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File: interview.png (104 KB, 1586x807)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
How did you on your latest interview, /g/?

Pic related paints a grim picture for a software development career. I'm myself a Computer Science major and this usually makes me reconsider things.

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File: 1579833165494.jpg (33 KB, 460x437)
33 KB
Please help me lads. I made the mistake of getting a bachelors in Computer Information Systems. I ended up graduating with just some minimal knowledge of C+, MySQL, and other various programs. Not specialized in anything.
I have no experience, no skills, and I'm neck-deep in student loans. Every time I interview for a help desk position or something they ask for things I don't know. What do I do?
>Multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars every month just to pay for their infrastructure to do god knows what for this one fucking REST backend for one fucking website.
There's a special circle in hell set aside for pajeet spaghetti programmers, I hope.
Really well and got the job.
It's a company with an MSP doing some of the backend work and I handle day to day stuff.
The person I replaced was a cunt and they were very happy to hear that I've experience in the areas of being the solo sysadmin in an organization and think communication of issues and resolution to users is a main area to focus on as a solo sysadmin

It also probably helped that I literally had a previous job where I was already taking over for a guy who was a cunt and never did anything right but held the company by the balls because he was the only one who knew anything.
Fill out the application for McDonald's
File: 1581733093839.png (267 KB, 438x543)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
>study all day and night for interview questions
>get nothing but softballs and general HR questions

I'm sick of it




File: 6367484cv11d.jpg (217 KB, 2416x2399)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
These are hands down the worst media remotes I've ever experienced in testing.
>pitiful battery life (have to replace the batteries for the "Enhanced Remote" every 2 weeks)
>frequent disconnects
>lag within app loading
>device occasionally "forgets" remote, necessitating resync
>can die randomly with no chance of reactivating, requiring a replacement
>mic is shit + can't recognize certain words
>sometimes, face buttons will randomly stop working with only the volume + power buttons left working
>IR remotes for the Roku TV OS under TCL & Hisense are even WORSE due to lag, distance from IR sensor, and random disconnects taking several minutes for the TV to recognize the remote again
Cheap fucking Chinese tech. Roku is overpraised & overvalued. Fuck these remotes.
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more than half the replies in this thread are people saying they have no problem with the remote. can you even read you retard?
Keyboards are too bulky and cumbersome compared to remotes.
>There is no web browser on the Roku itself and there is no torrent streamer.
Nigger, just cast your screen using an app.
never had an issue with mine, kinda wish the channel shortcuts were customizable though
>what is HDMI control
lol nigger just use your TV remote, nigger

Hey guys, really noob question here.

Which engine/program should I use to create these kinds of background images/tiles, which feels a little like 3d? Ty
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blender or any 3d engine
you build the scene in 3d and then take a raster of it from your desired angle
Thanks a lot
Protip: Google "isometric tileset" as image search. Voila, you don't have to hire an artist. I did that for my senior project iPhone game
Isometric tileset. Isometric movement is basically just diagonal if you want it tile based. Otherwise free movement is easier to program.

File: hmm.jpg (4 KB, 180x101)
4 KB
Anyone know of a Windows app that has your webcam display constantly on your screen? I want to use my webcam at work like a mirror so I can always see who's behind me, but most apps have clunky GUI's that take up way too much screen space, I just want a small box in the corner of my screen with my webcam, sort of like what you'd see on a live stream where the users camera is in the corner.
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What's a Windows app?
File: s-l300.jpg (16 KB, 300x300)
16 KB
exactly what i'm trying to avoid, people at the office who have these are the ultimate boomers.

File: fc2.jpg (24 KB, 600x665)
24 KB
Latex or groff
What's your choice /g/
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groff because i'm not going to install 3GB + of bloat to use latex
Neither, because both are trash.
Serious question: what about HTML + CSS?
- not independent of output (forget about print)
- everybody interprets the standard different
- bloat
Sorry I wasn't clear. I meant print indeed. What is wrong with it?

HTML+CSS -> my controlled browser, configured to interpret the input the way I want it interpreted -> PDF

File: xfiles theme.png (3 KB, 390x42)
3 KB
what is exactly happening in this photo?
why is there still incoming information after the torrent reached 100%?
who is stealing his bandwidth from me?
is this a bitcoin miner but for bandwidth instead of electricity?
how would you know what file parts you need to send without someone telling you?

File: defeated.jpg (21 KB, 580x548)
21 KB
I go to the MacRumors forums. I expect a certain degree of retardation from it's users, and often I close the tab feeling slightly annoyed by their stupidity after I'm done browsing it in that instant.

But today, you know, I see threads like, "does the 16" MacBook Pro kick the 2019 Mac Pro's ass?" and it's like why are you comparing a portable computer to a computer that should be used solely as a professional workstation?

It's like, give me a fucking break. You can't compare the two. I personally think anyone stupid enough to shell out for a Pro Display XDR and a Mac Pro should be sterilized out of the gene pool, but I digress.

