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File: dfdsfdsf.jpg (189 KB, 800x458)
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189 KB JPG
Any computational linguists here? Is it a good field to be going into, and what is the proportion between linguistic and computer science related work?

File: what.png (506 KB, 991x641)
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506 KB PNG
Is youtube lead by retards or what?
Are they so desperate do please ads that they will fuck their entire system?
Does those idiots don't think how their mechanics can be exploited?
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so much this
i wonder why /g/ is so mad about creators wanting pay for videos
smash that like button
lol your a fucking dumbass and likely ugly as fuck too
Any youtube clone without ad money is unsustainable
They are already doing so, just on a smaller scale, and the only reaction from affected users was at best moaning about it.
Until we get a good alternative to YT they can do whatever they want on their platform since content creators have nowhere to go.

File: garbage.png (1.32 MB, 980x735)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
i explained to him that kali devs say not to use it as a main workstation os and now have to un-fuck his PC.
1. switch to debian stabe repos and uninstall all kali-related packages (hassle)
2. switch to ubuntu repos (preferred, even more hassle)
3. get a fresh install of ubuntu (kubuntu) going (hassle)
what should i do? i don't know of any decent packages to remove an entire repository AND its packages. at least on debian.
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Kali is just debian with a lot of tools.
Used it for 2 years as main distro, It works and youtube pajeets make some great tutos to do some shit from time to time.
I have used pure debian too (xfce too), no difference, it works the same.
Now I'm on arch based distro.
I want to try parrot in a vm since it became a thing.
Is inatalling Parrot OS instead more reasonable?
Fuck off, Gentoo is shit
You are shit

Hi, I'm technologically retarded, so can someone tell me how, if there's even a way, to archive patreon pages? The one I'm thinking of has 18+ content on it so there's an extra pop-up I need to work around. I think the tip-off is that archive sites don't save flash, they just save text, images, and links. I'm not sure, just frustrated.
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i've been in your shoes (and age) in a similar situation before. Don't bother, w/e has you thinking with your dick right now isn't worth the trouble.
The pages I want archived:

Thanks anon
The worst kind of faggotry in existence.
some things are best forgotten anon

File: the usb.jpg (118 KB, 1152x2048)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>hey bro, u got a usb cable I could borrow?
>sure bro here u go!
OP is a fag-goat
isn't this for the ipod shuffle
yes, since the shuffle only has the headphone jack.
>no, since the shuffle has both the headphone jack and a USB connector.
That's how you charge it and load it with music, you see.

>you are visited by a magical frog
>it can grant you one technology-related wish
Which do you choose, /g/?
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At least they allow anime tiddies unlike Sony.
I could make the world a better place by asking for the existence of fully libre hardware, meaning all CPU components and radio frequencies to be released so libre alternatives won't have to struggle anymore with phone signals or wifi radios or Intel ME and so on. Another important wish would be the possibility to travel through space extremely fast so new enhabitable planets could be discovered and colonized in a short period of time. I could also make a selfish request instead and ask to be a technology genius who has his own future secured but it wouldn't guarantee the future of humanity.

One thing could be to ask for the technology to be able to be indestructible and immortal so I could ensure the survival of myself and everyone I care about. Then I have all the time in the world to manually improve myself to find new planets since ours won't be there forever. I think that would be my wish.
No more social medias
File: eljon_mucho.jpg (620 KB, 1024x1024)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
I'll have true holograms please
a gaming laptop that's never obsolete

File: walkman_nwa35.jpg (135 KB, 725x672)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
What music players do you use /g/?
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dsd/dsf for autistic neckbeards
flac for lossless
opus for lossy
everything else is shit
is Opus still going to deteriorate over time/with repeated copying like MP3? What's it called, this "rotational velodensity" thingy?
I'm not even an audiophile but when friend showed me a bitrate comparison the difference is night and day
File: 1549798057614.jpg (501 KB, 555x763)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
its now spotify from your 4g watch you zoomer faggot

fucking nailed it

opus is good but AAC was always good enough literally only giant music streaming companies benifit from opus file size reductions we get very little out of it


your shitty old memes are worthless here /hpg/ ---->

File: 1550683687806s.jpg (6 KB, 244x206)
6 KB
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File: DyqSKoaX4AATc2G.jpg (50 KB, 800x450)
50 KB
I am a developer at a large investment bank. I make more than enough money.

