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File: fedorahero.jpg (35 KB, 770x602)
35 KB
Why don't you use the best Linux Distro, anon?
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File: Gentoo_Logo_Vector.svg.png (111 KB, 730x768)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
I think you posted the wrong logo anon
But I do
I use a custom self-made spin based on Fedora Silverblue. Peak comfy
File: 1561622739621.gif (1.6 MB, 500x281)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF

File: 1559752679_1483623.jpg (395 KB, 2500x2500)
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395 KB JPG

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ok storageboomer
Imagine being a brainlet thinking it's SSD vs HDD
>stores 1 100mb shitpost folder on it
ahh yes

Grow up.

Anything beyond 600 mebibytes per hour is needlessly bloated, and you'll probably never watch a given movie more than once. Also consider that a normal member of society will only purchase a handful of physical medium movies per year, so you have a problem if you're hoarding more than that.
What do you do for entertainment anon

File: 7.jpg (92 KB, 1000x1000)
92 KB
so /g/ i recently put a tv and a laptop in my room to watch media pc stuff
i wanna get a wireless bluetooth keyboard+trackpad and have it not be absolute cancer.
what should i get?
i found a listing for this. any good?

File: 1547760250712.jpg (29 KB, 474x346)
29 KB
Pity those who upgrade beyond
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Sadly zen+ was still very weak
none of these can overclock to 4.2ghz. r/amd are the most delusional shills i've ever seen in my life.
File: 56j.jpg (168 KB, 1041x765)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
posting old benchmarks from last year
literal poo single core performance
still not great single core performance

The actual 2500K of the '20s is the 3600.

On a side note the 2500K only came out in 2011, so to draw a fair 10 year comparison the 3600 you'd actually have to bring up Nehalem and something like the i5 760, which of course no one uses anymore.
File: ez.jpg (123 KB, 804x398)
123 KB
123 KB JPG

File: 1569035294487.jpg (100 KB, 1024x576)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>wake up
>make a cup of coffee
>head to office
>code, stand up, lunch, code
>come home
>make dinner
>eat alone
>feel like applying for new jobs but can't be bothered to start grinding leetcode again
does it get better
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At least you had and have loving parents. I would not have ever been able to go shopping with my mother or father as an adult without a fight ensuing. If she is alright with you, I wouldn't worry too much about career goals. Also, you should probably apply for disability as soon as you can as if you made 115k a year, you probably qualify for the maximum benefit of $2800 a month. Just use your failed employment search as proof of this or that illness and voilĂ . Read 'Win Your Social Security Disability Case' by Berkley. Not to mention, you get free healthcare. Honestly the best thing you can do right now. I think "depression" would be the easiest diagnosis to fake. Your dad dying would be a good background for what made it manifest.
What is BMI faggot
>tfw that's me
>tfw to lazy to leave comfy but boring job
Yes, when you die.
>What is this
its a site where one can practice questions similar to what you will be asked by top tier tech companies.
>why should I care for applying to jobs
if you are targeting bay area companies, big tech companies, unicorns, or other high paying places then you will most likely be asked these types of questions. If you are just applying to no-name companies in flyover country then i think you can safely skip it.

File: LEDs.jpg (82 KB, 640x480)
82 KB
Post some fukken LEDs
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File: 1521459301023.webm (1.57 MB, 640x480)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB WEBM
File: 025528.webm (2.93 MB, 1080x1920)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
File: sic1.jpg (3 KB, 146x252)
3 KB
>This particular blue SiC LED has a light output of approximately 5mcd, which is very weak by today's standards. But it was enough - the blue LED was born. I was one who partook of this new development, and had the first computer in town with a blue power-on light. :)

That site is some proper boomercore, too http://ledmuseum.net/1990.htm
>tfw feels for a led

File: mpv-screenshot.jpg (179 KB, 999x628)
179 KB
179 KB JPG


Stable: https://mpv.io/manual/stable/
Git: https://mpv.io/manual/master/

User Scripts:

High quality video output profile (goes into mpv.conf):

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1565571509232.png (40 KB, 766x476)
40 KB
What's the mpv's equivalent for those artifact removal options? This is a genuine question, not a bait. I have 2 pc's running side by side, with the same display model attached. Trying to upscale some shitty anime rip in 480p to 1440p. NGU Sharp seems about just as good as FSRCNNx2 and SSSR, but the artifact removal options makes this shitshow more bearable. Tried setting scale-antiringing and deband (with it's sub-options) to random values, but it either makes things worse or the chance is barely visible even when XORing screenshots.
god tier movie.
There's not any readily available filter for artefact removal with mpv.
You can train FSRCNNX for artefact removal if you really want, but fixing a shit encode isn't supposed to be the job of the player.
Otherwise it's much better to try to get a decent encode instead.
There isn't one. It's the only reason I still have MPC installed.
File: sonic cope.jpg (119 KB, 320x222)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>There's not any readily available filter for artefact removal with mpv.
>fixing a shit encode isn't supposed to be the job of the player

