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File: gnome.jpg (156 KB, 1920x1080)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
This is what the new Adwaita theme and icons look like. What's up with Gnome haters now, /g/?

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>ramlet problems
stop with that 3rd world notebook meme, /g/
this would actually be the way to get most out of your money spent. people packing their machine with X amount of RAM and then only using 1/10X are literally throwing away money
I have no idea what python is or does sorry
>not using fdisk
>complains about being treated like a child
top kek m8
KDE is miles ahead of gnome. They aren't even on the same level. Gnome is buggy as shit. KDE is robust, well designed, and far more customizable and flexible. The only area gnome wins is for ease of writing extensions, and it's close. But the extension "store" is retardedly simplistic. There aren't even any categories. Can't even sort by relevance. You can't even fucking see download count. Plasma widgets are better designed by but more complicated to write hence there are far less available.

And id give it to them for support/popularity, as a result of being "the official GNU DE". KDE wins theming by a mile.

This can't be correct ... right?
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>Anyone who knows the history of die shrinks or adoredtv knows its a lie
So the fact that Vega's clocks increased by 20% purely from a node shrink to 7nm HP is a lie then? Because AMD announced that at New Horizon.
>Amd said 25% performance gains per watt themselves
Gee, I'm pretty sure that's now that TSMC's claim of 0.5x power at ISO performance means.
>It's been confirmed fake several times already.
When did AMD issue a statement to that effect?
>Nah, AMD is going with single chipset + I/O chip + IGP (Probably little Vega not Navi) for their Zen2-based Ryzen line-up.
Why would they do some retarded shit like using Vega chips instead of Navi when using Navi allows them to recover/bin more Navi chips? That's pissing away all kinds of money.
Fake af. I want to believe in a 6-core apu at least.

File: 1539719359614.png (121 KB, 820x720)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Just works bad

Broken feetard shit good
>It just works dummy!
>As long as you pay us extremely inflated prices and accept that we will be spying on you and selling all your data on top of that
Just spies good

Being treated like a human being bad
t. foot canniballism advocates
>t. SEETHING ipajeet

File: 1544393662000.jpg (90 KB, 1280x720)
90 KB
Do you guys think that there's gonna be a movement away from social media or is it just gonna get bigger until it's all people care about?
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You have to go back
pick one

You don't belong on a Technology board if you have a two digit IQ that allowed you to fall for such an obvious bait, newfriend.
Hi Shad

File: Finland-cover.jpg (433 KB, 1632x1080)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
hello goys, currently in ict exam

can someone write me a program on phyton that
1) asks user to enter two numbers
2) if the first number is less than 10 then multiply the number with the second number,
3) else adds second number to first number,
4) show the result

pic unrelated
No do your own work faggot
Wew lad
thanks /g/
import os
epic, im on mac tho

File: 1484838298280.png (773 KB, 1000x1000)
773 KB
773 KB PNG
so what's /g/'s preferred DNS? I use, basically because it works everywhere.
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Digits confirm.
Cloudflare on my router, over TLS (private from my ISP), over Tor (private from Cloudflare), with DNScrypt (private from potential botnets on my LAN), and heavily cached/prefetched with Unbound.
yes, have fun feeding all your requests straight into the botnet
>Uses internet at all
>Thinks he's free of the botnet

Enjoy your placebo raspberry pi DNS server

File: kindle.jpg (39 KB, 500x500)
39 KB
Are ebook readers a meme?
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if you think they're expensive then you don't have time for reading and should work more

they're nice
Listen to me anon.
Chad reader is IPAD PRO.
Beautiful fonts, resolution.
File: reading.jpg (51 KB, 499x500)
51 KB
enjoy your eyestrain macfag
If you read a lot of paperbacks they're awesome, paperbacks take up a lot of physical space and you rarely read them more than once. Got a Kobo and it has pocket so I can sync web articles to it to read on the shitter etc, battery lasts for weeks and backlit. Basically if you're not a retard get one.

File: eqwem.jpg (12 KB, 480x320)
12 KB
>/g/ user
>router login:admin
>password: password
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>not root:openwrt
Joke's on you the password is "admin".
Actually my login is W2HUWUFQ?, only people with patrician taste know the password.
I post on Windows 10 OEM and post on reddit often. I also hold Microsoft higher than the Linux Foundation.
Who are you quoting?

I read on Encyclopedia Dramatica that posting this picture on /g/ causes a 100+ reply thread. Is this true?
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It's cp
>Federal Reserve Bank
Is no more federal than FedEx
I give you 3.5/4
A few years back nvidia unveiled one of their prototype gpus at some event and it was held together with wood screws instead of machine screws.
File: 1513658571113.jpg (116 KB, 1021x764)
116 KB
116 KB JPG

File: Friends.jpg (173 KB, 768x768)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
redpill me on Void /g/? What's with the my little pony shit on its official site?
Autist repellent.
If you already know its a brony infested shit show, what do you need to be redpilled on?
Ah yes, the creator himself also abonded the project already.
it just werks

File: 1526405085038.jpg (59 KB, 750x1334)
59 KB
Why is Siri so shit?
Why is Apple so incompetent?
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whuss the deal


File: Capture.png (72 KB, 187x277)
72 KB
Where to begin?
I've been wanting to get into programming and software development, but there's so much to learn I feel like I get overwhelmed. Every resource I seen to come by says the same shit
>code.org, codecademy, all that shit
I know how the languages work, I know what loops are, I know algorithms
I took a computer Science course last year and I really liked it. The teacher taught the course with Java and I learned the language but I feel like there's so much to learn and the more books I read, the more I browse, the more I feel like there's more shit that I DONT know.
It doesn't help that my teacher had us using BlueJ and I still dont know what IDE is good or how to even use a real IDE.
My point is, where do I go from here guys? How do I learn how to put my new knowledge to use?

sorry for the blog
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Make a text editor with your own conventions for your own convenience and nobody elses
Did you got the source?
File: 1543273151328.jpg (264 KB, 794x1200)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
user@localhost $ cat printOdds.swift
func printOdds() {
stride(from: 1, through: 100, by: 2).forEach { print($0) }

user@localhost $ swift printOdds.swift

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thank you. I want her to sit on my face.

I want to replace my current Tower, are there any good BIG ones? I want good air flow ofc, rgb should be just simple so I can see shit in my tower. Any tips?
File: 1544152512535.jpg (45 KB, 734x729)
45 KB
> rbg
> being able to see inside your case
off yourself, my man
fuck off little faggot, you can't deny that rgb is helpful, fucking dumb faggot..
you are right, it is helpful in identifying you as a faggot.
You sure that you didn't mean "You are right, I am a faggot for trying to bash you even though you are right" /g/ was a lot better back in the days but faggot zoomers like you ruin the board, GET OUT NOW faggot. :)!

How can I edit my DNA to incorporate basedgenes?

File: kek.png (866 KB, 878x812)
866 KB
866 KB PNG
>AI can perform complex tas-
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More like millions. Humies fucking suck.
Jewgle's self driving car division
-sks. What do you think it was made for?
At 60% it'd still be better than 99% of human drivers.

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