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File: images.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
How come /v/ isn't talking about this game.

It's my most anticipated metriovania type game.
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You're underage.
Annnd you're underage.
File: museo_cristo_paso.jpg (318 KB, 800x988)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
And I'll stop here. Hope some of you fags enjoyed seeing some pretty art. Baroque has always fascinated me because of how visceral it is.
There is a demo of valfaris I don't know when it gets released
File: Spoiler Image (1015 KB, 2843x1400)
1015 KB
1015 KB JPG
Its a heavily castilian inspired game. The hell are you talking about

Now this is confirmed to win GOTY, what’s the front runner for the 2020 GOTY?
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>Bayonetta 3
>No More Heroes 3
>Ghost of Shenmue III
Next year is new console launch titles so don't expect anything good except for some surprise indies.
>*whistles for police chopper*
>autoflies to quest marker
>*Legatus™ vision activates*
>"Mhmm....giant hand print on the street....a Chimera™, gotta be"
>"Come on, Legion"
>*follows stand*
>guys in Chimera™ costumes appear
>"Shit you stink" ALALALALALALALALA *binds the guys with chain and they stumble and recover immediately, does a cinematic slash and arrests guys"
>"Mhmm....criminals pretending to be Chimeras™......better tell the police chief about this"
>"Come on, Legion"
>*autoflies back to the police station*
>"Just some bastards posing as Chimeras™, here's proof *shows criminals*"

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Just waiting for a switch revision to pick it up
Wow, the Wiiu really was just a prototype for the switch.
GOTY will be Death Stranding.

What characters should get CUT for the next Smash?
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Ganon would get a complete rework to be unique in a reboot
>jrpg characters
don't worry he'll stay as a mii costume
Which is ironic, because even doing this, Sword and Shield has had to cut hundreds of pokemon.
File: 1490656484273.jpg (57 KB, 468x414)
57 KB
>Roy is from a good game
Binding Blade was an absolutely awful game. It was a shitty prototype for FE7 and Sacred Stones, packaged alongside a narrative that was just a discount version of Marth's story. Did you even play it?

>Roy is a mandatory unit but spends 99% of the game being worthless
>even by the standards of FE6's abysmal unit selection, Roy is still bad
>100% of the game if you don't unlock the real ending
>which is locked behind gaiden maps
>reinforcements that move immediately
>terrain bonuses for thrones are insane, making bosses far more tedious than they should be
>ridiculous thrones on top of every map being a seize map
>which also requires you to lug Roy's useless ass around for the whole game

File: mario maker 2.jpg (249 KB, 1000x1000)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
I'll have some videos at the bottom. Major information so far.
>Airship theme at night allegedly slows down most objects and enemies (can't find footage)
>2 clear conditions are found in story mode but not the course editor. They are to escort a toad to the end of the level and to carry a stone that slows mario down to the end of the level
>Enemies can't be stacked in 3d world.
>Pipes can't be stacked (a feature usually used for trolling)
>online multiplayer selects levels at random regardless of tag and may select levels that are impossible for more than one mario to complete (i.e. require a powerup that the creator only placed one of)
>The custom autoscroll can only have 10 deviations, can't be used to make the camera go backwards, and can't be used vertically
>Tons of objects aren't in 3d world, and only 1 style of semisolid platform exists across all themes
>Skinny mushroom has been removed along with many other mario paint easter eggs
Objects missing from and exclusive to 3d world:
Hammer Powerup leak:
New Music:
Is the 100 mario mode in this game?
Is this a hate thread
no mario battle royale 99™ no buy
Why? I never played the first and this is why I wanted it, what do you do then?

File: 1511921759725.png (795 KB, 729x549)
795 KB
795 KB PNG
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How the fuck do you fight the shark? He never stays still for a second.
File: 75057061_p0.jpg (916 KB, 2144x756)
916 KB
916 KB JPG
File: 1557165171177.jpg (289 KB, 2048x1119)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
I just had about two agents waiting in a few different elevators near the bottom. So he'd always come back down and end up resting in the hallway next to someone who could run out and beat him. Then they'd move out if he was about to charge again. He has almost no HP so it's pretty nice.
He actually does, he tuckers himself out because he goes too fast.

File: darthsiontfukotor.jpg (122 KB, 315x512)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
*falls in love with you*
That's not Brianna

File: 51eAdm1k1uL.jpg (51 KB, 500x346)
51 KB
I feel like Kazooie gets an unnecessary amount of hate when compared to Tooie around here. Yes, it has some glaring faults, but we should at least appreciate it for what it is -- the foundation and demo for the tech they would later use to make Tooie. You have to give it some credit.
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I like Kazooie better desu
They used to date bruh
I like Kazooie, but I prefer Tooie. Shitposters that falseflag for either game deserve to be slapped in the back of the head though.
How does Gobi travel between Gobi's Valley and Click Clock Wood?

No, gruntildas sister used to date mumbo, but gruntilda was secretly in love with him, that's why she cursed him and put him as a prisoner in her worlds

Mythra is great.
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Does love have to have a reason?
Its great, definitely worth getting if you liked the base game
To an extent it should.
Sakura from naruto never made sense in after the time skip
Yes, but you should take your time with the main game before going into torna
File: images.jpg (24 KB, 739x415)
24 KB
>What kind of boy doesn't like mecha?
A boy that is dead.

