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Is Noctis from FFXV a well written character?
I must (and I will) summon XV–kun to defend Final Fantasy XV's legacy.

A C T I V A T E .
He isn't well written but I think he's still a cool main character, mainly because he's angry and dorky
File: 1480028048537.webm (2.86 MB, 1280x720)
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2.86 MB WEBM
fuck no. he's a whiny brat from one of the worst "games" (hold-o-to-win movies) ever made.

The Vale of Eternal Blossoms
or at least it was until Garrosh ruined everything
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Thrall gets beaten fair and square by Garrosh then cheats
Stopped playing when BC came out but leveled a character to max in legion, and the Pandaria zones all looked really cool. Shame the leveling was so squashed that it only takes one zone to reach max MoP level or I would have liked questing past the jade forest zone. How was the game when it was the retail expansion?
so funnay xD
just make low level quests show on map
I haven't played since MoP. One of my favourite things in WoW used to be exploring zones and doing all the quests there. Rate the zones for the following expansions:

File: 1555876892492s.jpg (5 KB, 250x166)
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What with the nigger speak

File: 1526231700019.png (2.76 MB, 1600x900)
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2.76 MB PNG
Is Gravity Rush 2 the most underrated game of this generation?
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File: 1521867311870.webm (2.93 MB, 1280x720)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
Lunar is supposed to have a slow slide. Regular slide is faster and Jupiter slide is the fastest. Lunar slide is slow but it allows you to cling to wall and surfaces. You are supposed to be changing styles for optimal sliding. This guy quickly switches from Jupiter to normal and then Jupiter to make tight turns while staying in Jupiter on straightaways. https://twitter.com/keismpt_e/status/940191859145506818
You can actually buff up the Lunar slide speed with talismans and you can get it up to the speed of normal slide and maybe even a little faster, but at that point it loses it's clinging property and Kat will fly off of surfaces where she used to be able to stick to before talismans.
Ah, maintaining the momentum like that would be a neat idea for next game
See, I agree with you all that despite me being annoyed at all that other stuff. FW could definitely improve if given a chance to fix its mistakes, but in its current state I can't really say I like the game much if at all. It had potential to be great definitely, but I can't look past all that because of all the flaws in front of me. It really is a shame though because a sequel on PS4 could be really cool.
Let me rephrase this in a way that's crystal clear, because you are hyper-focusing on sliding:

Every facet of Lunar style is too slow. Specifically, jumping off of walls is too slow. Leaping long distances is too slow. Walking is too slow. Chaining long jumps and wall jumps could be fun but the style is way too slow paced to make the dynamic interesting and worthwhile, especially when the player can just fly in standard mode.
I think so. For me it was absolute surprise how much soul these games have.

File: images.jpg (45 KB, 554x554)
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>Make a bad person good
>Now that the person isnt bad anymore lets make him go yo jail

What the fuck we're they thinking? They are literally sending good people to jail
Being a good person doesn't absolve you
File: 1445753290442.png (60 KB, 288x288)
60 KB
They still commited crimes, the whole point is to get them to confess to those crimes.
>Be bad person
>do bad thing
>don't need to face the consequences because "I'm sowwyy:(("
What the fuck we are they thinking, indeed.

Meanwhile, At the Black Mesa /v/search facility, minutes before the experiment..
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Black Mesa is pretty decent but i think HL1 is just overall faster and a better experience. Not to mention that Black Mesa isn't even done yet, so you can't fully play through the game. I just finished a playthrough of Black Mesa yesterday (probably my second or third) and I still think HL1 (at least for now) is still the definitive experience.
If I was in this situation, I'd take off my pants and just fucking leave the stall to get some. What are you afraid of, someone seeing your dick? You have a good excuse.
>HL1 (at least for now) is still the definitive experience.
HL1 will always be the definitive expierence. BM only has graphics going for it.
I want a game set in the Black Mesa facility before the disaster.
Yeah pretty much, but I think it depends on how they handle Xen, if it's as fleshed out as it should be considering they actually have time to finish it and they're doing their own thing it might beat HL1's Xen. But the other 90% of the game would still be better in HL1.

File: 192836574124.jpg (52 KB, 640x360)
52 KB
Persona 3 Protag:
>Quiet type
>wields a sword

Persona 4 Protag:
>wields a katana

Persona 5 Protag:
>Calm but determined
>wields a knife

Persona 6 if ever color, personality, and weapon? What do you guys think?
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I hate how P4 made everybody drool over the MC's dick, and I don't just mean the romance options.
>where's my 1 and 2 remakes?
Why would they remake objective trash
Be nice guys :(
Thr psp ports didn't sell well enough
What do those moonrunes say?

