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File: cock-hungry-slut.jpg (195 KB, 1920x1080)
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>when she sees your Nintendo Switch

File: 00b.jpg (131 KB, 769x1078)
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Have any good ones been released in the past 5 years?
Absolutely not. THPS 5 was the final nail in the coffin.

Was Skate 3 in the past 5 years ago? If not, no.

I miss this game. People complain about how tedious it was and how it forced you to team up with others but after playing FFXIV and hearing it was a 1/1 wowclone I realized exactly how much I miss FFXI and all of its tediousness compared to how bland and simple FFXIV is. The frustrations and limitations the game gave you lent themselves to some great and satisfactory experiences.

Does anyone else understand this feel? I know FFXIV type of game is modern and the newer generation prefers that, but I just really miss that feel FFXI had and I wish they would replicate it in a new game (or just remastered FFXI)
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Probably less than a week. A few days if you’re playing like 8 hours a day
If you’re starting from scratch, assuming you’re pulling all the stops without getting some power leveler to instant get you to 99 in escha. I’d say about a week, not including the storylines that is. If you’re doing story in between it will probably take a bit longer. Switching ti blue mage and getting it to where you left red mage at tho will be very quick, about a day at best.
Well, you'd need to do quite a few missions to get in position to level it easily, if you're starting from 0, it's not going to be that quick. Need at least a week leveling and a week doing missions.
The hard part is getting Rhapsody of Vana'diel key items that boost your exp gain. (easy, just time consuming if you have a high level guide you through the fights). Once you have the key items, you can level to 99 in a day or with a power leveler in an hour.
Thread isn’t moving at all but I wanna thank the anons who responded. Its nice to know /v/ still has at least a few people that enjoy this type of game. Perhaps its time for me to finally leave this website behind instead of trying to relate to the youngins that visit /v/ now.
when will they let ffxi threads in /vr/?

>No post launch content
What were they thinking? Especially because it's by activision.
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>Sword Saint
>Fights you mostly with a spear and a semi automatic rifle
File: 1514649171189.jpg (2.09 MB, 3072x4096)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
>Especially because it's by activision
What the fuck are you babbling about. It's especially because of Activision.
We're extremely lucky enough to have a modern Activision game that's finished, feels like the devs made it without any publisher meddling, no shitty day one DLC, no shitty microtransactions, no shitty lootboxes, no other scammy jewish gambit, and it's a pure polished single player game without any multiplayer component. Published by Activision. Don't fucking jinx it. Just wait for From's next game instead.
the GRRM thing is so overblown. They literally said in an interview that he's writing all the lore and worldbuilding, and then fromsoft is doing all the writing with that as the backdrop. What made the first dark souls story so good was the meticulous grand fantasy framework that was intentionally left mostly unexplained and open to interpretation. You get that rare feeling of authenticity in plot-related discovery and exploration when the game refuses to hold your hand at any point. Dividing the overall worldbuilding and the games actual story between two people sounds like a great way to capture this feeling again.
This glorified dark souls mod was just a quick cash grab. Complete uninspired garbage.
>he's writing all the lore and world-building
You mean the *only* elements of story people lauded From for? Because people sure as shit don't worship the dialogue and overarching main story in these games. The lore is what people crave, and GRRM is taking full responsibility for it.

Best view
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Yes, the contemporary trends in this aspect are bad. What's your point?
File: bartflossing.gif (1.08 MB, 816x702)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB GIF
An autistic zoomer denied his (You)
>floating dots
>clouds are off-puttingly low res
>light dots just floating over the buildings in the background
wow, so "great"
You absolute faggot. Using limited resources in a clever way is the very definition of SOUL. You cannot look at that skybox, especially in motion, and tell me that it does not evoke a feeling that is absolutely perfect in the context of the game.
File: Just wanted to open it.jpg (420 KB, 1280x709)
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420 KB JPG
Best view

File: Anno1800.jpg (260 KB, 1280x720)
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260 KB JPG
>more than 2 months later
>still no crack
File: 1321350391196.jpg (58 KB, 500x500)
58 KB
So did it sell zillions as suits expect, if only not for the Piracy?
File: 1312497593508.jpg (9 KB, 200x221)
9 KB
Fuck this game, where's OCTOPATH TRAVELER crack?
>shitty jrpg
who gives a fuck

File: 1560992945833.png (957 KB, 1206x605)
957 KB
957 KB PNG
Why is aerith so much prettier than tifa?
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File: Doggy.png (444 KB, 600x449)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
>Pre-rendered vs in-game cutscene
Who is Aerith
>s-she's w-white!
>proceeds to compare with pictures of Meds, Latinas, and Jews
>this is what NRS made Kitana look like in MK11
Show me a Japanese/Asian cunt with a straight nose faggot, go ahead.

