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How the fuck does this thing evolve? I've fulfilled the HP requirement and have taken it under the arch but it isn't working. Is there some other requirement too?
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is there some kind of logic or lore behind the evolution requirements? like how the method for finding Spiritomb in D/P/Pt was a reference to a number of spirits or something?
*Huff Huff huff*
*HUFF Huff Huff*
Well, that's what worked for me
It has to sustain damage while in your party.
I tried taking a freshly caught one with only a bit of HP left there and it didn't evolve.
So I healed it, let it get beaten up by a Noibat, and then brought it back and it worked.
Some of them, yes. Malamar's features are inverted from Inkay's, and the spin for Alcremie is literally making whipped cream. There is no lore justifying Runerigus, though.

File: EJnHoQGX0AQSLuv.jpg (272 KB, 2000x1288)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
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I agree with you that there's definitely someone incompetent at some level of Game Freak. The games being stale in many areas is one thing, but there are a bunch of bizarre decisions, like removing the EXP Share toggle, locking audio options behind an item you get from an optional NPC, still not letting you skip cutscenes in TYOOL 2019, etc, that can't be explained with anything except incompetence, laziness, or stupidity.
The sad thing is, the fact that people will buy Pokemon no matter what should mean they have all the opportunity in the world to experiment and try new things. And yet, because there needs to be constant growth in profits, and because GF no longer sees their games as anything more than a small slice of their merchandise pie, the only changes they'll even consider are those that will give them a direct and guaranteed increase in profits; that pretty much consists only of penny-pinching and ways to reduce development costs, aka effort.
One thing I forgot to mention in my last post was that Nintendo was actually willing to delay the game, to add new features, no less, which GF would never consider because they need the Pokemon brand to be omnipresent in your mind.
>spanish dub
Who tf is that guy with Mexico's flag? For me the real and only Ash Ketchum's latinamerican voice is Gabo Ramos
I also mean straight up incompetence in programming and art. I don't wanna bring up "the tree", but there is no reason is should look that shit, and they just copy pasted that one tree everywhere too. There's a lot of little bugs and poor optimization in general.

And why the fuck is the budget for the games 20 million? They make like 700 million on the games alone each gen, and like you said, that's only a fraction of their merch-empire money. Why on earth would they not invest 100 to 200 million to make the games fucking glorious and increase their merch sales even more?
100 is a AAA game, 200 could make the most polished games on the planet.
Oh yeah baby.. freeing Hong Kong intensifies.

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You mean the credits that say Nakatsui was the Pokemon/Character design lead? And that JT was the Art Director and one of the Pokemon designers? Which is exactly what I said?
>Yes, he is the art director.
>Yes, he is a Pokemon designer
Yep. So OP lied and you're a faggot.
>So he assigned Nakatsui to oversee the Pokemon designs.
Which means he had to oversee Nakatsui's choices as well. Do you not know how compartmentalization and workforce team hierarchies work?
I’m convinced GF’s employees purposefully sacked this game to give their gaijin a bad name and turn him into the undesirable of the workplave
gamefreak designers are so fucking stupid they can't even get the credits right and we can't fucking tell who did what
good job, gamefreak!

File: 1574051727372.jpg (387 KB, 1080x1176)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
Remember that the Pokemon appearing in the overworld was made in less a year because of legpiss

The comfy safari zon- I mean wild aera would be an empty bitch where you would still need to search grass to get random pokemons
>still seething
LGPE's overworld mons were horrible
and yet they were still better than random encounters
The point is that everybody suck the dick of SwSh safari zone when Masucuck didn't have any fucking idea in the first place and the whole game would have been Pokemon but without the content

Now everytime the shills will bring their so beloved wild aera, they secretly sucki'g LGPE cock

File: 1492968348705.jpg (33 KB, 464x387)
33 KB
This is Showderp, where one anon volunteers to be champ, and everyone else gives champ six pungent odors to sniff. When champ passes out, we either brew six new aromas, or a new champ takes their place.

>brap barn

>smart feller
cute furret !i4hmOaXrm

>last night's curry
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suggester here make evs and ivs on def spdef and hp 0
hellfrog (USUM OU)
>- Pokemon Trainer (Snorlax)'s move Hold Back is not available in generation 8.
Replaced with Facade

File: oleana.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Worst fucking evil team yet.
>you get some foreshadowing throughout the game, like the explosions in Hammerlocke
>and Leon taking down a Dynamax'd Perrzerker
>but aside from that everything else goes fine up 'til the literal eleventh hour, right before the Champion fight, and that's when it's all dumped on you
>have to put that on halt for a good twenty minutes just to find some chucklefuck in the big ass city (ended up overcomplicating it and looking ALL OVER the city)
>you fight one grunt three times
>then you go to the tower, all while this cheerful, peppy, upbeat music is playing
>the male grunts have an alright intro animation though, with the finger wag
>three double battles
>then Oleana who's fucking berserk for some reason?
>then she has the gall to ask you for help in Hammerlocke
>fight Rose, whose only motivation is just "uh a thousand years from now lol"
>he couldn't have fucking waited 'til after the Champion fight, he couldn't have found any other means to achieve his ends without causing the end of the fucking world
>which would be fine and all if he had a fucking reason, but he doesn't
>after you beat him that's literally it, he turns himself in and you don't see that wrapped up

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>the literal eleventh hour
Still better than Lysandre who's only plot point was "I Like Beauty. I'm Gonna Make A New World." Why? Because... reasons.

At least they made a genuine point to lampshade the fact Rose wanted validation/to be seen as the dude who "ensured Galar's future". Leon even points out he could wait a DAY and he doesn't, because he's a narcissistic asshole.

