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File: 1546897420125.png (189 KB, 725x220)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
édition calorie

ancien >>107552407
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ça me va
Aucune idée de la marque mais j'étais allé chercher le mien il y a quelques 10 ans dans une maroquinerie pour 50-60 euros. Il n'a pas bougé depuis le temps.
Si tu as des sous à claquer
File: 1544599011617.jpg (34 KB, 580x548)
34 KB
>Be partially Southern French
>Black hair
>Dutch people never consider me Dutch
>Always ask me if I'm Spanish

Based grandpa, thanks
kek I struck gold, out of 5 siblings I'm the only blonde one

File: 1554114958263.jpg (280 KB, 864x1320)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
What could I pass off as in your country?
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LA Persian diaspor
yes, just be yourself
average polish carpenter in my town

File: pepe suicidal thoughts.png (227 KB, 635x661)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
Im going on a 3 days trips with my uni at a forest

Any tips on how not to fuck this up ? I'm packing my bags and leaving in 2 hours
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Being too self aware makes things worse imo
Just go with the flow and take it easy
Everyone has to shit. You're signing up for bad things to happen if you don't poop
During my first three day forest camp in basic training I didn't want to shit because the common mobile toilets were disgusting
On day 2 I couldn't hold it anymore. There were two toilets, and a bunch of recruits waited before each. When it was my turn I shat so hard that after me the others only waited before the other toilet
Run into the woods and never come out and live like a wild man
File: TP-Chart.jpg (92 KB, 630x644)
92 KB
I do take great pleasure and satisfaction from shitting into the unspoiled nature. As a matter of fact we have a standing contenst over on >>>/out/, take a shit and take a pic from the view during your shit, most pituresque ones wins, bonus points for massive bear shites.
If it's with uni shouldn't be dangerous (in theory). Btw it would be too late to ask if it was. Don't worry.
Shared dorm room is nothing to be worried about. I have slept in 32 people rooms and it's ok. Yeah showers lol. Learn to wash yourself without them. Water in the sink might be cold.
If you don't even have to make your food, easy. Btw usually sandwiches, fruit, chocolate, cheese, stuff like that if outdoors
Don't fast cause you're going to faint in the sun. Eat tomatoes, salty cheese, sugars. Nobody cares about your poop sound. In the forest people poop outdoors as well
Nobody cares you're fat, opposite, people who know how to behave in the mountains will take care if you're slow at walking.
Don't worry and just chill, it's very relaxing overall

Tips you should worry about
-sunscreen and hat. Sun burns
-water. Bring stain bottles with water and drink often but little amounts
-don't stop in the middle of a huphill, try to stop only when plain. Avoid sitting when stop for short times, cause it'll make you more tired
-eat some bit of chocolate or salty things to bust energy
-bring clothes to get changed, don't stay with a sweaty shirt in the lunch pause. Bring warm clothes to cover from cold and wind, might also rain sometimes

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why do they refuse to be normal?
File: IndiaandPakistan.jpg (332 KB, 750x500)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
Normal ? That's quite subjective to be fair. Why do Russians get shit upon by life ? Why do they shit back on life? Why are Italians older women so attractive ? Why won't gypsies stop buying shitty cars and stealing from western people ?

File: 1537119201431.png (83 KB, 800x600)
83 KB
>I suffer in the Phil-
>'The Philippine Economy grows 6.2%, already in its Goldilocks phase' - Philippine Inquirer
>No, really, I suffer i-
>Unemployment and underemoyment lowest since the 80s - Governent Statistics
>N-no let's be serious I suffer a lot in Ph-
>Internet speed in the Philippines blossoms from 3 mbps to 14 mbps from 2016-2018 - Ookla Speedtests
>Poverty rates lowest in history, down 5% in 3 years
>Self poverty rates at an all time low - SWS
>Philippines enroute to become a upper middle income country - World Bank
>Crime rates at its lowest in years - Police and Survey statistics
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they're doing better than your country ahmed
File: 1531271362050.jpg (71 KB, 480x715)
71 KB
Excuse me it would be sucking tiny dicks of chinks now
File: 800px-Pinus_cembra01.jpg (302 KB, 800x1067)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
I want to fuck a pino
File: 1555994134559.jpg (80 KB, 750x1024)
80 KB
>Phil? Who is this Phil you speak of?

File: 다운로드.png (7 KB, 201x250)
7 KB
>Stop referring to that transgender anime girl as "him" or "trap", It's transphobic

File: fukushima.jpg (19 KB, 560x292)
19 KB
Fukushima nuclear plant still dumping radioactive fuel into the Pacific Ocean, how do we stop Japs?
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You need to solve the problem, not to play robots
File: DDFpXfyVwAAEFvn.jpg (131 KB, 1024x721)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
i dont believe you, you lied for years to the entire world, ruskies atleast were lieing but doing shit to stop the pollution

File: 1561392039457.jpg (90 KB, 640x800)
90 KB
And what do you hate the most?
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Light dress and shoes to carry
Light baggage to carry
Fast hair drying
Fresh fruits
Long sun day, warm
Get tanned=better looking
Nice evenings with people
More silence in some periods

