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File: ad11222234.jpg (20 KB, 474x474)
20 KB
Does your boss get triggered if you use LibreOffice instead of Office? I really don't wanna use Microblows nor do I remember how to even do anything there. Sure, in 30 minutes I would know the whole basics most officecucks do but is there a way out of this or no?
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docx is not a fully open standard, some parts still need to be reverse engineered. also doc files have a lot of inconsistency

i got MS office running on wine now though.
i hear 365 works nice on linux but i dont want to be cloud reliant bruh.
ill prob try and slip it back in down the road
Smart boss
File: 1545475349065.jpg (116 KB, 700x713)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
ITT: Freetard cope

You think that anyones boss would be happy that they installed a shitty app that can't link with the payroll software, can't link with O365 infrastructure natively and is completely unsupported?
Freetards are deluded, completely 100% deluded.
My boss paid me to install arch for him.

File: 1.jpg (68 KB, 768x430)
68 KB
Why did it flop /g/?
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Locked down. Non upgradeable. No linux support. No RJ45. I've owned three surface pros, not gonna buy anymore
Weak Shitdragon that is hardly fit to run Android with its one app at a time bullshit.
x86 emulation is really slow, but necessary if you want any fun with Windows, no matter how much Microsoft is going to insist that UWP and .net applications run at native speeds, most of the useful applications are win32 x86.

Also, Windows on a tablet isn't fun. Windows 8(.1) on a tablet was awesome. It really was the best tablet OS. Bad as a desktop OS, but great on tablets. Fast, good gestures, good tablet UI...
Windows 10 ruined that. It's slow, has garbage gestures and feels significantly worse.
>expecting Microsoft to let us have nice things.
The 855/8cx/sq1 runs on the Note 10+ and Oneplus 7 Pro just fine, Windows 10 is bloated as fuck though. And plus it needs to run everything emulated.

The most hilarious thing is the Neo which run Windows 10X(AKA S/RT) will only run shit from the Windows store. And Microsoft thinks people will scramble to make apps for it when nobody has ever since it came out 5-6 years ago.

>make an android tablet that runs x86
>make an Intel tablet that only runs UWP

lol the fuck is Microsoft thinking?
Microsoft is just angry that UWP didn't work out. They really thought they had a great plan there: You could use Visual Studio, "the best IDE on the planet" to make apps that run on your PC, on your Smartphone (Windows Mobile), Xbox One, Holocaustlens and Windows RT etc all from the same code base and the same APIs etc.
They really banked on that being a huge success and locking in developers and their apps to their platforms (notice the plural).

But we all know what happened. Windows 10 mobile killed everything that was good about Windows Phone before (RIP glorious, fast, best Phone OS) and Microsoft eventually gave up on the platform. The Holocaustsurvivorlens is similarly garbage, nobody really develops for Xbox One and Windows Tablets are almost dead, especially since the only devices that sell, the Surfaces, are mostly used as shitty Laptops.

I really believe that Microsoft still doesn't have a strategy for dealing with this. But I think they don't really care at this point since all the money is made via Azure and Office365 at the moment, not Windows, which is why Microsoft now opens up to macOS and Linux and anything that has a web browser so much now.

File: qhzty4jlgyw31.png (612 KB, 800x600)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
Is there no good place to discuss Linux and shit without getting banned for hating trannies?

just got banned from #archlinux-offtopic for saying Rust is bad because it's ran by trannies and liberals.
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Like I keep saying in IRC threads and nobody believes me. IRC is and always was shit because mods know it is easier to hit the ban button. So the only thing that survives is channels with hundreds of idlers, that they think are in agreement.
File: Untitled.png (38 KB, 1029x596)
38 KB
Trans and SJW are a cover. They are the corporations and the government destroying free software and free speech. Save this image and post it everytime you see one of their threads. They are gonna call me a schizo for this, that's what they do these days
>be OP
>go on mainstream channels
>get banned for saying provocative things
>"REE why can't I shitpost on irc anymore"
honestly I don't get what you expected. of course mods on mainstream channels follow mainstream rules, i.e. ban everything offensive, and only allow behavior that's generally accepted by the masses.

not sure if you're aware, /g/ has a few irc channels on rizon for various topics. they're not too heavily moderated, but there are also not too many people on there, so there isn't as much activity.
>good place
>aka safe space

gentoo and arch is about as transitional as you can get
although this brings up the point that there should be a fascist/national socialist linux desktop environment

Why do trannies like Linux so much?


File: fuuuuuucck.jpg (27 KB, 674x201)
27 KB
shut the FUCKKK upppppppppppp holy god damn
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File: op.png (1.1 MB, 600x1323)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
why not update in the background, dumbass? Windows is a professional OS, right?
>Windows is a service
nvm guess it isn't
Just install LTSC you idiot
They're never going to. These people are the type who think they need to use winrar
>both suck corporate cock
At least mac users have a decent terminal emulator, and don't use retarded backward slashes. Oh, and don't need to delete obscure register shit so stuff can work once again.
Serves you right for being a winfag.
Install Linux.
Says the idiot sending "telemetry" back to micro$hit.
Go fuck a cow pajeet.
Only if it's two different distros of Linux, otherwise you're just a contrarian.

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File: Untitled Diagram.png (148 KB, 1665x2133)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
You use multi-wan, don't you?

