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File: FS0018P_149514.jpg (1021 KB, 1200x1200)
1021 KB
1021 KB JPG
AMD or Intel? I'm new to PC Building and I was wondering which is better for a newbie like me?
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Thanks for the advice. Is the 9900k coming with a stock chiller? How many of my mother's kidneys should sell? Is rtx titan really necessary in order to not bottleneck my cpu?
I take it you're out to play garbage like anthem and division 2 right?
Please wait for Intel discrete graphics card 2020 to get best gaming performance. Until then Intel UHD 630 integrated solution can provide great gaming experience.
a delided one
Intel GPOO superpower 2020

File: laser.jpg (114 KB, 1200x1200)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Can lasers be used to interfere radio/tv signal?
For example if 1000+ people point pic related at some big commercial TV antenna, will the signal get distorted/shut down? Will it have any effect?
How many people and lasers pointed would it take? 100?1000? 20 000?
Literally no effect unless the laser physically damages the antenna
the absolute state of /g/
Install mint
damn, thats disappointing.

File: rm-94.png (5 KB, 128x128)
5 KB
File types that have been forgotten and won't be missed.
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>thinks there's a difference in quality between flac and wav
>posts images to imply others are retarded
Sure, you're only pretending to be retarded on a technology related internet forum. Imagine being so retarded that you spend your time "pretending" to be retarded.
Drink bleach and shoot yourself in the mouth, you fucking shit smear.
>shitty keybindings and menus
Retard suffers from baby duck syndrome.

File: 1555265715270.jpg (71 KB, 955x767)
71 KB
I really don't understand why anybody who's actually a professional software architect or developer would choose Python today for any new project. Anybody who's not a brainlet and developed a real big project in Python knows how hairy and messy the codebase can become as it gets bigger, it's a very slow language with very harmful language """features"""

For cloud and distributed systems: Go
For CLI tools: Go/Rust
For backend and APIs: Go or Javascript/Typescript
For cross platform UI: Electron
Embedded systems: C/C++/Rust
systems: C++/Rust
Games: C++/Rust
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Trade Go for C# and Rust and C for C++
I need to use Python for work so why should I care about what OP is saying?
I bet you you could do with C# or JS what you do with Python and it would be much faster
I don't know and I don't care. I just do what they ask me to in the language they want and that's it. It's pointless to me if "it would be faster" as I don't have any passion for my job; it's just how I make money.
It's literally the only good thing about this clusterfuck of a language, besides having built in dataframes.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (66 KB, 1280x720)
66 KB
Previous thread


this channel has more than 1200 code-only videos .. is it cicada?
dude stop that obsession, if the adults taking care of it they will not tell you...
Don't be sassy, pls say something useful or refrain yourself.
Fuck off newfag

File: 1555483556341.png (830 KB, 722x671)
830 KB
830 KB PNG
Thoughts on Gab forking Brave? They're removing BAT. Eich is seething at them on Twitter.
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>be multimillionaire
>spend entire life in big business
>behind or had a hand in some of the most influential software in the modern era
>get memed on and humiliate yourself over an internet spat with a baseball cap wearing 5"8 fundie Christian from Philly
Its pretty goddamn funny
That's not the point. Gab will remove anything from their site the US government doesn't want you to see. If that is not censorship, then I don't know what is.
His language destroyed the internet. I just want to see him suffer
>mincing words this hard
They remove child porn, not political expression, not any racial slurs, not any wrong think. They don't shadow ban or hide groups for promoting unpopular ideas.

There's a big difference between "the US government doesn't want you to see" and "is actually illegal". There US gov't doesn't want you to see leaked evidence from Wikileaks or Snowden, shit about Iran Contra and war crimes in central america etc... but it isn't illegal under US law to host it or distribute it etc..

Bear computer.
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I am bumping this thread because not only are you wrong, you spell like a retard.
I think they came with a leather wrapped USB stick key ring too.
Beary cool.
hey /g/,

I was outside just waiting for the bus. a girl next to me eating her fruit. i kept looking because the bustimes were behind her and she offered me a piece of fruit out of nowhere. what did this mean?