How does Nintendo justify this being full price?
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Super smash bros ultimate be like
Im actually seeing cult similarities within Nintendo, after the SSBU hype train. When I said it was a waste of money, people got angry, and kept sucking the cock of Nintendo because it had Snake (they probably never even played him) in the game
its a brand new game
>you can do this room first and that room second, or you can do that room first and this room second
wow amazing
goal post successfully moved

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>not remembering the sex scene thrown into a clip episode out of nowhere
>not remembering all the wierd surreal imagery that made the show famous
>not remembering Utena turning into a car in the movie
Phantasia was like that too
Japs mostly remember Utena because of its imagery.
I do wish they aped Akio more because he belongs to one of the most interesting character archetypes.
Tales really likes to rise up
File: 1559091918721.jpg (1.62 MB, 3025x2975)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
Tales MCs used to wear armor too. They're just going back to their roots and doubling down on it.

File: Animal_Crossing.jpg (3.04 MB, 3248x2156)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB JPG
still can't be topped.
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>took the control of New Leaf
How is this a bad thing?
>tedium of pocket camp
Pocket Camp was not at all tedious. You never played it. It's a mobile game you boot up for maybe 15 minutes max if your laying out your living space and that's it.
>It looks nothing like GC
>How is this a bad thing?
It isn't a god game, you're just a villager just like any other animal in the game.
>Pocket Camp was not at all tedious. You never played it
I did play it, so you're wrong. Crafting added another level of RNG tedium on top of randomly alotted villagers and randomly task requirements by dispensing random rewards when completing a task just to get to the crafting.
Try actually going back and playing it. It's missing so many features compared to new leaf. The fact you can't put your house where you want and you have no ability to customize your town at all is really bad. The game is also horribly unbalanced in that you can keep talking to villagers over and over to get a ton of furniture/rare fruit/etc in one day. Then there's stuff like having to mail in fossils, having only shirts for clothes options, etc.
What about the dialogue and terrain generation?
GameCube advantages:
Events are better
NES games (that you can emulate right now on any device)

New leaf advantages:
Massive amount more content
Tons of new features
Many design flaws patched up
Much more customization
No nostalgia

Clearly GameCube is superior

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Here's some reddit gold you were begging for
>God of War gameplay

no thanks. It's basically western devs trying to emulate Dark Souls and failing.
>san andreas
god you fucking nostalgiafags are completely braindead
nv writing is actually really shitty. you retards get confused because there is lots of branching dialogue but that is a gameplay mechanic, not writing. the writing itself is actually really bad.
The original Super Mario Brothers is the best game they could have possibly made with the original limitations of NES cartridge sizes. It wasn't until a year later that they came up with a way to store more memory. In a way its a perfect game given its limitations.

So is she wife status? Or is she just a flavor of the month?
she has been around longer than you kiddo.

File: bro.png (589 KB, 632x476)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
Here's your Geralt bro
>that 40 year old american boomer in a midlife crisis riding down the street on a harley davidson
I actually like the shorter haired Geralt look

File: 88.png (327 KB, 475x495)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
Why aren't you playing the greatest fighthing game of all time?
Mugen has weird shit like being able to change state mid-frame

File: FF7 remake characters.png (2.61 MB, 2193x1406)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB PNG
Why does Marlene look so bad compared to everyone else?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Square doesn't want people to lewd her. They'll lewd her either way tho
She look fine, she's a little girl, this #Marlenegate now? MAKE MARLENE TITS HUGE AGAIN

fucking pedophile
because WIP
Oppai loli is shit tier
wouldn't be ffVII thread without it

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