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File: bob.jpg (3 KB, 129x233)
3 KB
Is there a game with a bigger botting problem than Runescape? I can't think of a game with a more notorious botting scene than it.
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Get your ranged up and do Barrows
File: 5cc5fb06e-social.jpg (34 KB, 480x360)
34 KB
You should've seen Dofus at the peak of its bot problem some years back. Fucking armies of multiboxing bots razing the countryside and spamming advertisements in high traffic areas, all hours of the day.
My man really grinded for 80 mage in f2p huh
File: 1573480969777.jpg (119 KB, 712x534)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
bros why can't I kill the mimic in twisted league? 80 range, msb with rune arrows, praying range prot and eagle eye, god d'hide and a ton of sharks/tuna-potatoes. I'm kiting it around the room like all of the guides say but either I hit constant 0's until I die or I get it to 40% hp before I eventually run out of food and get raped by the third age guys.
Fortnite. In RuneScape, bots fuck up the economy but that's hardly something you notice, especially if you're an ironman.

Fortnite however the supposedly biggest online game right now, is littered with bots. These bots were put in for two reasons:
1. To keep up the illusion the game is still as active as it used to be. While it is the most played game, it can still take some time to find a match. Not with these bots.
2. To keep retards happy. Prividing enemies that everyone can win against makes the game seem more "fun".

Name my band vee
The hacks

What did Google mean by this?
I want to extinguish the global warming in Greta Thunberg's teen pussy.
>3d loli
chill bro. she's 300 years old
I'm pretty sure she's only 9

File: 5110819_2889001.png (60 KB, 450x340)
60 KB
why don't they make a FPS where the protag has a big nose that blocks half the screen?
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Because that's not how your eyes work. Your nose is visible in the lower outer edges of your sight, not in the middle.
Kill yourself
>being able to see your nose
I wonder who could be behind this thread
Oy vey.
So a business management simulator?

File: 302382198290211.png (142 KB, 240x287)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
>playing System Shock 2
>SHODAN calls me a worthless insect
>pop a boner
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>tfw Glados was one of the first things that made me realise I was into femdom.
>playing planetside 2
>female vanu spandex wearing infiltrator stabs me
>teabags me in death cam
>pop a boner
Feels bad. Especially if you're not into hardcore BDSM. My niche is very small.
>playing Fallout 3 for the first time
>having fun exploring and doing stuff
>blow up some Raiders with a rocket launcher I just found
>their limbs fly everywhere
>find this one female Raider missing her legs
>sit her body on a dirty bed and just look at it
>pop massive boner
I don't blame you.

hang on pcbros, we're almost there
File: 1401289530059.jpg (42 KB, 546x432)
42 KB
>hang on
File: 1573786637149.jpg (41 KB, 703x675)
41 KB
>Finally got all the fellwings.
>Don't have any Celestial Wyvern Prints create the rare drops.

File: borderlands.png (1.02 MB, 1000x564)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
would someone that has played this be willing to give an unbiased opinion without going off on randy and the usual SJW stuff? It's on 35% off for a few more hours and thinking of picking it up and play during my christmas vacation.
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File: 1576179303739.jpg (203 KB, 1052x992)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
Also adding another note I only saw from my friend
>Post game content is meh. Rerun of the main story just with higher numbers or mayhem which adds modifiers that are flatout not fun to play around 99% of the time(deal less bullet damage by 50% or some shit like that)
Its a good time to have, but right now I can't say it has as much replay incentive as Bl2 or even Bl1.

The planets are incredible short.. they don't feel unique in anyway, they just feel like maps at best. The only one that feels unique is the last planet I won't spoil, but the rest feel like if we were still on pandora, those environments and fauna would exist..

Speaking of the fauna, the enemies are severely limited. BL2 had threshers, rakks, skags, spiderants, varkid, bullymongs, crystalisk, and stalkers.. BL3's pandora only has rakks, skags, varkid and spiderants, athenas and promethia have the same fauna and its only malwan soldiers and 1 new enemy, and eden-6 only has 2 new fauna.

