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File: ant.png (100 KB, 636x487)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
You ARE running Ant linux anon, right anon?
You aren't still in some dinosaur distro like gentoo or debian, riiight?
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File: fetch1.png (225 KB, 914x425)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
Just works, fantastic distro, blazingly fast.
Why the fuck are you shilling this every day?
Where are the dinosaurs now?
Looks more like a roach than an ant. . .
Is debian considered dinosaur?

File: 1528406450211s.jpg (8 KB, 250x250)
8 KB
For lads that aren't mommys boy, where do you have your PC in your house/apartment? Bedroom or living room?
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I have a lab in my house. Includes computers, servers and a fridge full of liquor.
I have a room that I call an office. It’s away from everything so I can sit there and smoke. my kids can’t see me there smoking is mostly the reason why it’s away from everything.
I only have The Room and kitchen in "my" apartment, not much choice.

I'd have it in the living room if I had one.
I live in a "studio" so basically all in one room with toliet and kitchen separate

File: 1580666218282.png (183 KB, 1456x825)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
Source Code: http://guest:guest@presto.i2p/web/index.php?p=presto.git&a=tree
Clone: git clone http://guest:guest@presto.i2p/presto.git
Torrent: https://katcr.co/torrent/3562005/opera-12-15-source-code.html
Patches: http://guest:guest@presto.i2p/web/index.php?p=presto.git&a=tree&f=patches
Issue Tracker: https://github.com/PrestoXen/openopera-issues/issues
Releases (for Windows): http://guest:guest@presto.i2p/web/index.php?p=presto.git&a=tree&f=releases
Forums: http://forums.presto.i2p/phpbb/
IRC Channel: #NuOpera on irc.shadowfire.org
Webchat: https://kiwiirc.com/nextclient/irc.shadowfire.org/#NuOpera

Please PM me in the IRC channel/Forums if you want write access to push any changes that you have made.
make it work on clean Windows 2000 senpai
I don't know how to.
What progress has been made?
the original one worked ;(
None. No one has tried to fix issues in it since a while ago.

File: 1581820093576.jpg (107 KB, 1280x720)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
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he's unique because he's a very autistic jew. sociopathic and neurotic like other jews, but it seems like even more so combined with his autism. a very autistic and sociopathic jew, who doesn't hide his contempt for the goys very well.
File: ebin.png (16 KB, 685x452)
16 KB
ffuuuck you
it looks so uncanny... almost human, but not quite

File: 1581733373966.jpg (26 KB, 800x600)
26 KB
ProtonMail is a criminal organization that conducted an illegal hack against a target that ended up being innocent. They were proud of it, so they tweeted they broke the law. When they realized ProtonMail leadership could go to prison over this hack they deleted all evidence. VICE wrote an article about it.[1] I just feel bad for the innocent guy who was mistakenly assaulted by a group of criminal PhD's. ProtonMail can never comment about this because if they did it would result in company employees going to jail for criminal behavior.

ProtonMail was created with NSA/CIA oversight[2]

ProtonMail crowdfunded to "Stay Independent." Then weeks after collecting $500k from average people they sold part of their company to a US firm that has close ties to President Obama. How close? The company that part-owns ProtonMail also has delegates to the UN who were selected by Obama.[3]

ProtonMail Behaves like a CIA/NSA "Honeypot." ProtonMail has an Onion domain[4] that allows users to visit their site using the Tor browser. ProtonMail even has an SSL cert for that onion address even though it's completely unnecessary. When a user makes a new account with ProtonMail on Tor they are re-directed from ProtonMail's ".onion" to ".com" address. This is exactly how CIA honeypots operate.

ProtonMail brags about their Swiss privacy protection but ignores the fact that the Swiss have an information sharing MLAT treaty[14] with the United States. So anything on those Swiss servers is likely also on NSA servers.

ProtonMail doesn't provide true end-to-end encryption. A professor who teaches computer science and cryptography Nadim Kobeissi[5] proved that ProtonMail does not provide end-to-end encryption. ProtonMail has since publicly acknowledged that they can decrypt anyone's encrypted content by obtaining their password/passphrase.[6]

ProtonMail's developers do not use ProtonMail. They would know if the company is corrupt, and their dev's do not use it.[7]