I hate my life. Got no real friends, no relationship and no life skills. I cry myself to sleep every night bois
Welcome to the club lad
Same. I no longer have the passion that young brogrammers have, and I'm only 34.
probably a manufacturing company or two
File: 1546573955708.png (257 KB, 500x706)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
I've interviewed at several investment banks. Those people work crazy hours. If only I was ten years younger. Now I'm like "Nah, I'd rather make 1/3 the money and work 1/2 the hours.

File: lmao.png (20 KB, 611x342)
20 KB
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pedos force announcers to leave and we now have a tool to tell youtubers to kill themselves as they should.
what's the problem?
who are the highest paying ones? im certain i've seen ads of almost every company i know on fucked up sites plus porn sites
>People can spam "nigger" and cause Youtubers to lose money.
Not if they delete your inane spam.
Time to checkmate some youtube atheists

Who invented the Computer?
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true. everything is already waiting for us. it's just as to which being is attributed to discovering it
fuck off with this reddit post
Vikings was redpilled. If you liked it I'd recommend The Castle Of Dr. Creep too.
Al Gore, just after he invented the internet.

File: HackingPath.png (169 KB, 1253x855)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Capture the flag edition.

Old thread reaching bump limit.

The Cypherpunk Manifesto https://www.activism.net/cypherpunk/manifesto.html
The Cyberpunk Manifesto http://project.cyberpunk.ru/idb/cyberpunk_manifesto.html

"What is cyberpunk?" https://pastebin.com/hHN5cBXB

Cyberpunk directory (Communities, Media, Readings) https://pastebin.com/VAWNxkxH
Cyberpunk resources (Miscellaneous) https://pastebin.com/Dqfa6uXx

/cyb/ ftp:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 56LaCreatura4chansay.png (235 KB, 640x550)
235 KB
235 KB PNG

Linux is an absolute must. The distro you start on really doesn't matter though I'd recommend something with bash like Ubuntu, then as you become more autistic and quickly fall down the rabbit hole that is netsec you'll know enough to make your own elitist choices.

I need to get back to updating and organizing the OP post.
can you make it a single link to the pastbin. look at /fgg/ for a referance
Fuck off. For any newcomers, OP does not represent /cyb/, we're all larpers here but we have standards.

File: 쭈우우욱.gif (1.61 MB, 580x518)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB GIF
Gentoo masterrace thread. Talk about the bestest and most precious distro there is. Show what you're working on
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You could also use binutils-config
Install Gentoo.
Doesn't seem possible with 2.31.1:
 * binutils-config: sorry, but x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-2.31.1 doesn't support the ld.lld linker

Do you need the masked 2.32 or 9999 for that?
binutils-config can only change between ld.gold and ld.bfd. If you want to swap systemwide default linker to ld.lld then the best way to do it for now is to change where the /usr/bin/ld link points to manually (this is essentially what binutils-config does). As for my setup I was only interested in testing this on a per package basis that's why passing it with -fuse-ld= made most sense
Is there an easy way to change the default libc?

