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ITT post God-Tier headphones

>Sub $200
>Comfortable as fuck
>Great sound

Why would you buy anything else?
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They're not the bassiest but the bass that's there is thick and clean. Best aspect is how clear vocals are. You're gonna want to have lossless audio sources to get your money's worth though.
>kek headphones I don't have to charge
Eat shit nigger
File: phil.png (235 KB, 1444x596)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
Very comfy
Agreed. They are a great value.

File: large_FKBS87EFB_6.jpg (152 KB, 1600x1200)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Looking to get a new keyboard, mechanical as my old keyboard is shit and I am looking to get a better one. I came across Filco Stingray TKL Ninja Mechanical Keyboard and looked pretty cool.
Anyway whats your keyboard and why?

Filco Stingray TKL Ninja Mechanical Keyboard:
>$165.00 + Free Shipping*
>No RGB shit
>Clicky switches
>14.10" x 5.43" x 1.25"

File: 190216182727648881.jpg (79 KB, 729x984)
79 KB
Why smart things aren't just called hacker-enabled?
It sounds retarded
But at least it's true
Why did you post a picture just of you holding a knife in the air?

File: 1550142479830.png (172 KB, 600x600)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
>OpenBSD disabels intel management engine
why are people so stupid?
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File: axxx2sm850b21.jpg (36 KB, 359x478)
36 KB
Assess blasted so hard they're in orbit.
When you come back down try not to land in a white country, I know you're American.
File: 1521203726787.png (86 KB, 613x414)
86 KB
I refuse to click anything /pol/ related but that doesn't mean I agree with intel
File: provesalot.png (32 KB, 510x246)
32 KB
File: your_shit_fuck_it.png (196 KB, 485x409)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
fuck off back to /pol/, cancer

File: IMG_20190215_150606.jpg (3.8 MB, 4640x3480)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB JPG
battlestation thread.
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what laptop is this?
File: IMG_20190202_151755-02.jpg (2.15 MB, 3648x2736)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB JPG
Nice speakers.
What vr games u play?
Why not faggot? Give those fucking quads back.
alot of Onward, Zero caliber, Superhot, Table Tennis, Arizona Sunshine, Crisis VRigade and Beat Saber

I even made a magnetic gunstock for Onward
>nice speakers

Great aren't they? Your setup has a great look.

File: 1534971051537.jpg (32 KB, 588x441)
32 KB
we could have heatsinks like this if it weren't for capitalism
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The heatsink in your picture is bullshit though, unless it would be made out of solid silver or copper. Even then there are thermal bottlenecks wasting airflow over space usage.
ugh... what's a heatsink?
>People still believe this
so what happened to Kodak, HP, etc. ad infinitum
As many have pointed out, if a heatsink design like this performs well (relative to the effort it takes to make!), capitalism will make it a thing through companies competing to make the most profitable product.
Another thing would should be mentioned though, is that the alternative to that is... what? The GOVERNMENT deciding the path of technological development? THAT WOULD BE INSANE. Fucking brain dead bureaucrats basing their decisions on farts and unicorns rather than market performance. No thanks. All that communist countries are capable of is copying from their betters, no capacity for innovation.
Go jerk off to AOC's tits ya commie faggot.

File: ΜΕΤΡΩ ΧΡΩ.png (144 KB, 1024x1024)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
The glaring abuse of standard units and unit prefixes must be intervened with.

Kilobyte = 1000 Byte

Kibibyte = 1024 Byte

Kelvin Byte doesn't make any sense.

Doesn't make any sense. "gram barn"? Please write "GB" (1 billion byte) or "GiB" (2^30 byte).


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's the motto of BIPM. Apparently it means 'use the measure'.
The sentiment of your post is highly admirable, OP, but it does contain some errors:

Unit names follow the capitalisation rules of common nouns

The kelvin-byte is a sound hypothetical compound unit. The problem with KB is that it has neither a space nor a half-high (centred) dot (·) between the two unit symbols to indicate multiplication, thereby implying that the 'K' is a prefix symbol. As you know, 'K' is the symbol for no SI or IEC prefix.

>kb => kilobit
It is of course acceptable to replace unit symbols with the full unit name, but it is equally acceptable to replace faulty unit symbols with the correct ones. Simply correcting the faulty representation instead of replacing it with the name yields 'kbit'.

>5 megabit/s
It is not permitted to mix unit names and symbols in a single expression. This quantity may be represented as either '5 megabits per second' or '5 mbit/s'.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Discourages KB
>Encourages GB
Wanna explain this one?
"G" is the SI prefix for 10^9.
"Gi" is the SI-accepted (though not technically SI) prefix for 2^30.
Both are legitimate.
>"G" is the SI prefix for 10^9.
Correct, but wasn't my question
>"Gi" is the SI-accepted (though not technically SI) prefix for 2^30.
It's a binary prefix, but otherwise correct
>Both are legitimate.
To be sure, you agree both KB and GB are legitimate SI prefixes, then? Because that wasn't clear in your OP.