(Part 2, next post)
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File: 61e.jpg (59 KB, 501x506)
59 KB
>ProtonMail is a criminal organization that conducted an illegal hack against a target that ended up being innocent. They were proud of it, so they tweeted they broke the law
That's not what happened.
-Some retard got his PM account blocked
-Made a shitfit online
-PM replied "we closed it because we're complying with a police investigation"
-Retard made a bigger shitfit because PM didn't say why it was blocked
-PM finally replied "you're account was blocked because it's being investigated as part of a drug sting operation"
-Retard made another shitfit
>that allows users to visit their site using the Tor browser. ProtonMail even has an SSL cert for that onion address even though it's completely unnecessary
It's necessary to make sure no data is leaked when opening an email with third-party content, like images or files.
>ProtonMail brags about their Swiss privacy protection but ignores the fact that the Swiss have an information sharing MLAT treaty[14] with the United States. So anything on those Swiss servers is likely also on NSA servers.
Irrelevant. PM stores emails encrypted and so if (and even if) there really was a backup on NSA servers, they can't access them. The proof is that with [1] all they shared with the police was email metadata, they couldn't share email contents because they don't have access to them.
>ProtonMail doesn't provide true end-to-end encryption
It does.
> A professor who teaches computer science and cryptography Nadim Kobeissi proved that ProtonMail does not provide end-to-end encryption

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: SAGE.png (209 KB, 10000x10000)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
>ProtonMail has since publicly acknowledged that they can decrypt anyone's encrypted content by obtaining their password/passphrase
Protonmail aknowledged that they could bruteforce the keys for the encryption which is a no-brainer. Anyone could theoretically bruteforce a key, though it would take months if not years per key depending on the hardware. Again, this isn't a problem with Protonmail, anyone could do that. There is no evidence that PM does that.
> There is only one company listed as conducting an Audit of ProtonMail, Cyberkov.com. Cyberkov's website says it's connected to Harvard, MIT & CERN. And their team is full of Harvard and MIT grads, exactly like ProtonMail. So ProtonMail's audit was most likely conducted by ProtonMail's college friends or colleagues.
This is absurd. Harvard and MIT have a combined 33000 alumni, it's absurd to imply that all of them know each other. Prove that they're in cahoots or fuck off.
>[11], [12], [13]
Irrelevant. PM stores encrypted mail. Unless you can prove it's trivial to decrypt or that there is a backdoor, these are just conjectures.
"Harassment," lol.
Yes, it's trivial to do a DDOS attack even to big companies. That's why fucking 4chan was able to DDOS Microsoft in the past.

This is the reason why Cloudflare is so ubiquitous. PM doesn't use Cloudflare, so of course it's easy to DDOS.

>[2], [3], [7]
No proof of any of this besides the conjectures of privacy.io's writer.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: DkaGdheUYAESZuT.jpg (120 KB, 1199x800)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
yup, cry about it.
>a frogposter
So what, Rafficer?
Thank you Rafficer, very cool.

File: 1582053282419.jpg (300 KB, 720x2090)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
This is where your Linux donations go. Just FYI.
The Linux Foundation does not even need donations, all the hard work in the kernel and video drivers are done by companies themselves.
Good, I will increase my donation. Diversity initiatives are important to having a welcoming community. OP will respond to this with a racist and/or sexist comment just to prove my point.

File: iu.png (11 KB, 512x512)
11 KB
>costs money
>instead of sending your web data to your isp now it goes to some rando company
>literally shilled all over the internet spreading misinformation
>annoying bloatware on your computer
>actually does nothing useful
>might get you fired from using it at work
>get hacked frequently
>companies don't tell you they get hacked
>most of them are datamining botnet shill-whore companies that don't care about your privacy

>but muh web security on public wifi
learn about https you brainlet
>but muh hackers on public wifi
nearly all web traffic is encrypted these days, stop falling for the false advertising

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Why would I use one at work and why would they care if it did?
what public tracker are you using sonarr with that you are worried about your isp seeing lol
Seedbox, ftp, done. I trust seedbox faggots more than any VPN faggot.
Thanks, that was an extremely eye-opening read.
I thought tor was compromised, but damn, it's almost a honeypot.
I just use it for reliable torrenting, otherwise my ISP would gladly fuck em in the ass.

File: nixos.jpg (392 KB, 1200x1024)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
>gets built from a single configuration file
it doesn't save config files from packages so snapshots are still better
snapshots can do the same, but less convenient
>atomic upgrades
never heard of a single problem caused by packages being "mid" state
>dependency control for each application
all packages should use the latest dependencies for security reasons
>no need for sudo when installing packages, great security with multi-users
>reduces the risk of incomplete dependencies because you specified the dependency explicitly
>you can use nix-shell to run a program as if you installed it but when the shell is gone so is the program
>great number of packages https://repology.org/repositories/statistics/newest
<you need to learn a programming language for this shit to work
<docs are lacking

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1559994699307.jpg (53 KB, 720x720)
53 KB
seriously what do I need to make to get hired? I can make full stack apps with caching, containers, load balancing, and even use JS frameworks like React. Please guide me! What did you make to get hired?
30 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Know someone. Troll around "hackathons" to get connections, then try to get an internship. That's what I did at least.
>porn vidya 4 money
holy fuck schlomo, kys
>how to get job
>Have working experience.
not op but kys
by me
Have good interviewing skills and luck into finding a huge company desperate for hires. It helps if you're not trying this in the US.

My technical interview was a joke and I make way too much for very little work now.