File: pwm-dimming-graph.png (5 KB, 299x229)
5 KB
PWM dimming is the devil and that you should avoid every monitor or TV that utilizes it.

if you don't know what PWM dimming is, it's a cheap technique used to control a monitor's brightness, and will cause a display to flicker like a motherfucker. when you lower the brightness on a PWM monitor, it'll just rapidly turn the backlight on and off to create the illusion that the backlight is dimming. if you're not careful, that shit will cause serious eye fatigue and potentially ruin your eyesight. do you really want to wear grampa glasses in your 30s?

now, if you read up on PWM dimming online, you'll notice that a lot of articles mention that pwm actually has a bunch of benefits, as opposed to the more expensive (and superior) dc dimming. those are complete bullshit lies and exaggerations. the only real purpose PWM dimming serves is to keep manufacturing costs down. those 'benefits' are just made-up bullshit that companies feed the media and customers to justify their greedy practices. they're just trying to sell you crappier TVs for a higher price.

if you want to know if your monitor uses PWM, simply wave a pen in front of it. if you notice a strobe effect as you wave the pen back and forth, you've got a pwm monitor. so throw that shit out and get a proper monitor. don't let the panel jews ruin your eyes.

btw, anyone who defends PWM dimming is most likely a corporate shill trying to damage control, and should not be trusted.
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>nah, compare the flicker in these
They don't even tell you what fps the second video was recorded at; how the fuck do you expect people to be able to compare them?
Don't ruin the fun.
AC flicker in an incandescent is way less of a problem than PWM flicker. An LED can turn fully on and off in a very small timespan while the filament of an incandescent and the phosphor of a CFL hold much of their output through zero on the AC waveform.
Flicker can be solved in LED bulbs with a reasonably sized capacitor or by driving them with a constant current source, but both methods are more expensive than not fixing the issue, so manufacturers often don't bother.
So... why not just coat LED cases with a phosphor coating? That might serve to definitively eliminate this non-existent problem.
To make it work properly you'd need UV LEDs.

File: 2024.png (51 KB, 400x400)
51 KB
Why do they get angry when I tell them, "Why are you studying that? We'll automate you in a decade"?
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File: 976.gif (3.67 MB, 406x540)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB GIF
Lies, anon! Bad lies.
No lies. That bitch is jarring. Jarring. Kill her.
> being mad at imaginary kids
How many fletchers, farriers, coopers, dot-etchers, telegram boys etc do you know?
All these jobs have been either automated or reduced to craft hobbies. Yet we're running at 5% unemployment in my country.
If you think automating jobs away will lead itself into some utopia where resources are abundant and people don't have to work if they don't want to I can only laugh in your face. People will always have to work in some capacity, only the type of work will change.
Not out of those workplaces being necessary, but because it is human nature to exploit resources and people who do not work are a resource to be used by those willing to come up with methods to do so. And those will always exist.

File: windows7explorer.png (146 KB, 640x397)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
You all are storign files somewhere. But where exactly?

Is it safe to choose Linux? Nope if you have more complicated file names than abcdefgh.ijk.

Cyrillic symbols? Not on Linux.
How about Greek? Do not do this on Linux.
Cana you write them on DVD? Well the filesystem doesnt allow very complicated file names there either. Besides you are limited on 4GB.

So what to use for storage for lets say 2TB of various files?

Te safest bet is simply to use Windows 7 era NTFS (format drive originally with Win 7 instead of Win 8 or 10 or XP). The reason for not using XP is that Win 7 has some minor changes on NTFS which are good. And Win 8 and 10 has minor changes on NTFS which are bad since 7 cant read them in all situations but it mostly can.

GPT? Or MBR? Definitely MBR. Since we are talking about 2TB. You want to read files with non-internet use Windows 7 laptop 10 years from now, right? So do not use GPT since it may require peculiar motherboard it was originally formatted on.

Remember this is not your everyday use filesystem but a safe keep of files. You read them once in a month. Or more rarely. But almost all your machines you throw at it will be able to read the files.
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but NTFS allows deeper file paths, larger individual file size, altough I guess it is somewhat rare to have lots of 4GB+ files, and also the file name issue favors NTFS
prove it or your mother will die tonight
nice bait retard
why are there ms shills now? they usually appear only when linux does something incredible
I am quite happy with my MS-DOS's FAT filesystem and an occasional archiving to the floppies of more important text files. It works great since I've got this computer circa 1991.

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