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Kill yourself
Damage control out in full shill today. Kommandostore is gonna get sued lol get over it you niggers
File: future us army soldier.jpg (41 KB, 1280x720)
41 KB
Sure, go tell one of the partners how they can make a bunch of easy cash on a class action suit because a pre-ordered jacket is month late
>you're disrespecting a future US attorney at law
if you think that the defendant has to prove he DIDN'T misappropriate funds then you might want to put a longer timeline on your career trajectory. Kommandostore has been in contact with customers, has a timeline, is honoring refunds, etc. They're doing everything right.
>as far as the law is concerned,
good luck with the bar buddy
Companies have been sued for much much less. Im doing corporate law my man, theres no point arguing

File: large.jpg (79 KB, 750x924)
79 KB
Would this haircut look immature for anyone older than 18?
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How to get hair like that
no poo
have curly/wavy hair and grow it out

File: hair.jpg (54 KB, 660x825)
54 KB
what are the best hairstyles for big (wide) forehead male?
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File: ryoo.png (1.02 MB, 1920x1080)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Anime fringe
File: elpais-bonding1.jpg (128 KB, 800x1040)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
I like to slick my hair back with a water soluble grease kind of like pic rel but I'm much younger, I have a sick beard though and a very high forehead.

As my hair is pretty much medium-long now, I sometimes like to pull it back or just let it dry from being wet so it curls up in front.

I think the trick with the big forehead is just to own it (beard also helps) and look healthy/fit.
File: 1519322184973.jpg (156 KB, 1777x744)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Slick back example of a short hair version with no beard.
You posted it
I kinda mess it up with product more though
hiddlestone just looks like a filmsy theatre faggot why is he pretending he knows how to handle a rifle

Adidas x Liam Gallagher.

Oasis and Liam are some of my favorite musical artists ever. Morning Glory has a shot at being my favorite album ever. I’m wearing a pair of adidas black and blue Adiease skate shoes right now.

But unfortunately this is more of a case of, I like peanut butter, I like pizza, I don’t want peanut butter on my pizza. I’m really REALLY not feeling these.
File: char.gif (1.09 MB, 500x373)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB GIF
>Oasis and Liam are some of my favorite musical artists ever
For your own sake I am glad you are not buying court shoes with Liam Gallagher's ugly mug on them, lest you be laughed out of literally anywhere you tread
>OI! MATE! Fancy a bit o Champagne Supanova innit?
Oh man
It's shit
I can't believe I ever liked that band, btw

File: 1515814251624.jpg (39 KB, 622x622)
39 KB
I got called for jury duty and am having trouble with choosing what to wear. Can i wear black dickies with a white v neck shirt (tucked in ofc) and a blazer on top?
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This, but make sure to wear and anime t-shirt and frogmeme button.
just wear jeans and a tshirt
What's a good excuse to why you can't go? I got a mail earlier this month and need to film it out before September.
you can wear literally whatever you want. I would wear a shirt with a collar.

I want to dress autismcore. What are the best ways to pull this off, stuff like
>tucking t shirt into sweatpants
>unkempt hair
>white NB shoes
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Just buy the cheapest shit @ walmart
Cat's smell
Wear suits everywhere you go.
2 for 1 because it's also schoolshootercore
T shirt that's stretched around the neck
White socks
File: 1566072253995.jpg (643 KB, 1228x2504)
643 KB
643 KB JPG

