Mr. Mime were great. Weezing and Inkay were okay. Never watched BW so don't know what he had in Unova.
File: 1535402323861.jpg (238 KB, 750x2079)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Don't worry, they were forgettable as fuck

File: JVK4ZR1g_400x400.jpg (45 KB, 384x384)
45 KB
>Pokemon legendary are male and female
>Trio legendary: Lancelot, Persival, Gawain
>Plot changes according to protagonist's gender
>Starter: references to the Round Table
>Region unknown with many references (they practically take various pieces of existing countries and unite them together)
>Lega is different
>Adventure is different
>Openworld like SM, but more expanded
>There are no rivals
>Openworld like SM, but more expanded

I didnt know SM was open world.
fake and gay
File: saber take it easy.gif (20 KB, 100x100)
20 KB
this is now a fate thread. lets discuss how the only good thin in fate is ayako kawasumi.
File: 1443161254347.png (16 KB, 480x480)
16 KB

File: 8wn9iX0.jpg (87 KB, 850x1200)
87 KB
A) Pouty Lillie
B) Pouting Lillie
C) Lillie pout?
I'm not an english speaker, help me out 4channelers!
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File: 1476454217038.png (222 KB, 600x564)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
Alright, mister, that's enough!
I know it's Friday, but you really should be getting to bed soon, anon.
Why is her pout so adorable? I just want to pat her head!
Now look here! I said! In! The! Bag!
Who hurt you? Your uncle?

File: jpg.jpg (32 KB, 640x353)
32 KB
>i-it's f-fake!
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What a rushed game actually looks like
>buggy, lacking polish, sub par graphics, short development time

What /vp/ retards think a rushed game looks like
>buggy, lacking polish, sub par graphics
so post-bw2 pokémon
File: 737272.jpg (32 KB, 644x364)
32 KB
If this was a clever attempt at a gotcha then you've failed spectacularly.
This person understands. It's not that hard to get.
XY lacked some polish with visuals, apart from that, no
lumiose city had a glitch that needed to be patched
Framerate would dip in battles
There were better looking 3ds games released much earlier

File: pokemongoldandoslver.jpg (535 KB, 1813x854)
535 KB
535 KB JPG

admit you cry
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Nah, but like >>37639993 I am fairly impressed by it.

Don't know if it's on YouTube but I feel like with time they've got a decent future ahead of them in animation.
admit you cry

seriously man how could you possibly think this deviantart cringefest is ANY good?

I’m no bitter ass you’re just a fucking dimwit
I wish that were me

File: Title V2.png (8 KB, 384x216)
8 KB
So now that /vp/ isn't exploding with the is it real or not talk, discuss what's actually in the zip. Or Spaceworld, whatever floats your boat.

>Zip with the stuff (backsprites, evolutions, moves, maps, cries, titlescreen)

>Old links
Beta ROM Download: https://tcrf.net/Proto:Pok%C3%A9mon_Gold_and_Silver
Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B5epMdm1Wcvh33qFABpw-SO76uZt6WNSl0UsD5yq_dI/edit?usp=sharing
all beta sprites download: https://ufile.io/kvbmv
Channel: irc.badnik.zone #pokedemo
Rom patcher: https://mega.nz/#!HNYDxD5b!SNyX1RP7n0QYwNDTfPQTVFxf9adPTRblWASTNGstTtE
Newest Update + Proof: https://iimarckus.org/spaceworld/
G/S Prototype Public Disassembly: https://github.com/pret/pokegold-spaceworld
The Official Twitter of The Team Translating and Researching The Prototypes: https://twitter.com/teamspaceworld
Gold Encounters: https://pastebin.com/bpws67Sw

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Even if Erika being a Ghost leader sounds like a stretch I doubt her kimono being worn backwards (the way corpses wear them) was a mistake. Surely the designers would have known how yukatas are normally worn. Not to mention that they changed it to the normal style in Yellow, indicating that somebody knew it was incongruous. The only other sprites changed in Yelloe were Brock and Misty to their anime designs, whereas Erika's yellow sprite doesn't match her anime appearance at all.
Don't think I've seen anyone specifically theorize why her eyes are closed in her sprite.
It's so it can speak to Jirachi from the alternate dimension it was used in.
Y-yeah, w-well... that post didn't specifically use the words "her eyes are closed because she's channeling or connecting with spirits in some way or is doing a ritual of some kind"... u-uh... fuck Masuda

File: hau.png (66 KB, 170x496)
66 KB
What is your ideal rival like, /vp/?
Include team info.
A rich girl that bully me and sit on my face when I lose to her.
Give her Tsareena, Jellicent, Ninetales, Honchkrow, Froslass, and Mega Lopunny.

File: caravaggio.png (225 KB, 476x408)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
The people we fount the last few threads are dead ends. Don't bother with them.

You should look in Japanese circles first and foremost, although it would help if you know Japanese first.

It might take a few years, be warned.

That Guy probably isn't going to come back, at least not in the forseeable future. Waving money around isn't likely to coax him out of wherever he went.

Nob is /ourguy/, but he isn't our guy.

We'd have to throw around serious cash to get it in our hands, and one of us might have to infiltrate the collector sphere for a damn long time to even catch a glimpse of it.

