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It wasn't THAT bad
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It really was, the core shooting loop gets old after the third battle since 2/3rds of the plasmids or whatever they're called in this game is the same damage+stun and there's 0 enemy variety. The writing is pretty bad from the start and only manages to stabilize briefly before Ken huffed too much of his own farts and went off the deep end. The graphics looked ok at the time but now they look fucking horrible.

You're pretty much better off playing any other throwaway FPS.
>huffed too much of his own farts
I swear you're referencing THAT webm
Fuck that's bittersweet
Replayed the whole franchise over the past 2 weeks or so and my definitive list has to go:

BS2 > BS1 > Minerva's Den > Burial2 > Infinite > Burial 1

I don't think I outright HATED any of it however. Infinite gets too much negative attention for being too different, but I like how truely subversive it is to the series (assuming future games will go back to the original style)
>tfw her husband became an handyman because of stomach cancer and she thought an handyman was better than a dead one.

File: wow vanilla dev team.jpg (419 KB, 1899x1024)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
The chad vanilla wow dev team
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5 fucking days bros. The gaming event of the CENTURY is upon us. WE MADE IT HOME BROS.
File: 1557050300447.jpg (177 KB, 1920x1080)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
EU niggas report
>what meme country are you from
>what are you playing

ireland and demonology lock here
not a single soi smile
>1 female
>a fuckton of females
No wonder nuWoW is so fucking shit and cancerous.
How can so many create so little.

Why is this a real thing?
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>when I was looking for sonic toys last week
The absolute lack of self-awareness.
File: 1495248317977.jpg (49 KB, 540x405)
49 KB
Imagine you are some parent and your kid wanted one of these, no, just anybody who has never heard of this game and you see this on the store shelves. The poor modeling, the horrible cgi and jpeg on the cover and the generic names. Your kid says he saw his favorite youtuber play it once.... a month ago and he wants it.

I am surprised it took somebody this long to churn out some shitty horror youtube bait merchandise and sell it to kids after fnaf.
Wow, besides the crash bendicoot one these are the only decent funko's I have ever seen. The clown looks a little stiff and the mermaid looks a bit off to me but other then that they get a gold star.
File: 1394943226229.jpg (104 KB, 500x494)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Am I going nuts or did the quality of children's toys drop off a cliff? I'm a retail wagecuck between classes and every month we get a shipment of the same handful of toys just rethemed to fit with the current disney/marvel movie. Even shit like action figures got simplified way down to like 4 points of articulation.
That and fucking blind box shit. Holy fuck there is so much of that.
>not liking toys
what are you 60? i'm 25 and I like toys and cartoons eat my ass

File: 1565221388358.jpg (63 KB, 730x1094)
63 KB
Games for this feeling?
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All is calm on this day
once lively cities full of people going about their mundane business is unnaturally quiet
all is left but crumbling buildings and rubble.
the highway where cars are stopped abandoned.
further out in the country it is quiet as well
no birds chirping
no insects buzzing
clouds dark and grey
only sound is the wind
blowing through the trees
some trees not as lively as others
the swaying of the darkened hay is like ocean waves.
an old barn nearly fallen in on itself
on old tractor alone in the field
a creaky old windmill turning oh so slightly.

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Active Worlds is great for this. You can inspect objects in the game world and see when they were made and last modified. You can find things untouched since 1998.
Check out Mojave 5 too.

File: 1566426583727.jpg (87 KB, 1200x720)
87 KB
Monster Hunter Thread.
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Mixed Kulve Taroth fullset. Works great for all my Kjarr/Taroth weapons (SnS/HBG)
Low rank Pukei armor
If you feel like you're killing monsters too fast then changing your weapon will have a much more profound effect than changing armor
way too based
you guys are cool
no I'm really terrible at the game in general, drachen just sucks all the fun out of the game because it's already optimized and everything

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File: 1566198237417.gif (3.35 MB, 445x250)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB GIF
The graphics are good, but these animations look like they belong on a handheld game.
New to the game, I did up until that first free time period you have, at like the very beginning. Basically have walked around and talked to people and that's it. I chose to teach Blue Lions bc Dmitri is based. But I really like Petra. When can I start getting her to join me.
That sounds like the name of a city
If they made her a straight villain then no one would defend her hence making her queer

