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File: iTiD4BZ[1].png (73 KB, 1417x1549)
73 KB
This party suck thread
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whatever, he'll just teleport behind you in the techno club and kick you out anyways.
finally found one for me
Hoes mad?
for some people ideology is just a part of a style. its fashion, nothing more and nothing less.

File: P6.jpg (22 KB, 480x480)
22 KB
hello /fa/, at the mall i saw a young woman in full '90s getup.
the vibe was a bit like picrel without the pockets, and with a cropped pink hoodie with 'barbie' written on. She also had some kind of accessories that made me nostalglic even though i'm not sure what exactly they were. maybe like a belt or strap with a plastic clip.
Now what i want to know is was this a kook in a costume or is there a chance this fashion would come back for girls because that would be like going to heaven
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Woman can wear anything slutty and get people looking at her.
Very tasteful.

Fuck you stupid whore.
fuck you op i just had a thing with a girl who dressed exactly like this. she cut me loose after a month and broke my heart and it hurts
I dress like this except with cropped turtleneck and long sleeves.
I hope it makes a comeback :)

Could I get an honest rating of my fit and facial aesthetics please. Thanks
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You look happy
Would not hit on. You look like someone who plays dungeons and dragons and is a dick to everyone because you think your so smart
Shave, grow your hair out. At your age, a beard / facial hair will never look good on you, so there's no point even trying for it, but long hair would provide a similar "hardened adventurer" vibe (which is what I gather you're going for based on your fit)
And yeah, ditch the scarf
imagine being this insecure

>clothes won't help you get girls
Ye no shit, literally nobody cares. No one has ever thought girls will fuck u if u wearing past season stussy
I get two to three times the attention in a leather jacket

Not a single time I went home alone wearing it
Why is everyone on this board so obsessed with attention from girls? You all just hit puberty?
Clothing can increase or decrease your attractiveness, yes. I find that fact to be especially true for women. Clothing can accentuate good features or falsely create bad ones.
90% of this board most likely literally did.

File: 1368143087888.jpg (93 KB, 597x705)
93 KB
What happened to slater?
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he's still alive
what a loser
File: 12412412.jpg (241 KB, 1080x1080)
241 KB
241 KB JPG

That dudes hair look like hes the prime canidate for SEXcore
he looks like garbage LOL

File: traditional shirt.png (637 KB, 408x594)
637 KB
637 KB PNG
Where can I buy something like this and not get scammed, saw it in an ad and I wasn't born yesterday to buy it from a site seen in an ad
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Check the dresses if you have a gf. The blue colour they use its beautiful.
Is that a feeszla? They're definitely /fa/
thanks man
expensive but seem to be worth it
Looks like a Rhodesian ridgeback. I have two :^)
You're right I think it is. I'm jelous, what are they like personality wise. I'd like a dog but I can barely look after myself.

File: pink wojak.png (483 KB, 720x576)
483 KB
483 KB PNG
>11 of acne and bacne
>still no signs of going away despite tryign everything asides from medication
why why i'll never be /fa/ i'll always be ugly no matter how fit i get
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Listen buddy hop on the accutane okay the shit works period. it's literally a miracle for skin problems, your going to dry out like a prune in the sun and your skin will be very flakey but that's just the medication doing its job getting rid of those oils causing pore blockage this and the possible other side effects are shitty but it's not for a long time and it'll be well worth it in the end so either cry on here about it like anybody gives a fuck or go to a skin specialist and fix yourself
get doxycycline, its an antibiotic that clears up acne and isnt harsh on your body at all
File: hope.jpg (118 KB, 1024x1024)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
try curology, unironically helped a lot by giving me doxycycline
Doxy definitely has side effects. I prescribe it often for meibomian gland dysfunction and 10-20% of my patients either can’t tolerate it or have previously documented tetracycline allergies.

File: hmgoepprod.jpg (87 KB, 657x987)
87 KB
How do I pull off leather jackets without looking like utter shit or an edgelord?
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Thinking about getting a Julius leather jacket, should I do it /fa/?

meth/opiods are the only way
Julius leathers are aggressively styled, even for the goof ninja style. Don't get one of their busier or more dramatic jackets unless you're committed to the style. Got a certain one in mind?
This, also good jeans and shoes that fit
Just buy a vintage schott rider, they're like 350$~

File: large (2).jpg (37 KB, 480x600)
37 KB
I desperately need a haircut. This is the only board that I think will help. What do I say my barber for this. like numbers and stuff
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For the 100th time, show.him.the.photo.

