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Why do most people here have Spanish names when the US was the last colonizer?
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I'm going to sleep but keep the thread bumped all the time. I want to wake up in the morning with that beautiful country on OP's pic at the 1st page of /int/.
File: 1548205605595.jpg (87 KB, 1200x800)
87 KB
I meet Pinoys in America all the time. There’s nothing Spic about them.

Most only speak English too
From talking to pinoys in America, English is about to be the sole language of the Philippines in our lifetime.

Most of them think and write in English.
Of course they will speak English with you. Especially when they are in your country.

File: map.jpg (2.94 MB, 2668x3095)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB JPG
You wake up in Vvardenfell
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Have you ever heard about actual rpgs?
You don't hit them if you don't roll a hit, you retarded console babby.
File: IMG_20190722_111906.jpg (64 KB, 624x265)
64 KB
You meant germany right?
Immediately join House Telvanni
lmoa enjoy being a slave

File: brexit-570960.jpg (140 KB, 590x985)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
The eu will collapse eventually or reform itself to efta, what do you eurofags think will happen
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>The EU is not just about money
for the EE, it is. poles are the most backward nation in the whole union (i mean, you know, your caveman hard-on on religion, gay rights, abortion and other such topics), but you're still in, despite spitting on its fundamental principles. why? because you're a vermin, a leech and personally you're a faggot
Romania and Bulgaria are much poorer than Poland
Poland is on a good way
Russia is too big to be a EU member
Could be an associate partner though, like Turkey
Support for the EU within Europe increased in most countries after Brexit.
>Great Britain tumbles into economic turmoil and political irrelevancy
>Real European countries rally around the flag
Brexit was the best thing that happened to Europe since 1989.

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 263x191)
11 KB
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Har forresten aldrig kunnet gennemskue kilden af billeder med filnavnene DCM_01234. Androidtelefoner har filnavnene IMG_ÅÅÅÅMMDD_TTMMSS eller JPG_ÅÅÅÅMMDD_TTMMSS. Billeder uploaded fra Macs og iPads får filavnene IMG_01234. iPhonebilleder har det luskede 32-cifrede hexadecimale filnavn der fældede mig som bleanon.

Stammer billeder med DCM-filnavnene mon fra et gammeldaws digitalkamera? DCM kunne godt være en forkortelse for det.
>Det er ikke mit.
Det håber jeg da ved gud ikke, i hvert fald.
tror det variere fra android telefon
er det dig?
Mon Rasmus lurer her på firkanten?

File: 1560163243401.jpg (28 KB, 460x339)
28 KB
>tfw have "slav" in my name, even tho I'm not even a slav
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File: 1566296795073.jpg (76 KB, 640x706)
76 KB
at least you are not Sergey like me
File: 1424092151894s.jpg (7 KB, 249x249)
7 KB
>tfw people always ask if i'm related to the singer from Sabaton
what the...
Why, are you a balding autist?
How many were there in your class? For some reason every third Russian is called Sergey or Dmitri

File: europe-map.gif (122 KB, 1000x811)
122 KB
122 KB GIF
Why do they hate freedom?
Freedom is antithetical to their beloved Marxism
Except Caucasia
>Armenia has no copyright laws
>Georgia has legal weed
>Azerbaijan has legal cheese pizza

File: 1492073221384.jpg (41 KB, 380x496)
41 KB
>been failing uni for three years
>"last" year coming up
>haven't signed up for the semester
>can't because of automatic password reset
>not even going to be able to keep up appearances anymore
how do people commit suicide in your country?
Go to trade school. Don't suicide. :(

File: 1521316871561.jpg (11 KB, 251x242)
11 KB
>No Turkey is not Europe!!!
>Biggest city in Europe: Istanbul
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You overestimate the European ancestry of Turkey lad
I mean yes, some decent amount of them have Balkan or Mediterranean ancestry but it is somewhere around 10-20 %
The rest look clearly non-Euro, either like hook-nosed West Asian or chink-eyed Central Asian populations
A lot of Turks also look like a mix between both spectra
>cites "Cats" as an example of American theatre
>it was created in the UK
Saudi is not a true identity. Saudi monarchy is authoritarian as fuck and they turned arabia upside down. When the region was at minimal rule and was basically organic before. Each region "prospered" with it's own culture. Saudi cultural regions were Najd, Hejaz, Yemen, Bahrain/Al-Ahasa. But you make a good point. Living under one polity can create a common culture. Just look at France. Their entire identity exists because of the Franks and the dynasties that followed and ruled that kingdom.
if you want to see it as a sub-continent than yes. But that can't be if you want to see it as a peninsula.

this has nothing to do with europeaness. All europeans are literally mixed anyway. Being european doesn't just mean white. Everyone will lick the shit off greek ass even thou many greeks are not white. being european isn't about being white. that being said most turks are white.

they meme being black because of bullying and because it's funny. but they are white not brown. Even if you want to consider them swarthy white. they are still white.

