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Heard a lot of good things about this game on /v/, finally decided to try it.
I heard it's buggy. Do i need to install any mandatory mods like for Bethesda games?
Also any advice on builds and gear?
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Nah, it is the only game worth playing in 2018 and basically you’re a fucking pleb.
File: 1501458681642.png (423 KB, 399x1127)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
Here's a small guide so you don't behave like a total Jian:
>Research shit, it gives you access to new stuff, better upgrades and stat bonuses
>You can get new research items by killing human enemies so mow down those feds and Jians
>Always put research cost at minimum so you don't waste brouzoufs
>Buy the Bearkiller but also have some sub because the Bearkiller only has four bullets and reloading is slower than other guns
>Upgrade your legs you fucking Jian
>Repair your fucking legs you double Jian
>Hacking is fun but not really necessary, do not invest too much onto it, upgrading your cyberparts like the Firewall is also important, they don't cost much either
>Get Cloaking ASAP and fucking use it you triple Jian
>PSI is very useful so you might want to keep stuff like cloning at hand
>The Betty Boom is the worst gun in the game bar none
>The Depezador is great against anything that isn't heavy armored or a Deus Ex, good choice for a large portion of the main campaign
>Don't underestimate grenades
>Investing into night vision specs is also a good idea since some areas are very dark, especially later on when you get on Mars

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This weird thread again? Deja vu
File: 1496396999466.png (265 KB, 910x1144)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
Friendly reminder that Jians are lurking in this thread right now
File: 1498983663257.png (285 KB, 853x470)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
I am ready to summon the wrath of vengeance upon those traitors.

File: 1515442679457.png (64 KB, 200x200)
64 KB
Nefaria on the front page!

File: IMG_20181210_145337.jpg (55 KB, 680x383)
55 KB
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Only if it’s constructor penny and her giant ass

I want a giant penny to fart on my tiny body
You're trying to hard, reddit

>all these porn artists making the fortnite girls with big asses

>Except Penny, the one character who canonically has a giant ass

Is this the consequence of save the world being a literal who

File: 46d[1].png (200 KB, 692x390)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
>In my day you couldn't even save the game, we used passwords to skip levels
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File: 875.jpg (300 KB, 1329x1001)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
I mean what happened to good old straight to the point games such as Final Fight, now that was a good walkie punchie

He's looking at you idiot
File: 1542283502495.jpg (23 KB, 640x642)
23 KB
>tfw the Dreamcast is 20 years old already
Honestly I prefer Euroshopper Energy drink

File: rick.jpg (166 KB, 740x429)
166 KB
166 KB JPG

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>there's a difference between capitalism and predatory corporation tactics
Predatory corporation tactics is the logic step of capitalism. Not taking such actions would be like shooting yourself on the foot.
Funny enough, china is more capitalistic than america, yet americans insist in calling them comunists.
It's funny how /pol/ defends Jewish behavior as long as you aren't actually Jewish.
I am confused at Europeans being smug af towards American who claim they are controlled by corporation as if they're free from that shit in the first place. One glance at the private industry of Europe is all one need to know about their hypocrisy. Then there's the latest yellow jacket protest and Macron literally kneeling to suck down corporate dick.
>Where's the revolution in Britain, anon?
Sharia law controlled districts are spanding. It's happening.
>Jewish behavior

File: Oh shit.png (11 KB, 1201x576)
11 KB
look what I found /v/ros
File: 1541338197279.png (155 KB, 280x323)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Gee Anon, two triforces?

Why aren't you playing Path Of Exile? Do you hate fun?
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>Path of Rehashed Grind
i was going to try it, but I feel so far behind/uninformed that I gave up
Because hardcore is dead and the game is designed around softcore since thats where 90% of the population is. It was fun while it lasted, but the game isn't for me anymore.
Are summoners OP?
Because leveling in this game by design feels like a chore.
If I take my time to explore the environments or If I want to learn the mechanics and enjoy the game I will become so overleveled that all the bosses and the rest of the content becomes trivial.And apparently I won't get any cool loot until lvl68 because of the loot drop penalties.
So if I wanna get back to being underleveled I would have to skip everything and speed run through the maps ,but even then If I'm going
to do syndicate missions all of that isn't going to be enough.Fuck that,honestly.

File: 20181209185615_1.jpg (373 KB, 1920x1080)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
cute ships edition

how is your empire faring?
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That sounds vastly inferior to just importing images.
This game is such a mess and I can't get why anyone pretends to be excited to play this for more than a few hours.

