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File: 1541619525910.png (911 KB, 788x1700)
911 KB
911 KB PNG
>nobody even talking about lgpe anymore
it's thay bad, huh?
anyone got this one updated?
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File: 1535010946515.gif (20 KB, 150x160)
20 KB
the most funny is that the new movie is confirmed to have a new mewtwo form
Lots of people still love and play the game daily anon. PLGEP is a fun and comfy ride.
because it's the worst switch game, garbage graphics, garbage gameplay garbage content, the same shit region etc..
No one cares that you’re a picky bitter insufferable twat. Go bitch to your mommy.

File: 1527024099708.png (517 KB, 769x800)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
Lillie is getting married!
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File: 1534241614049.png (146 KB, 251x288)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
sun really let himself go after he became the champion
why hold her hair like that for a pic though, is he autistic?
Need to make her feel as uncomfortable as possible.
me on the left

Previous thread: >>37082762

Blue Rescue Team, Explorers of Sky, Adventure Squad (Wiiware, Japanese only), a DS emulator and custom portraits for EoS

Super and Gates to Infinity
Check >>>/vg/hbg/ to learn how to install 3DS games

EoS/RT Music

Anime and manga adaptations

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File: 1541113311947.jpg (14 KB, 250x250)
14 KB

Keep talking like that and you'll stay unmarried
I bet they shouldn't post on /vp/ either
it begins
can u get gummis in the spinda cafe?

also what's the optimal level to try the special missions, currently lvl 58 but still struggling with the one shot attacks
well maybe you can with wobuffet i'm not sure about that, but making driniks out of gummies gives you more iq than eating them. the rt equivalent is eating gummis in friend areas

File: magnechad.png (9 KB, 380x305)
9 KB
(embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) Edition


ROM Hacking:
>Notable ROM hacks: https://pastebin.com/HeuBkBT7
>Making a ROM hack: http://pastebin.com/fjGZfMzP
>Gen 4-7 tools: https://pastebin.com/WvTzcdPR
>Disassemblies: https://github.com/pret/

RPG Maker XP and Essentials:
>Pokémon Essentials V17.2 and Wiki backup: https://mega.nz/#F!E6gTkC7J!WgQsK0-pEMO-UInXmp48vA
>Tilesets: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sd99pug37y4v4se/Ziddy%27s+DS+Style+Tilesets+RMXP+.rar
>WIP Gen 5 tiles: http://imgur.com/a/CiudS

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We made english channel for support and discussing about PSDK on the Discord.
You can ask in #demande_access_telechargement to get the role to see the download link.
How should I replace trade evolutions?

>friendship (or while holding item)
>contest stats
>evolve while knowing AMs/EMs
>a mix
Try different ways. For example clover made metal coat work like an evolution stone. Just make sure npcs say something about any new methods
Mons like Alakazam and Gengar would benefit from friendship evolution.

I had a few in mind, but I'm not sure about all of them

>Scyther, Onix and Seadra evolve by leveling up while they have the steel, steel or dragon types respectively
>Haunter evolves by leveling while a Clefable is in the party
>Poliwhirl evoles to politoed while having Drizzle
>Porygon and clamperl evolve by leveling with their trade items
>no clue what to do about slowking or golem

File: IMG_1408.png (299 KB, 750x1334)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
Isn't it weird that a mayor would offer to massage a fish?
Also Magikarp Jump is a pokemon game so don't sass me.
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The town has contests for Magikarp. So taking care of Magikarp is not weird.
Boy quit this garbage while you still can, you'll feel very stupid once you realize how much time you wasted on this stuff.
It was fun seeing the people in the general suddenly realizing that all together and see the thread die in a couple of days after that.
It's just for fun.
Yeah, but massaging a fish? C'mon now.
What's so bad about it? I'm not going to put a penny into this game unless there is an option to port the interesting magikarp patterns into Let's Go.
>What's so bad about it?
Different guy here.
>Takes an absolute eternity cycling multiple generations just to clear one level.
Once you get past the second area it's like one cleared area every couple days.
>Paid items cost a ridiculous amount of in-game currency that is given to you on a drip feed.
>Have to constantly be on top of buying more berries and upgrading them just so your Magikarp doesn't lag behind meaning you can't afford the paid items which are needed for their buffs to actually progress you further.
>Patterns are a complete crapshoot if you get what you need or not.
I have found more shinies in this game than I have patterns for example.
>Events require specific situations using specific items you need to personally set up before you can get some of them.
>Events constantly dangle the Voltorb/Pidgeotto thing over your head rather than anything you could actually use.
>Magikarp just likes to fuck off a lot.
>Training almost always fails or nets you bad results.
It's not as bad as Pokemon Quest grinding but it's close. One of the worst idlers I've played in a while just simply due to how unfair it is to F2P.
Are you talking about LGPE?

