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File: python.png (157 KB, 2000x2000)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
any good Python tutorials on the internet not made by some Pajeet?
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you must be new here, we can see the rickroll thumbnail from hovering over the embed link
Best advice in the thread
Not for phoneposters
Stuff made by sentdex. Guy is a bit annoying but far above pajeet tier.

File: rms1.jpg (742 KB, 2272x1704)
742 KB
742 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>69890420

Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T, X, and W/P Series if you want the Real Business Experience™!
>Other business laptops are welcome in /tpg/ (Dell Latitude/Precision, HP EliteBook/ZBook).

Libreboot-compatible models:
>T60 (check lcd), X60(s/t.), X200(s/t. -s requires soldering), T400(s), T500, W500.

Modern models:
>X220/X230 - 12", 768p, cheap and light
>T420/T430 - 14", 900p, socketed CPU, quadcore-compatible
>T520/T530, W520/W530 - 15", 1080p, desktop replacement
>T440s/T450s - best price/performance ultraportable
>T440p, T540p, W540/1 - last models with socketed processors

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I get between 3-5 hours, for the price of an OEM 9 cell you can buy like 4 chink ones
What's on that USB stick? Hopefully nothing too lewd...
clonezilla or super grub disk 2, had to get a new ssd because my other one kept corrupting tonnes of packages
Could any anons gief some input please?
Hard to say but you could always try the "magic code", unplug everything and
>push the power button 10 times in a row at one second intervals. Next, you push and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
After that try starting it up, it's possible that your circuit is fucked though.

File: brain-memes-meta.jpg (123 KB, 586x767)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
since there are undeniable parallels:
whats /g/s opinion of /sci/?

do you go there? why? why not?
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File: honklhonk.jpg (47 KB, 800x450)
47 KB
so it's just like /g/ then
/sci/ are the worst bunch of shitposters on /g/.
Literally worse than the /v/ immigrants.

You have to go back.
I used to lurk /sci/ before /g/ in 2007 (back then I believed /g/ was only about computer building, based on all the "rate my build" threads). I stopped going to /sci/ a long time ago, it used to be good (although sloooooow af, a thread would be on the front page for almost a day), but it is even more scarcely moderated than /g/ and it shows whenever /pol/ decides to raid it or when kiddiefuckers decide to post cheese pizza.
Fuck /sci/. I posted an image with full tiddies but nipples completely obscured and they banned me for "nudity" on a blue board. It was no such THING. Asswipes.
We laugh at CS brainlets everyday.

File: 1428688179637.png (323 KB, 640x640)
323 KB
323 KB PNG

Stable: https://mpv.io/manual/stable/
Git: https://mpv.io/manual/master/

User Scripts & Shaders:

High quality video output profile (goes into mpv.conf):


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mpv doesn't have an equivalent to madvr's ewa_lanczossharp anti-ringing filter, right? i'm 99% certain but figured i'd ask anyway in case i missed something in the manual. it's one of the only things keeping me from switching to mpv.
Haasnsoft. r2-yuv and r2-chroma-left.
What's everyone cache configs?

File: epic.jpg (29 KB, 800x450)
29 KB
>#1 on trending
>a full 2 minutes about shitting and cumming
Such a fucking technology related thread, I swear to God.
tits or gtfo susan

File: banana.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
>mom found the file server in the closet
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that's don hertzfeldts banana isn't it
genetics lol xD
File: 1549181427549.jpg (11 KB, 164x182)
11 KB
Mum found about 9/11
File: paktk9vz7kqy.jpg (1.89 MB, 3072x2304)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
Worst type of thread on this board

Just imagine when Nvidia releases the 7nm version of turing!
There is no 7nm version of Turing

Nvidia is moving on to the next-gen GPU microarchitecture, CUDA Compute Capability 8.0 to replace 2 year old Volta CUDA Compute Capability 7.0, launching soon at GTC 2019 in March and CUDA Compute Capability 8.x for consumer GPUs to replace Turing CUDA Compute Capability 7.5 in 2020

File: serveimage.jpg (53 KB, 1200x627)
53 KB
it just werks

File: 1526285367661.png (68 KB, 240x221)
68 KB
>had screen brightness on my desktop IPS all the way down for 5+ years
Who are you quoting?
Your nigger ass
IPS is snake oil don't @ me
I keep my on the dark room preset
Its just too bright
don't worry electionfag, you'll get it one day

How fast can we get 6G speeds, /g/?
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It's hard to do in practice and everyone is 5-10 years off, at least, from having this working in practice.

