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File: 1560883681907.png (392 KB, 1000x988)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
Do you think women will significantly contribute to video games?
The likes of Anita Sarkesians already have.
They're already significantly contributing to the degradation of the industry as a whole

File: Fightme.png (2.2 MB, 1920x1080)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB PNG
Still hoping that Milk-BOSATU is actually saying that Colette is in but she doesn't know about her, and she might be with Lloyd as a tag team fighter just like the cut Diddy and Dixie duo in Brawl.
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>Another fucking "sword"sman
No thanks.
>Samus cannot emote or speak full sentences and she's been in from day 1.

You've never played a Metroid game have you.
Doesn't matter that she speaks in her own games, she doesn't speak in Smash.
And you've never played Dark Souls
Have you played Smash? She doesn't say a word or emote in the slightest (ZSS notwithstanding)
Chosen Undead emotes more in his games than Samus does in Smash.

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 205x246)
11 KB
I have $30 spare bucks to spend on a game. What's a better value for the money, this or Bloodstained? Vastly different games I know, they just both have my interest.
due to the sort of game it is, you'll probably get more hours out of Bloodstained
RE2 Remake is absolutely excellent though, definitely come back to it the next time you have the money
File: 1550204617260.jpg (261 KB, 1384x1957)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
>GOTY of 2019
>Shitty Kickstarter Metroidvania
It should be obvious from the outset anon.

>No post launch content
What were they thinking? Especially because it's by activision.
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I laughed out loud the first time he pulled out the gun. I fucking love Isshin, we need some Isshin DLC.
just make sure you're trying to eavesdrop the main npcs at every opportunity and the path to one of the good endings will be laid out for you. The only obscure part is eavesdropping on some npcs in the dilapidated temple, you have to circle around to the hole in the back of the building.
The other secret ending is much harder to stumble upon, but if you want to go for it start eating tons of rice asap.
>Sword Saint
>Fights you mostly with a spear and a semi automatic rifle
File: 1514649171189.jpg (2.09 MB, 3072x4096)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
>Especially because it's by activision
What the fuck are you babbling about. It's especially because of Activision.
We're extremely lucky enough to have a modern Activision game that's finished, feels like the devs made it without any publisher meddling, no shitty day one DLC, no shitty microtransactions, no shitty lootboxes, no other scammy jewish gambit, and it's a pure polished single player game without any multiplayer component. Published by Activision. Don't fucking jinx it. Just wait for From's next game instead.
the GRRM thing is so overblown. They literally said in an interview that he's writing all the lore and worldbuilding, and then fromsoft is doing all the writing with that as the backdrop. What made the first dark souls story so good was the meticulous grand fantasy framework that was intentionally left mostly unexplained and open to interpretation. You get that rare feeling of authenticity in plot-related discovery and exploration when the game refuses to hold your hand at any point. Dividing the overall worldbuilding and the games actual story between two people sounds like a great way to capture this feeling again.

File: Miranda_Character_Box.png (549 KB, 802x785)
549 KB
549 KB PNG
I don't know what makes Miranda attractive, because she is weird looking, but I can't help it. And don't give me that "bad taste" shit, because I find Gal Gadot hot.
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>And don't give me that "bad taste" shit, because I find Gal Gadot hot.
>don't give me that "bad taste" shit, because I have bad taste
Weak bait,
File: Yvonne.jpg (182 KB, 667x894)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
how can someone possibly fuck up this bad
>because I find Gal Gadot hot.
Imagine falling for a fucking kike

File: impacting-adversely.jpg (44 KB, 640x480)
44 KB
I am forgotten
What game

File: Killzone 2.jpg (180 KB, 800x800)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
I miss this game.
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File: 1472598731279.png (269 KB, 1037x720)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
>ISA player injured on the ground.
>Shoot him in the head with a pistol.
Good shit.
3 was better but worse at the same time
I loved the multiplayer. I was also fucking good in it. I mean i really loved it but I can imagine not liking it anymore because it was always such a clusterfuck
>outta college for the summer
>nothing to really do for a few months
>get in the top 1% of players and stayed there for almost 4 months
Was doing those 1 1/2 long extreme matches where every match type was turned on to max length, could go 600+ kills a match on about 100 or so deaths using the tactician with the assault class speed boost
Enemies are not bullet sponges, but they are many, and despite having a shit ton of allies helping you, the fuckers near the palace with grenade launchers are literal cancers.