Since V2 had the wrong tiles but the map data was there, it's very likely there is indeed a ROM chained up in someone's collection somewhere.
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it could be a woman leaker
V2? There's a V2? What happened now?
Can someone offer me a sum-up of what's happening here?
File: Vermillion City V2.png (26 KB, 640x576)
26 KB
Assets came from various different builds. Some came from a very early build in the Capsule Monsters days, and some came from later on once it was turned into Pocket Monsters (but likely before the version split, since the SGB border and Title V2 make no mention of Red or Green version). These are differentiated in the zip as "V1" and "V2". V1 maps look roughly normal, different but not corrupted-looking, but V2 maps look like this.

There also are early Blue and Yellow versions in the guy's possession.
True, but then the leaker would prefer we call her a guy because it means she'd be further removed from the public perception of her.
>Feb. 16 we get confirmation that some PM assets (and almost certainly code) from before 1995 were still in existence in the hands of collectors in the form of a nuclear bombshell ZIP file that was sat on for months.
>The hunt is on.
>Maybe it's Nob, the guy who translated Blue?
>No, he translated using a copy of the finished product he bought.
>Old BBS forums and Geocities websites could have been helpful but weren't. There might be some treasure trove on a BBS somewhere, but it could be lost to time for all we know.
>Maybe it's this Dutch former Nintendo employee or the dude he sold it to?
>Nah, good idea and the website they belong to could be useful in the future but it's not them.
>German Pokémon Silver publicity demo gets dumped and released in the meantime.
>Looking through all the protosphere is going to be tedious but it's worth it if we find PM.
>A guy reveals hirespokemon steals their upscales.
>Rachel Briggs and co. find out we're looking for PM prototypes and mock us in TCRF Discord, strengthening the resolve.
>Proto Hunting Part 5 becomes /pbg/ before I made /pbg/ #26 or so.
>You are here.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: HOEEEEN.jpg (60 KB, 583x771)
60 KB
The reveal is getting closer.
Direct announced on the 26th and taking place on the 27th.
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File: 1541293969622.png (83 KB, 669x570)
83 KB
Like their games
Gen 8 is a Kanto remaster with all the places from the anime added in
this god forsaken board will collapse if that happens
People are making a huge deal out of this... Jesus Christ. It's most likely nothing, something small or a Detective Pikachu trailer. If there IS a reveal coming on the 27th, then we should know a few days before hand via Pokémon's or Nintendo's Twitter account.

File: Cynthia_portrait.png (48 KB, 200x195)
48 KB
tell me which pokegirl has the best feet
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File: Bonnie_swimsuit.png (1.5 MB, 1069x1280)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
depends on the artist.
File: 1104568547754.jpg (639 KB, 3000x4000)
639 KB
639 KB JPG
Your waifu
got the full art?

File: D0B79TuVYAAHcVT.jpg (413 KB, 2894x2894)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
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File: smug phox.jpg (209 KB, 1251x1280)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
You lie.

now we’re talking.
needs a hole in the mask for blowjobs
File: 1550175825059.gif (948 KB, 500x257)
948 KB
948 KB GIF

File: 7HchZqwtm54hntESy6Dxbj.jpg (382 KB, 1280x720)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
So what leakers who have legit been correct 99% of the time have said anything about generation 8?

There's so many literally who's on Twitter I dunno who to take seriously?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
king zell on resetera.

That's it. None of the twitter faggots are trustworthy.
Based zellfriend
What rumors were there besides we might be hearing shit on pokemon day?
>What rumors were there besides we might be hearing shit on pokemon day?
From the reliable people? Actually nothing besides an announcement window. Just assume all the 'leaks' spewing region names, starters, gimmicks, and all that shit is fake.
Chinese Riddler might have hinted at the starters.
Although all I really remember is Fire starter = Minotaur.

File: Exeggutor.jpg (44 KB, 360x396)
44 KB
why did they make this fag so powerfull ? why is he a psychic type ? he is literally a tree
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's strong starter substitute along with Arcanine and Cloyster which are stone evolution. This is why Blue uses it. For some reason Gyarados replaces Cloyster.
I never understood the appeal of Exeggutor.
It's just a palm tree with dumb looking faces.
It looks stupid and it's typing is equally stupid.
>bunch of eggs with psychic powers for no reason become a palm tree for no reason
Its a coconut palm tree, the faces are coconuts. The eggs are akin to seeds, if you look at seeds they are just eggs for plants complete with yolks. As for the psychic aspect, who knows. Why are mice electric? Why would a tortoise have metal cannons coming out of its shell? Why would a horse be on fire? Why would a fat fucking thing sleep in the middle of a road? Why would a giant have a jew nose? Why would a fire cat be a wrestler?
It’s a yokai pokemon. Remember that psychic was also kind of the “mysterious” type, so a tree yokai being grass/psychic makes perfect sense.
It may be yokai. But its also based off if a coconut palm.

Buy a 3ds and sun now or wait for new release? Or some older 3ds pkmn game?
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pls be joking. they wont move the mainline games to the fucking switch right?
Already announced for the next gen. Its the switch from here on out.
Ohh, yikes. Fucking robot. Go dip your balls in your dads mouth and punch him in the throat, double nigger.
u mad lel
U mad, lel, hahah. You cant think of anything for yourself. Regurgitate some more quips from the hive mind for me. Your making my dick wet

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