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File: 1566006215114.png (1.01 MB, 1563x1396)
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1.01 MB PNG
I've spent too much time on this for >>39732026 to be cucked by the image limit Edition

Last thread: >>39721438
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File: 1566366605354.png (1.15 MB, 1800x2048)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
She looked too angry before
Oh fucking GOD!! So, all this time actually Gyarados was a plausible transition from Magikarp that shares its same features?
File: 1566416472746.png (1.45 MB, 1881x1959)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG

Is it ever going to happen?
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>You live in a capitalism society.
You make it sound like a bad thing lmao
At some point its about standing up for your own personal set of beliefs. It doesn't matter if other people buy it and it still makes tons of money. YOU have to decide that you don't want a part of it, and act on that.
It could be a compliment.
>(You) make it sound bad in your head
>Is it ever going to happen?
Now we are gonna take the high ground...
It’s the Pokémon company a franchise for the soul purpose of consumption and we (including I) have been consuming it for decades

File: nenenap.gif (615 KB, 500x281)
615 KB
615 KB GIF

File: pokemon2.jpg (46 KB, 640x640)
46 KB
This is my main battling partner, Kermit, we have been together since X and Y. Many adventures have been had with him, I keep reassuring him that he among the rest of my pokemon have made it into galar, he seems somewhat doubtful of me.. I just hope he does not kermit tongue noose, because I am very certain that is what he will do if we loose each other...
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Greninja will be in. It's one of the most popular pokemon.
>I want to use pokemon I have never used before
>good thing the game still has hundreds of options to choose from
but I have already used those ones
Pokemon isn't for you, bud.
yes anon, you definitely conveniently have already used all the pokemon that are in the game and have conveniently not used all the pokemon that aren't in the game. This definitely isn't you coping and making pathetic made up scenarios.

>pokemon isn't for you if you actually like taking advantage of the variety instead of being an autist pretending to be like ash and his pikachu only caring about using one special snowflake

What Pokégirl is the most S-L-U-T-T-Y? And Why?
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that's an odd way to spell Whitney
Whitney, why? Moo moo Milk
I love Moo Moo Milk
File: riflessi vestito.jpg (91 KB, 700x1007)
91 KB
File: 2.jpg (290 KB, 1280x1844)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
AND It isn't a problem

Pokemon can make a credits sequence of all things kino. They better make more films.

If you don't watch credits after a movie, you deserve to die.

Share you current team on whatever game you’re playing at the moment.

Pic related is from Blaze Black 2. Doing a Mono Fire run. Don’t really care about using legends but Victini is the exception. About to take on Burgh
File: 20190821_163417.jpg (425 KB, 1073x805)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
First run of Platinum. 3 badges down
File: a09e5693a48d14f.png (16 KB, 840x360)
16 KB
File: 20190821_164407.jpg (1.44 MB, 2896x2896)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Crystal. collecting kanto badges at the moment
>gen2 piloswine/ariados/gligar
good taste in mons

pretty basic stuff but I like it. Infernape is the best of the fire/fighting starters imo,

>mono fire
pretty interesting, not sure how fire's "coverage" amongst whatever mons are fire type is, but mono teams are a good way to get some use out of stuff you wouldn't normally use otherwise. I just finished a run in a plat romhack w/ a similar concept (all sandstorm ie rock/ground/steel mons) and had a lot of fun

File: Untitled.png (124 KB, 426x453)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
Prease Understand
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>he's so mentally disabled that he thinks an inhaler is a pipe
You all fucking retards are at the SAME level than the normiefags on Twitter. Fucking sheeps, no wonder why the games are becoming more homogenized
Those games has some Danganronpa references.
Is this a Yasuhiro reference?

