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File: 1461610642210.jpg (3.81 MB, 4200x2100)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB JPG
Is it possible to be effay when you're out in public with grossly apathetic boomers? Conversely, if I were to hang out with people more effay than I, would that raise my clout or would it just expose how un effay I am? Or should I just keep doing what I've been doing:
>associate with nobody
I don't want attention or even company, I just hate looking like a try-hard around my parents or risk looking like a child around people who really know their shit. kms
File: zb3yjsg06eky.jpg (148 KB, 756x539)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
boomers dress way better than you
>wanting to appeal to boomers
They're literally the worst generation ever and the scum of the earth.
50yrs ago there was little choice or variability in men's fashion. All their clothes were on point. Now that they're older and there's more choices, we see that they choose shit because boomers have never once made a decision for themselves -- which is highly ironic considering how self-centered and hedonistic they are. prove me wrong.
>pro tip: you can't

File: image.jpg (526 KB, 1056x728)
526 KB
526 KB JPG
Last thread had some good transformations picrel post before and afters
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nah, i started drinking relatively late in life at around 20 and that diet year was from 18-19. ive kept off the weight but gained 10 lbs since my lowest since that was too much
How tall are you?
im 6'4" or 193 cm
Oh fuck well, I'm gonna have to lose more weight because I'm 220 at 5'11"

And I'm fucking older than you which will make this even harder.

Thanks for the inspo though
good luck with the weight loss man, hope you reach a good weight soon

will you, /fa/?
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>NPCs making NPC jokes
top kek
>wanting your woman to get raped by human traffickers
>not crossing the Adriatic without her and getting her a plane ticket when you have asylum, apartment and job
they're not actually fleeing from the war dumbass, they're upgrading to a comfy first world lifestyle
>Hey guys, I don't appreciate fun things because I'm too mature, aren't I cool :)
Off yourself
the movie referenced in the OP refers to takes place in 2019. the meme is a joke suggesting we should look like what a 1982 movie predicted fashion would look like now. log off 4chan before you embarass you'reself further

Signet rings, bracelets, necklaces etc. For men

Approved? Do they bring the right amounts of edge to a look?
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Well, women who use their hands shouldn't wear jewelry either. If he said that, would the idea of a "true woman" even come to mind? I think you're reading too much into it. For people who work blue collar, 'men' is basically a synonym for people. I agree with what he said but not how you're interpreting it. For example, neither running a business or working in finance require much manual labor but I consider those both very masculine jobs.

I understand that a lot of blue collar guys do have this weird coping superiority complex. Either way, most jobs will tell you if jewelry is allowed/safe so its not very good boomer advice. I'll do yardwork wearing my Omega no problem, I used to do construction with a $500 Seiko. Machines are the main thing you need to be cautious of.
Oh ye
If youre using a lathe or something yeah, but unless youre doing something where you cant even wear long sleeves, it’s not an issue unless your watch dangles off your wrist or if you dont tuck in your necklace.
looks really nice, just take it off if you gonna do any heavy manual labor.
File: RolexTwoTone.png (875 KB, 1138x626)
875 KB
875 KB PNG

a nice watch is the master race of men's jewelry, I don't have a problem with gold, this one looks super nice >>13922915

just avoid any of the designs that negros wear and you gonna be fine

As a clothing brand, what do you think of it
pic related, logo shirt
I own a Welcome 8.75 deck. It's not clothing, but it's a fuckimg incredible build. Also, they have quite a decent team, DVargs for example.

I don't know whether to post this here or /fit/ but what the fuck are your oral/dental routines?
How many times a year you get cleanings at the dentist or some sort of whitening procedures?
I've been born into poverty but I've recently graduated and am starting to get decent money in web dev but my teeth are crooked (funnily enough my bottom row is basically perfect, but top row is goblin tier) and yellowish spotty and I'm slowly trying to salvage the 24 years of near complete negligence, recently got myself an electric toothbrush and I can already feel my teeth being cleaner than the years i'ves spent manually brushing. Also started flossing and mouthrinses and do that almost every day, especially in the evenings after eating (don't drink/eat anything in the mornings so don't think it's necessary).

People around me smoke a pack a day, drink four cups of coffee on the regular and have great slightly yellowish teeth, most chicks that do the same don't even have that, they usually have fucking amazing teeth, meanwhile I look like i've been sucking dicks for crack the last few years and I hope proper habits and money can unfuck that because it's really fucking with my facial aesthetics and confidence.
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mr. dentist, how do you floss with a lingual retainer?
File: Screenshot_12.jpg (105 KB, 480x480)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Yes or use these if you're extra lazy
use >>13928252 or a floss with a hard end so you (pharmacies usually have this)
it sucks I know. lingual retainers are usually between the lower canines and luckily this area isn't very prone to cavities. You'll get calculus though if you don't floss
thanks fren