I didn't say there was a european identity. I just said Turkey is european which is not false.

that is europe except it makes sense

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: crazygigafrog.png (299 KB, 685x769)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
>ring ding ding ding ding ding ring ding ding ding bem bem bem ring ding ding ding ding ding ring ding ding ding baa baa
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>based thread on 5 page
not on my watch
File: :).jpg (48 KB, 720x644)
48 KB
File: äckelgrodan 9.png (230 KB, 561x564)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
Have another bump my boy and think about the spoils of war, if ye will
Holy based
ba ba ba ba ba ba based

File: 1534917983369.jpg (36 KB, 542x757)
36 KB
>have sex incel
how do you respond?
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Categorizing people by their modality of expression is a form of ostracism, and an act of depriving an individual of his true self which is against the mores of contemporary society, bigot.
ok, lets make sex
Why am I sitting at a school desk next to a girl half my age and why the fuck is she talking to me?
Actually incredibly based.
Sex her

File: berlin vs istanbul.png (2.19 MB, 2232x708)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
A subway station in Berlin vs A subway station in İstanbul.

When will Europe catch us?
>classy art deco. just needs some cleaning up.

>soulless faggot shit
>>classy art deco
It's a concrete tube with subway tiles
When was the station on the right build? I wonder if it's the same case as in Poland for example, where out subway stations look 1000000000x better than any of the western ones, simply because they were build recently relatively to the western ones.
It's not older than 5 years I guess. Yes, subways are old and falling apart in Western Europe and they don't renovate anything because labor is not cheap.

I'm going to make some Udon Noodles next week.
So int tell me you favorite Udon noodle recipes.
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These sardines are made of drying them up under sunshine heat, I do not know how do you people made them, I guess it would be perfectly fine unless it was cooked to aware of bad hygiene.
our are dried in stoneovens.
ok ours are soul of nature in, yours are not
Cmon you are stronk finn, do not care about small thing, just eat it.
Is that fish categorized as in a group of blue fish?
Dashi fish must be blue fish.
Because it is much more tastier and you can also good taste than other goup of fishes.
im gonna order it for next week after i hit lvl60 in wow classic i will reward myself with authentic udon soup.

File: rgverger.jpg (62 KB, 630x342)
62 KB
Why do they plaster this over all their burgers?

(said plaster shure oim so rooral!!)
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Bout to head into supermacs now.. I find that there's a bad taste of off it sometimes that affects both the burger and the chips
>not eating bacon and cabbage every day
yank-ified degenerates
Alright lads
Got a 5oz bacon and cheese burger with garlic cheese chips
And a Mighty Mac with curry cheese chips
Of course I pretended both were for two people but in reality both were for me!!

My verdict:
The 5oz bacon and cheese burger is probably the purely nicest takeaway burger that there is
Its' meat is noticeabley better quality than the Mighty Mac, which is essentially the exact same thing as any chippers 1/4 pounder, and so is the meat which I am unreliably informed is MR meat

Their regular (naked) chips are much nicer than their dressed chips which aren't cooked enough in my humble opinion and are meh

Well that's just what I think, might go to sleep, spilt all me chips all over the place and ran out of napkins
File: 1565971530320.png (706 KB, 874x805)
706 KB
706 KB PNG
oh right
obligatory anime pic
>The 5oz bacon and cheese burger is probably the purely nicest takeaway burger that there is
patrician detected
Not sure if it's the same sauce as normal burgers but probably not.
Anyway dressed chips are just a "sesh food" meme. Chips with curry can be nice but it's better off being dipped so the chips stay crispy and maintain their own greasy/salty flavour alongside the curry. The cheese is low quality and doesn't melt enough to add much to the meal, I find.
Garlic chips can be nice but it's situational, and in many places I don't think Supermacs is on par with smaller joints on that front.
Supermac's taco chips are very nice however. They can be a bit tangy for some people and some occasions though. Acid reflux inducing.

Thinking about making a batch of fishfingers(30) for dinner
Good choice, but surely you won't eat 30 of them

File: 1562033615522.jpg (589 KB, 1012x678)
589 KB
589 KB JPG
imagine the smell
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He tries too hard to look like a mob boss

Subhuman niggers
the coats on coats is shite, but do you honestly think this is any better?

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