File: estelle.jpg (24 KB, 240x240)
24 KB


thank you
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File: 1548788016842.jpg (52 KB, 457x502)
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And about as horny as I expected it to be. Which is perfect for me~
File: 086.png (3.77 MB, 1748x1218)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB PNG
It was okay.
File: alisa76.jpg (822 KB, 1696x2400)
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822 KB JPG
that's a compliment
File: Rocco.png (500 KB, 2000x1000)
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500 KB PNG
Get up, you lazy bum!
File: Leonhardt.jpg (11 KB, 240x240)
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Still hurts

File: 91o9PyZBFvL._SX342_.jpg (39 KB, 342x393)
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Was it a good game?
It was pretty dry
It's fun but very jank. Soundtrack is easily one of the best licensed for vidya.
File: 1545167738284.jpg (176 KB, 1200x893)
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176 KB JPG
It's a game with an identity crisis I think. On the other hand it's a game that you can make uncompleteable for yourself if you pick wrong stuff while leveling up and the gameplay is actually quite punishing and the visuals aren't up to standard at all. On the other other hand it's got glorified railshooter sequences camoflaged with cinematic shit up to eleven with cinematic QTE fights.
The way it blends aesthetic and music and gameplay in SOME parts is fucking amazing though, and the soundtrack overall is amazing. Frankly it's a very enjoyable experience that's barred behind several doors that not a lot of people know how to open. It's got the ingredients, and it's very close to a cult classic but it's not quite good enough to be one.
File: gos.png (1.56 MB, 2400x1600)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG

File: andeveryoneclapped.png (22 KB, 575x134)
22 KB
do you have parents who game?
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>It's the one thing that keeps humanity from going extinct.
Sure by my opting out isn't going to cause humanity to go extinct. People are still having accident babies in droves so they can do the work for me.

>Not to mention that when I grow old, at least I'll have someone I can rely on
Saddest sentiment I think I've heard on this board. Visit a nursing home sometime.
>Visit a nursing home sometime.
Yeah, they are depressing shitholes full of people who are stuck working there because they couldn't get a better job.
Father used to play 8-16 bit games. I think he stopped because he got bored. He just drinks, works, fished and other manly activities.
I mostly play fighting games/ arcade games since it gives me a reason to go go outside.
my dad plays internet backgammon and watches the same 4-5-hour block of sitcom reruns on TVLand (occasionally interspersed with cable news and changing channels to avoid watching commercials), every single day, when he's not working. I've tried to get him into literally anything else because he has no hobbies and he'll be retiring soon and I can't stand to watch his mental state degrade before my eyes by playing one of the most mindless games ever invented, nonstop, while watching Everybody Loves Raymond and M*A*S*H all the way through for the 400th time.

I don't really expect a solution but man guys do yourselves a favor, read books, play different games, keep your mind young. turning off your brain and mindlessly playing a dumb game while passively watching TV will deteriorate your mental faculties so fucking fast.
Me and my mom beat a gym together in Go and it was fun. It gives me something to talk about with her.

File: icecubes.gif (1.4 MB, 896x493)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB GIF
underrated killer feature and why I bought a switch!
it really doesn't work as well or feel as cool as they said it would
Shame the only game to really use it was 1-2 switch.
super mario party
but you need friends for that
It's actually really awesome but unfortunately devs have to actually do stuff to make it work so they don't bother to try with it. First party games make good use of it.
you also need bad taste in mario parties

File: 677584-emeriss.jpg (460 KB, 1286x1200)
460 KB
460 KB JPG

Okay, there have been a million home threads with no decent content. Let's have a WoW stories thread.

>be level 19ish
>hanging out in Goldshire, nothing to do, watching and mirin higher-levels dual
>hear a dude talk about how he's giving away his gold
>everyone starts lining up
>dude he just dueled says "no joke, he gave me 25 gold" (this is back in TBC)
>everyone lining up, people cutting
>Goldguy says this isn't working, says he'll give us gold if we do something for him
>He forms a raid with me and about 20 other guys, no one is even close to level 60 except him, the guy he gave gold to and one other guy.
>We need you guys to help us kill this dragon, we will give you all 1 gold
>Goldguy and the two others march lockstep on mounts towards Duskwood, we're all behind them
>Get hyped, didn't know there was a dragon in Duskwood, this is going to be badass

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 12532353647585.png (770 KB, 794x720)
770 KB
770 KB PNG
>I don't care what the fuck I'm doing out in the world, if I see a horde, you better believe I'm dropping what I'm doing and your ass is grass.
God you delusion alliance fucks are in for a rude awakening. I'm going to shit on you all as my lock.
Better believe it.
Bout to catch these hands boy.
They probably intended for the portals to be active at some point because they were developing an "Emerald dream" instance.
Oh god that feeling
>walk in, see nothing for the longest time and no music
>see a skull level ogre across the way
>run as fast as my little gnome legs will carry me
man i got the fuck out of there so fast. i really miss how the different zones made the game feel like an actual world. deadwind pass didnt have shit for actually being able to progress your character in any way, but it did a great job contributing to the world building of the game. current wow doesnt have any of that shit
>stuns you for 15,5 seconds with cheap shot + kidney shot + gouge
>teabags you

File: 1405920551245.jpg (1.11 MB, 1680x1425)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Play Digimon

File: Code Vein.jpg (314 KB, 1920x600)
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314 KB JPG
Did everyone forget about me?
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Yes. Even Bandai Namco.
File: Acquire Valuables.png (155 KB, 324x453)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
They are the only ones reminding us that it exists, though
File: Mido.jpg (199 KB, 1920x1080)
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199 KB JPG
Give orphans
File: 1532555850195.jpg (221 KB, 1920x1080)
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221 KB JPG
So what features are going to be left in this game?

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