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File: 1561482589285.png (587 KB, 640x664)
587 KB
587 KB PNG
>click windows update
>it finds updates and says there are no more updates
>click windows update again
>it finds more updates
why is windows like this
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>it's rare and almost never happens
it happens literally every single time
>updating windows

I think we know who the real retard in this story is
updating windows is not good for your health
some updates are required before you can install other updates. If you install them all at once out of order it will break things
It's holding off some unimportant updates until later.
By checking repeatedly you're telling it you want the less important updates now.

File: be2.png (180 KB, 800x800)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
have you tried programming while on drugs?
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>Only caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. Everything else is for dumb niggers.
I can program drunk OK, but I'm terrible at programming high.
File: 3d1.jpg (181 KB, 900x675)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
im high as fuck right now
I'm getting there
File: Lai03.png (213 KB, 1280x1024)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
hashish doesn't improve lisp programming skills, but emacs paren matching mode works better.

File: Capture.png (118 KB, 732x746)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
>the absolute state of CS internships in 2019

Would any of you CS students and/or new grads be interested in this?

Redacted personal info.
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As a current student, I would at least take a look. There is a chance that whatever their having issues with could be easier than expected. If it's total ass, I'd go awol, but I could possibly have a cool ass recommendation for knowing script kiddie shit.
This is a long shot but I think they might have meant "SEOizing", as in optimizing search engine ranking.
lol real software internships here make at least 80k/yr
It's literally cheaper than a class and probably teaches you 10x the knowledge.
>fixing Pajeet's shit wordpress code will teach you knowledge

File: file.png (1.07 MB, 1207x1478)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Finally botnet free
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File: brainletpit3.png (839 KB, 1618x1910)
839 KB
839 KB PNG
The only thing I can think of using this for is to create a comfy retro desktop computer to show off to guests. ASCII graphics, terminal only, and available to play some emulator games
This isn't summer camp kid

Not a bad idea, a friend uses these as the base for retro games cabinets (he DIY's all the wood and shit) that he has sold to a few places. You could probably salvage an old laptop screen and shit and get that working with one of those driver boards or something to cut costs further.
thats basically the main usecase a lot of people have for them. chuck kodi or whatever on them, it works well enough.

File: google.jpg (7 KB, 351x113)
7 KB
I prefer to use DuckDuckGo now (SearX looks good too) but sometimes I find that I get a better result using Google. How can I search Google so that it gives me unadulterated search results?
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interdasting... thank you
doesn't mean that the hosted articles aren't biased
literal botnet. use searx or startpage
no longer works for google searches
File: moot romney.jpg (178 KB, 469x600)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
row row row row fight the power

File: 1554452540279.png (214 KB, 622x634)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
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What fucking countries have existing 5G on any appreciable scale?
I can see you glowing from here, cianigger
huawei is going to be the new apple because hipsters are going to gobble it down, convinced that this route of action equals to taking a stance against trump.
File: 1548406427379.jpg (32 KB, 620x294)
32 KB
By BTFOing iToddlers
Sorry, free minded people who are gaming the cruel capitalist system and challenging the economy by using non-fiat currencies and insulating themselves from the influence and evils of the oppressive western governments.

Hi /g/ freelance artfag here. I spend my days painting, answering an endless stream of emails, and watching movies and youtube on my secondary monitor. I also do a bit of gamedev.

Lately my pc has been starting to get kinda slow, and I'm wondering what area to look at for upgrades and QOL improvements to my workdays (every day, basically)?

Win experience index rates my system 5.9, which means it's shit. And it is.

I'm running:
win7 64
i5 2500k
16GB DDR3 ram at 668MHz
AMD Radeon R9 380 4GB

My motherboard:
P8H67-M Pro (Sandy Bridge?)

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i use gnu, most of my tools are here anyway
>>71593327 u just need to get a better cooler then download aida64 for stress testing, u can find plenty of tutorials out there
Is that a joke? Install Linux.

Get some proper RAM and make sure it runs in dual channel. 668MHz DDR3 is a joke, my old DDR2 runs at 850MHz. Everything else is fine even though you could upgrade the CPU.

And don't use shit slow Adobe software that gets worse on every new release.

this seems like a good idea. i'm getting really confused here though...

when are you talking about my cpu chip (the tiny thing), and when are you referring to my motherboard? isn't the H67 a motherboard? isn't i7 and i5 etc a CPU chip?
File: aindex.jpg (15 KB, 280x180)
15 KB
Hey, I'm the same I guess. I also got a very similar setup and I noticed everything running slower too. I guess win7 wants us to upgrade or just programs got more demanding recently.

>upgrades and QOL improvements to my workdays
I got SSD - a major improvement
Also a separate disc for all adobe stuff only - helps almost as much as SSD, really. You can get a small drive it just has to be a physically separate drive.

