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Stop saying "coder".
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Not all engineers are. The title "engineer" is not a protected title under many jurisdictions.
The title "architect" is, so we're actually winning against software architects.
File: hqdefault.jpg (10 KB, 480x360)
10 KB
small brain: coder writing code
medium brain: programmer writing programs
galaxy brain: wizard casting spells
nobody on /g/ is going to get this reference
If someone doesn't get the reference then they deserve to be called a "coder" and not a programmer, honestly. I would say at least you knew the reference but you're just me samefagging.
this is such a non-issue.

File: 1566872615177.png (4 KB, 224x250)
4 KB
Job market sucks
Too many people
Too few jobs
Too many requirement per vacancy
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>What should i do?
get off /g/ for a start, then write a cv
>still believing this
What type of stuff should i learn? i have a bachelors in CS
File: 1577732345626.jpg (19 KB, 380x250)
19 KB
you actually have a degree? the fuck do you mean "what should i learn?"
market whatever you did learn in your undergrade, put it in a CV and start applying.
Put any of your gay hentai git projects into a portfolio and write a cover letter specific to jobs

shit nigga how the fuck haven't you worked this out yet?
I'm a masters student so i don't want to get a job at the moment until i finish my MS program.

Too lazy to do the normal thread edition.

>>74781675 # Anon plans to do a lot of tying with chink shit
>>74781704 # John will sell you a monitor
>>74782140 # Anon wants to have his waifu as his mp3 wallpaper
>>74783975 # Chink shit, the final solution to shaving
>>74785093 # Chang is powerless
>>74785097 # Yet another Anon seeks to fill the void with chink shit
>>74785539 # Anon repairs chink shit
>>74787087 # Not only is anon a bike rider, he also carried around a portable speaker
>>74787285 # Anon buys just enough bags to store a disassembled body
>>74790988 # Anon is cancelled
>>74793096 # Anon is a golddigger
>>74797015 # Dear do not worry about novel flu virus. We are merely extending holiday
>>74798684 # Anon fixes pen

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File: monkas-png-emote-1.jpg (129 KB, 820x660)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
>read nginx as nignix outloud infront of my coworkers
Should I be worries?
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I treat "sea tee el" and "control" as generally interchangeable pronunciations of "ctl" Is that not normal?
pronouncing the individual letters is literal autism
also, mirin' those bulging quads
I think the real autism is naming tools things like "ctl" instead of "control" as if there were some sort of letter shortage in the world.

>b-but unix tools got named that back in the 70s when there wasn't enough space to store full words
maybe, but matters arising from technical limitations resolved decades ago shouldn't be turned into traditions I think
>b-but longer commands means more typing
Does it really though? I use autocompletion and I'm pretty sure everybody else does too at this point. Autocompletion makes longer names trivial to type

They should have just named the command "kube-control". That would have been better. "kubectl" is the true autism. Pronouncing it in a way that reflects the dumb way in which it names, if autistic at all, is surely a lesser autism. It's not my fault they named it like that, but pronouncing it like that at least resolves any potential ambiguity from the conversation.

File: 1569095070298.jpg (104 KB, 521x581)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>made for military and extreme sports
>battery usually lasts for days
>waterproof and nearly indestructible, withstand all kinds of hazards
>acceptable specs
>bulkier as the normie market was never considered

I like how they mostly look like cyberpunk movie props.
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>The biggest draw I feel for these phones is their design!
How does it feel to go through life with the same taste in design as a 12 year old boys?
>made for military
lol sure
>battery usually lasts for days
*rarely lasts for days
so are most of flagships for the past 3 years
>nearly indestructible, withstand all kinds of hazards
that would be fair it it wasn't such an overstatement
>bulkier as the normie market was never considered
literally the only people who buy them are redneck normies
Other S61 owner here.
Is the headphone audio shit on yours too?
I don't listen to music so I don't realy care but if I wanted to I'd be pissed, the low voluemes just seem to get cutt off.
What can I say if 12 year old boys have good taste?
>inb4 anon is into 12yo girls

Seriously, the point is they are trying to explore alternate options to the black rectangle. That alone is worth praise. Also, I doubt 12yo would liek it, as it looks like toddler babby's first tablet, which look rugged because they need to be. Pic related.
No I'm one of those left-wing revolutionaries. Sorry for not being a cuck

Serious question - why does /g/ hate apple? You can't make a thread about Apple without retards shitposting in it https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/thread/74778102/#74778102
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File: wicked-boomer.png (369 KB, 1000x375)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
>sponsored by a paypig dating app
File: 1582052454903.gif (1.28 MB, 200x190)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
>made the same shit thread twice
>being the snob like he is, posts "don't come here unless you want to make the same mistake twice"
>why does /g/ hate apple
Not your personal Reddit. I'm free to shit on anybody if they deserve it.
>There's no other way of explaining why iphone ownership is so high in the us
Because they're aggressively shilled by the sales personnel at every phone service provider, you disingenuous shitlicker
Not being a normalfag only worth it if you are better than them. What's the point of bragging about being an underachieving social outcast. You can only impress retards similar to you, so what is the point. It's twitter level echo chamber

File: clearLinux.jpg (116 KB, 798x450)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
You have 10 seconds to explain why you are not using the fastest Linux distro to date.
Praise the Intel Gods. Even AMD recommends clear linux.
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More like Clear Botnet, and I right guys?
There's a flash version of Teamviewer. Trying to install actual TeamViewer gives the same sorts of errors, but a lot more of them. Even if I can only get Flash working in browset, I'm still good.
last time i tried it had quirks, eg touchpad scrolling was mouse wheel emulation mode; didnt support auto brightness and rotation on a machine with *intel* sensor hub

ill check again in 6 months
>not Clear Backdoors
you had one job

File: images (64).jpg (26 KB, 400x560)
26 KB
why do i have to program sockets when linux provide the "socat" program?
Linux is a kernel.
And Linus is a person.
And Loonix a meme.