File: Alpine_Linux.svg.png (31 KB, 1024x249)
31 KB
>Resource efficiency.
>Small footprint.
>Fastest package management.
>No System-D
31 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm having a love-hate relationship with alpine. Everytime I want to do something simple, it's quick to setup and easy on resources. Everytime I need to do 'real', 'enterprise-grade' work, it fucks me in the ass.
Last year I spent 4 days trying to setup java, it still randomly segfaults in prod.
Last week tried to put pandas and scipy in a container, and it took over an hour to fetch and compile the dependencies. I dunno, maybe I just need to provision a bigger vps and move to debian-slim or even take the managed kubernetes pill
>using a system breeded by the same balls
what are you smoking? firefox-esr is in community both on 3.11 and on edge.
also if you want to run your webscrap^H^H^H^H^H^H javascript e2e tests on firefox, you can just get alpine 3.10, it works fine.
Carat nose >>74811912 is actually right.

Alpine Jew is good and all of that jazz


I need a fucking browser goddamnit
>>74812861 Heil Hitler, fagget

File: 1551275527794.jpg (138 KB, 1080x1350)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Would you trust a female computer repair technician with your computer?
112 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
oh my god she is so right though

haha not only do incels get cucked but incels lose their jobs. I'm so down! Then they can work at McDonalds while the womyn manager can boss their pathetic little pencil asses around.. and my software can stop being glitchy because based tranny programmed it
If she successfully fixes your computer, is she really a woman? Think about it.
Does she fuck her employees?
Depends how technical her boyfriend/husband is.
I wouldn't trust my expensive electronics with any minimum-wage, incompetent, lazy and uncommitted wageslave, regardless of their sex

File: file.png (6 KB, 180x180)
6 KB
has there ever been a single case of someone being screwed over by google because they neglected their privacy?
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
my personal website reached first on Google results with no SEO optimisation and it being a somewhat common keyword
>Lul bruh just change your companies branding, get a fake address, get a new email, get a new phone, it's all easy bruh it's not Googles fault
you barely waited even 20 fucking minutes, stupid nigger.
>all posts are speculations to what could happen but not a single source to any of them actually happening
Can you read faggot? >>74808614

File: logo.png (144 KB, 5000x1815)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
Welcome to the /g/init thread. /g/init is a community project systemd replacement led by /g/ along the ideals of /g/.

So far we have a working PID 1 which brings up the basic system: our GitHub is https://github.com/handchin/-g-init

Design decisions made so far:
- And that means: ABSOLUTELY NO PARSING IN PID 1. No, Lennart, it's NOT a good idea to bloat PID 1 with such crap.
- Services are described in TOML format files, which are loaded into our Service Object Database (SODB), an object-oriented database powered by SQLite.
- PID 1, ginitd, is in charge of running Subsystems. Subsystems correspond to a particular service and have groups of Subservers, which are daemons, and Subroutines, which are scripts or programs to be ran once then exit.
- The program ginitctl is in charge of telling ginitd what to do, and ginitctl is in charge of parsing our service files. It communicates with ginitd over gRPC via Unix Domain Socket.

If you have an idea or want to contribute code, make an Issue or Pull Request on the Github. Let's destroy systemd together, /g/! With our efforts combined, Poetteirng doesn't stand a chance!
156 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Are you blind?
Oh, yes, I am, sorry.
fuck off commie

>retard who doesn’t understand integration or differentiation
>failed exam twice
>if I fail a third time, I’m off my engineering course
>exam is in two days
How can technology save me bros?
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
u r totally fucqt
>smart enough for advanced calculus
>tfw never bothered to look up the basics of calc 1
My mind ages like fine wine. I will learn when I am ready.
stop bullying and offer advice pls
I don't know, maybe kill yourself?
Or maybe try harder understanding it?
Are you sure you really tried?

What's /g/ reading? Discuss theory or practice problems, or even where to get books here.
Free books:

Personal question: Anyone work through this book? Hows it compare to SICP?
72 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 225468.jpg (22 KB, 314x475)
22 KB
i have the same exact problem. i'm trying to go through edx's linux course right now to learn the nitty-gritty terminal stuff i don't know, and then on to python. i keep going on /g/ and bookmarking threads and never getting anything done. i've had this problem since middle school. wasting time on bullshit and never getting anything done, reading other people's shitpost and opinions instead of actually learning. yeah i know ABOUT a ton of programs and cool little things people post on /g/, but i don't actually KNOW any of it. i hate it so much.
I hear that some people exercise when they have that problem. Full body calisthetics (body weight) workout keeps the energy level down enough to focus with whatever's leftover.
YMMV but try to start every day with 30-60 minutes of reading or coding. First thing. Before literally anything else. It helped me a lot.
I started Sicp, in the middle of the first chapter. Do you guys do all the exercises when you read books with them, or what percentage?

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