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File: literally who.png (25 KB, 634x153)
25 KB
Which self-hosted Twitter clone do you recommend, /g/, Mastodon, Pleroma, GNU social, something else? What has your experience been like running these?
File: 1492991221460.png (47 KB, 624x624)
47 KB
How can you self-host a Gab?

>finally buy an OLED Tv
>less than one hour after I got it, it glitches up twice and shuts on and off
What the fuck LG? You told me the C9s were supposed to be good
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OLED TV don't exist, you retard.
Why did you not buy Sony, their shit live longer than the industry standards they are made for.
LG has better picture quality
File: sceptical_negro.jpg (6 KB, 195x258)
6 KB
No. By the way, Panasonic has even better iq than Sony.
File: jjj.jpg (7 KB, 433x165)
7 KB

red wire needs to be connected to L+, how can i do it without a soldering iron? Glue and lighter to a fork does not work.
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Buy a soldering iron
Hold it there
Why does glue not work?
Just drop it on top
File: 136239405383.webm (2.82 MB, 480x310)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB WEBM
File: 1443116132227.webm (2.91 MB, 500x281)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM

File: xfold.jpg (65 KB, 960x712)
65 KB
i can't wait until apple invents the foldable smartphone
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Top fucking kek, nicely memed my fellow centipede
The year is 2019 and they are. But yes, FF OS bombed because then-weak mobile hardware couldn't handle it.
Hi-res IPS displays. Still come for a premium in laptops.
>They're great
They're okay. That's about it. Though their battery life is great I guess.
File: 1553433446141.jpg (42 KB, 918x719)
42 KB
>/g/ cares about who does things first
>Doesn't care about who does things best
Imagine being this impressionable. Average age of this board can't be over 20.

File: the-zuck.jpg (72 KB, 930x620)
72 KB
> https://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-uploaded-1-5-million-users-email-contacts-without-permission-2019-4

Should people believe Zuckbook this time? I honestly think this was an accident.
Good, anyone who has a Facebook account deserves even worse.
normally I'll blame the users for being stupid and not paying attention to what personal info they share. except with facebook. FB starts by making people stupid then uses every underhanded technique in the book to trick them into "allowing" it to steal their personal info because at that point they're so dependent on it that if it says "share X with us so we can improve your experience" they'll take it as face value and agree, every time.
>They trust me
>dump fucks
I hope they get anally fucked by GDPR in Europe for this one.
It doesn't make them stupid, the EULA is written in legalese.

File: pedal.jpg (97 KB, 1280x960)
97 KB
I want to use a foot pedal as input in my computer programs. I mainly use Blender so i'd like to be able to use the pedal to zoom in/out, change brush size, modify some parameters.. etc.
Only ones i found are targeted to gamers. Do they work for other stuff without much hassle?
Either use XPadder or write your own batch script my dood.
I doubt he even needs to do that,the pedel comes with software mostly likely, just put in blender hotkeys

File: compact-disc-vector.jpg (62 KB, 1400x980)
62 KB
What went right?
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LTO-8 tapes aren't being made at the moment due to Sony trying to slap Fujifilm again (they're really mad they don't have a production monopoly). So we are stuck with M8 tapes for now, but when full LTO-8 tapes were being produced you could get them for $70 USD
File: 1483896119393.jpg (23 KB, 300x300)
23 KB
Sure, now go to walmart and pick up that new Justin Beiber usb stick.
Not susceptible to warp induced skipping, scratches, popping from dust and static charge etc.
Vinyl was BTFO by CD.

I think the biggest oversight in the design of red-book audio CDs was the failure to include some kind of text information about the tracs like id3 tags so the CD player could display the name of the CD , Artist and Track. Other than that CDs were the last word in audio with 16/44.1 being all that's needed.
Those features are part of the spec but CD makers don’t implement them so CD player makers never bothered to implement them.

File: Windows XP SP3.jpg (36 KB, 379x496)
36 KB
Where could I buy a brand new copy of Windows XP Service Pack 3? The only reason I want a copy is so I don't have to go through more than 10 websites with fake keys. What website would I be able to get it NEW?
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>download official VM image from https://tb.rg-adguard.net/public.php
>don't need key
not him, but when I reconfigure some of my older systems running XP it's a PITA and a half to dig out my old installation CDs that either came with it or the few I burned. If i just have a boxed copy for it to keep on a shelf it's much easier for me as I don't have spare flash drives to use as an install disc nor do I want to take the time burning an ISO.
Hey Anon, I want to help!

You can download a Windows XP Virtual machine here too if you want.


What do you need a copy of Windows XP for?
>Not using windows xp sp4
Just use freaking ebay like everyone else.

File: configurator.jpg (155 KB, 1058x900)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Whats the absolute best desktop gaming PC I can get for $1,000?