File: file.png (361 KB, 633x758)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
>go through job postings
>not a single one that's not webshit frontend and doesn't require 7 years of experience
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I have it worse.
>be senior developer with BS in Math and Computer Science
>be writing/creating models for optimization solvers with back end integration (some JMS/Java ).
>get asked to work on special project at work
>special project is making nodejs backend for users to interact with
>quit my job a few months later (boss doesn't understand why I don't want to do react/node)
>6 senior developer job postings in my city
>apply to all 6
>one interview
>Some indian guy who is 15 minutes late to my interview comes in an asks me about directives, data binding and filters in ng
>Immediately lose interest in job
>5 no calls or emails
>All of them require Angular or React, I don't want to be a front end developer
>Was previously a developer working on automating linear optimization for power grid energy relocation

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I wish the USA would do that. Pajeets would literally shit in the loo.
Why don't you want to learn new technologies anon? You expect the world to not move forward?
Yeah you're actually low IQ do something else you lazy dumbo.
React is fucking easy. Just learn it you brainlet.

File: index.png (4 KB, 203x248)
4 KB
How are OSTree distros nowdays? The hype around Silverblue died pretty fast and heard nothing about it since february or so.
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Silverblue just kinda exists in a limbo. I don't think there's any publicly viewable place where you can check out tree compose logs, development status and stuff like that, unlike literally every other part of Fedora like package build logs, ISO compose logs and even screen recordings of automated OS tests. They do push out new trees in a timely manner, so it's not dead, it's just really quiet.
Do you really think it's the future, tho?
I definitely think it's the future. Is it the present? Yes, if you don't mind the gotchas.
it probably won't ever work out because it's too complicated, bloated, and locks you into flatpak.
>too complicated
How? It's literally just Fedora, stripped-down even
>locks you into flatpak
What makes everyone think flatpak is a requirement for it? It was just the first thing they found when the need for a way to install applications outside of the base image came up. You could run snap or no "distro-agnostic" package/app manager at all.

File: 91fkpA6RZ3L._SL1500_.jpg (259 KB, 1500x1216)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
LG 27GL850, good buy?

nano-ips, <5ms, 1440p, 144hz, fps sync
I'm more concerned about that contrast ratio otherwise it's godlike
take a look at 27GL83A-B too

What are /g/'s favorite Docker containers and why?
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All the salty luddites in this thread lmao. You guys would understand if you actually had tech jobs.
I use Podman.
what are the benefits?
podman if you like having "feature parity" but not really
running rootless containers

oh wait, you wanted to expose a port? Sorry, have to be root for that until we get around to doing the thing we said podman is for haha

File: Untitled.png (281 KB, 1492x2186)
281 KB
281 KB PNG

The 3950X has just launched. I plan to add it to replace the Threadripper 2950X as soon as it is available for sale.

In the last thread, I got some recommendations that I could not reply to immediately, so:

- Anon recommended I switch to 3600 RAM, from the 3200 RAM that I recommend now. While there is a performance increase, the price doubles from 3200 to 3600, and the performance increase is small.
- Anon recommended the MasterCase H500, which is not the same as the H500 from NZXT. It seems to be an excellent case, but it is slightly overpriced. I will add it to the "backup" table, and recommend it if the price drops, or the price of the competition increases.

While waiting for the RX 5500 launch, this is the list. Can I have some feedback, please?
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Oh sorry I entered your secret clubhouse
File: 1560846596646.jpg (60 KB, 1024x576)
60 KB
yea newfag, only kool kidz aloowed
Only price will tell if its better or worse.
We don't care that you're here. Just don't open your ignorant mouth until you've lurked long enough to know how thing work around here.
Falcon is the guy who created the guide and he's been posting about it and receiving feedback about it from here since the beginning.

But like the other anon said, lurk moar. It's a good idea to lurk for at least a few months before posting.

File: raeg.jpg (6 KB, 263x192)
6 KB
You know what is amazing about linux?

When you update and it breaks everything.

Weird how in 20 years of me using windows this shit hasn't happened once.
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>Funny how arch was the only distro I could install period without everything exploding from the get go.
lmao, who are you trying to fool
That's what you get for falling for the rolling release scam. Just get a LTS distro and stick to it you black fuck.
Linux belongs in the trash.
update =/= upgrade
upgrade at your own peril
MS needs 40GB service packs now to upgrade so OPs point is both moot and gay
This, people marketing Manjaro as an entry level distro will drive desktop linux's market share to zero.

Meanwhile, in bizarro /g/...
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File: 8.jpg (70 KB, 700x467)
70 KB
Nooooo. Stop it. Don't have sex either
Telemetry is so helpful thank you Google and Microsoft for monitoring my every move to better improve my browsing experience for free
Switch to Atari

File: xubuntu-logo_1_1_1_5.png (28 KB, 500x500)
28 KB
The perfect distro.
21 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

I'm a white male and couldn't agree more.
>not arch based
>not deepin without the chink appstore/telemetry
>Based on Canonical shitware
already lost at this point
>uses deprecated DE
now you're just embarassing yourself
>screen tearing
what a joke
I used Xubuntu for years, but I realized debian MX-Linux is superior.

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