File: tumblrina.gif (105 KB, 489x488)
105 KB
105 KB GIF
Taste is subjective but it’s clear that most people find Primarina ugly, let alone the entire popplio line.

From a design standpoint, it was clearly designed to be the next ”waifubait" à la gardevoir, Lopunny etc..

Unfortunately, it fails to be anything than an over designed monstrosity . Ugly eyes, white on white eyelashes "put hair on an animal so you know it's a girl" character design, pointless pink spikes, and the least appealing color scheme of its evolution line. Not to mention the gender ratio that makes no sense.

It boggles my mind that they thought it was a good idea to design a Pokémon like that. Seriously, what were they thinking? It’s easily one of the worst starter final evolution for me. It’s not even that great in competitive play.

I was so disappointed when it was revealed. It could have saved the Popplio line but instead, it made it worse.
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how do I find archives
now here's a meme i haven't seen in a while
>clown nose
>human hair
>random spikes jutting out of its fin
its pretty gross
I like Primarina
to each their own

File: Largo a lewd.png (843 KB, 1280x720)
843 KB
843 KB PNG
Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new episodes, old episodes, upcoming episodes, anime Pokégirls, sub releases, discuss, speculate, bitch and moan, etc., etc.


>Citronic Gear On's music rips:

>Newfag Airing/Viewing Order Guide for XY:

>Preview of upcoming episodes:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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t. Famon
She'll appear in Hawaiian time.
Largo and Kellie are both really good lolis.
File: risa.jpg (73 KB, 650x366)
73 KB

>Went to see the movie in a theater so that I could see that thicc red ass on a big screen.

File: 1541020509185.png (661 KB, 900x1180)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
It was obviously done intentionally given the anime cycles through animators for different eps and they're large for a big chunk of AG.
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File: Epicmaymays.jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
yup, enjoy the view
No they're bigger
No, Serena's are bigger and that = better paizuri
File: Pokémon Cute May.gif (95 KB, 530x796)
95 KB
For the last time May isn't a loli. Loli is body shape, not age.

If the age of Pokemon characters was never revealed you'd assume they were around 15-16

File: 1647981.jpg (101 KB, 492x600)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Final OC thread of 2018! Let's see those original trainers, art, concepts and ideas, show how much you've improved throughout the year, how much your characters and their Pokemon have changed and what ideas you've come up with.

Topic of the Thread: New Year's resolutions, was your character able to get theirs done and what plans do they have for 2019?
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>4chan will always hate your stuff
I figured it went without saying.

>"if you had to make an OC," questions
If it's based off of me, then, yeah, I could survive. I'd probably have left around 13 or 14, to get away from an, in-retrospect, kind of shitty place in my life.

I see plenty of mice, lizards, snakes, rabbits, opossums, raccoons, foxes, deer, and more kinds of bugs than anyone should ever have to deal with around here, and I live close to a small state park.

So, as far as teams go, just going for the base forms, because I don't want to assume my capabilities with pokémon: cyndaquil, pikachu, eevee, shroomish, hoothoot, and a nidoran, not sure if male or female.
I don't draw lewds, but if someone else wants to, I wouldn't complain
Crow was greatly underused in 5ds
>unless it's traps or fab bait weeb shit.
And even then, you have to hit the right marks
Where are the trap OCs, anyways?

File: gen 5 hatemons.jpg (167 KB, 1024x529)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
The Gen 5 Pokemon I actively dislike. Either because I think they ruin a great pre-evo design, are genuinely ugly, mediocre to the point they offend me or all three. But here's the thing: I don't actually want to hate any of these. I'm sure I'd be much happier if I liked these designs. And hey, I've changed my mind on Pokemon I didn't care about before.

So to the people on /vp/ who really like any of these, or even have one of them as their favourite, please explain to me why you like them and what you think their major points of appeal are. Additionally, post fanart that shows their good side. I know the official art isn't as good as it could be sometimes.
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Everybody hate or dislike the monkeys. So don't feel bad you are a normal guy
File: Excadrill.full.2249587.jpg (239 KB, 1130x770)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Uh, Excadrill isn't boring.
Its one of those "simple but effective" designs.

