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I mean, they can wear whatever they want and will mostly get complimented. Should real hot women care at all about fashion trends and try to search their identities through nichéed clothing?
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t. ugly female
even average looking women get complimented for everything. just look at fashion groups on facebook, every garbage fit by an ugly female gets 4x more likes than an equally garbage male fit

so it doesn't matter what the fuck you wear as a woman in generall everybody will kiss your ass anyway
i have never seen a woman under the age of 30 dress well in real life
you can wear an atrocious outfit and still look good because the beauty beats out fashion all the time
you can always change your clothes but you cant change your face (plastic surgery can never compare to natural beauty due to natural harmonies etc)
File: jennie june.jpg (35 KB, 454x605)
35 KB
90% of the time yes, the only way they really ruin it is by making themselves look bad cosmetically, ie horrid makeup choices, bad hair cuts like those awful microbangs feminist cuts, excessive tattoos (any), excessive piercing, etc

File: tOS.png (171 KB, 366x421)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
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anywhere to cop this as a t-shirt
It's impossible to keep a joke going that long for no benefit and no one figuring it out. If it turns out that I'm wrong and Chris was really playing the longest post-ironic joke on us then I'll kill myself.

So far the closest anyone has gotten to doing something like that was Sam Hyde pretending to be poor and living out of his car as a joke.
>So far the closest anyone has gotten to doing something like that was Sam Hyde pretending to be poor and living out of his car as a joke.
So you don't know about Jason Alexander then?
The guy who's listening into your private conversations with a van outside has a large stock of these shirts.
File: IMG_20181215_235621.jpg (943 KB, 2342x1716)
943 KB
943 KB JPG
Don't worry, I've been to the DMV and I know all about their little nigger tricks. I've been keeping watch ever since. If they glow, I know.

is it okay to wear headphones with mic in public?
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actually it's never acceptable to wear headphones in public period. Just wear earbuds you turbo retard.
File: 1541410682674.png (443 KB, 600x600)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
dude theyre worth it bro i can hear the direction the footsteps are coming from
how is your full zip navy blue hoodie from costco holding up

File: hipsters.jpg (73 KB, 842x595)
73 KB
Where did all the hipsters go?
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They started wearing everything that Lil __ wears or whatever Yeezy shills. It's called style, these lose fashion points after a few years, and the original people that wear them get old as well.
I hated hipsters but generally hate everything that comes afterwards as well. I'm going to be the crankiest old man on the block when I get old.
2014 core m8
Im glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that about emos being lower class, give or take
Freo's identity died when the Dockers went down the toilet

Rainy weather inspo.

Looking for classic styles, and not cheap plastic raincoats.
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if you aren't a middle age chad you'll look like you're wearing a costume/cosplay
>It's not some outdated thing

Hats aren't really a thing anymore so any raincoat with no hood could be argued to be outdated today. Umbrellas are a thing, sure, but who wants to carry that shit?
W2c from the neck down?

What say you?
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All 'rapper approved' fashion is for people with no confidence who will just wear it because they were told it's cool
theres already two threads up with discussion but yeah, its good
As much as I think Tyler sucks as a musician, I agree with that mindset. Why the fuck should you care about how people think you look? It's your life, do what you want.
Tyler the Creator is my motherfuckin BOYFRIEND
Dude looks like he got a stroke wtf.

Is this true /fa/?
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Your not you hit cute so your fine
File: a29f0a0cd5641b25.jpg (94 KB, 960x700)
94 KB
thats not enough nowdays
you probably watch interracial porn more than you go outside
most of the shit on the left is literally just being a basic, functional human being.
you chasing after girls who don't have a bunch of shit on the left is a direct result of you being a desperate, thirsty ass ho.
not only that, some of the items are either blatantly wrong or doesnt even understand the premise of what it's proposing.
i realize shit like this is almost always bait, but I see more and more young men parroting this retarded self-pity narrative on this website that I can't help but treat all of the instances of this garbage as earnest.
"oh god, I have to hold down a job and be independent from mommy and daddy. the absolute fucking horror. why cant i just get a feminine, beautiful gf who takes care of me 100% and also is the only responsible adult in the relationship and also lets me be a disgusting fat piece of shit and dominate her and wont cheat on me like a FUCKING WHORE"
I wanna be white so bad