File: djghjghownload.jpg (13 KB, 300x168)
13 KB
I panic upgraded my CPU (i7-920 to server cpu)

now eyeing an rx580 and ssd BUT i will wait until ps5 release
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What's this "We" shit? You're not into PC gaming if you're asking this drivel.
No, you.
File: 1554789886175.jpg (111 KB, 836x543)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
OP here. I will just wait for Nvidia's mid ranger for 2020 or 2012....but wait a sec....mid rangers will never match ps5's 8k or 4k 120fps

g-guys we PC cucks are in deep shit with this fuckin ps5
The next consoles will use 7nm, so the theoretical IPC benefit should put it above anything pre-haswell. The rest depends on power efficiency.
>8k or 4k 120fps
That's physically impossible
>The next consoles will use 7nm
Nah, with the current yields that is borderline impossible unless they only plan on producing 600k units for the first 3 months of launch.

File: 1560977290507.jpg (186 KB, 1280x720)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Why is the farmer so ugly now?
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Not to mention every game felt unfinished, what engine was the originals even running on?

At least they have jobs
File: AAAAAAAAHHH.gif (2.74 MB, 400x300)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB GIF
Every DaH! game I mean

The game was about Aliens taking over the planet. There was no positive human representation period. Are you this fucking triggered? Holy shit.

File: Judgment.jpg (212 KB, 1500x844)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
>EDGE 6/10
Game is shit, confirmed.
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Is this the game where the actor playing the main guy got caught with cocaine and Sega said they weren't even going to release it because of the shame it'd bring?
People shat over Yakuza 5 long before Yakuza 0 came here, fag.
People shat on 3 ever since it came out but criticize it now and watch the "reee 0fag" meltdown that ensues
The fact that EDGE gave Kiwami 1 fucking 8/10 should give you a clue about them being fucking retards.
Judgment is easy 8/10 or 7.5/10 at worst. It's better than 6 (since that was a tech demo) and Kiwami 2 (which butchered 2's best moments), has great story and lots of good content.
The only shitty part is tailing missions.
>Sega said they weren't even going to release it because of the shame it'd bring

No, they didn't say it.

File: CrisisCoreEnding211.jpg (13 KB, 480x272)
13 KB
What are /v/'s thoughts on one of the best endings in vidya?
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File: VIICC_Tifa.jpg (10 KB, 240x240)
10 KB
The ending was ruined by the battle preceding it being padded out. A few squads would have been fine but he literally fights off the entire army before dying.
Not ethical enough
guys just talk about tifa tits
This. Crisis Core's melodrama is pure cringe.

>introduce mega evolution which is a fun and cool new concept that shakes up battles significantly, adds a cool new spin on classic designs, and is generally well recieved by fans.
>Replace it with Z-moves, which aren't as cool as Mega Evolutions and are basically a one-shot button in combat, but otherwise have fairly fun and unique animations.
>also alolan forms were a decent substitute to add an interesting new spin on old pokemon but there were very few of them and too many of them are joke mons.
>replace it again but this time with no unique designs and no unique models, literally just scaled up pokemon.
Why do people let Game Feak get away with this?
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Because you can't use the mega without the base Pokemon, so by default they have to at least be BL-whatever tier the base is.
>Gen 6 adds Megas and says they're the ultimate bond
>Gen 7 says megas are evil and Z-moves are the real power
>Gen 8 scraps both

I look forward to gen 9 telling us Dynamaxxing is evil as well.
>There can't POSSIBLY be more than one person on /v/!
>They EDITED their picture!11!!!
lol you're fucking pathetic

It only took you 10 minutes to do too!
>why bring them when you can just bring mega Gengar, T-tar, Garchomp, or any other already overpowered fuck that got even more overpowered version?
Well you see there is actually little reason to pick mega T-tar and Garchomp over their regular version.
Lopunny and Pinsir beg to differ.

Megas were not even that broken, the ones who are are those with broken abilites and who had amazing advantages before.

File: fedimitri1.jpg (82 KB, 1051x1051)
82 KB
>best lord
>has the best boys
>has the best girls
>the only house that doesn't have homo links
>can potentially offer the best story
There's literally no excuse why you wouldn't choose the LionCHADS.
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only catherine is allowed to touch those hips
File: 1561010606847.jpg (24 KB, 554x554)
24 KB
i do like her outfit a lot after the timeskip
Ok which team has this one?
>tfw no Marianne to steal and force to kill former house
Not entirely sure how to feel about his post-skip design without a portrait to judge off of, but it wouldn't change anything anyway.
I also like how almost no one else gives a shit about him so I don't have to suffer the insufferables.

How do you save this company?
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>Hard relaunch HotS as an actual MOBA
>After classic WoW reaches Naxx, split it into TBC progression and classic+ with new content developed under vanilla philosophies
>Either shitcan modern WoW completely or keep it on life support to drain whale money and put it towards the development of other (better) games
I don't know what to do with Starcraft or Diablo though
>this themepark argument needs to die.
if it could be countered, it would.
>Blizzard makes games for "everyone" now, read: creatively bankrupt rehashes of better games that have been packaged in an easily digestible form and served to the lowest common denominator.
they have literally always done this
Warcraft was a warhammer ripoff

The difference is when you dumb it down too much and that quality goes down the drain
there's very strong reasons to believe overwatch is just a loot-box deathmatch mode of titan.
Diablo 4. i fucking swear if they even THINK to delay it and shift focus to developing OW2 first or some other bullshit, man

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