If BL2 was a 10/10, I'd put BL3 at a 7/10.
Great gameplay, fun times looting, awful characters and writing.
It does great on pretty much all aspects except the main story quest. Honestly, if you aren't super interested in getting it right now, wait for the steam release.
The story and game in general feels VERY rushed and unfinished. It's noticeable as early as the first major plot development, a cutscene starts and the villians are just... there suddenly. The whole scene reeks of 'there was supposed to be another quest here where you'd get ECHO chatter building up to this but we cut it'.
Gameplay is more of the same but with little to no postgame content to give a goal to shooter-looting after finishing the game once.
The classes have promise but then feel like they ran out of ideas halfway into each skill tree and started just adding generic bonuses that were easy to code in.
Really, the whole game feels like there was some really questionable choices made in development and, just like 50% of modern games, like it should have been in development for another 12 months minimum.

Also, for some reason it really wanks off over some Danny Devito looking motherfucker all throughout the endgame who insists on adding nonsense words to every sentence which makes it utterly impossible to understand what he's trying to say half the time. I dunno, I think it's just a really drawn out joke that I missed the punchline to or something.

File: 1551550497309.jpg (62 KB, 570x400)
62 KB
Installing this now, what am I in for?
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yay incoming several annoying ass puzzles in order to stretch length of the game . woohoo!
Combat's much better than WoW.
Game's ok desu, lot's of content, but a bit mediocre. If it ever got a sequel it could've been great.
a soon to come uninstall screen.
it can only improve.
nordic is surprisingly adequate at managing all the titles it buys, resulting an a plethora of bearable games.
>Gothic remake

File: korean-esports-gamer.jpg (1.1 MB, 2632x1388)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
What drugs do I need to become a pro gaymer?
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high attention span for long periods of time = adderall

lazy grinding game without getting bored = narcotics

going outside of your comfort zone = alcohol
adderall makes me want to do anything but gaming
Does adderall actually improve your performance or is it just a meme?
Depending on dosage, makes you focused to a fault. Isn't actually much useful for gaming. Used to treat floating attention prevalent with ADHD. Gaming naturally captures focus and floating attention however. What ADHD is a cheat for is naturally boring stuff IE studying.

File: Die v.png (162 KB, 512x416)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
It was not by my hand that I once again shitpost.
File: Hydro Storm.gif (419 KB, 500x416)
419 KB
419 KB GIF
silly skull, its not october, you dont even have a xmas hat

File: 08239012893810231.png (101 KB, 500x399)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
>villain is chaotic neutral

File: dse.jpg (21 KB, 234x157)
21 KB
who going for a new playthrough brehs?
File: ds FUCK YOU.jpg (52 KB, 1280x720)
52 KB
File: ds nwf2.jpg (217 KB, 640x528)
217 KB
217 KB JPG

plays.tv is gone now. both the actual program and their website. it was the best recording service i've used. OBS made me lag

press f
1 bump

OBS works on my machine
Ah man, really? I used that for a good few years and had some great stuff on there. Why am I only finding out about this fucking NOW?

Is there anyway to save the clips now that it's down? Or is it all gone for good?
sorry, but gone for good. you'll get a cloudflare error on the program

File: OGvnOIH.png (39 KB, 591x518)
39 KB
Is he trolling?
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no, you got it the other way around. Street Fighter X Tekken came out first, and the deal was for two games to be made, but TxSF went silent after SFxT got horrible reception.
around now is actually a good time to drop it because if they wait until SF6, SF6 could turn out to be a hit and no one will care about TXSF then
I don't think that's the issue, it's more about how they're supposed to treat TxSF in the long term. Splitting dev support between that and T7, whether the game will be sent out to die, how will people feel about T7 when it does come out, etc.
I want Tekken gameplay with thiqq SFV aesthetics. I can't stand SF gameplay.
It's clear as fuck they re still working on it and use T7 as a test subject
>Eliza first original character with 2D mechanics
>Leroy has a 1 time per match special move
>Fakurmom will have some kind of V-Trigger
Akuma and Geese were so well received, even by actual SF players, they would be stupid to not use their knowledge and assets.

File: genesis.jpg (62 KB, 800x445)
62 KB
Fuck I hope they don't shoe-in Genesis somewhere for the remake. What a worthless character. Could've been cool if he wasn't a faggot who spouted a stage play 24/7.
There's like two times in CC when he starts speaking normally and without quoting his shitty book, and you start hoping maybe that's his real personality underneath it all, but nah. He goes back to quoting Loveless 2 secs later.
I bet that was Gackt’s idea. Sounds like something a pretentious Jpop star would come up with. Either way, Genesis epitomises everything trash with the FFVII compilation.
He's canonically alive, so you can very much expect him to pop up in the FF7 EU again at some point.

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