I'm doing a giveaway on my YouTube channel and I have this in mind. Its a Digital storm Lynx.
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (6-Core)
ASUS / MSI (AMD B350M Chipset)
8GB DDR4 2666MHz
600w power supply
1x SSD (240GB
1x Storage (2TB Seagate / Toshiba
1x GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
AMD Standard Factory Heat-sink and Fan

So, is it ok? im not here to plug my YT channel. Just genuinely curious...
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I'd buy the parts and build it yourself desu.

i.e.: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/8B2Q4q
get a ryzen 7 2700/2700x
a b450 or x470 mobo
16gbs ddr4 ram at 3000mhz
a 750w psu
a vega 56
and you can go nuts with the case and the storage
there is no need to change the cpu cooler as it comes with a very good one that has rgb in it
focus your money on the gpu
>scientific/professional stuff that isn't 3d graphics design
focus on cpu
>remember that browsing dank memes etcera is usually bottlenecked by internet connection speed
in any case make sure your power supply is from a reputable brand or you'll have a literal housefire in 3 months
don't do a giveaway with your own money you casual.
get in contact with some hardware marketplace and shill for it in exchange for the PC plus some pocket change if you're famous enough.
If any Counter-Strike rando with 3000 subs gets to shill for skin traders you can manage that at least.

File: 1555292491024.jpg (246 KB, 1428x800)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Let's be honest, the only thing where Linux exceeds is by having a powerful command line. And with WSL you can have that while you use an actual usable non-bullshit OS with a friendly UI. Get an SSD and you won't even notice that's not native UNIX.
Windows is nonfree software and harmful to the user. It includes spyware, DRM, and backdoors and should not be used by anyone for any reason.

This isn't an OS.
You could do that before WSL though.
>WSL you can have that
Kinda. Maybe. It's a poor implementation with shitty performance and getting an SSD does not help. But it beats native Windows stuff often, so
>non-bullshit OS
doesn't really hold any water, either. Actually try Linux for once and use it to its fullest potential instead of making these poor shilling threads.

File: gnutux.png (290 KB, 1200x1363)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
Rolling release vs point release, which one do you prefer for home usage/hobbyist small server hosted on your basements, /g/?
Rolling of course. I use Arch btw

File: 8483999101010.png (228 KB, 396x536)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
What the fuck is his problem?
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He's the best speaker at LTT in my opinion
No way.
Or fat makes you look this much older.
What happens when he combines his powers with wendell?
Golden Corral files for bankruptcy
the plot thiccens

File: 81hQzo5V5XL._SX355_.jpg (15 KB, 355x262)
15 KB
Tell me /g/, how important is the PSU choice and what do I have to look after when picking one?
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Get at least a mid range psu, they have a better power efficiency and are way more reliable, especially in the long term ; psus tends don't last that long compared to other computer components, and getting crashes or stuff like that because of it sucks.
Just don't take more voltage than you need, this is were the scam is at.
PSUs actually end up being some of the longest lasting parts, a motherboard or storage device will often fuck up before a PSU does a PSU is also one of those parts you take from build to build, with lots having 10+ year warranties you kinda want to keep reusing them
I am looking to replace my old unit that is starting to show age, and what I mean by that are changes of fan noise and sometimes PC shutdowns, I am looking in 650-750 W range with 80 plus Silver/Gold certificate, and I also look at some trusted manufacturers, my budget is around 70-80$ and currently Raidmax, Kolink, Cooler Master and Chieftec look like a good deal, also particular units that I looked at seem well built. Unfortunately online shopping is not an option since I live in the part of Europe where the sun doesn't shine very bright, and customs taxes for online shopping are abysmal, so I have to resort to domestic shops.
Go with RAIDMAX. Cheap and high power, can't go wrong.
80+ Titanium.
Everything else is shit.

>A white-hat hacker found a way to get into the French government's newly launched, secure encrypted messaging app that otherwise can only be accessed by officials and politicians with email accounts associated with the government identities.

>Dubbed "Tchap," the end-to-end encrypted, open source messaging app has been created by the French government with an aim to keep their officials, parliamentarians and ministers data on servers inside the country over concerns that foreign agencies could use other services to spy on their communications.

>The Tchap app is built using the Riot client, an open source instant messaging software that implements self-hostable Matrix protocol for end-to-end encrypted communication.

>Yes, it's the same "Riot and Matrix" that was in the news earlier this week after an unknown hacker breaks into its servers and successfully stole unencrypted private messages, password hashes, access tokens, and GPG keys the project maintainers used for signing packages.

5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>government does something technology related
colour me surprised.
>based on an open source software
>get hacked
How surprising
>based on an open source software
>get hacked
>How surprising
But this is great. The whole world knows which protocols are insecure and should no longer be used.
Open source protocols are insecure.
>based on open source software
>white hat hacker finds the vulnerability immediately, demonstrates it and tells you about it

>based on closed source software
>some random Russian finds the vulnerability two years from now, steals all the information he can get and sells it to the highest bidder

File: 1539919023718.png (280 KB, 1024x768)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
Why is Android so shit?
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because why the fuck would google be able to build a phone
Can you do that? Why not do that every time? Is this flags turns Android into a Go version?
>Linux is shit
>Java is shit
>Android = Linux + Java
gee, i wonder why...
It's too locked down.

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