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File: maxresdefault.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
72 KB
I used to think frogs are dumb faggots but they are actually pretty funny
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At first I thought poland was a turd world shithole, but then I saw how ernest the poles here are. Thats how I ended up investing in eastern poland
It made me hate Turks
I hate Germans even more. Surprised the French arrogant. Americans aren't a nation really just Mexican immigrants shitposting here.

Who could come to a website like this and leave thinking people are more different than they are the same
>It has made me absolutely despise Canadians

File: 1537515539726.jpg (60 KB, 750x539)
60 KB
how common are relations between old men and young women in your country?
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What the fuck are you talking about? People hook up to make babies, and men can sire children long before the woman has gone barren. Moreover, women look for a reliable provider more than anything else in a partner, and older men have had the chance to accumulate more resources compared to his younger compatriots. Young woman-old man is a perfectly natural pairing.
its not "boomers" but its the fault of Jews
Pretty common, esp between slum whore and white incels
Would you date a girl your age (if you’re in your late teens or early 20’s) if you found out she’d fucked someone significantly older than her, sugar daddy or otherwise
As common as any other basic biological phenomenon.

What isn't as natural, however, is gender quotas for women to out-earn men before the age of 30, leaving the vast majority of men undesirable at a young age, because, biology is knocking on the door again, women are hypergamous - they date/marry up.

So if you want less of this, put women back where they belong - where they COULD work, not where they HAVE TO work.

File: asdfg (1).jpg (82 KB, 1080x1080)
82 KB
Do Korean girls really look like this?
File: asdfg (3).jpg (67 KB, 1080x1080)
67 KB
I can understand a plastic surgery but this feels like its way too much
File: asdfg (2).jpg (62 KB, 1080x1080)
62 KB
I am sick to my stomach

File: FB313024108.jpg (1.24 MB, 2160x1667)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
>I suffer in Brazil
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Porto de Galinhas is not exactly touristic and it's 90% gay lel
I live in pernambuco and i know it is touristic, but on expecific times of the year, but not in the level you are thinking i supose

the gay part is 100% true
They don't. They have many cute boys. The Brazilians here are probably the bottom of the barrel.
Imagine the smell

Smell of HIV of course.

File: bandeiraespanha.jpg (16 KB, 400x266)
16 KB
>under visigothic rule for almost 300 years
>names and surnames are mostly germaic
>eat lots of pork
>drink lot of beer
>pelagius, leader of reconquista was germanic
>gothic cathedrals everywhere
>the house of habsbourg ruled them for over 200 years
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Germans are Ostrogoth. Learn the difference and have sex incel.
and spaniards are visiGOTH, cousins
Germanic doesn't equal German, retard
File: 1560192855319.png (329 KB, 831x799)
329 KB
329 KB PNG

File: 1541187008011.jpg (44 KB, 403x537)
44 KB
Why the hell are Somalia and Sudan members of the Arab League. Those countries are BLACK not ar*b
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Fuck off with your propaganda we don't associate with those Filthy N*fris & B*urettes.
File: gayreeks.jpg (177 KB, 1200x900)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Why the hell are Greece and Italy members of the European Union. Those countries are BROWN not European.
File: 1533999495782.jpg (41 KB, 768x432)
41 KB
Does that guy look like an ar*b to you?
File: 1547954178771.jpg (139 KB, 872x631)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
If you are really BLACK and still can't get an ar*b muslim gf honestly I don't know what to tell to you
Damn nigga you black

File: france-map.jpg (509 KB, 1100x1126)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
Which of the selected areas is the best in France?

Which is the best part of the southern half of France to live?
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File: f6ac9134_z.jpg (194 KB, 1000x750)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
trips confirm
You have to go back, José
Recently only Toulouse.
>only Toulouse
Sure, if you like Maghrebis and hardcore retarded leftists.
t. Toulousain

Area 1 is peak comfy countryside, think Shire-like life even though cities like Lourdes are bland in my opinion. The fun part is a bit further up north or west, near bayonne & drax.

Area 2 is French Riviera, so it's gorgeous ans really hot in the summer. You get the best weather all around the year and summers are hot as fuck. The problem are the people : hordes of tourists and unfriendly, elderly locals. Plus, you know, beach goers are usually vulgar people.

Area 3 is mountain area. Annecy is absolutely nice but Grenoble is...well...doing its best. The real cool place would be Lyon, a bit further down. In 3, you have lovely scenery but you can end up feeling isolated in bumfuck nowhere surrounded by peaks, drunk college students and old people.

I need a time to heal myself
BI is that you?
Show some penis
I did that anon, Im in my fourth years being a NEET, it helped, I found peace and joy again.