Sweat and wet weather
Harder to work and study
Little sleeping
Less baked and cooked food
hot girls in skimpy outifts
Based and midwestpilled
when will this boi finally show his boipucci? not gay just curious
File: IMG_20190607_182231.jpg (3.08 MB, 2862x3011)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB JPG
>like about summer
Rainy days, cold beer and half naked women
>hate bout summer
Everything else

File: germ.jpg (20 KB, 380x474)
20 KB
lmao a tall MED BULL is something no blone white nordcuck women can resist
i love the joy in the eyes of g*rmanic women everytime they ask me if im italian and I simplay answer with a SI
they know that im a passionate gentleman and not some incel hanswurst faggot
they simply know that italians are the leaders in fasion, automotive, coffe, food, wine, lovemaking, football
You were born and raised in america, you are not italian. Why you italo-americans keep actiling like you're italian, you are not fuck off

File: 20190626_111824.jpg (22 KB, 513x308)
22 KB
No you are not cute
Yes i will replace you

File: 1538039605439.jpg (98 KB, 398x600)
98 KB
United Arab Emirates: 12% Emirati
Qatar: 12% Qatari
Belize: 25% Creole, 10% Mayan, 6% Garifuna
Kuwait: 30% Kuwaiti
Chad: 30% Sara
Monaco: 33% Monegasque, 20% French
Malawi: 35% Chewa
Senegal: 37% Wolof
Indonesia: 40% Javanese
Republic of the Congo: 40% Kongo
Nepal: 45% Nepali
Bahrain: 46% Bahraini
Andorra: 49% Andorran, 25% Spanish, 4% French
Bhutan: 50% Ngalop
Burkina Faso: 52% Mossi

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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99% Raza Cósmica, 1% Chicano
Chúpame la verga
Israel is an ethnostate tho
>Latvia: 62% Latvian
What the fuck, they still have that many Russians?

File: 16210685-352-k793904.jpg (29 KB, 352x550)
29 KB
>manlets (minus 1.78m)
>genetically skinny, unable to get any muscle at all
>dark in every area: hair, eyes, etc
>distinct peasant like face: most of them must descend from the same peasant couple of isabelle times
>mentally akward, most suffer of asperger's supplied by fake social interaction and videogames
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File: jordi el nino polla.jpg (179 KB, 900x1200)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
>la sinfonola de paco

por poner su chiste al principio del video se lo demonetizaron
Pobre criatura

File: 81kzd4SrHJL._SX466_.jpg (32 KB, 466x311)
32 KB
Just woke up again in this senseless concatenation of pain and agony that is existence
lmao what a fag
hey i live near where that photo is taken

File: 2016030318500571372.jpg (32 KB, 560x450)
32 KB
>I don't understand why you're still virgin, anon. Getting sex is easy bro, just smile to her and say hi.
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File: 1561494331673.jpg (31 KB, 300x358)
31 KB
Stop with this pathetic incel posting. And don't bring your shit to right-wing boards.
I had sex and it felt like my penis was going to break in half
File: 1478362593612.jpg (71 KB, 435x327)
71 KB
>hey bro, heard you were a virgin who lives with his parents.... Wanna hang out with us sometime?
It was not hard
it probably was about to break in half, that's a sign you're being a bit too vigourous

Before you post ITT, let's keep this discussion calm and civilized.

Mexico is the land of drug trafficking, rape, murder, government corruption, beheadings, voodoo religion, and illegal entry into America. The posters on /int/ are not much better and are constantly posing anti-American slogans, memes, and other disinformation.

Discuss any of your problems with Mexico here
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Why didn't Canada start manufacturing drugs and shipping them to America then if it's all our fault then? They are right next to us and they could fulfill any demand just as easily
Why don't you kill the drug dealers? Why are Mexican drug dealers operating out of Mexico the US's fault? Talk about not being able to own your own mistakes. Take some responsibility once in a while. That is my main tiff with Mexicans. Nothing but cry babies playing the victim card.
File: lloron.jpg (42 KB, 621x709)
42 KB
>invaded us three times
>stole our corn, cowboys, poinsettias, etc and called them their own
>made their illegal immigrants declare independence from us
>stole half of our country
>helped France the first time they tried to invade us
>helped our dictator in charge for over 30 years because he gave them all our resources
>tried to install a new dictator when we fought the one above
>took advantage of our poor for centuries, giving them special allowances in order to make them go there and work on the rail network, farms, etc
>blame us for the fact that they invited those mexicans over centuries
>biggest consumers of drugs in the planet, and drugs are cultivated in south america so they NEED to go through mexico
>declare the “war on drugs” because they are puritan retards spreading their cancer around the world, and in the process mostly jail blacks and the mexicans they invited in a disproportionate manner, to the point they became the country with the most prisoners in the world
>make us start a war because they can't either stop consuming drugs nor legalize
>70% of the arms cartels have come from USA
>ask us to deport central americans; and then proceed to blame the central american immigration on us even when we deport more than 90% of them; to then pretend we not only don't deport them but help them reach the US because we are evil; while saying we are hypocrites because we do deport them. At the same time
>use their global media to talk shit about us and create shit stereotypes

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Are you seriously comparing Canada to México? we are the route of all South America, do you really believe we produce all the cocaine that goes to América?
Stop buying drugs and giving jobs to ilegals, easy. Its hard to control our people if you pay them in dollars to break the law

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