File: 1512337938867.png (698 KB, 797x682)
698 KB
698 KB PNG
Should I trust the win10 email client?
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>should i trust anything made by M$
File: 1486931403438.jpg (260 KB, 1920x1080)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
don't trust anything if a windows machine is in the same subnet as you

File: Kali_GBHackers.jpg (41 KB, 684x458)
41 KB
Why is it so much better for hacking?
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This anon speaks the truth. It's naive and ignorant to think a pentest box won't store "important shit" for weeks until an engagement is wrapped up.
File: shocked.png (299 KB, 1024x467)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
>Those aliases
Fucking cringe, what a bunch of losers
Lol both parties here are cringey
It's a joke from Hackers you dumb shit.
File: hackers.jpg (21 KB, 275x366)
21 KB
>He hasn't seen hackers

File: 61MPpmQoc1L._SL1001_.jpg (120 KB, 1001x1001)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
You do have it installed, right /g/?
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File: 1543073295439.jpg (921 KB, 1920x1080)
921 KB
921 KB JPG
OH. I thought it was just being SHIL'D.
No because I don't buy laptops with integrated cameras/mics. Everything I use is external and unplugged when not in use, even on my desktop.
Oh come on, one of the colors didn't completely block out the light. Not exactly the same as "they turned out to be translucent".
File: IMG_20190216_212346.jpg (163 KB, 1500x750)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Except they are transparent

File: 1545098831874.jpg (31 KB, 632x403)
31 KB
> graduated with a 1st class degree (britbong) 2 years ago
> decided to pursue what i was interested in and got a job doing embedded software for a large electronics company
> challenging job, c c++ and assembly, often have to rely on my knowledge of hardware, systems modelling and operating systems theory
> recently meet up with a bunch of people from uni
> literally everyone out-earning me by a good £5-10k by doing pajeet tier shit like python, enterprise java and front end work for some bank or corporation

What is wrong with this industry, /g/ ? I thought this kind of work was supposed to be outsourced to 3rd world countries by now, or at least drop in value ?

And it's not like my employer is screwing me over, glassdoor says im being paid appropriately for my field of work.

pic sort of related
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Anon, have you considered that you might be doing more interesting work at less cost?
My current job is really cool, developmental military stuff, but I'm getting paid 10-20k less than I could elsewhere. To me it is worth it to work on things I can care about, and it is building up a great resume for if/when I want to cash out for a less interesting job.
It's not due to negotiation skills or being non confrontational, its that people are willing to work for less money for a job their interested in. See radio hosts.
Hard programming work just isn't respected.
Nooone understands it, noone cares about it, if any old thing works people will pay for it.
The only cost of "bad" software is programmer time and effort (which no one respects), or redevelopment maintenance cost (which none wants to pay for anyway).
People want the computer to work. They don't give a shot about the software, and eventually neither will you.
>People want the computer to work. They don't give a shot about the software, and eventually neither will you.
This is the final red pill.
European degrees are basically just community college tho lmao. get a real education
well, you have to keep in mind that for every well paid java/python/web programmer there are thousands of poorly paid pajeets. Maybe your classmates are just the lucky few that are paid well.

you also have to keep in mind that since c/c++/assembly is so much more complex it takes a lot longer to advance from a junior to a senior or expert level (which isnt the case for higher level languages).
You will most likely out-earn them in a few years.

>some Navy draft forced to fill out punch cards in the 60s understands computer philosophy more than 90% of ""programmers""
>our guy

File: new char table.jpg (109 KB, 239x915)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
I took a closer look at the ASCII table and couldn't find out why it was setup the way it is.

I plan a little RISC V project which is basicly starting from scratch to teach myself everything about computing.
So for the purposes of this project I thought why not make a easier-to-remember character table.
By looking at ASCII and EBCDIC I noticed that the control characters were encoded at the start of the table.
Any logical, non deprecated reason for that?

I made a little text file in which I wrote down my current table.
The project would of course translate it back to ASCII or UTF-8 if it's needed.

Currently it starts with the numbers 0-9 followed by the standard latin uppercase letters, then the lowercase ones.
The rationale behind this is that the hexcodes for the numbers are the same as the numbers, the letters A - F correspond to the correct hex values as well, making it easy to remember.
The start of the alphabet has an offset of 10 and if you want to convert upper- and lowercase you'd just have to know the length of the alphabet, which is 26.
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: table.gif (27 KB, 715x488)
27 KB
>It's basicly just for myself, so I can remember these things more easily.
Print this out and tape it to your desk.
Becuase of all the onions CS students who post whining about having to learn about assembly and compilers because it's "not necessary to code."
> tfw this is not only a real article, but there are literally dozens of stories (including video) of this nigger bragging about all of it
that reminds me about this:
File: standards.png (24 KB, 500x283)
24 KB

File: Signature Series Walkman.jpg (90 KB, 1200x1200)
90 KB
I'd buy this considering it's a dedicated music player, but I'd like to know, is it really worth even a $1k price tag?

I get that good audio is certainly expensive, but can this drive really high impedance headphones & all? Did Sony do well with this product?
30 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
What do you need more resolution of? You're not going to hit the limits of 16 bits of dynamic range without top end equipment in a soundproofed room, but then why are you buying a portable player? And so long as the DAC is decent, 44100-48000 samples/s is enough to reproduce anything in the human hearing range.
I see, though the ability to drive high impedance headphones is another condition. Portable devices seem to be capable of it (not all of them though).
that's retarded. at that point it's better to have a dedicated unit
I'm not sure whether what I have are high impedance but some stuff seems to play poorly through them but the Clip+ works great.

File: Unknown.png (3 KB, 371x136)
3 KB
Sorry if this has been asked a million times, but what's the deal with this? Should I use it?
30 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Dnscrypt is dead, use dns-over-tls instead
File: 276765e.jpg (84 KB, 800x600)
84 KB
>not using &
And how do I go about doing that?
I use
When it comes to something like obesity, I can understand the shame because that's something that can be changed in most cases. If it brings you shame, you'd do better to change it than hide it.
When it comes to genitalia why should anyone get upset over something they can't influence? They are what they are, other people knowing the truth shouldn't bother you.

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