I’m a burger preparing to travel to Singapore for a month or so with some lads to study mandarin. What should I know/expect?

I already know all information available on normie travel sites.
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i heard chinks are first tier citizen in singapore, than whites, then other asians, then arabs and blacks. is that true
>is it hard to get a job for someone born and raised there? have you ever been mugged?
im a NEET at the moment but from what everyone is saying yes it is pretty hard to get a job
never been mugged
>what was school like in terms of difficulty and getting along with classmates?
it was hard, but ive been in the "top schools" my whole life so maybe it was different in other schools, but i would say school here is probably harder than anywhere else except china, hong kong, and korea
yes it wasnt hard to get along with classmates, although if you were in shittier schools you probably had to deal with schoolmates acting like hooligans
>is orchard road worth visiting?
its just for shopping. you wont see anything new there if you are already familiar with higher end fashion brands and such. just go there for one afternoon or something and check it out
there arent many arabs and blacks here, but they dont get discriminated against
the ones that get the most hate are foreign workers from bangladesh, china, and SEA like indonesia and philippines
File: 1372566263278.png (17 KB, 180x200)
17 KB
what area are you hoping on getting a job in eventually and what's the market for it over there? having frequented the top schools doesn't help with it?

i'd love to visit one day, working would be good too, but i'm just a retarded college dropout kek

thanks for answering anon
i still havent decided what i wanted to do or pursue yet, and i kinda flunked the major exams so my educational background probably wont be too helpful
just visit us. theres not much to see here but at least the food here is good and cheap (enough) lol
you can probably finish sightseeing the important things to see here within three days or so
>so with some lads to study mandarin.

File: Patent.png (197 KB, 1185x654)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
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Isreal is not on the list
Based USSR dabbing on capitalist punks
>China patents every single plastic toy
>Tankies in comments
Also a patent doesn't mean anything important. Major inventions have always been the tool to measure the success of a nation.

I just wanted to be happy.
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File: 15609278546351874483502.jpg (862 KB, 3264x1836)
862 KB
862 KB JPG
Enjoying a cig right now
Too many fingers. Still kinda hot tho.
Have sex.
Got em
File: Lana del Rey.jpg (35 KB, 452x679)
35 KB
Let me lick your pussy

File: qt girl.webm (534 KB, 720x812)
534 KB
do you like asian girls?
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A very cute man! *ruffles your hair*
This is genuinely disturbing.
That face is ridiculously uncanny and the entire thing has pedo vibes too it.
I'm retarded
Pædophiles should commit a not alive
File: 1559753111817.jpg (89 KB, 1080x1350)
89 KB
Right now i'm just not attracted to stick arms and thats 90% of asain females

File: smugwoman.jpg (355 KB, 525x3102)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
>your cunt
>how long does it take you to fall asleep on average?
It ramped up to 3-4 hours recently and I have no fucking idea why. 1-2 hours was the average before that but it got way worse.
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It's just that you dread the day being over and you having to do it all over again in the morning. We've all been there Anon.

The biggest meme I use my bright as the sun double monitor setup until the minute I go to sleep and fall asleep within 5 minutes without fault.
No, I try to avoid moving constantly.
Several hours, been that way since I was a kid. No idea how people fall asleep instantly
My dad manages to fall asleep in a matter of 10 minutes maybe. I can't even get close to that time.
Worst part for me atm is also that I try to keep my sleep schedule constant (10 pm to bed and get up at 5 am for gym) but even that gets completely wrecked on a regular basis. Last night I slept maybe three hours, this will continue again for the next 1-2 days until I'm too fucking tired for anything and I finally manage to get a good nights rest.

File: Heyhohoutgave.png (571 KB, 1512x818)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
Forrige: >>107215438
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File: rumpa.jpg (67 KB, 420x487)
67 KB
Hvorfor er jenter så dumme?
File: 04062019.jpg (25 KB, 620x413)
25 KB
Strömprosentene 100-90% på min telefons batteri varer mer enn 10 ganger lengre enn prosentene 10-0%.
File: 1523475967663.jpg (49 KB, 657x527)
49 KB

File: 15390813563922.png (113 KB, 643x521)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
What's wrong with the American education system? They make some stupid posts and I'm wondering if its something to do with their primary and secondary education system
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...yeah, like I said, seperation of church and state is taken very seriously here. Any taxes at all applied towards places of worship are controversial. There are a lot of exemptions for such people and establishments.

If you think that's ridiculous you should see what laws regarding Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish people are like.
because free (You)'s
it's not just 4chan, twitter, youtube comments, you name it
Oh, then you shouldn't be one to shit talk desu
In grade 8 we learn about world religions.

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