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File: IMG_20190319_123917.jpg (289 KB, 704x901)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Have you ever seen someone wear pic related and if so how did you react?
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stfu faggot go back to ur gay bondage harness buttblasting rig
File: 449.gif (1.38 MB, 242x270)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB GIF
This man's got it
came here to say this
I'm 6'1 and wear a 45 feelsbad. I put on one sneaker that was 43 and another in my size to compare and the difference wasn't that big but I'm sure boots and stuff like that you would def notice a difference

File: Raf_.jpg (198 KB, 1035x1440)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
What do you think is displayed on this sweatshirt? Just curious, bros
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raglan masterrace reporting in

I see the struggle of the designer between life and death, the struggle of wanting to exist, all the pain and happiness imprinted on a 50/50 cotton/polyester, air-jet spun yarn 1x1 athletic rib knit collar, cuffs and waistband, with spandex, double-needle stitched sweatshirt.
it's 100% cotton, stoopid
my jizz and post nut guilt

I wish he was still alive. So beautiful.
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File: 0e2.jpg (22 KB, 460x460)
22 KB
Michael Jordan
el ayuwoki
File: 8655058329944040666.jpg (152 KB, 763x1000)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Micheal (female) was more beautiful
and also a diddler

w2c adidas magmur for msrp
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>dont forget to take the steaks out of the freezer johnny, joanna, whatever you go by now-a-days.
>AHHH to hell with all that, it you're still my little farmer johnny right?
>Lets say we blow off work on friday and go out fishin like we used to!
>O-oh well thats alright, we/ll get out again sometime soon, just like the old days pal
> I probably shouldn't miss work anyways, you know things are tight without mom around anymore
>Say, whos shoes are these? they look awfully girly

Idk how legit it is but I've bought from this seller before
they are $140 msrp lol
But what the fuck was that greentext?

One arm at a time
unzip it first you sperg
>dark as fuck navy jacket
when would this EVER look good?

File: webcam-toy-photo1.jpg (43 KB, 800x450)
43 KB
Am I effay or do I just look like a fag with flannels on?
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>Am I effay or do I just look like a fag with flannels on?

You look like an idiot
remove the beanie and the flannel ffs, it's 2019
fuck off clueless loser
Could be better. Don't match your beanie and flannel. Either grow a a beard/good stubble or shave. I wouldn't go as far as to say you look like a fag, just a typical teenage shithead.

File: IMG_20190319_191635.jpg (437 KB, 1453x2308)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
Feels so nice to finally reach your fashion end-game. This is the last outfit I will wear for the rest of my life. A variation of light blue Levi's 501s and a t-shirt. I will never have to think again. Feels good.
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Oh sorry those are Levi's 501ct. The greatly jeans to ever be discontinued.
How are they different from 502s? If 501ct= tapered 501s and 502= tapered 501s what's the difference?
502 is a lower rise.
File: IMG_20190319_203643.jpg (2.27 MB, 4160x3120)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
I dunno
Found one

>start getting shoes
>without realizing it
>end up with only runners and sneakers
>3 of them got holes
>time to get new shoes
>realize I have only baby shoes
>don't have a need for shinny dress shoes and I am not man enough for slip on loafers
>don't want boots either, too heavy
>need waterproof shoes

What do? My only ideas are some lightweight boots or operating shoes from a military store.
But then I will stay to the manchild territory..
It stresses me out. Also money is shit so don't mind Primark tier prices.
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This is based

>with or without captoe
which would you recommend? I heard captoes are less formal but they’re also more universal

>outranged penny loafers
so like a driver?
>This is based
if by based you mean onions, sure
File: cole haan.jpg (62 KB, 1280x960)
62 KB
>1. sneaker sole Cole Haans
Lmao. Are you seriously repping middle management core?
>2. no brogueing
Come on man
>3. Leather sneakers no logos
Good, but most fall under #1, especially if they mix in fabrics too
Chelsea boots are played out on this board sure, but you can't go that wrong with tan suede chelseas. Avoid timbs and chukkas
>5. Such as Vans or similar
Unless you want to look like you stepped out of ROSS, no. Anything else please.
File: 1545865893771.gif (344 KB, 400x221)
344 KB
344 KB GIF
>can't go that wrong with tan suede chelseas