Why do Apple users only develop a cursory knowledge of computers and let Tim Apple do the rest of the thinking for them? I don't get it. I have a 16" MBP because well it has features that I desire in a laptop, but that is not to say that if a Windows powered laptop somehow gained the awesome speakers and niche software I use on the MBP that I wouldn't buy it and escape the Apple Hellfuck Community asap.

pls euthanize me.
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MacRumours is literally trolls trolling trolls you dense oaf
you should try reading apple news websites if you want some real cancer
you don't think it doesn't cause me to clutch my pearls in horror despite that, good sir? you just don't joke about some things!! *le faints*
Most internet forums are not good. /g/ is obviously a bunch of underages tweaking their desktop in their free time from a developer's perspective. People working in a field usually don't spend time arguing on forums, regardless of field. There is no point really
>I have a 16" MBP because well it has features that I desire in a laptop
Just take any windows laptop, smash the keyboard with a hammer, tape up all the vents, and puncture the battery and you'll have the same features as the Macbook.

File: 81.jpg (132 KB, 1020x680)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and share their experiences. Tell us about tools, utilities, configs, tips & tricks that make your life with Windows (more) bearable (or even pleasant).

Remember: notice the friendly - this is not Windows vs other OS thread

>Choosing, downloading, installing, activating windows/office & recommended software

>windows 7/8.1 telemetry neutralizing

>windows 7 ricing guide (nanami-tan fork)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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you have to download w10ui.cmd and w10ui.ini inividually from w10ui's page on github
or download whole batutil repository and extract w10ui folder
Thank you
>Does W10 have to wipe the drive it is installed on?
yes unless upgrade is possible, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/upgrade/windows-10-upgrade-paths
can you imagine having to deal with 40 years of legacy shitcode and still having to keep compatibility
being a windows dev must be excruciating
why not? having fresh install is the best
just backup shit you actually need and dont hoard garbage

File: Untitled.png (158 KB, 594x720)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
>still ls even though you just mkdir'd
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File: out.webm (707 KB, 528x400)
707 KB
File: 1564145663709.jpg (54 KB, 1080x1175)
54 KB
>cd A-.
Inconvenient for whenever most of the work you're doing consists of terminal commands not specifically for file management

File: unnamed.png (100 KB, 512x313)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
>Read the sticky:

>GNU/Linux questions?

>BSD questions?

>Windows questions?

>PC building?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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At any given moment one or two of the generals is probably down. That's the nature of overlaying forum style support threads onto a self destructing anonymous image board.
File: file.png (6 KB, 539x427)
6 KB
I've been trying to fix slow transfer speeds between two computers for months, refer to >>74798054 and >>74792450.
tl;dr I have now changed cables, NICs, even the switch they're both plugged into, all the configuration changes you can think of, nothing.

Suddenly occurred to me, is it possible the router could be causing it? Both PCs and the switch are gigabit and both PCs are reporting gigabit connections.
Ever tried directly connecting the two?
thank you my ni/g/ger
Does low profile RAM have a shorter life expectancy because the heat doesn't have where to go?

Why is AMD so inexpensive?
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why? my components haven’t really changed
>SSDs just sitting there

zoomers btfo once again
>he doesn't use no-name brands that perform worse and break sooner
What a complete shill.
bad quality
bad drivers

File: meido eading.jpg (36 KB, 400x470)
36 KB
ITT: autistic /g/ related things you do

To keep my package count low, I copy paste the whole list of installed packages any time I want to try out some large monolithic meta-package like cups or a DE, and then autopurge the whole list when I'm done so it won't leave shit on my computer.
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
browsing /g/
I wish I could stop
>low package count
I hate myself for falling for that meme in the past.
The only disadvantage you get by merely having more packages installed is additional disk space usage, which is effectively a non-issue considering current storage capacity.
useless services running in the background?
Non sequitur.
install nixos, never thought an autist would need it this badly as you do

Why is there a hate symbol on this computer?
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You need to go back.
based triforce
>"based" is 4chan slang for "good" or "awesome".
Hi newfriend

File: honey.jpg (19 KB, 500x500)
19 KB
How the fuck does this botnet make money?
>free addon yet somehow make enough money to pay youtubers tens of thousands of dollars to shill to dumb zoomers
>claim that they make money from "commissions"
>makes absolutely no sense because why the fuck would a site pay honey a commission for getting a customer to pay less
Obviously they're just selling data but how are they making so much money just doing that? The amount of ads I see for this botnet is insane, they must somehow be making millions.

This is going to make all other operating systems completely obsolete.
113 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
Has Google ever cared for any OS outside Android for phones? It seems every attempt they do at something else is left to rot (Wear OS, Android for tablets)
it also tells how many shit projects google already made
Remember that Google Jabber/XMPP server? Even Facebook opened up to interoperability...
well no because then there'll be an OS specifically for people who don't like google
it's less stupid than trusting closed source programs

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