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File: icecream.png (132 KB, 242x237)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
>mom can barely operate the laptop to browse the net
>wants me to teach her to download movies
>make an attempt

The absolute fucking horror and sheer stupidity. It's impossible, it's fucking impossible.
God, fucking boomers, why are they like this. I hope I never turn into this with age.
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And 50 years later when you're asking your grandson, wait that's not realistic, your grand nephew how to order pizza on the hollophone and only listening to 5% of what he says because you think hollophones are bullshit, I'm sure they'll be real impressed that it's pride keeping you from learning rather than incompetence.
>grandson, wait that's not realistic, your grand nephew
please apologize to me right now
>hollophones are bullshit, I'm sure they'll be real impressed that it's pride keeping you from learning rather than incompetence.
i'll get like 5 of those phones with the buttons right now and keep em till i die
the day i start using nigger tech is the day i'd want to kill myself
People in general are fucking stupid, not just boomers. You get used to it.
>Back in my day you got your movies from a store and the world was better off for it.
>implying it wasn't
In 50 years we will all be dead, slaves to the kikes or rebuild our civilization with our bare hands.

>windows 10 takes up 400gigs of my drive.
>want to shrink it (only need it for work)but can't
>need a third party application to do something I could do with ease in the past.
How is this even allowed?
Also a what would be a good application to shrink this shit so I can add my distro.
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Make sure you are administrator because i've never had a problem doing this, but I dropped windick 2 years ago so microshit might of pulled some more bullshit
Use a GNU/Linux distribution with Wine.
If that doesn't work, then use a Virtual Machine.
its so sad this is true

theres a file that windblows create 200 Mib away the last 'regular' file. thats why you cant resize it.
i dont rembember now but thats how i managed to shrunk win10 partiton that came with my dell laptop
its like this
- : empty disk
+: used disk

hard drive: ++++-----------------------+------

Oi, Anon-kun, you're not using p- proprietary software, are you? I-I won't like you anymore if you use Firefox, Steam, or Discord...

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File: 1538793928552.jpg (691 KB, 800x1129)
691 KB
691 KB JPG
important thread
other way around
But Firefox is not proprietary.
how would you know I don't have the source of these? I'm the creator so is open source or me

are you the NSA guy that kidnapped stallman injected a worm into his brain and now he thinks he is a 11 year old 2d girl

I've been literally watching some speedrun's, C tutorials and gun reviews, and now YT recommends me many "OSINT" (Open Source Intelligence) content. Is Youtube algorithm fucked up or what?
>open source
Stop using Jewtube's website retard.
https://invidio.us/ directly embeds the video instead of using the shitty JavaScript player.
You can also use FreeTube ( https://github.com/FreeTubeApp/FreeTube ). It's a desktop program that supports subscribing without having an account, watching videos and downloading them.
NewPipe ( https://newpipe.schabi.org/ ) is basically the same shit but for Android.

File: images-4.jpg (11 KB, 250x201)
11 KB
How quickly could you become like a master level programmer/developer? I mean like other programmers and engineers can't help but be impressed-level. What would it entail learning? What would impress an above average programmer?
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those extremely tiny graphic demos are impressive because it shows you know how to optimize something very complex which is very valuable. The smartest person I know in SE always masturbates over those, because you HAVE to be first class to even try to do it.
>comment your code well
>make it human-readable
>make sane PRs and otherwise follow good code management process
>be good at industry standard stuff
>have an interest in at least one bleeding edge stack
>be sociable and willing to pair up even if it's for something trivial
the era of superstar faggots with giant egos like carmack is dead
carmack is impressive though
File: terry.png (665 KB, 628x800)
665 KB
665 KB PNG
I actually think less of chinks who memorize how to solve boring optimization leetcode problems. It shows theyre just trying to game the interview process and lack real creativity (and likely lack the more important systems type problem solving as well).

build something cool if you want to impress someone. nothing else is impressive unless you're doing phd level research or something.
Go Full free, no half-free. Install a real free distribution like: Trisquel, Ututo, gNewSense, Hyperbola, Parabola, PureOS

What grade of solenoid do i need for... "it"
how heavy is the fleshlight anon
Normally, I would suggest some kind of piston mechanism. But if you're building a machine to jack you off, a solenoid with a 1 inch throw is probably good enough for you.
>the fleshlight
oh yes of course
the "fleshlight" is 1lb

oh ok thanks

File: IMG_0082.jpg (375 KB, 1600x1600)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
whats the name of this type of rail?
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My work threw out literally tons of this shit in every imaginable size and shape. I regret not taking some it everyday.