File: EQQObtHW4AEQT-T.jpg (19 KB, 576x324)
19 KB
my tablet screen just cracked.
maybe looking to replace it as its 7 yrs old
main purpose is to read pirated pdfs and epubs etc (odd cbr file)
should i cop an e-ink ereader to replace it?
redpill me on e-ink e-readers.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I use a kindle dx. Good for the eyes. Good battery. Works for me.
File: 41RA+H6RqCL.jpg (17 KB, 312x500)
17 KB
what is the thinkpad equivalent of e-ink ereaders? should you be buying new or used (does age matter)? what syncs easily with lincuck thinkpads and desktops?
File: Kindle-Manga-Review.jpg (56 KB, 560x317)
56 KB
I have a kobo libra h20 e reader, and PDFs don't work that well. you need to constantly resize and scale the static image, and each time you do that the e-ink needs to reload the whole screen. its a pretty fast little reader, and much nicer than the kindle paperwhite with a bigger screen, but its still clunky as fuck to read anything with two columns of text. You know like magazine articles or very wordy comics. move half a bloody inch and your whole screen blanks out. I tend to get the position of the screen 100% correct before I start reading, and that slow as fuck.

E readers are great for great big text files that it can re-format nicely automatically. you can convert PDFs to text and .mobi and such, but you loose any in page formating. thats the trade off.

>look at this pic, this review says how great it looks converting color to black and white. thats true, e-ink manga looks great. what they don't say is that its only half a page and it takes a extra long time to load full color or gradient grey pics. like a full second of a blinking screen. horrible.
a basic bitch kindle with no ads or 3g. run caliber management software and pirate your files.
File: serveimage (1).jpg (112 KB, 1092x728)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
There is none. You have to hardware hack the Amazon ones usually, and Kobo is closer but also way more expensive on the 2nd hand market. The best you can do is install koreader on it. The old nook with dual screen was good at the time. You could just get a thinkbook with the eink.
I was in a previous thread and there is nothing that these can do better than an Android OLED phone/tablet.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (69 KB, 1280x720)
69 KB
why does Windows colour palette feel more vivid and brightful than Linux? Whenever I use Linux i feel sad, like there was something wrong. When I use Windows i feel happy, happy about life.
45 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
yes? Are you retarded? It takes less than a second to press three or four buttons on a keyboard.
This is objectively the best way to launch programs. All gay little gnu launchers do the same thing such as dmenu and rofi.
>one click to open shortcut
>"three or four buttons on a keyboard"

macOS is the comfiest
you also forgot the enter at the end, which is pretty far away from A
whatever you guys are plebs anyway

File: Untitled.png (18 KB, 800x600)
18 KB
>Go on google image search to find a relevant image for a 4chan topic
>It's all fucking webp's
>4chan still doesn't support webp
File: 1486789649972.jpg (122 KB, 360x360)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>google image search
Yandex and duckduckgo exist, you know?

File: screenshot_137.png (44 KB, 783x659)
44 KB
Is this a good distro?

next thread
File: screenshot_138.png (184 KB, 1090x779)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
What about these points. Is it at least better than Arch?

File: 1581561580759.jpg (2.51 MB, 4032x1960)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB JPG
Where the fuck is OP edition

Old thread >>74720014
141 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Do the different codecs really make a night and day difference? Most of the headphones supported those, but I suspect my phone might have fucked up and just used the default SBC.
I haven't done any in depth comparisons but LDAC, AAC and AptX at least sound the same to me and as good as wired. You can hear differences if you play high frequency sine waves but with music its impossible. You can set the codec on android in the developer settings.
Not the other guy, but c'mon... At a sub 30 dollar budget, you're not getting great sound or great durability. You can make them last longer by being careful, and you somewhat improve the sound with EQ, but that's it.

The only things you can't adjust too much are comfort and looks -- you can somewhat alter comfort with custom headbands and earpads (but that'll balloon your budget). And even on larger budgets, people generally don't alter the look of their headphones.
Yeah, i understand so i think im going to go for the ksc75

File: systemd.png (1 KB, 275x183)
1 KB
Why do you use this keylogger?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Which part of the code proves this?
>worried about systemd being a keylogger
>uses xorg on his meme distro
*laughs in Fedora, cackles in Wayland*
I use Gentoo with systemd.

File: ant.png (100 KB, 636x487)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
You ARE running Ant linux anon, right anon?
You aren't still in some dinosaur distro like gentoo or debian, riiight?
23 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: fetch1.png (225 KB, 914x425)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
Just works, fantastic distro, blazingly fast.
Why the fuck are you shilling this every day?
Where are the dinosaurs now?
Looks more like a roach than an ant. . .
Is debian considered dinosaur?

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