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Long time vimmer (but i still suck at it). I just saw orgmode and now I'm seriously reevaluating my life decisions. Is it worth switching? Emacs has always been a pain in the ass for me.
What is a pain in the ass, specifically?
Also, you should go to the Emacs thread.
Probably not. A lot of keybinds in Emacs are brain damage and need to be remapped (or EVIL mode used). Emacs is a lot more bloated. Unless you have a very specific need or intend to utilise most of its features, I'd say relearn vim properly and report back.

File: 91uSN2Owt1L._SL1500_.jpg (171 KB, 1500x1125)
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171 KB JPG
Meet my new Hackintosh
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Free furry software go to /trash/
Nice, OP. Where'd you get the case? show guts, how did you get everything inside? where can I get one? Sell it to me?
I just gutted a SPARC server for my new gaming rig. Time to blast some Fortnite to the sounds of your tears, yankee.
Model names? I'll buy and preserve them from cucks like OP
Where can I get one?

iOS > android and nothing you say will convince me otherwise.
I spent 2010-2017 with Android and did all the rooting/boot loader unlocking/gravity box/magisk/scripts/Xposed/overclocking/custom kernel stuff, and there comes a time when you don’t want to tinker to get things working properly, you just want to get shit done from the word go.
Steve Jobs was right when he said Android was a pale imitation, a stolen product. Not to mention getting raped by Google on the daily.

Oh, and I’m white by the way :) so keep tinkering with your poor phones while I’m getting work done and having sex.
c u n n y
>and having sex.
Passive anal sex.
File: 1543689053963.png (358 KB, 828x1258)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
Back to your designated shitting street Rakesh.

File: 1557892833275.jpg (62 KB, 640x480)
62 KB
post your listening tech
no bully
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File: IceRain.wsz_big.jpg (37 KB, 275x464)
37 KB
i miss muh winamp skinz
for fucks sake stop making these threads already
File: 53732644.jpg (82 KB, 1080x1080)
82 KB
M-me too
File: 8934535.jpg (67 KB, 675x900)
67 KB
File: IMG_20190626_093629.jpg (2.87 MB, 3456x4608)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB JPG
Can recommend both of them, need new earpads though as after a few years they're flaking from use.

File: idris.jpg (917 KB, 3000x2070)
917 KB
917 KB JPG
Why aren't you using Idris /g/?


Don't you like higher order dependently typed polymorphic lambda calculus?
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I see what you did there

File: 1561508615025.png (609 KB, 700x714)
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609 KB PNG
What open source project should I autistically spend all my free time in while I spend the next 2 years losing weight, working on my voice, and waiting for hormones to make my tits bigger?
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machine learning nanites that can function as nuerons.

Why, you could start sucking dicks right away. It a bigger money maker than coding

Try contribute to a bunch. Emulators, i2p/i2p related, tor/tor related, Tox, Mastodon, Briar, etc. Better to get a feel for a bunch of shit and contribute across a few types of software and langs than to be the autist who spent their whole time contributing to one fucking emacs plugin.
This man gets it
I still find it bizarre that they decided to add "device specific" commands instead of extending or adding generic commands to accommodate new kinds of devices.

File: Picture 1.png (323 KB, 1023x767)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
Where my PowerPC bois at?
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lol why are you so fucking butthurt
it's literally been years
never tried it honestly since I do most of that shit from another host I ssh into with regular keyboard-interactive authentication, but probably. a new terminal emulator wouldn't help with that either way though, you'd probably need to get a new version of OpenSSL/SSH or something.
then you really don't want anything less than 10.4 in that case if you decide to stick with OS X as Camino's javascript engine is way too outdated and better turned off entirely, but even then, an eMac is never going to be very good for browsing no matter what you throw on it, the G4 is just too slow to put up with webshit.

you'd probably get a lot more fun out of it playing around with random software from the macintosh garden, writing programs or playing old games. it's a good opportunity to think a little bit outside of the standard web browsing/vidya box and explore some new things, for that reason I also don't usually recommend things other than OS X either unless you're only interested in development or are trying to kit it out as an autistic anti-botnet machine.

whatever choice is perfectly valid, but being a somewhat esoteric platform that can still run shitloads of commercial software is one of the main reasons to really be into PPC hardware at all for me 2bh, going the GPL route feels like it just limits your options
Where is this from anyway? Anyone got sauce?
someone's a bit heated they don't have a CRT that can go above 140Hz

File: next-horizon-zen2-logo.png (682 KB, 1010x622)
682 KB
682 KB PNG
Just wait for Zen3!
It'll fix everything, it'll be 5% faster than intel, while the motherboards will cost only another 25% more, and it'll run DDR5 10GHz

Oh, and APUs still will be shit.