File: clothes graph.jpg (2.38 MB, 3000x8000)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
these are more or less the clothes in my wardrobe that i combine to make fits. am i on the right track? what should i do to improve it?
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File: Bud.jpg (85 KB, 500x697)
85 KB
+1 for Nails + Ugly Mane tees but a lot of this comes off as cheap/entry level, you need some more distinctive pieces that actually speak to where your stylistic preferences and tastes lie imho
OP here, yeah coming off as overly basic was kinda what i was worried about. don't get me wrong, i like how i look and i dress way better than i did this time last year but i do still feel that my look is potentially kinda bland, also worried that i rely way too heavily on flannels. i don't do anything which requires formal wear (so i won't worry about that for now) though i will take the shoes recommended into consideration and try to move away from relying so heavily on uniqlo
> I don't do anything which requires formal wear
I still advice you to buy some basic stuff even if you dont go to events.
you mean just in case? yeah that seems fair, i doubt buying a couple shirts would hurt me and i still have a pair of formal shoes lying around, uncomfortable as fuck tho
Yeah, also doesnt have to be completely formal. sneakers can work fine sometimes. You could throw a blazer over a simpel tshirt or wear a long sleeve blouse with shorts. More combinations work then you think. aslong as the items match.( think color and material) Guys that dress well in general are very attractive to girls (and guys) any age.

File: 1506997272639.jpg (32 KB, 338x430)
32 KB
ITT: Your body proportion woes

Extremely wide feet, can never wear a pair of cool name brand shoes ever.
Manlet sub 30" legs
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all my fat goes into thighs and ass
at least I'm 184 cm tall and have 34 inseam so it doesn't look that bad
I have long legs and am tall so I love wearing skinnies but damn my bulge can look insane sometimes

Also I wish I were like 3/4 cm taller
long torso and a lil belly pooch i cant quite burn off
alas i can never bare midriff lest i risk resembling a potbellied and short-legged gremlin
guys, just accept your fate as subhumans that will never reach übermensch level
long arms
big rib cage

i love the fit of 502

File: images (2).jpg (43 KB, 452x678)
43 KB
I turn 19 today
Height is 5'6'' (shit)
I heard at 21 is the end of growing
Any chances to grow?
At what age you stop grow?
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6'2" master race. "wow anon youre so tall but not too tall that it intimidates me past the point of being able to love you. give me your tall genes now so I may have tall male babies" FeelsGoodMan
I'm on the same side as you, but this post was unnecessary.
Is there anyone here that was 5'10 to 6' and shot up to like 6'4 in their early twenties? must be the best feeling

pic related
>Short small-frame guys
what does this mean

File: justin-bieber-heels.jpg (172 KB, 1024x1298)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Is Biebs wide-hipped?
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the frog is laughing cause its really funny.justin bieber is so small(: lolz
Saint Laurent Paris
how tf am i supposed to know USA height, is he as tall as 7 of my feet?
What is the best style if you are wide hipped? Skinny jeans?
File: asqueroso.png (57 KB, 220x244)
57 KB

File: b721wdu0zy721.jpg (63 KB, 684x781)
63 KB
Are sqwallets /fa/? What kind of wacky hairstyle should I get on mine?
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How about a raccoon fanny pack?
> portland
Raccoon backpack when?
I don't think a raccoon would function well as a backpack
I just use a fleshlight

File: FUNNY 4.jpg (58 KB, 1200x797)
58 KB
model face, model frame, model body but 5 FUCKING 11

Ignore the anime shit. I just wanna know where to get a black fur jacket with the same high collar like in pic related.
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Cringe af, incelcore right here
holy fuck just google it m9
Look like some moncler arab core https://store.moncler.com/fr-fr/parka_cod4146401443770279.html#dept=EU_View_All_Outerwear_Men_AW
Looks nice but it’s expensive as fuck. It does have the popped collar I’m looking for tho
See if you can find an older model used. Many previous Moncler models have also had popped collars like that. One of my favorite features on their coats, desu.
[spoiler]or get a fake from China, some of them aren't half bad[/spoiler]

Sam NYC has some that look good too, but I've never owned one so I don't know how they compare to Moncler in terms of quality.

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File: ow the edge.jpg (88 KB, 750x742)
88 KB
those pants hnnng

this is the best thing i've seen on here all month
Should I post more ?
>token strong independent negro woman in a zombie survival setting for a TV series
>best thing i've seen on here all month
10/10 would wife

again? monkey soup...

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