The story is completely disabled, yet certain elements of it are still in the game world. You get a story oriented station but then the mission progress stops and you never unleash it's mystery and potential. The Khaak installation is there but it does nothing and you can scan the ship fragments all over the system but they never trigger anything.
There is multiplayer oriented potential in the game but it's all disabled. You can even enable part of the network stack by messing with the game files and it then connects to a specific server but nothing else happens.
The crafting system is partially in the game but important steps are missing, the same goes for the crew and upgrade system - you find the licenses but they don't do shit yet, you can craft consumables that have no function.

This is early-access alpha tier, yet they released it as "finished" full-price title. How can people gobble this up? The game looks underwhelming, runs awful, has more bugged than working features and isn't even fully enjoyable as the economy stops a while into a playthrough, unless the player actively kills everything in sight to fuel ship construction. They have to work on this for another 6 months before it's "done" and on top they hold content hostage via DLC this time. X4 is an 4/10 experience so far. Would not recommend.
2:50 if the link fails.
I don't have high hopes for the game though.
>Completely forgot to add storage to the HQ

aw fuck me
File: 1534353058589.jpg (18 KB, 264x313)
18 KB
1.30 didn't do jack shit. I tried a new save and it was fun at first but by the time got my HQ things mellowed down and I haven't seen any xenon,kha'ak, nor pirates since then.

File: file.png (288 KB, 525x275)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
Is your EDF body ready, /v/?
10 hours left.
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saving earth and videogames once again
Fuck Earth and specially FUCK EDF.
>t. ravager
>still salty that storm team ruins your plans over and over again

File: socqd0ez1mm01.jpg (79 KB, 955x720)
79 KB
>it's another "streamer thinks playing video games for randos on the internet is work" episode
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not true because if you weren't there they wouldn't have been able to leave the store without committing a crime.

enjoy your 2 p.m. chicken nuggies.
Josh is infinitely better than malf or dan
God when are people gonna stop arguing the
>”blank form of media” is just escapism xd
Always the dumbest shit
I like the Malf/NL banter, but NL and Josh have great banter too.

I actually unironically like nick when it's just NL/Nick or NL/Josh/Nick. Rob and Austin and all their stupid friends really bring the show down.

Baer is sometimes great, sometimes boring and repetitive.
Wageslave tried to convince everyone his minimum wage job makes him more important than anyone else

File: 1543849992336[1].jpg (52 KB, 1024x576)
52 KB
How could Fallout 4 have been good?
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the centaurs in fallout 3 are nothing like the originals
the old centaurs were humans spliced with dogs and had very clear inspiration from john carpenter's thing
The DLC are pretty much what the game needed, Far Harbor has a good multiple choice story with some skill checks added in, and Nuka World is an oppurtunity to roleplay as evil and build your raider army and enslave people.
It was
This. After 1000+ hours, I've seen everything, and nothing is interesting anymore.
Have fun

File: 2Uv6GaH-1.png (671 KB, 548x655)
671 KB
671 KB PNG
So, I'm currently playing a MMORPG (link:https://www.imperiumao.com.ar/en/) and I need help translating the scroll (pic related). There is huge rewards for me if I do it, in theory, want to give it a try?

PD: The answer I guess will be in spanish, but I think it shouldn't bother you.
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Anda a la cancha bobo
Thanks! I'm trying to understand your post, but I appreciate your effort!
File: 1527248701548.jpg (196 KB, 580x580)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
>mmo teaches you how to decipher new languages
For what fucking purpose
File: 1494385569416.jpg (103 KB, 460x605)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I'm not smart enough to figure it out but I'll bump the thread for you

When did you notice Capcom turned the ship around and became the best game company in the world again?
never, because this neve happens
with selling weapons in DMC5 or running ads in SFV. these are moves that the most based game company does! lol

File: Grimoire.jpg (50 KB, 750x350)
50 KB
>20 years in development
>is finally released
>everyone forgets about it in a week
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Still updating Grimoire, I guess.
He just added minigames.

Looks like the shitposting has leveled off, which is a real shame.
Did the manual ever come out?
Grimrock III ever?
Of course not, lol.
Due ""VERY SOON.""
still updating the game, getting into internet fights and shitposting on rpgcodex
probably not

Now that Fallout 76 is only $30, is it worth buying? There is going to be tons of DLC and issues will be fixed, it can't be so bad that it isn't even worth it at half price? I loved Fallout 4, should I get it?
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Thanks for your purchase sir
i heard it on Angry Joe, but the lowest I can find is $35, that's still pretty damn cheap for a three week old game.
>angry joe

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