File: Holster.png (259 KB, 1000x600)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
Are holsters effay?
I live in Europe so I can't own a gun, but I'm thinking of buying a nice leather shoulder holster and wearing it over a dress shirt or a henley
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Just get a backpack or suspensers, don't be asburger.
As an ammosexual, I am offended.
if there's no equipment on the holster it will be interpreted as gay bondage gear.
happy cruising OP ;)
>some random kid running around with shoulder holsters cosplaying like a 90s TV cop
>not autistic

go ahead, find out for yourself
No you larping retarded do you wear fake glasses too to signal that you are into nerdculture you stupid twat. Dont wear practical things if you have absolutely no reason to wear them. There are exceptions, this is not one of them

File: +rudLr2T-min.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
what did he mean by this?
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Tyler meant that GOLF isn't all he's cracked it up to be. In his attempt of being taken serious, he's gone further deeper into dressing like a literal boomer. Further more, he's relying off of celebrities such as A$AP Rocky, or catering to his hype-beast fan-base to generate hype in order to convince everyone GOLF is anything more than Tyler saying, "Please, please take me seriously! I'm grown up now, I take back all the angst!"

It's fucking ugly as shit. How do you fail to imitate boomer fashion, if that's even a thing, this poorly? It's tacky, just like Tyler dressing up in clashing colors, or the time he looked like sliced bread wrapping. Without his musical following, GOLF wouldn't have gone anywhere.
nigga thats a valid criticism but I disagree with you wholeheartedly
File: 1538396929045.jpg (34 KB, 750x597)
34 KB
That's ok fren
>Whole lookbook is edited with some noise, blur and bokeh to make sure you cant see the actual details of the clothes and the tailoring

In some of these stills you can barely make out the material or finer details. I get what he was trying to achieve but it doesn't translate well.

File: hqdefaulte.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB
How do some people have hair like this? do they have to make it that way or is their a genetic component to it, Pic related is half jewish
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have the jew hair also. I wish it was a little more straight because my hair just poofs out no matter what I do.
mostly genetic, but styling can play a big role in making it not look like you have a cloud on top of your head
Shut up jew

hair quality is a combination of health and genetics, health is a variable but genetics aren't
to add to this, the more nordic you are, the shitter your hair will be -- thin, straight, light

if you have mediterranean or jewish or atlantic influences it will be thicker, wavier and darker

File: JLUXLABEL238jpg.jpg (638 KB, 1459x2197)
638 KB
638 KB JPG
i wanted to get this for my gf for christmas but its sold out. where could i find something similar?
Fashion nova

File: 20181215_145448.jpg (2.01 MB, 4032x2268)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
This jacket any good?
Really depends which chinese child slave was working that day

who is the most /fa/ antagonist? and why is it Joker?
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File: 44986465465487.jpg (12 KB, 300x301)
12 KB
gang weed
kek, of course it does.
I fucking loved Wallace and Grommet

File: 1505522289727.png (36 KB, 821x869)
36 KB
I love scarfs but I have no idea how to style them or what to keep in mind so they don't look weird with the other clothes I wear?

Are there good articles or inspodumps about this? I've been looking at gentlemans gazette videos, but all they talk about is ties and bowties. I want to wear shirts and classic menswear like that, but with scarfs and not with ties.

Pls help
4 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
ok, last try: bump
I never know how to wear one properly either, under the coat, over the coat, how to tie it, etc etc so I usually just end up leaving it.
File: q1TLYAo_d.jpg (75 KB, 640x1138)
75 KB
Also I looked around for inspo OP but most of them weren't great, I mean look at this goofy motherfucker
I found a load of inspo albums by searching Reddit MFA scarf inspo though if it helps.
I feel similar, but I have a couple of nice scarfs and just try a few things out. Most of the time I find something that works. But I would like to buy more and higher quality scarfs that go well with classic menswear.

Thanks, I'll take a look.

Anybody able to ID the jacket and pants Danny Brown is wearing?
That's a full gucci fit.
Thanks! Any idea where I could find it online? Can't find anything through Google
did you try a google search for gucci? the gucci website is the first result

File: gandalf.jpg (37 KB, 539x406)
37 KB
Sup nigs

Back when I was in middle school I got bad acne but didn't give a shit because I had no friends to impress anyways. I always thought it would go away with time.

I'm nearing 20yrs now and thinking about un-neeting and improving my looks but the fucking acne is still here. I haven't shaved my face in like a year. I think this is about as much facial hair as I can grow but desu i kinda like the stache

>Can I still do anything to this acne or is it forever?
>Shave yay or nay?

Pic related, is me.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
wash your face everyday (with soap) and shave
You guys do know acne is a treatable medical condition, right? Go see a doctor and shave, you look awful
Wash your pillow case. That can make a difference.
Shave your chin and go to a dermatologist
Take showers before bed instead of after you wake up. Every morning and night wash your face with warm water, scrub with witch-hazel, then goats milk soap, and rinse off with cold water.
Do your best to snack on bread, fruits, or yogurt. Those fruits should be the where you get sugar from instead of candy. Treat treats as rewards to be savored. Drastic diet changes can be stressful so avoid that.
Get some sun on your skin in the summer.

You're still young so don't feel defeated if it persists.

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