/vp/ help me decide which pokes should be on my team: galarian rapidash, cursola, or haxorus. I can take two and truly cannot decide who is getting boxed.
Give the rest of your team
I'd say Rapidash and Haxorus just for coverage purposes unless you're doing some trick room shenanigans then maybe cursola over hax

I just beat the champion, what’s left to do?
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Selling the game.
Buy all the clothes and get the other fossil pokemon. That's what I'm doing.
Wait till the game deletes all your saves
Alright so straight up there’s these two faggots with weird hair. Are they interesting at all?

File: why.png (409 KB, 602x681)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
sucks that megas are gone, wish I coulda seen these lads mega evolve...
Seriously! A Mega-Feraligatr and a Mega-Infernape would have been the shit. They would have definitely been at least OU. Feraligatr could have kept Sheer Force, but I would have rather seen it get something like Adaptability while picking up the Dragon-type. As for Infernape, just the stat boost itself would have made it great.

Just thinking about it makes me want to fiddle with my dick.
Neck yourself. They ruined my Hoenn and Kanto bros outside of Venusaur
>Gamefreak: Who?

File: nuzgen2.png (129 KB, 650x650)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
Did SWSH shitposting finally kill nuzgen
Let's try a weekend thread shall we

>Nuzlocke info
>Nuzlocke generator
>Links to official games
>Romhack links
>Emulator info
>Difficulty list

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Going to finally start that HG run tonight, even though I'm trading my starter out I'm still rolling to determine the rival's pokemon.
1-3: fire
4-6: grass
7-9: water
0: free pick
File: Sun Route 1 Fixed.png (3.38 MB, 2719x1654)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG
and here's what I got as a stopgap
curious to see if this will last long
I love your Luvdisc, we share the same name
Beat shield normally so wanting to do a nuzlocke now...First response names my Scorbunny (male and female names because I havent gotten it yet)

File: 1468477876056.gif (719 KB, 500x375)
719 KB
719 KB GIF
Previous Thread: >>41305084

Anyone playing pre gen 6 games is welcome! Exchange friend codes, give each other tips, or just enjoy playing your favorite game with other like-minded people.

>Poké Classic Network: Private server for Gen IV & V

>Tutorial: How to get legit Even Pokémon in Gen IV & V (+ general WFC setup)
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This. All I generally see in the pokemon fandom as a whole is talking about the 6-8th gen games, which I've never really cared for, so seeing a general pop up for the older stuff is a welcoming sight.
I enjoyed XY too, and lament what it could have been if we had gotten a Z version like it deserved.
But me neither, Gen 7 burnt me hard. I'm way more critical than ever with the new games.
File: 1573442659336.jpg (264 KB, 650x595)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
I'd also recommend HGSS. There's some debate about whether Gen V, Pt, or HGSS are the best entries in the series, but they're all definitely up there and my vote is for HGSS even though Pt was my first major game and I loved it. It's got amazing nonlinear routes to explore, gorgeous scenery (see >>41305084 ), 2 whole regions, daily things to do like berries and the radio, swarms, etc...

Glad you're enjoying it! I wasn't sure if there would be enough interest to keep the threads alive, but it's cool to see people having fun talking about something here for once
The secret base mechanic in Gen 3 was my all time favorite. I love Gen 4 but the underground felt really underwhelming and kinda boring compared to the varied options for secret bases in Hoenn.

That said, Anyone playing gen 3/4 got cool secret base screenshots to share? I regret nowadays that I didn't spend enough time on those little customizable rooms when I was a kid, because I really wish they'd still be around.
will do, anon! there was no "_____ edition" in the OP because I forgot.
also, good job on starting the first thread. here's hoping these generals stick around.

File: maxraidbattles.jpg (37 KB, 640x360)
37 KB
Post your mons

Eternatus @ Life Orb
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 whatever
Modest Nature
- Dynamax Cannon
- Flamethrower
- Flash Cannon
- Whatever

Just had a gold moxie gyarados escape my dive ball feelsbadmon.jpg
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I've been resetting this raid for a HA snom for like 4 hours now. what am I doing wrong? I thought the rate was like 25%.
You have to do all of them before they reset.
so annoying. fucking magikarps and quillfish spamming water moves to heal seismitoad
Isn't the HA already decided by the time the den spawns?
Is it? I don't know.

is he okay?
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With gyms being placed by rank, he's the second strongest out of the entire region. He probably could have fucked up dragonfag if he bothered dynamaxing but is too much of a proud chad to do it.
Based shota showing crack addicts whats what
Second strongest gym leader without Dynamax.
Imagine a 20 year old getting bullied by a 10 year old for being a retard.
I'm glad he got to retire!
At least now he can rock n' roll now!
Hope he'll be happy

File: Marnie expectations.png (349 KB, 1106x1240)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
Post em
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File: 1572998276975.gif (136 KB, 572x451)
136 KB
136 KB GIF
File: watigot.png (608 KB, 1000x874)
608 KB
608 KB PNG
File: file.png (316 KB, 1000x874)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
Pretty much.
someone post the duraludon one
File: eiscue.png (748 KB, 1000x1200)
748 KB
748 KB PNG

File: 1570227684134.png (625 KB, 1095x1490)
625 KB
625 KB PNG
Is it true that hidden abilities cannot be passed down through breeding in SWSH?
Sad if true bump
Mmm Bea pitpussy
i've seen a lot of people say that you can only get HAs by gigantimax raids

can't check myself because i refuse to buy the game

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