Now that the dust has settled, is FFXIV: Shadowbringers the best game of 2019?
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Reminder that FF14 is even worst than GW2 and SWTOR combined.
reminder that cocks aren't a replacement for air
I never said anything about people spamming boards with porn you shit slupring mongoloid, I'm saying that your dumb buzzword isn't going to help anything and has lost any meaning it had even before it got filtered.
>t. this retard >>475012315

So let's address two things
1. Why is absolutely fucking everything on /v/ considered off topic EXCEPT flooding threads with waifu asses/blogging about fetishes etc.
2. If cumbräin is so bad, then why haven't the other constantly spammed buzzwords been filtered? It's the same exact posters, you call anyone out on spamming off topic lewd shit and they immediately go DILATE TRANNY XDD which apparently aren't buzzwords. Obviously a mod took cumbräin extremely personally because they're one of the faggots spamming "post vidya milkers" all day while ignoring the rest of the board
just did a roulette as an AST for the first time
wow they really fucked this job over huh

Wait Fargoth is actually a meme? Why?
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>too autistic even for a nord
>settles in Morrowind
>fits right in with the local autists
Helseth is a little bitch n'wah, get fucked s'wit.
File: 1536174216328.png (201 KB, 430x303)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
Never. They got their shit pushed in by the following: Altmer, Azura, the Tribunal, Red Mountain, Dagoth Ur, Argonians, the Empire
i still don’t know what CHIM is

File: NathanDrake-U4.png (1.9 MB, 1064x1384)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
ITT characters who you could totally beat the shit out of

He's not even that big. What's he gonna do, wise crack me to death?

File: Sword Saint.jpg (86 KB, 640x630)
86 KB
prove you deserve to post here
>last game played
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Use yandex as first option
I’ve heard the Neptunia games aren’t that fun. Is this true or am I just listening to the wrong people.
File: 1558976518142.png (703 KB, 482x644)
703 KB
703 KB PNG
i can't remember the last video game i played
no time for vidya, i start my new job tomorrow

Gameplay-wise is a hit or miss, but everyone agrees that Neptunia's charm are the interactions between characters.
five minutes ago

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Futas are not gay though.
it is
Why so many art of both of them together?
>But it's not
I voted against Oliviafags out of spite because snack lost to her.

File: mmomouse.jpg (158 KB, 1500x1250)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
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File: Spoiler Image (810 KB, 1070x1080)
810 KB
>if you play mmos
>if you play anything else
I use 2013 Deathadder but I do not recommend it. Scroll button is busted. I'm gonna switch on Logitech 403g soon.
>playing mmos
kill yourself
They're quite handy outside of mmos not gonna lie
after you hotkey all the shortcuts you normally use to the extra keys life becomes a breeze
I never used all the buttons, at most 3, BUT it was the most confortable mouse i had because my freak big hands

File: 1566423807667.jpg (512 KB, 1280x720)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
Yeah I'm thinking he's back
25 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Brutal Doom was almost worth it for Brutal Chex Quest to exist
He fails to realize that best videos are ones that make you feel like you're over a friends house playing a retro console. Things like pliers on a controller (Terminator) or Game genie not having working codes ( Frankenstein ) or accidentally buying a shit game based on the cover are interesting things you don't experience anymore because of the internet and emulators.
Next time he's at a convention someone needs to tell him if he honestly don't know, because Mike and the other fat asses aren't telling him, that's for sure.
Mike doesn't and hasn't worked on avgn for a couple years now. He does his streaming shit, and all the content on the second channel.

The issue is james doesn't want to do AVGN anymore, but it's the only content he has that makes any money.
File: cuck_gr.png (68 KB, 603x694)
68 KB
Is there any big vidya tuber who isn't a total cuck?

File: Q-Fucking-Taro.png (133 KB, 600x624)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
Is he the most realistic vidya character?
441 replies and 71 images omitted. Click here to view.
well okay
also yeah most of the thread topics are just OUR BOY IS BASED AF and a picture of Q-Taro instead of anything that would actually help people find threads
For some reason people are afraid of mods who so far haven't touched these threads.