File: InShot_20190820_174112955.jpg (1.83 MB, 1920x1920)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
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Totally, I can't understand how people still get excited

Are you all retarded or wat?
Do we know that dynamax can be done without a hold item?
>SS is a great Pokémon game.
Damn, I didn't know there were copies out in the wild already. Where can I find these?
>go to bed

What would it take for you to not to buy it?
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buying a seperate app and mass transferring shit you already caught is fun and challenging?
Maybe a medical emergency
I only send up the ones that can’t actually be caught in the game, and even then I just send the first stage to level them up on my own
I’m not into competitive so removing the ability to complete a national Pokédex removes hours of play for me, why would I buy something that I’d play for 25 hours at most?
Probably finding out that the game has no post-game. Like, actual no post-game at all, Red Blue style.
if abilities and held items weren't in it and it was pokemon from only one gen. i'm emulating it btw

File: FRLG_Kanto.png (1.44 MB, 1000x668)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
23 years on and it's still objectively the best region. What is Game Freak's problem?
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Thanks, I've been here long enough (11 years).
File: Bianca wink.png (327 KB, 750x1064)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
Started with Johto but Hoenn remains my favorite region too.

None; I prefer WATER.
Only two kinds of people think Kanto is the best region;

1. People who have only played the original games

2. People who haven't played any of the games

If you played from the beginning you would know that Kanto was a serviceable region that was a good introduction to the world of Pokemon but was held back by the limitations of the Game Boy.
Placement of legendaries and low-key lore (diaries, ghosts) was better.
>there are people that think that of all of the game dev studios, it's GameFreak that got it right on the first try
Kanto is solid if you take into consideration Sevii as well, but it also does a lot of things wrong.
>no logical progression, non linear
Why do I want to play pick a dick with what gym leader I go against next? I'd rather have an equal battle level at all times than one super hard one, then an easy one.
>route design is shit
Random ass fencing route, winding dock route, land of 1 million statues, cape that leads nowhere and serves as a fetch quest.
>next to nothing good in between inner routes
At least make them a little more urban looking in design or something. Other than that, way too close together.
I want to make the case that the best routes and consequently region is Kalos. It has thought out themes in not only towns but routes leading up to them. There's a swamp route, a desert route, a completely snowed over route, a cliff route, a route with flowers on one side and a river that runs by it which houses a building of rich people, a route with a ranch and ridable Gogoats, a route that serves as an entire garden for the city of Lumiose, a beach route... you get the idea. Plus, HMs are for the most part not manditory unless you want more places to explore and the bonuses from them, and that's a good thing. Design wise its only flaw was putting too much of a variety into one region.
Gameplay wise I think the linearity of Unova and Kalos is fitting of a game series that sees you levelling up in a linear way.

File: EP181.png (308 KB, 640x480)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
Look at him and tell me that he looks like he specializes in ghost types
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lmao. wow.
Had us all fooled
Hes not autistic enough to spend all day dressed in a theme outfit for his job every day. Let the man be comfy.
File: Spoiler Image (37 KB, 165x225)
37 KB
Wow, how rude.

File: 85.png (254 KB, 540x514)
254 KB
254 KB PNG

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I can wait.
you'll be a grizzly bear before the last few weeks
Nobody that isn't an underage newfag cares anymore. This serie is dead.
71 until datamine

>Defend Order now Drastically raises Def and Sp. Def

is she good now?
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>Give her an ability to negate Rocks and she'll be viable.
Smeargle thanks you for the free buff
This is one of those pokemon that would have really benefited from a mega evolution. The design is great already, just make her more mega and give her a cool exclusive ability
Here's my shitty idea,
>Defend order sharply raises Def and Sp. Def
>Receives Quiver Dance
>Keeps Bug/Flying type but receives a new Signature Ability, "Hive Mind" for example

With this ability all incoming damage is reduced by 30-50% but Atk and Sp. Atk are reduced one stage whenever she is hit. This reflects the idea of drone bees working to sacrifice themselves to protect the queen when the hive is in danger, but by sacrificing them hence she has lost a portion of her offensive force .
>Attack Order
Deals double damage if Vespiquen was hit on the same turn
>Defend Order
Gives +1 Normally, gives +2 if it was hit during that turn neutrally, and +3 if it was hit SE
>Heal Order
Also heals status
>Construct order
Like Aurora Veil, but lasts longer if it was hit before
>Buff Order
Like Defend Order, but for Atk and SpA

File: 1565497620228.gif (308 KB, 414x278)
308 KB
308 KB GIF
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no u
>he doesn't drag water with the back of his tongue
Is it
First one.

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