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File: Pes Waifu.png (657 KB, 1310x624)
657 KB
657 KB PNG
What does /v/ think of my taste?

File: mariodab.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
n64 time bois

its 4 am right now. whoever rolls a 4 gets to decide which n64 game i'm streaming to completion. current exceptions are chameleon twist 1 and FUCKING SUPERMAN 64 on the basis that i already did them.
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File: 1550156343224.jpg (95 KB, 654x568)
95 KB

so when i said "completion"- we weren't all thinking about 100% completion right?

because superman64 was a mercy compared to that. pls anon.

regardless, lets go: .twitch_tv / vaccinatedalmonds
one HELL of a GUY
The madlad is actually doing it so bump
it's got to be 100%
it's really not that bad, maybe 30 hours for a casual play through

File: 1545892275880.jpg (497 KB, 1280x912)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
me IRL
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>not even video games
yes, I agree
File: 0ca.jpg (100 KB, 600x800)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
not before i rape her first and then go back in time and molest her too lmao
Me behind the stack of pancakes

File: DSC_1562.jpg (69 KB, 690x458)
69 KB
Because mods are asleep rate this pizza and talk about why you hate the jannies of this board
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Looks legit yummy atm

Jannies have a stick up their ass here, got a three day ban for typing R eddit and getting around their spam.
0/10 It looks like shit.
Pizza Hut is always shit, greasy as fuck.

Go Little Caesar's if you're cheap, Domino's if you have some extra bucks.
Imagine having an opinion this wrong. Olives are the hallmark of a fantastic pizza.
File: Gimme a sec.png (462 KB, 640x480)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
What are your thoughts on Digorno? Supreme rising crust is the best one.

File: 1549345943383.png (587 KB, 800x903)
587 KB
587 KB PNG
So what did /v/ think of Etrian Odyssey Nexus?
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>he doesn't know
Thanks anon I had no clue it was up already, a whole week ago too
File: 1549586325036.gif (1.57 MB, 200x200)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB GIF
that is just one doujin uploaded of the dozens that are not. That doesn't make up for it.
File: 1425582009185.jpg (404 KB, 1024x716)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
My favourite thing about EO1 is how abstract it is and how it gets your imagination going despite video games being an audiovisual form of media. I'm still fucking puzzled how exactly EO1's Yggdrasil Labyrinth is structured. You have the entrance visualized as a crack in the earth leading into a cave-like maze of trees. Fair enough. But if you're truly moving vertically deeper into the earth and the "stairs" that you take into deeper "floors" aren't merely a video game abstraction, how does the Labyrinth get any sunlight and a day-night cycle in the deeper floors? Just how massive is each stratum? Is the Yggdrasil tree supporting an entire new 'crust' of earth by itself, far above the old sea level that's deep in Lost Shinjuku? Is it a localized phenomenon and Etria is actually on a tall mountain? Or is the answer simply that the Labyrinth is more horizontal than vertical in structure, and Lost Shinjuku appearing to have blue skies is literal? And how would that work? None of this is ever explored in game text. And outside the windows of B25F, the textures used for Tokyo city streets look like it stepped right out of the modern day, with lights lit and no decay or vegetation visible. Such a dreamlike and mystical scene.
Your post almost made me feel bad about never finishing 1, but then I remembered how much the map design sucks and how grindy it is compared to the rest of the series.

File: 66083391_p0_master1200.jpg (175 KB, 568x550)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
let's uu~i

File: epic reviews steam.jpg (421 KB, 1964x958)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
Reminder EPIC was right in removing user reviews
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>politics in video games is bad
>unless its anti chinese
Kek. Never change V.
Reminder that OP and Xi Jinping both suck a billion dicks.
Also free Tibet.
Triggering Chinese bugmen is based.
File: 1547570364888.jpg (42 KB, 560x560)
42 KB
Don't make me drop my bug spray again, Cheng.