Literally dirt cheap. The expensive stuff is the corners and fasteners because they're made to square the frame, but you can find cheap chinese versions everywhere if you don't need perfectly square frames
Rail-ing your mom
You can buy it from 80/20 inc
ofc if you get some chinese ones it'll be cheaper, duh. But the 8020 ones my work had are fucking expensive.

File: IMG_20181215_191700.png (34 KB, 469x333)
34 KB
Is there a more based youtube extension?
ye there is
the one that it replaced for NO reason
all the dev had to do was add &disable_polimer=1 every yt url
but nuoooooo he gonna kill it and start a rewrite for the shitty new youtube
fuck him and his extension
rip ytc

File: 2195348-gallery5.jpg (1.36 MB, 2880x2160)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
Is paying more than 1200$ for an office chair worth it? Or is this just another meme?
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bongs need to leave. this is an American board
I brought mine here https://www.workbrands.com/en/herman-miller-refurbished-herman-miller-aeron-chai.html
Vitra Meda looks more elegant
high class Italian design
Got my first aeron used for 250, it has served me so good, nothing broke yet, some tear and wear, but nothing mabor, going 20y atleast.

Got second one for home usage after moving the first one to work, 250 used, the new model is a bit meh, but not bad.

Get a used one, they give them 10y warrenty for a reason, they last really really well.

File: 1500492942069.png (740 KB, 992x1101)
740 KB
740 KB PNG
Friendly reminder
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It made me cringe that someone actually took the time to make that high effort infographic just because they care so much about what browser other people use.
Truly nu-/g/
i wanna fug nico
quit shilling your shitty fucking out-of-date website
Probably among the most sterile and wrong browser tier list I've ever seen, please leave
File: 1538332072477.jpg (3.18 MB, 2878x2048)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB JPG
chromes are below the kill yourself tier

Anyone out there got a custom in ear monitor?

What was your experience and what did you get?

Any suggestions for someone looking at around $1000?
that looks disgusting. i am not putting that near my ear.
JH ciems are apparently also very good
File: soy.png (106 KB, 800x750)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
>custom in ear monitor
Why would you want a monitor in your ear?
I've been thinking of getting the custom ear buds
I already have my molds so it shouldn't be too much trouble.

is vi-improved really improved?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I think you press ‘.’ to keep going back
it's certainly a lot more bloated
the question is whether you even use all the features
I require the bare minimum and despise the bloat so I use traditional vi http://ex-vi.sourceforge.net/

no, original vi could only do a single undo
Anything beyond minor config file updates is horrendous on vi and the time it takes to scp to your local or sudo apt install vim on the machine is worth it fire me idgafudge
really, only one undo?
I wish they'd put some more work into gvim. Cim without the terminal minimalist cancer.
So splits would be actual window splits instead of fucking ascii art.
Also make YCM not look like cancer.
Also some progress bars and tables would be nice

File: 1543809790824.png (40 KB, 499x511)
40 KB
>mfw 3nm in 2020
46 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
intel is old news grandpa
You won't be praising this bitch shit so much when those cockroach sized surveillance bots are spotting your family and loved ones to get dragged off to the gulag comrad.
>MFW 14nm+++++++
File: chad trump.jpg (120 KB, 777x1024)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
sure, and my dad works at nintendo
you can larp all you want but unless you show you actually know what you're talking about then it will stay exactly that: larping

Anybody else getting this on new installs of windows?

I am using hyper-v trying to create a VM with the ISO you get from the Media Creation Tool, and I get this error every single time no matter what I do. I know its not the ISO because I have used this same exact ISO on another computer and it worked fine. I don't know what to do at this point... after calling the Microsoft tech support number, they literally hung up on me after being on hold for 10 minutes.

>inb4 install gentoo
no ur a retard
no, I think it is Microsoft who is retarded and none of their products work
File: banner.png (2 KB, 300x100)
2 KB
Install Gentoo

File: desktop.png (915 KB, 1920x1080)
915 KB
915 KB PNG
Desktop thread.
224 replies and 93 images omitted. Click here to view.
these desktop threads are peak autistic circle-jerks
your like little babby
watch this >>>/aco/2842949
File: skjar.png (484 KB, 1920x1080)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
Didn't ant to go too overboard with the christmas decorations this early...

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