Suck your barber's dick and then ask him to put a middle part in your hair
Are you korean?
If not, forget it.
File: 1558658979399.jpg (62 KB, 694x694)
62 KB
>koreans invented middle parted hair
Serious answer here.
No you don't need to be Korean to pull it off, but yes you gotta be skinny.
As to getting it, i suggest you go to a Korean place or Japanese place, i'm serious... as simple as the haircut seems any other barber will fuck it up.

Also, don't be afraid of bringing pics, i suggest the instagram Tama5966 for inspo.

File: 1557364414692.jpg (511 KB, 1920x2568)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
Skin care basics:http://tuxbell.com/index.php?title=Grooming#Skin-care_Basics
Acne treatment:http://tuxbell.com/index.php?title=Grooming#Acne_Treatment

Skinacea Links:
Ridding dark eye circles:http://www.skinacea.com/how-to/get-rid-of-dark-circles.html

/fa/ skincare FAQ:

- Basic routine, skincare guide, and products tips
- How to pop pimples, remove blackheads and whiteheads

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Why do I even waste my time. I have to literally spoon feed you. Google it.
Hello guys, been living in Tokyo this couple of months.

My skin: Is not oily when a i wake up in the morning, not dry either. Normal. I gets oily during the course of the day (only in my nose zone and chin) my nose zone and chin has large visible pores. My skin is kind of sensitive, i'm very pale. I know that i get small white pimples when i sleep bad, eat chocolate or dairy or poor bed sheets hygiene.

My routine:

AM Wash with MUJI face gel cleanser Put MUJI water toner Put VICHY sunscreen (i start using this recently and i notice my skin is more shiny and kind of oily after using it)

PM Wash with water Put MUJI water toner. Put spot treatment.

I use a LUSH facemake once a week to exfoliate.
It will block some of it. What percentage however depends on the material and can vary from 50% all the way up to 99%.
Seconding this, have the same problem and routine (cleaner, toner, sunscreen or moisturizer) minus exfoliating
has anyone had any luck with getting rid of keratosis pilaris?

Buying my first Suit for work. What should I be looking for? I got measured and am a 34/36 chest.

From what I've heard my best bet would be to buy a few from Asos, choose one I like and get it tailored to fit perfectly.

Any advice on what else to look for or if this is wrong?
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Unless you're a lawyer or work in finance or something that requires suits for work, you will look retarded wearing a double breasted suit. Hugo literally goes grocery shopping in that shit
So do I. Because I genuinly enjoy suits.
I work as a consultant in IT in the part of europe with the most relaxed work dress code whatsoever and people around me has just stopped caring unless I do something special.
If you enjoy them then more power to you. Personally I reserve a suit for special occasions, day-to-day a sports coat and slacks are more than enough to stand out from the rabble.
Yeah sure is. I have the odd flannel trousers but usually easier to just grab one of the suits for work.
I also have horrendous ass sweat so anything in a lighter fabric will show a huge sweat stain in that area unfortunately.
No, I don't know who that was. I give regularly advice to those who want to buy suits and usually recommend Sartorial Talks and Gentleman's Gazette - in a hope to captivate the people. You can easily spot who wears a suit for work and who wears a suit because he enjoys it.

How do I cop this sweater? Can't find it anywhere
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might be out of production. try grailed
I think people are just sick of this uniform.

Sweatshirt tucked over button-up
Multiple pieces of long chain jewelry
Cropped or rolled trousers
Chunky meme shoes or vans
if you're into fashion then you would be at least aware of them even if you don't fall for meme trends. idiot.
It's pretty boring but I see it trudging along in zombie mode until normalfags find something new to latch onto.

I used to care, but things have changed. We had a lot of the same arguments about distressed jeans a decade ago — like everyone else I wore raw APCs for years to get some authentically worn denim. Then everyone seemed to realize that Levi’s Vintage Clothing, RRL, Visvim, Chimala, etc. made really nice distressed jeans. If some people want to spend $500 on ugly distressed jeans or sneakers, let em.

File: 1980s-1990s-original-gat.jpg (191 KB, 2400x1600)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Post gats alternatives.
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I feel like I'm going crazy that people could hate MM gats this much. they're so well designed as a clean sneaker and the contrarians on 4channeldotorg are obnoxious
this fake gats always look cheap
File: 1392271136169.jpg (59 KB, 666x667)
59 KB
>replying to low quality tripfag
based Mexican piss drinker
File: 2pfzcz.jpg (39 KB, 500x309)
39 KB
well hes right and if my attention keeps him from killing himself another day then i guess im a saint
seconding >>14435940

File: 1552250912028.jpg (253 KB, 674x1072)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
how did he get away with this
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Porco di quel dio, Stefano. What are you doing! Mama mia!
How can you make a living out of selling clothes to brown foreigners yet speak English like a retard?
Based, fuck the insectoid chinks
this >>14436114
fuck chinks

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