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is there any bluetooth gamepad out there that has a solid build quality? i was enjoying my 8bitdo but the b button has started sticking after less than a year. meanwhile my old gamecube pads still work flawlessly. should i just get a ps4 pad?
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Xbox one? Last I heard you had to disable some obscure bluetooth protocol and even after doing that it wouldn't stay connected.

Do you have to install a special AUR package or something on Arch?
All you have to do is disable ERTM. Wish more things supported that though. It's useful for poor signal conditions
use numpad fag
I've tried this method in the past but couldn't get it to work for extended periods of time, like I would need if I'm playing multiple games of Rocket League. With the external bluetooth dongle I have and ertm disabled it seems to be working ok, but I'm pretty sure this is how it was last time i tried it and the inconsistency led me to just using Windows and the wireless dongle from Microsoft to use it wirelessly. I'll keep testing it, thanks for getting me to try it again anon.
Best of luck. I've not had any notable problems

File: adnauseum.jpg (11 KB, 228x221)
11 KB
so what happened with this anyway? i remember all the nerds were sperging out about it saying it was going to take down google once and for all or something, boy were they wrong, lol. so did it turn out to just be a big botnet all along? lol called it
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Are you confusing it with Brave?
>t. brainlet
File: PAY-Cara-Houiellebecq (3).jpg (268 KB, 1841x1227)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
No, I know brave serves ads, I'm breddy sure adnauseum had an "agreement" with advertisers

If I cared more about it I'd go hunting for proof. As it is; no great loss really.

On a tangent I sat a bat. address the other day. Are they still shilling - I haven't seen a brave bread on here for a while now...
My only issue with it is that faking interaction with ad scripts means you need to have ad scripts running. I'd much rather use ublock origin to just block the ad scripts in the first place.
Well you're wrong. Why don't you do some research before talking you little bitch.
File: Ampilatwatja dogs.jpg (93 KB, 940x627)
93 KB
>runs ad scripts (doesn't specify whether they get income from the scripts)
>is private and secure and blocks ads

Choose 1 fuckface

>defending a literal botnet
you guys are like the dumber, more gap-toothed cousins (that fuck each other) of braveshills

How did we get to the point where new phones regularly cost $1,199? iPhone XS Max only costs $160 more to build than iPhone 6, but the retail price is $550 higher.
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You truly are a literal child
File: crossed arms gator.png (693 KB, 1012x1048)
693 KB
693 KB PNG
Two things
1. Pricey R&D with diminishing returns. The hardware industry has been stagnating for awhile, even moreso with Intelshit

2. Diminishing demand: Every year all the dumb 30 something millennial moms got excited for the new iPhone, it peaking with the "gigantic and huge screen" the 6 had. Now mom-tier users hardly notices when a new iPhone comes out, in fact she's probably using an iPhone 6s or 7 still


Just because it costs $5 to make something doesn't mean you should be obligated to sell it for that (speaking about non-essential luxury items, especially while there isn't any crisis). The price is decided by how much the consumers will pay and go down as more competitors exist. Also don't forget that there's more costs like R&D, advertising, and Chinese slave labor
>again, no argument
not a single fucking person can actually defend this bullshit and you know it. people shouldn't be making more money then they spend
Tell me how your business goes when you are literally making no money you dumb toddler.

File: 1566322668539.jpg (759 KB, 1080x1086)
759 KB
759 KB JPG
How do i get a comfy remote dev job?
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forward, forward, down, down A+B, AA, B, jump
The sauce was in some South American chan that imploded earlier this year. Now it's lost forever.
Hispachan is just fine though.
Search only for remote jobs? One company that comes to mind is GitHub. Applied pre-aquistion and failed on fucking minority/lgbt round. All their positions were remote
Stop, I can only get so erect.

>be me
>minding my own business before she appears
>she takes off her clothes
>starts ripping all my threads
>start thermal throttling because of her
>about to cum
>water cooling pipe disconnects spilling my juices all over her
mfw I am a Threadripper 1950X
pic related
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threadripper is a yandere
Mods pls I love u
I'd like to see her turdripper if you know what I mean.

File: 1537694037646.gif (3 KB, 258x303)
3 KB
Almost all Linux users are slaves to repositories meanwhile Windows users can download an .exe file and get the latest version, bleeding edge beta version, or an ancient version of whatever software then want if they have the .exe .

We literally have made habit of frequently changing OS's just to get software we find effective. Solutions have been offered such as distro agnostic pack managers like flatpak and snap, and tools like appimage. However they are primarily ignored in favor of ancient tools like apt-get and .deb.

In Debian/Ubuntu's case apt-get should continue to exist for people who want it and how it saves a lot of space. But developers should be encouraged to take advantage of flatpak and appimage and even tar.gz bundles to prevent software from being chained to particular distros.
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File: 1565973633996.gif (607 KB, 800x792)
607 KB
607 KB GIF
>hacks yer shit
Nothin personal kid
if software doesn't frequently connect to the internet. Updates should be considered optional.
File: IMG_1486.jpg (193 KB, 736x1444)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
File: 1537546971048.gif (2.57 MB, 382x554)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB GIF
Well that can be excused by the fact that in Linux there aren't Indian guys trying to hack you 24/7.

File: 1545326371445.png (723 KB, 880x628)
723 KB
723 KB PNG
5G is gonna increase cancer and other shit diseases
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UV A radiation is non ionizing
and yet it has been proven is causes cancer
fuck off shill
the only thing giving me cancer is this faggot thread
>being this fucking retarded
Based 5G will help dealing with overpopulation? Nice. I didn't care about the meme but it's clearly crucial to deal with climate crisis.
Microwaves are also non-ionizing but if I asked you to put your head in a microwave while it was turned on you probably wouldn't want to do it.