>oldest game you still actively play
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File: 1532226523781.png (168 KB, 400x400)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
File: 1548324795709.png (98 KB, 550x627)
98 KB
File: 1368661465755.jpg (23 KB, 398x500)
23 KB
>Star Fox 64
Classic resi's
Silent hills

Not going to bullshit saying NES and atari because I have a raspberry pi
Do it or keep whining.

File: apex-legends.jpg (83 KB, 770x433)
83 KB
>15 minutes of looting
>15 seconds of shooting

Zoomers were a mistake
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> not dropping hot
> 10 seconds of looting
> minutes of intense firefight with 10 other squats

Cowards were a mistake
and how else would you like a fight between two opponents of equal skill to be? you both die?. fucking moron
>It's basic hitscan shit like in other shooters so there isn't much to practice
No it absolutely is not. There's even a toot tip that says the guns have travel time and bullet dropoff. It feels like anything outside of 10 meters requires leading your shots. And the accuracy and damage required to kill is so unforgiving, it's unreal.
>enter house
>find helmet and a scope
>get shot by enemy with a peacekeeper
br were a mistake
Man this game is getting really old really quick. I have 500 hours in PUBG so that's saying a lot, but maybe it's because I'm just getting tired of looting sims.

File: wat.png (460 KB, 613x524)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
>video game adaptation gets everything wrong
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If they kept fucking future Josuke they're gonna keep all the plotholes
Fuck me. I mean, staying true to the source material is respectable and everything but these things are all concepts that were reworked or dropped or significantly altered and don't need to be in the story.
They're adapting literally everything just as the original series was. They'd have to rewrite scenes constantly - and why fuck with something that's older than One Piece?

I wouldn't be surprised if they keep Anasui as a chick.
this, epitaph is the video editor
File: Spoiler Image (51 KB, 167x255)
51 KB
>You lived long enough to see King Crimson animated
>You lived long enough to see anime-only's get confused to how he works and resurrect the King Crimson meme
Part 5 best part, Killer Queen has already touched this spoiler

File: 1523837581055.jpg (40 KB, 1080x851)
40 KB
>what do you mean you don't play video games anymore??
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Fat butts > fat tits

I'd ask to be proven wrong but that's just not possible
>What do you mean all you do is grief and troll people on multiplayer games for youtube?
im a man of moderation
especially since a girl's tiddies will get bigger anyway once she's nursing our baby
but one can't go wrong with thicc thighs
She has some sort of gas problems so they cut a hole in there stomach so her poop comes out from there now.

File: Grun.jpg (28 KB, 400x393)
28 KB
unless you play RTS or at the very least MOBAS dont complain about the casualization of video games pls
casual as fuck games that just put on airs of competition

File: actual garbage.jpg (15 KB, 220x219)
15 KB
>people actually think this game did anything right
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Shut the fuck up you literal nigger. DS3 was the least flawed of any From game, including Bloodborne.
Now THIS is taste.
You should play Ringed City it's really good, except for the first part ,Dregged Heap, 'cause bad optimization.
For all the people that complained about 2's tracking and infinite stamina enemies 3 did that way worse and everybody seems to be ok with it.
It still has better level design and I enjoyed exploring it more so it still wins.

File: 1550733961521.png (1.47 MB, 904x1280)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Play LoL
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do you have this one?
Teach me how to play first
File: 3sabcmc8h6311.jpg (1.85 MB, 3024x4032)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
File: 64259288_p0.jpg (1.12 MB, 3620x4958)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
Kills lots of minions and destroy towers
File: 64086552_p0.jpg (1.07 MB, 1200x1500)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG

File: 1550056062946.gif (1.57 MB, 500x288)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB GIF
Why did dance games fuckin die?
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your art sucks, stop posting faggot.
Very nice.
oh no!
let's get you clean up Sachiko
Why does that one girl have glitter coming out of hands at all times?
Does she sneeze glitter too?
Whats the point without a system like the kinect? You can just wave you hand around and score perfectly.

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