5G is a meaningless buzzword. There are incredible gains being made in radio lately, but the things that have been promised are far out. America is far and beyond any foreign nation when it comes to progress on this.
Based Zucky will BTFO Trump in 2020
I don't know what's worse. A smart psychopath or a stupid psychopath.
We should be at 7G or 8.5G at least bros Trump is right

The thing I don't understand is why do cable companies stick with slow hardware when the most expensive asset they own (fibre) can run as fast as they can drive it.

File: IS_Job_Index.jpg (97 KB, 1176x582)
97 KB
What kind of jobs can you get with an Information Systems degree? I'm aware it's basically business with some excel and programming classes, but seriously, can I get a good job if I learn more programming languages like Python and SQL? Apparently Information Systems is also the highest paid degree in Business because of being more tech-orientated than any other business major.
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any advice on convincing my folks GPA aint worth shit in the face of hands-on experience?
>tfw one of them has worked at a university for 20+ years, in one of the departments where it does somewhat matter
>GPA aint worth shit
It's still worth shit you fuckhead, college is the one and only time in your life you need to 110% it. Full time classes and at LEAST part time work/intern, while keeping a good GPA. If you have a social life in college outside of your career, you failed.

I suggest doing 3 classes a semester, but also doing summer classes. 27-29 credits a semester + you have experience.

Don't bullshit yourself, if you're not going for good grades as well you're cheating yourself.
And if you need to take less classes a semester to keep grades up while working, do it. Finishing a 4 year degree in 5.5 years with good grades and 5 years of working experience puts you above 4 years in, average grades, and little/no experience
You'd expect the people who made that chart would know how to use apostrophes better than that.
>accounting will be the most job security

File: serveimage[1].jpg (452 KB, 1300x700)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
What's the best offline password manager for Winblows?
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Project needs a new maintainer
Judging from your situation, offloading your passwords onto a simple and plain .txt file should be fine assuming they can't log into your computer anyways, that way they can't snoop around for paper holding your passwords.
Onlykey has my keypass key (56 random charaters) and some other Totp, pgp, and long common passwords I don't know the password to.

Keypass2 is cross-platform and stores my bulk of passwords and account info. Keypassxc (from F-Droid) is for emergencies when I need a keypass login on android (onlykey enters it via otg cable) and without having a safe computer at hand.)
Physical access means they can do anything to it. I would never assume it's impossible with so much info on the internet on how to do it exactly.

/iemg/ - in ear memes general

Reeeeebooted QT 3D edition

IEM advice request template:
>Your Budget
>Your Location
>Over-ear IEMs/Hanging IEMs/Earbuds
>Sound signature
>Past IEMs

past thread >>69850991
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File: 20190206_181812.jpg (1.65 MB, 4128x3096)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
Not him, but I find the zsn to be lacking some bass (amazing sound besides that) and edm needs some more than average bass
if they’re the sdg dn1 doesn’t that mean you have the same pair twice
File: IMG_1654.jpg (1.65 MB, 3264x2448)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG

no i bought the purple ones for a girl and made them bluetooth and kept the MMCX cable for myself...they make a great gift. normies see the MMCX and assume they cost hundreds of dollars

the DN1 were mine a few years back when they got memed on /csg/
Thoughts on galaxy buds?
Supposed to be airpods but cheaper and better
Just got a note 9 so it would have the nice 1st party features
jesus christ those look like a feminine hygene product, those had to be designed by women.... disgusting

File: 1ban6q.jpg (22 KB, 367x332)
22 KB
Show me a language like Haskell without all the category theory faggotry
maybe even OCaml?

File: image.jpg (1.59 MB, 2592x1936)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
I just swapped to AdGuard DNS, and I don't really care for the speeds, is there a better alternative?
Using cloudflare DNS and applying adblocking filters on your router.
I'm not sure if my Asus router supports such filters

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