File: A5SK.jpg (79 KB, 580x377)
79 KB
I got hands on an Altera Arria V GX starter kit. Any idea what I could do with it before I need it for work in ~2 months? Do today's kids still mine cryptocurrency? Any other ideas?
implement tcp stack for a homebrew nic
vga (not that hard actually)
homebrew storage controller
random number generator (this is pretty hard, the more you get into it)
what ports/specs does it have? maybe some sdr is possible
idk man, start with something simple
piss on it
It has an HSMC connector, a bunch of SMA, some other coax connectors I don't know, HDMI, USB, RJ45, PCIe, JTAG and an LCD screen. There's also an adapter so I can use pin headers instead of the HSMC.

VGA might be difficult without the actual connector.

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Why would it throw exception at read mode but work at write mode?
python developer is a broad term. especially so since it's used for everything. i just don't want it to become what js is.
File: 1512175947484.jpg (32 KB, 490x628)
32 KB
>>70609222 >>70609382 >>70610148 >>70610175 >>70610216 >>70610345 >>70610558 >>70610792
>i just don't want it to become what js is
A great universal language? JS with TypeScript is fucking based

File: compact-disc-vector.jpg (62 KB, 1400x980)
62 KB
What went right?
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Digital medium, cheap to mass produce.
CDs are 80s tech and when CD-ROMs became mainstream mid 90s 600-800mb were really big given most high end hdds had about 2gb.
So how much is it?
If HD-VHS had won over DVD we would have these for the same price as bluerays today.

>I was disgruntled that day
>why are people blinded by corporate lies that the unsafe, bloated pile of shit known as Windows 10 is the only OS out there?
>my blood boils whenever I see people not running FREE UNIX based operative systems which are objectively superior
>I got so mad I this that I smashed my hot pockets on the floor
>it’s 4am, I need sleep
>I moved my overweight body to my bed, the floor creaking as I waddle
>right before I closed my eyes, I quietly says: “Stallman, I have failed you.”
>I close my teary eyes, and tries to get all the hentai I beat my meat to that night out of my head
>I notice the floor suddenly creak, I wake up quickly thinking it’s the government who has infiltrated my house
>no, there he stood: Richard Stallman. The hairy 400lbs legend, smelling just like I imagined him to smell
>”you have made me proud” he says before some invisible forces turns me over on my belly and pulls my underwear off
>”now you’ll have your reward”
>he inserts his 12” schlong into my lubed ass
>it’s painful but to please Stallman is my utmost desire

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
stallman hates gentoo because they call themselves gentoo linux and not gentoo gnu/linux
imagine having this gay fantasy because how much you hate freetardism
Butthurt freetard

is there any good website where i can make a website with no servers and be able to do anything on it like example a forum site
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rent a vps and put apache on it
or if your isp allows it get a cheap toaster, open port 80 and throw apache on it
if you only want php then something like awardspace has a free trial
AWS has free tier

Is there a way I can block any Apple device from connecting to my wifi network?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Mom, i've made you proud. I've turned into a shitposting winner instead!
effortposting loser here, how can I be a chad like you?
MAC whitelist
Yes, retard.
Isn't Mac randomisation the default everywhere now on phones and laptops?
Or perhaps they only randomise the device part.

>We did stick a tiny piece of molding clay on the back of the phone >yesterday to prop it up for a video shot

Retard at the verge shoved piece of clay inside the mechanism. Mistery solved.
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Drink bleach and shoot yourself in the mouth, you fucking shit smear.
quit forcing this meme
Get raped twice and kill yourself, you retarded fucking faggot sack of nigger shit with down syndrome.
File: untitled.png (347 KB, 565x425)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
gimme something new, summerfag
why the fuck would you even remove it when there's nothing printed on it that could obscure something and covers the screen perfectly?

File: ryzen.jpg (48 KB, 764x464)
48 KB
>$300 bucks for a CPU that rapes intel and saves electricity bills minus the intel NSAware exploits

sounds too good to be true, what's the catch?
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>you where

It really sucks in video games.
even if the highest end 3850X has double the cores of a 9900K, it will still perform worse because
>poor single core performance
>no vendor specific optimisations
If it's that cheap for you, buy it now. It's won't be cheap when 3000 comes out.
We don't know that yet.

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