Next thing:
Myself I'm torn about upgrading to Zen2 for win10. On one hand it's obvious cash grab for research on Zen3 on the other I'm tired of a machine that's slow like modern ultra thin laptops, but also consumes electricity like crazy and heats up my room during summer. Also faculty at the college I take courses always tells us to sit at intel computers first. 3Ds max and Photoshop get unstable on AMD (ryzen 1700x and 32gb of crazy fast ram) after prolonged use and required a reboot.

You sort of can, on older boards, friend. Back then, "OCing" wasn't a 1-click turbo button that loads pre-sets.

File: 1542506504895.png (383 KB, 949x531)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
Tfw you steal a 'broken' ssd from work
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want me to steal you one bro?

most of them are only 128 gigs (mines 250) but hey free is free
Nah my new 1tb comes in tomorrow
Can you steal me one, Jamal?
>have X230
>at work they have some unused X230 laying around
>has retro-illuminated keyboard and lid in good condition
>swap parts around with mine which had the non-retroillum. keyboard and broken lid
Write the one with swaped parts off and take it home. Will take a laptop home I've written off because at home I have a shittier one

File: covenant.png (77 KB, 377x457)
77 KB
Why don't you just download all the books you want off of libgen??
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i miss mine. have to buy another one. a shame it only last less than two years.
Russian pdf malware
File: image.jpg (109 KB, 400x400)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
reading is for pretentious fags, why read when you can learn through practice

screencap this.

this kind of retardation is rare

8k is a meme and you faggots know it
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>220ms input lag
>but you get problems like you had with some TVs
I didn't have a problem with 120hz even with the UFO test and all that
What made you think I had a problem?
File: retina.jpg (843 KB, 1280x1706)
843 KB
843 KB JPG
I'm very drunk at the moment and my reading comprehension is poor. Sorry.

Look on the edges of the monitor. One photo was taken of a 5k screen, while the other was taken of a 1080p screen.
In software both video windows were exactly the same size. For every 1 pixel that was on the 1080p video frame, there was 4 pixels on the 5k video frame.
I just want microled monitors
You can't even get OLED at a reasonable price
You can almost buy 3x LG OLED TVs for the price of a single Asus 20" OLED monitor
It's going to be the same story with microLED
Someone will make a small piss ant microLED screen and charge 2x the price of a fuck huge Samsung microLED screen
I wouldn't count on getting mLED monitors for a reasonable price at least not for a very long time, monitor makers are going to be too scum to let you have it

File: 10102838381818.jpg (103 KB, 907x718)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>he is too dumb to comprehend object-oriented programming and vents his frustration by being racist
OOP more like POO amirite fellow g/pol/bros? xD
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Go back
>When was the last time you used any OOP past very basic inheritance?
I can't even remember. I've used a few interesting polymorphisims and OOP-based hierarchies for a few dynamic-but-still-similar structures, but zero attention has ever been placed on them; they've been just "yeah, that's a way to do it" and every once in a while "but this would probably be cleaner" kind of things. Zero importance was placed on the OOP aspects of the hierarchical structure; all importance was placed on "what contracts do we expose by API and what do we need to expose to other micro-services,and who exactly owns which data points?"

It just feels like a completely different problem space than what /g/ constantly complains about.
half of all indians literally shit in the street but keep being mad at incompetent programmers i guess
i use oop only when dealing with some complicated state which is rare

for everything else simplicity will always win

Already posted this on the Q/A section and thought maybe it’s better to post here like idfk.
I NEED HELP finding someone who can help me get information form this guy.. I can’t do this myself but will gladly repay the favor.
Or just some info on how to do this would be great..
lol anyway hope this is the place to post this ..
What the fuck are you even asking
loooooool !!!
Fucking summerfags sage

File: 101029288218.jpg (31 KB, 480x480)
31 KB
why does this image board use javascript?
cant it be all done with only html and css and a little bit of creativity?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not really, no.
the whole web can be done with just html. But it would be shit
as opposed to being done completely in javascript and it still being shit?
>But it would be shit
Found the nigger.
File: f5.gif (46 KB, 200x200)
46 KB
But you can opt out using javascript
just expect to press f5 everytime

File: blowfish.jpg (371 KB, 1503x1619)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
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ah yes I'd love to play at less than 1/4x the FPS
Did you get it working?
I'm not at home but thanks for the help!
Oh ok then, fell free to ask questions here if you need additional help, or come by the OpenBSD general
Comfy and based

File: FrankenPC.png (41 KB, 660x525)
41 KB
Specs/speccy thread, improving edition.
65 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Capture.jpg (96 KB, 642x578)
96 KB
2011 reporting in.
File: image.jpg (75 KB, 750x641)
75 KB
File: speccy.png (27 KB, 434x389)
27 KB
no need or desire to upgrade anything
vp228he is kinda shit but it works so meh

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