Is the art hoe look/aesthetic dead?
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Heavily expanding in my city.
>everyone wants to be a graphic designer with 50s glasses
tho i live in Eastern EU/Belgrade people are expected to be dumb here
i have a different style but i have a very fucking similar face and hair style to the guy on the right, weirdly similar, and i think he kinda looks like a fag. i have a different sense of style but what would you suggest he do about his face
also trends are always few years late in eastern europe
nope, always reoccuring.

teens love it.
he doesn't need to do anything about his face because hes got a record deal and money

File: 1510000090579.png (760 KB, 500x2410)
760 KB
760 KB PNG
hey /fa/, /pol/ here. is this guide considered good advice? haven't paid attention to fashion ever, but want to look respectable as a young adult
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File: heh.jpg (31 KB, 600x765)
31 KB
>blues clues shirt
holy shit lmao
The all time worst fashion advice
>snek flag
yes, please dress like this, thanks.

File: 1551148782338.jpg (65 KB, 500x724)
65 KB
Post feminine fits etc

jani sama pls fill my hot pocket edition
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yo ugliest fucking popstar looks like an old eastern european man
I hope you get raped, you look like you'd enjoy it hopefully by some sand niggahs
>wearing masculine clothes as a tranny
Oh baby no :/ That won't work
File: stop dio.png (224 KB, 500x350)
224 KB
224 KB PNG

ITT: cuckcore essentials
I'll start: grey trousers
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I'm neither of the people you replied to but the android user you just described is most likely a /g/ virgin. Just look up snazzy labs, the embodiment of s.oy and he uses all apple products.
Oh and default Android users are always shitskins, I guess you could call them the s.oyboys of India .
A meme place would be reading at home all the time like a shut in. Diversity is key.
Also kindles are dope because I don't have to carry a bunch of books with me and having the paper white edition means I don't get eye strains from blue light. The built in dictionary and easy to use reference markers and absolutely God tier
The fuck did this come from?
they invented that shit fool

File: edgy fag.jpg (13 KB, 300x183)
13 KB
Redpill me on this look
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vests are cringe and bluepilled
File: edgeisme.jpg (27 KB, 480x360)
27 KB
This is great, I'm a fucking pseud. My hair are dark black though, what color the vest should be? I don't care what others think of me when they see me passing by on the street or if they laugh, my superior an enormous intelligence rejects pathetic subhumans like them. I'm curious if round glasses suit this look well though
I dressed like that, yesterday, but with a khaki tie instead of tieless. Brown waistcoats are a good look if the waistcoat fits the wearer.
The McLovin
File: minutemen_1776.jpg (163 KB, 960x676)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Because of the looser fit of the shirt, he almost as an 18th century quality going on, paired with that waistcoat.

File: 1543724990985.png (239 KB, 2773x3135)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
What are some brands that make pants in 28x34?
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OP here, some brands I found:
Some Uniqlo
Dickies makes unhemmed pants in 28W
Various selvedge denim brands, as mentioned before
Red Kap
Stan Ray
any brand literally
after all it's not 22x36 or smth
It's not as common as you'd think. Lots of brands don't do 34 inseam with waists smaller than 30 or even 32
Had to check because I remember in CCS catalogs back in the day you could pick your own size AND inseam, and looks like they still offer it


They've got a pretty big variety of fit and colors too
red kap

File: app006prod.jpg (47 KB, 960x1280)
47 KB
Whats the most fa water bottle?
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Imagine being this stupid.
bumping shit thread because still nobody knows who the fuck here buys these things
we need more pointless status symbol threads
File: 91pxBp6Ub7L._SL1500_.jpg (200 KB, 730x1500)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
i have one like pic related
oh nononono anon! PLASTIC???? nonononono!
the only correct answer is miir

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