with what else can i combine the jacket? also pls help me to fix my skin
>inb4 you cant change skin color
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African black soap, I'd buy dudu-osun works for me and its cheap af. Also drink water and exercise.
/fa/ wasn't always a racist board btw
cleansers with alcohol, microbeads or charcoal are the ones to avoid as they dry up skin or block up pores, also try go for cleansers that are for sensitive skin because alot of the reugular ones can cause skin irritation and you may end up with rashes which turn in to dry flakey skin for about a week.
i heard that stuff should work wonders but i never got around trying it. i am going to put that high on my list
works wonders for me, its the only thing i wash my face with now, i tried a ton of different spot things and none of them were as effective as that imo and its under £1 a bar so its way cheaper. Supporting that Nigerian brand too
South Korean foreskin cream my nig

File: IMG_20181203_004449_2.jpg (672 KB, 1500x2666)
672 KB
672 KB JPG
Can someone tell me where to find this or atleast give me an ID, I've looked all over
whats in it for me?
A hearty dick sucking

is she /fa/?
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Her fits are flashy and over-the-top. Her art is lacking any sense of order, aesthetics, beauty...just lousy drawings producable only by someone with a sewer-mind and a sewer-soul. Her Jewishness is well-represented in all facets of her personality it seems.
this is unbelievably astute; good job, one of the few non-brainlets here
Yup, pretty much.
thanks fren
No idea who that girl is whatsoever, but she looks like shit.


File: 46260345_010_g.jpg (64 KB, 600x900)
64 KB
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Arizona cargo sweats
Actually there Arizona cargo joggers
Idk i wasnt paying attention, it was goodwill tho so probably cum or some shit
fuk u
fuck you

File: 1544580892261.jpg (146 KB, 1052x593)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
ITT Indian fashion
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I hated it so much. Fortunately my final CPO absolutely despised the Navy and what it had become. But it was weird because although he was outcasted from the "little hideout the CPO's used that not even the captain could enter", he still pushed them all around and stood for what was right. Seriously, the only Chief I showed any respect to in 8 years.
that's crazy, i had an eerily similar experience. seasoned 1st class checks in, starts fighting for the shop and won't let us get thrown around by maintenance control. soon he picks up chief and becomes our CPO, then very shortly gets blacklisted because he won't participate in the fuck-fuck games that those braindead morons love doing, but still continues to fight for us as a shop. i remember clear as day some chief bursting into our shop accusing us of some dumb shit, and our CPO telling him in front of everyone that he was wrong and to fuck off. never seen ANY chief stand up for us like that in my 6 year career. of course, the guy ended up getting out because he couldn't stand the BS either. what a great dude.
This thread is FOOBAR'd
It is not confidence, it is a sub-85 IQ.
WTF. No joke I swear we had the same CPO. Hey man no joke. I want to talk more but idk how to do it without being anonymous from the anonymous. Sorry if that sounds weird.

File: Untitled17.jpg (3.21 MB, 2310x2048)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB JPG
Didn't see general questions thread earlier if I'm wrong I'll delete and post there.

Anyways which one do I wear to my grad party tonight, only reason 1 is an option is because red is my main school color plus it's Christmas time.
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stop worrying about ur posture so much. relax

also 1 or 3
5'9" but I tell women 5'10" because I think the double digits matter to them.
I'll go with this thanks for the advice
Think with shoes that complex you have to make the rest of your fit pretty simple obvious easy one is black pants with a white tee
Yeah I gotta lol I feel awkward taking fit pics thanks homie
File: gif.gif (1.04 MB, 500x260)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB GIF
What's my face shape? What style of sunglasses would suit me?
U sure got me anon wow, i wouldn't put yourself out there so you can't get criticized on the internet if I were you either

File: bigfish.jpg (58 KB, 574x960)
58 KB
More fits like this?
>dobroif you don' vnow
it's actually
>dobro if yo don vnow I

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