They didn't go overboard with it. They instead played safe and later found out what works.
The armor on it's head not only works as the safety helmets miners wear, but is also a component of it's drill formation.
Watchog is funny because it looks like one of those angry yellowvests protestors over France
Nothing is going to change your mind, so why waste time on this exercise in futility. Bait and saged.
pretty agreeable picture

stoutland is handsome though. even if it's literally just a dog

can you guys please post screencaps showcasing how game freak can't code/optimise for shit so i can add more stuff to an album of depressing kek material
310 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Have you ever actually played these games?
Yes. Have you?

>you will literally sit there for 15+ seconds with it changing camera angles until you can finally do anything
This is incorrect. It only looks bad but it plays normally.

First party here, that's literally right. If it works, and making a better system takes more time than it's worth, then it's correct.

>about things changing mid-project
Then they're doing it wrong. Software is ALWAYS planned before implementation if it's done correctly. The video games GF makes aren't the type of thing that sits there that they have to constantly update because of new requirements. They make it once and they're done.

You should probably finish elementary school and learn what context is before you start trying to apply the shit you read on the internet and pretending you know anything about it.
>This is incorrect. It only looks bad but it plays normally.
It literally hangs while it changes camera angles even after you've selected your move or option. It will lag going into any menu until resolving when you finally get into that menu, then when you exit the framerate comes to a standstill again. I've had multiple 10-15 second instances where it's just hovering over the field when I selected my attack already. Switching Pokemon in drops the framerate to the single digits and incredibly slowly has the Pokemon come out.

Unless you're on a New 3DS you're going to have a horrible time with these games unless you're on the overworld, and even then shit like Brooklet Hill and the Hano Grand Hotel grind to a standstill during the hover overs. Plus when you open up the camera app via Rotom the framerate plummets when only one Pokemon is even seen. It's absolutely ridiculous.
>It literally hangs while it changes camera angles even after you've selected your move or option
But it doesn't. I have literally never even heard of this issue until your post.
You press A on "Attack". It lags opening the menu. You hover over the move (Which it lags to get to) and then press A. The game selects the move and laggily has the bottom screen go into that black screen door-esque filter to show it's in progress. The camera then pans around waiting until it finally resolves and then you finally see the turn begin.

The only way you could have never seen or heard of this if everyone you know and you yourself are using New 3DS systems and even then this happens in double battles where you have Pokemon bigger than a Roggenrolla.
File: That's Nice.jpg (30 KB, 245x229)
30 KB
>Then they're doing it wrong.

Help article for the corporate world to help manage change in a business:
>Manage Change or It Will Manage You!
>While “change” is often thought of as a dirty word, the reality is that change happens for legitimate business reasons. In today’s fast-moving and competitive marketplace, it’s unrealistic to expect stakeholders to have perfect knowledge of what they want or need to achieve business objectives.

Harvard Business Review "how to" article to manage projects:
>Of course, such alterations often occur in the middle of a project. If your time frame for developing a new database management [...] or be satisfied with a system that isn’t as robust as originally planned.
>Respond quickly to changes in data or information as they come in, and look for early signs of problems so you can initiate corrective action

Entire article from PMI devoted to JUST managing the changes that happen in a project through a scientific method.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: maxresdefault[3].jpg (45 KB, 1280x720)
45 KB
Kanto is goo stop shitposting
Ditto is the only goo thing about Kanto.

not even once.

File: IMG_20181209_171934.jpg (14 KB, 139x361)
14 KB
why is she so perfect
Excellent taste OP. She has a pretty good endgame team.
File: kex.gif (60 KB, 320x240)
60 KB

File: VrbLGBv[1].png (429 KB, 841x474)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
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cosplay Pikachu is litterally a female you tard
File: tenor55.gif (263 KB, 220x220)
263 KB
263 KB GIF
quality thread lads.
File: TLGNdT6[1].jpg (116 KB, 1280x720)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
File: Libre.jpg (80 KB, 750x741)
80 KB
File: 1512293653511.gif (1.76 MB, 426x240)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB GIF
God I wish i was in the field egg group...

File: drayden.png (346 KB, 500x719)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
Happy Holidays, /vp/
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File: 1519548749684.jpg (40 KB, 323x412)
40 KB
>anime avatar
makes sense
File: smuglord.png (124 KB, 256x256)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
>Yo, I'm not into this but post more please.
Happy holidays to you too, daddy.
Saved this one last year
I'm into this so post more please.

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