File: brave.jpg (56 KB, 700x500)
56 KB
I'm genuinely curious. I don't use it because I'm a Firefox chad, but I'd like to know what's supposed to be so bad about it. I've heard you guys called "pozzed", "botnet", and "tranny", but I've never once heard any of you articulate any actual specific reasons it's bad.
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Bravefag here, I just got it so I dont have to sit through porn ads on the nsfw boards or ads on YouTube.
ublock works on firefox mobile so I don't know of any reason to switch
yeap that's another reason not to use this crap
they are also very likely the same people who flooded places like hn and /r/firefox with a lot of fud and hate
they are doing the ms thing, they decided that firefox is the enemy
Yes, ublock is a better adblocker than what is included in Brave, and far more customizable and easier to add rules to.

I used to use Chrome but got tired of Google's dick in my mouth so I swapped it out for a Firefox butt plug instead. They're really done a lot of work to catch up with Chrome, and I can't think of anything I'm missing on Chrome, except for an extension that mimics IE's scrolling behavior. I have a smooth scrolling extension and it's setup to be similar but I don't know how to mimic IE.
Because the amount of promotion Brave gets on /g/ (either in the form of threads recommending it or threads asking if it's good and immediately receiving positive responses) is at least suspicious, especially considering that Brave literally pays with their crypto currency to everyone who advertises the browser in as many places as possible.
Not to mention that it attracts a lot of shitposters: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/search/text/brave/deleted/deleted/type/op/

File: why.jpg (5 KB, 250x116)
5 KB
>phone looks great and promising
>no jack
>no sd slot
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3.5mm simply works, deal with it. I will not buy a phone without it, same with sdcard, my data is my data, i will not upload it to anywhere, gtfo.
Let me clarify, you're not "charging" analog headphones in the same way you charge bt headphones. They don't have batteries, where bt headphones do.
just use one this these https://www.amazon.com/Silicone-Anti-lost-AirPods-Iusun-Connector/dp/B06XYL6T31
>Stop using $5 chinky Bluetooth earphones then
literal retard.
This has already been established here >>72401581.
>Wired headphones need to be charge all the time in order to work. The only difference is that Bluetooth headphones actually hold that charge long after you unplug them, so they only need to be plugged in for like an hour every two weeks. You have to plug in your wired headphones whenever you want to use them.

File: 1551856366284.jpg (11 KB, 251x242)
11 KB
>we take your privacy and security seriously
>people who use the same password for each website
File: ChooseSuicide.png (211 KB, 382x478)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
>Cock.li — Yeah it's mail with cocks
File: IMG_20190821_022552.jpg (35 KB, 364x360)
35 KB
>We've detected you're using an ad blocker

Clone Commandos are coming to battlefront, what is you. excuse for not playing BFII?
Fuck this is the wrong board
lolol this is going to Reddit!!!
put me in the screencrap guys!!!

File: pi-hole-action-shot.jpg (264 KB, 2288x1287)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
What is this technology?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
shove it up your pi-hole
dont do this it creates mustard gas
Superfluous since your router can already perform the same function
Pi hole web pages look worse than using a standard ad blocker.
a router

I basically live in my semi. What's the best way to handle internet with my laptop? I was thinking about going with Verizon's Unlimited Jetpack plan. (Mobile Hotspot) Then I can use my laptop to connect to the Mifi device. Is this my best bet?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1565973547815.png (150 KB, 500x383)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Get T-Mobile they don't throttle until 50+ gigabytes and about $65 a month. Connect to hotspot. Make sure that the TTL on packets sent to your hotspot is 65. T-Mobile looks at TTL of packets to determine if you're using a hotspot and that's easy to trick.
0.5mb/s can be enough for a decent 1080p streaming
that's pretty chill. make sure you work out/exercise at gyms so you stay healthy and dont get dvts

Could check this out. It's 4G using the Sprint network and apparently you get some of the cost written off on taxes because they are a non-profit.

Has suicide technology advanced? Why are people still using primitive methods? Are an heros retarded?
most people wouldn't going to go through the effort of buying fancy shit just to kill themselves, and most people kill themselves because they can't afford fancy shit in the first place
File: zionic the hedgehog.png (519 KB, 922x718)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
It has, you're killing yourself by staying up to 3 AM and sleeping to noon looking at memes and anime

File: 1200px-ISO_C++_Logo.svg.png (69 KB, 1200x1349)
69 KB
Why the fuck does C++ refuse to reveal the size of an array to the programmer? C++ knows it internally, it stores the fucking number somewhere - otherwise delete[] and ranged : loops wouldn't work.

What's that? "Implementation defined"? Who fucking cares. Jesus Christ. Add an implementation-defined std::arr_len() then.

Imagine creating a language that adds a length value overhead to every array and then requiring to keep your own fucking variable for the same exact purpose. "You don't pay for what you don't use" my ass.
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the malloc tags are stored right in front of your pointer and can be read, BSD has sallocx for convenience

Who cares about std::array? It's not a language feature - you can write your own std::array.
The fuck you on about? Neither is trying to introspect the size of arrays that have decayed to a pointer.
>stl is not a feature because you could write the exact same features yourself if you had an autistic vendetta against the standard library
The fuck am I reading?

>delete[] must know the precise element count
Nah, it can just invoke the OS system call.

>ranged loops must know the precise element count
And what do you know, you can't fucking use it on a naked pointer.

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