Post your network setup, /g/.
>he has 2 redundant WAN
>he doesn't have redundant routers and switches
Woah what an advanced setup.
Yeah I announce the /29 I got from AFRINIC with a multi-homed BGP setup with Cogent & Hurricane Electric IP transit delivering a combined 1 Gbps with 2 Gbps commit over fiber.
except every worthy AS will filter longer prefixes than /24

Why are there no more geniouses
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>It's also used as a derogatory term for anyone above average intelligence.
No it's used as a degrogatory term for anyone exhibiting autistic behaviour, there's a difference between than and having a high IQ, autistic people may not be able to see it though
There are you just don't look closely enough

look at musk , gates, bezos etc.
geniuses are nowadays basically celebritys
Your making capitalists look bad, stop.
An anon over at /sci/ solved a long standing mathematical problem not too long ago.
because as complexity increases in each field, it becomes more difficult to "dumb it down" so people can understand.

How did Microsoft manage to program volumetric clouds, realistic weather and lighting, and stream real-world 3d data, all while maintaining reasonable performance?
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2020, or now if you get accepted into the alpha
Voxel graphics for anything volumetric, it is surprisingly efficient, also solves the realistic lighting, you can program realistic scattering based on voxelspace
The original Commanche ran like a dream on a 386 machine. Voxel is magic

Sexy robot edition.

What is anon working on? How is that generative porn coming along? What about those juicy deepfakes?

Is Carmack going to solve AGI single-handedly? Will OpenAI or Deepmind get to it first? What about China? What is your opinion on Chollet's recently released "Abstraction and Reasoning Corpus" (link below)?





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File: sleepsnugsmug.jpg (13 KB, 259x206)
13 KB

I just read chollet's paper on quantifying intelligence. He explains machine intelligence as a system that has two types of components, the general intelligence and the skill program. The skill program is generated by the general intelligence component. In his paper, he describes the skill program as the component that retains memory (about a particular skill, ie the "learning" is localized there). Intelligence in this case is the thing that generates the skill programs, and the more efficient it is at generating these skill programs the more intelligent it is. I think that this is an extreme oversimplification. From my observations the "learning" can be separated into two parts - the skill program attenuation, and the strategic knowledge accumulation.

For example, when a tennis player practices they build habits that help them reflexively react to an opponent serving. This would be the "skill program" component. The memory involved here is the attenuation of the skill itself - correction for errors over a training period. However, the application of this skill program is governed by something that requires a working memory, and the knowledge priors that he speaks of.

The skill program in this case is simply a reflex, and therefore shouldn't carry much memory beyond the optimization of that task. This goes counter to his implication that the skill program is responsible for the working memory of the skill itself.

Another paper I've read recently has been one that my friend wrote - on the intrinsic plasticity of neurons. It was a great paper, he dove into synaptic mechanisms to maximize information entropy (i have no idea what this means desu) and implemented it in a variety of neural network architectures and observed their behavior.
>Another paper I've read recently has been one that my friend wrote - on the intrinsic plasticity of neurons.
Life on Earth evolved for billions of years to make this.
i want her to talk dirty to me!

File: 68511593_p0.png (766 KB, 1358x1075)
766 KB
766 KB PNG
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Thank you based mouseposter. I love mice and it makes my day better to see cute mousegirls. Keep up the good work.
Some less common thinkpads like the 701C, 850, S31, X201s, W700/1ds, or any old IBM one but those are just a matter of finding someone giving them away for free.
a X210 upgrade would be pretty good too.
What was it that anon said, something like:
Man will sell what he owns for a taste of what he can never have.
Some nice 500$+ headphones (audiophile stuff in general)

Fanatec/thrustmaster wheel with stand so I could play gt sport
A wheel of cheese

Why do they protect 4chan?
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DoH has gained quite the popularity in less than two years after it launched, and a reason why a group of UK ISPs nominated Mozilla for the award of 2019 Internet Vilain for its plans to support the DoH protocol, which they said would thwart their efforts in filtering bad traffic.
>uk tier cuckoldry
4chan is a government and corporate whore.
of course cloudflare and jewgle captcha would support them
>Yes, but it's a legally binding contract.
this must be bait
>he amount of shit Cloudflare deals with every few second would be impossible for them to store
you specifically claimed this for DNS requests, which are extremely small and can easily be stored even in quantities of many millions
>this must be bait
Prove that it isn't faggot
File: 1568279545377.jpg (77 KB, 891x717)
77 KB
good one anon

What is the purpose of a BIOS password?

Why do they exist when people can just yeet the CMOS battery?
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this is true, when we "integrated" south bridges into the cpu most laptops still had to deal with early pcie network cards that were a pain in the ass and a small antenna capable of 2.4GHz networking was added into the Intel ME schematics for debugging purposes and also "remote access" iirc in the advertisings, it is a shitty antenna for sure, and even more when your entire pc is encapsulated in a metal box but it's enough to see and reach near Wi-Fi networks.
You could use EPROM to set password then use UV light to wipe it if the need arises. No battery needed.
I have equipment I control between the machine and the internet. I could see if it made any connection out. Inbound connections will fail unless I forward a port for them. As for wifi that isn't mine, it isn't connecting to random wifi without commands telling it to.

Gonna need a source on this.
One time I over locked my p4 to the max allowed value and it wouldn't post anymore. Mom had to send it to best buy haha. $90 to reset the CMOS
This. AFAIK on my laptop (x220) there is a boot password stored in battery backed storage and a supervisor password which is stored in EEPROM. There is even an option to prevent boot until the supervisor password is entered if the CMOS battery is removed.

File: DiKkCdFUcAAY9yx.jpg (229 KB, 900x1200)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
is c# useless
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Assembly > C > C++ > JAVA > python > C# > Javascript > poop
>3-6 years of experience
yep i'm just lazy to not have 6 years of experience right after leaving school
>just move to paris bro
yeah the 3 applications for a software dev really matters

ITT post pictures of better times
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File: better_times.jpg (121 KB, 650x551)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Zoom zoom
It still hurts.
Shut up retard
>muh libtards

File: 1568637988243.jpg (222 KB, 1613x711)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
right: soul
left: soulless
left: poo2loo
right: poo2loop

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