File: 1561030982699.png (221 KB, 550x444)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Thoughts and opinions?
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I need massive hooters
I like her new design. I am fine with you disliking it. Let's just not clog the board.
shill your shitty blog somewhere else
Anytime I see those blue letters I know it's either a fake article or pointless.
>Thoughts and

File: Fuck you dad.jpg (46 KB, 475x709)
46 KB
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He knew they were both descended from Sparda, and Nero started to suspect that Dante was his father in the prequel novel. It's part of the reason he kept getting so butthurt about Dante trying to brush him off.
We're talking about Donte though. At that point in the game I think people already knew what to expect from him.
>I'll make you submit
>Fuck you
>Both, you fucking asshole
>You dropped this
I love Chad Nero
Fucking dead weight
It might be strange to you anon, but Donte was supposed to be Dante and even replace him

File: 64guy.png (79 KB, 420x420)
79 KB
Why does nobody talk about Doom 64?
File: 1543773621375.jpg (92 KB, 640x632)
92 KB
because compared to the other games, it isn't good
What's to talk about? They took out some of the best Doom 2 monsters and only offered stat-boosted recolors in exchange.

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File: 1557779416083.png (1.56 MB, 1280x720)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
>Utena used this imagery for some shitty lesbian feminist allusion
>every subsequent work that used it afterwards used it for hetero relationships instead
>dumbest name for a Tales game so far
At least Arise is a real word
But it's not grammatically correct

Tales of Awoken
>Utena used this imagery for some shitty lesbian feminist allusion
Except 90% of the people that pulled the sword out of Anthy were not only male, but did so to show their power over her. To show that Anthy is powerless in this world and she will always just be a witch until she stops hating herself.
They want people to refer to it as "ToArise" for short or something dumb like that


This is the state of Californy.
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File: images (1).png (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
>comes unprovoked
Literally everything that is not their direct Playstation console brand has failed, and their TV line is only afloat because Sony's stubborn. I have all three consoles this gen, and for how badly Xbox was handled and my annoyance with Nintendo for their incompetence, Sony's gone full anti-consumer this gen after their early lead made them absolutely arrogant as fuck.
>Literally everything that is not their direct Playstation console brand has failed
>page 6
Why people here pretend they are a financial savant? Even more when info like this is available for everyone to see

File: 6-1.jpg (9 KB, 500x436)
9 KB
>Squad code is "/v/"
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GIGGERNIGGER reporting in.
actual brainlet

File: fun.jpg (45 KB, 460x215)
45 KB
Insurgency Sandstorm is on free weekend.
fine, sell me you shill piece of shit
It's great with friends
Good luck running it with constant freezing, crashing, or lag. Maybe the devs should have stopped being kikes and added more to day of infamy.

File: 1538309741336.jpg (114 KB, 754x984)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Have you been enjoying Bloodstained, /v/?
If you haven't been playing it, what have you been playing instead?
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Yeah, that's about the right response. The series goes from cute adventure with loli nudity to Jesus Christ how horrifying with loli bodily harm really fucking fast. The anime toned it down considerably though, for obvious reasons.
Season 2 will have to deal with it though. It's been a non stop horrifying party over the last fifteen chapters or so.
What the fuck
File: 1551997186549.jpg (47 KB, 563x496)
47 KB
>The anime toned it down considerably
>Season 2
I don't know how they're going to do that. They ended before Bondrewd, and Bondrewd is being covered in the third movie supposedly. If they go Dragon Ball Super and adapt the same content, that's easily six episodes minimum with how much shit happens at Idofront. The Narehate village though is way too little for a season, be it half of one or a full one. The entirety of the village has been extremely lengthy. It has no decent end in sight yet either. It could go something like this though;
>Ep 1; wake up to Nanachi missing fur and meeting Kajya
>Ep 2: Kajya takes the crew into the city, sees the balancing for the first time
>Ep 3: Riko on the tentacle toilet, Reg exploring, Nanachi seeing Mitty
>Ep 4: Riko learning of Nanachi, Reg meeting Faputa
>Ep 5: Riko attempts bargaining, explores the city, meets Veko, Reg doing things with Faputa
>Ep 6: The hunt, ending on cliffhanger of Kajya's speed form
>Ep 7: Get Veko backstory, ending on them descending with whatshername
>Ep 8: Continued flashback, ends on the first transformation and baby
>Ep 9: Continued flashback, ends on Veko being imprisoned
>Ep 10: Up to where we are in the manga. cliffhanger on Faputa offering herself to Reg (out of order, but great for a cliffhanger)

I got a few details a bit out of order most likely, but the basic premise is there. If Idofront is 6 episodes, then the other 6-7 could end at the hunt and cliffhang on Veko's backstory.

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