>I'm waiting out Zen2, after all.
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File: 416464984.jpg (56 KB, 1024x690)
56 KB
How cute, he's shilling.
>Incels are in damage control
File: 4L_BEcgqlqI.jpg (211 KB, 712x1024)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
based and loveiswar-pilled again

File: 1551749994644.png (302 KB, 663x721)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
>windows exploit is found
>gets patched in a few weeks on patch tuesday

>linux exploit is found
>gets patched in a few weeks by some neckbeard

>macos exploit is found
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What's the exploit?
>Reminder that Apple has the best support and customer service out of everyone in the market for their products.
>if the customer complains, replace it
>Is it because the serious shit is handled by the US/EU teams and the stupid crap by the pajeet squad?
It's because they are having to write for billions of possible hardware configurations on top of hacky code that no one would want to rewrite from scratch.

Nothing like that has ever happened to me, nor have I heard it happening to anyone I know. Things like this happening must be fairly rare and likely can be mitigated by being on the non-targeted update branch (you get security updates but non-important updates are delayed six months).
Though, if you want to be fair, similar things have happened on Linux and MacOS/iOS.
seeth more

File: 1537647546812.jpg (8 KB, 186x164)
8 KB
>his channel is now devoted to reddit-tier reaction videos on videos and kickstarters "haha this is dumb"
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I miss the multimeter shootouts
I feel a bit sorry for his son. That kid's gonna be bullied the hell out of.
File: commander_cringe.png (326 KB, 416x361)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
He always was way too annoying in literally every way to watch.
Reaction video are just reacting to things. All youtube videos do that, that arent OC. In essence teardown videos are reactions, and could be compared to unboxings. Reaction videos have the schema are clip-take-clip, because of this they have the structure of the original video on review.

File: 1559674200233.png (536 KB, 816x692)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
Can someone explain the what I should do with a VPS instead of getting NordVpn or something? not doing anything illegal just tinfoil hat
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File: i hate you.png (88 KB, 368x256)
88 KB
>wanting that your google history
If you don't know already, you don't need it.
nobody gives a shit. why are you scared of fulfilling your natural curiosity.

For all you know this girl is a wreck and googling it will make you realize some things about the women you actually like

What is the point of building a package from source, other than having access to additional configuration?

Would a package compiled by myself run faster or better in any way than something installed from a package manager?
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But the resulting binary would still be able to run in other systems, right?
From the gcc doc:
> Using -march=native enables all instruction subsets supported by the local machine (hence the result might not run on different machines). Using -mtune=native produces code optimized for the local machine under the constraints of the selected instruction set.
just do a ctrl f for "CIA"
Not necessarily.
There can be a certain speed benefit when using more extensive optimization flags. It's often not worth the trouble, but it can make a noticeable difference in some cases (e.g. browsers).

File: Capture.jpg (154 KB, 1853x1215)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Will snahp.it ever open up registrations again? I didn't even know about it until it was too late and /r/MegaLinks was banned.

Anyone on the inside know if they will be allowing registrations or at least invites any time soon?
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Invites are received by donating to the site, then you get 1 invite to give to another account
File: file.png (9 KB, 1056x298)
9 KB
I'm on the inside
I have an account there, but Mega's shit for downloads.
How do I reset the free download limit? I can barely download 1 film from there, and I don't want to pay.

File: dem legs.png (2.47 MB, 1004x1156)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
is privacy.com a meme? did anyone here use their services? this service gets quite some prayers but i still dont feel comfortable with it
>this service gets quite some prayers

is it any good? I broke my last phone by throwing it against the ground so hard it bent back and the screen cracked, so I'm looking for a new one
Doesn't look autism resistant, you better get a model with a built in case.
Just buy the redmi note 7
If you're not concerned with the "impending doom" label then yes. I would recommend the P smart 2019 tho. Better features and build quality for a bit more money.

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