1) Fucking hot, your writing bangs
2) Post this anonymously on Archive of Our Own to scandalize everyone and I will get the popcorn
>heart eyes
just like my hentai

File: Chapter_Master_Amit.jpg (146 KB, 750x568)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
You're in the club and this guy slaps your girlfriend's ass. What do you do?
31 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
me an da boys unleash lotsa dakka at 'im
He looks like he can beat a whole nation of dakka and that in hammerspace is what she has. Just keep on walking.
That slap was probably really a punch with a power glove, and my GF "ass" was really the giant hide of a Slaneshii pleasure blob so he probably killed my GF in the "club" which is really Slaneshii rape/party dungeon on a derelict ship so I guess I would whip my dick sword out and go to town.
Tell him that Gabriel Seth could have slapped her harder.
File: 1519625131740.jpg (19 KB, 316x400)
19 KB
You're a servant too. You're a man. You're a proud member of the human fucking race. The Big E loves you just as much as he loves every man, woman, and child under his protection. You serve him just as much as that space marine does, you just serve in a different way. The Emperor is proud of you, anon, don't ever forget it.

File: 8hmLjIf.jpg (106 KB, 1280x720)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
See that cutie. What do?
suck her alien cock
Aim for the jugular, rip and tear

It would take an entire college thesis to fully list why MGS is such a bad game, but here is one aspect: the camera system. Other stealth games let you control the camera so that you can look around. This is obviously vital to know where enemies are so you can evade them, or to sneak up on them to take them down, or whatever.

Another aspect is sound design. In other stealth games, enemies are given very distinct sounds to inform the player. You can hear their footsteps from far away. If they're not alerted, they might whistle a tune. If they are suspicious, you can hear them asking themselves what was that sound they just heard, or something like that. If they are alerted, they will cry out and call for their allies for assistance. Very basic stuff.

So how does MGS tackle these design challenges? Atrociously. The camera is fixed and so zoomed in on Snake that you can barely see a few feet in front of you. Sound design is shockingly bad and almost non-existent. Instead of addressing these issues, MGS gives you a radar that shows you the lay-out of the environment, the location of enemies and even their vision cones.

So instead of having to use your senses, to look and listen at what's going around you, you just spend the entire game with your eyes fixed on the small radar in the topright corner of your screen. Needless to say, this is not good design.
366 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
1. Only one set in the modern era
2. Three completely different atmospheres even within the stealth genre.
3. Only one had any narrative depth.
only a zoomie would praise bloodborne.
Bloodborne's a game that came out over a decade later. MGS Peace Walker and MGSV's stories were largely told through casette tapes. Whether you found it 'more compelling' is subjective.

The fuck was his problem?
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well he was half guado and the guado seem to have this like, thick branch like hair going on. So they tried to mix that hair with human hair and... actually I think they wanted a goofy hair that stood out because that's how it be sometimes.
They wanted to make sure you knew he was the bad guy as soon as you saw him.
hi there sp00ny
He was right but I'm still entirely against him for being a subhuman.
I miss him

File: IMG_6236.jpg (19 KB, 456x356)
19 KB
What are some recommended games to get for the Switch?
This is not a bait thread, i'm thinking of buying one eventually, mostly for Astral Chain, but i am not very familiar with the console. What are some other good games i could play on it? I already played most relevant WiiU games and hacked mine recently, so ports/remasters don't interest me.
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Some pretty good suggestions, thanks anons. Completely forgot about Daemon and Luigi Mansion 3.
Actually a mostly decent tier list. Just move There Houses and Cadence of Hyrule up a bit
>/v/'s official ranking
blatant lies
You forgot DK Country down about 3 spots
This is what I have currently (minus YouTube). Thinking of getting
>Astral Chain (depends on how good the game is)
>Spyro trilogy (depends on how good the port is)
>Various indies
Any ideas?

With the eighth console generation nearing its end how would you rate it? How would you compare this gens innovation in games or lack there of compared to previous ones?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Sure, if you like shovelware and Chinese spyware
fuckin pleb, get away from me
Good gen for sonychads
Shit for everyone else
Wii U is 8
Switch is Gen 9
5th/6th gen was peak and its gone downhill ever since

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