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How do I fight the urge to dress like a literal wizard in public? Especially the pointy hat. Goddamn I want a pointy hat.
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I bought a Pakistani salwar kameez to sleep with and to use as general homewear. I feel fly as fuck
You know what, I've considered the exact same, but with those Chinese farmers hats
I guess it's time to embrace the autism
Vietnamese. I hadn't thought of that, but I still prefer a wizard hat.

Oh yeah, if I were going to wear a cloak or robe or something like that it'd have to stop somewhere around knee length. Thinking about it, is there really any difference between a robe and a long coat?
Just become a Catholic priest and get a few promotions

File: b721wdu0zy721.jpg (63 KB, 684x781)
63 KB
Are sqwallets /fa/? What kind of wacky hairstyle should I get on mine?
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buy 2 and use them as slippers

katniss is still in the squirrel biz I see
How about a raccoon fanny pack?
> portland

File: 942736-800w.jpg (98 KB, 800x1136)
98 KB
Post your favorite female model
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Canela Bayona
>posts picture of young boy
vlada, natasha poly, anna selezneva, abbey lee kershaw, peak gemma ward. these are the ethereal waifs who own my heart in their 2005~ prime. also gracie hartzel

File: 502.jpg (158 KB, 1080x1080)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Tattoo thread
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What's with this idea of calling whites nigger
only good pic in this thread
File: 1564895027937.jpg (76 KB, 442x693)
76 KB
What artists should I follow if I like artwork of historical figures and statues in elegant poses
This one's a good example that I've had saved for a while >>14570041
Would also like the names of styles they'd look good in, I like blackwork because I won't have to worry about colors fading and it'll all match together
I want to live in a world where tattoos don't fade so I can get stuff like this without worrying about it turning into a blob one day

File: Gentleman.png (403 KB, 741x690)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
I had intended to appear dapper, but this gentleman stated publicly that I'd look like a peasant. What can I do to rectifcy the situation?

File: DIsx2lXL6xo.jpg (40 KB, 335x485)
40 KB
it's out
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The dude who embroiders those graphics, he's been doing them for a while.
i guarantee it
they make so much clothes they really dont seem like a limited brand anymore


Anyone else notice they are totally recycling designs ? I remeber almost an identical shirt dropped in like 2016.

Instant looks boost.
How do I know what foundation I should wear? I'm a boy btw, don't know how make up works.
Cause I don't wanna trick people

File: DRsBEvlWkAIKwdH.jpg_large.jpg (405 KB, 2048x2048)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
How do I cope with the fact that I am not Robert Redford
you may not be him but you are a faggot
How do I cope with the fact that I am a faggot
Brad Pitt is the poor man's Redford

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If you get enough people together this can be a legitimate class action lawsuit
There's no scam. They're just impatient. We have this thread every other month on /k/. then whatever they ordered shows up, and they forget about it until the next pre-order
It is 100% a scam. Im a paralegal and have seen first hand a case similar to this but with a piping company in Milan. The plaintiff was a construction company who made an order for manufacture that was never sent. The defendants emailed the other company stating multiple delays but have no actual proof of outside negligence (e.g they were fucking around). Further, the piping company was using those funds to pay off dividends to investors while the CEO cashed out his stocks. (This is illegal). This was eventually settled out of court for a significant amount and the piping company is long gone.

For K store and Ivan, each individual item cost about 160$ including shipping, which is obviously insignificant. A class action lawsuit (say 100 people signing a form) means that it could be brought up to 16 grand + court fees + restitutions K store will have to pay for the delays. Of course organizing 100 people from an anonymous board is a gonna be a bitch but an open announcent here or on twitter could do the job.

Honestly at this point they should just refund people. From a lawyers perspective they’d have to give an asspull to deny negligence like say manufacturing errors but that means a lengthy (and costly) international investigation + lawyer fees

Tldr: just send an email asking if people want a refund to cover your ass
I canceled mine back in like March/April and they honored a refund.

I'm growing my hair just to get this style. Big 80's fan.
you gonna get cancer and die young
I hope so, in this life you suffer and then you die.
File: 80s big hair.jpg (22 KB, 600x418)
22 KB
go big or go home
File: camero z28.jpg (69 KB, 736x552)
69 KB
Gotta have the wheels to go with the hair.
File: maxresdefault-6.jpg (77 KB, 1280x720)
77 KB
I'm trying to grow my hair like pic rel, businesslike, but with some length in back. Thoughts?

File: 1.jpg (189 KB, 900x600)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Black or olive bomber?
w2c boots
What do they look like as older men?
They're just docs.

Cock Sparrer

Can I wear cowboy boots if I’m not white or American? Also 174cm manlet if it makes a difference. I already wear zip ankle boots but I want to go to the next level and because I love westerns, I wanted to get some cowboy boots.
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Most cowboys weren't white
Laredo is a good brand of boot.
You know that most cowboys are not white? Just the movie ones. IRL it's mostly latinos and mixed dudes
Tony Lama
Somebody post some cowboy boot inspo

last thread hit the post limit so why not start another dwc thread

to start does anyone have an id on the ak shirt and jacket alice glass had in pic related
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File: 1520803252919.jpg (831 KB, 2514x1758)
831 KB
831 KB JPG
File: 1520803040315.jpg (330 KB, 848x1024)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
He is.
Google search russian ak47 shirt. I got one from a gunstore a long time ago.
canadian og107 jacket

File: f.png (111 KB, 800x628)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
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Exactly what casio is that?
>no further explanation
post fit or actual criticism or leave you angry figgernaggot
File: 1565975892275.jpg (823 KB, 2690x2113)
823 KB
823 KB JPG
fine, could look kinda cheap in person
is this a bit?
boots are a little too sleek but the rest could work
lots of it looks cheap idk about this
very edgy
no one wears this
get a better watch

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 5786ed071efed2738266.jpg (548 KB, 1600x2400)
548 KB
548 KB JPG
you know, the blocky looking sorta ugly looking ones you see those people wear in those photos.

pic unrelated
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Nas Tee Hor
>ywn smell her feet
File: korean grill9.jpg (154 KB, 760x1140)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
no. no i can not... asshole. why'd you have to remind me of my illiteracy. i hope you die in a fire.

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