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in this thread we post snapchat girl filter selfies
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if you are op you look like a huge fag. and now you have begun to accept your homosexuality, that's what brought you here. the first stage is homophobia.
>op’s pic
>looks like a chick

Pick one
File deleted.
fuck off reddit

need feet in socks pls

File: clown world.jpg (226 KB, 1250x971)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
This thread is about the appreciation of Rolex, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine Rolex timepiece.

Offical /wt/ video:

> Poorfag watch guide: https://imgur.com/a/NFMXDuK
> Watch essentials 102: https://pastebin.com/Rc77hhXV
> Purchasing used watches: https://pastebin.com/f44aJKy2
> Purchasing straps: https://pastebin.com/SwRysprE

Should I buy this MVMT / DW / Seiko *Fashion brand* watch?
> Scroll through this album first: https://imgur.com/a/6CNO8

"Suggest a watch for me."

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It's not my taste, but yoy can be sure thst some Italian is buying them up and will create a market for them in a decade or so after he comes up with a catchy name for it. So wear it with pride and stop caring what people think. Half of them are just jealous anyway.
Looks good, quite expensive for a quartz Timex though.

Lots of love,

I've had my Fairfield on this morning and I think for now I'll just pick up a few new straps and daily this for a few months, just need to make sure I'm putting it in the drawer at night

>timex quartz movements
Yes, everybody loves my golden invicta.
File: IMG_20190521_145242.jpg (1.49 MB, 2226x1670)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG

File: 71a4D4XJl7L._SY741_.jpg (24 KB, 305x741)
24 KB
Give me your most comfy clothing imaginable.

I don't want to wear underwear any more.

I imagine roman togas to be super comfy.
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>That toga is way to long.
nah it's fine his loins are simply ungirded
File: toga wrap.gif (9 KB, 600x323)
9 KB
First of all, that's not a toga. A real toga is a very long (up to 20 ft) semicircular cloth wound around the upper body and held in place by the wearer's arm
Second of all, togas were not comfortable. They were an extremely ornamental, formal piece. The romans constantly complained that they were uncomfortable and annoying to keep in place, and other writers lamented the lazy, profligate youth for being resistant to wearing this symbol of roman citizenship

In the later empire, the toga stopped being worn outside of the most formal circumstances, because it was generally a pain in the ass
File: tunic.jpg (42 KB, 606x297)
42 KB
Really what you're thinking of is a tunic, which would have been worn under a toga, or on its own by people who were not authorized to wear a toga. A tunic is rather comfortable in a warm climate.

>"anon it's just a cool logo and space is awesome haha."

>buying into this round earth psyop
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i love Felixs outfits
File: qtvk5fsg1u721.jpg (117 KB, 1125x1385)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Elon does it for me
Tom Sachs, but he is the only one who styled it remotely well.
hilarious post, would you like a job writing skits for SNL?
I don't think it's a psyop, rather it seems to be a way to verify the efficiency of mind programming techniques in an inoffensive manner. The same goes for the Levi's logo t-shirt craze Europe witnessed last year. I think of it as

>we can use that to make people buy this random stuff en masse, what else can we make them do

No idea about the technique though

File: download.jpg (42 KB, 500x375)
42 KB
Pants always seem to go into my butt like pic related. Is there any way to stop this? Do I just have an abnormally large behind, or is it the pants' fault?
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Stop being such a puritanical american from the fucking 90s. That look is both more natural and aesthetic. Baggy pants are for fags so scared about being gay that they dress as "manly" as possible
Girls love this

Just watch this scene

>not wanting to get pants up your ass is somehow puritanical

>If it's in a movie that means it's true in real life
Holy shit incel

I've a bubble butt and have to wear slacks for work and each and every female coworker has either made comments about or literally groped my ass. Women love ass just as much as dudes.
can confirm, I'm a pretty normal skinny guy but with a great ass. It's the only part of me (except for my eyes) that's been groped or commented on.

What percentage of this board is gay? It seems like everywhere I look there are faggots.
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4chan as a whole is full of faggots, self-loathing gays and just plain gays
well trans women r women so....
so basically 34.3% of the board are homos
what were the stats on male/fe(male) breakdown
Biological sex:
>Male 89.18 %
>Female 10.92 % (probably many traps)
not gay

File: w2c.png (1.94 MB, 1196x1470)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
general w2c;

can anyone id these pants?
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File: Screenshot.jpg (219 KB, 1840x1035)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
w2c that miniature carafe cup?
You're late to the party on this sort of shirt man,
Buy a vintage one or you'll look incredibly played out and just like every other fuckboy on the scene this summer
File: Caps.jpg (92 KB, 1200x1197)
92 KB
w2c Cap's outfit in pic related? which place would be a good option to buy clothes similiar to what he wore on Endgame?
File: 1557872867756.jpg (368 KB, 1700x1638)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
Unironically, ID on those shoes and pants
File: 1445678367654.jpg (38 KB, 526x522)
38 KB
are you really asking how to wear a button up shirt and dress pants

File: download.jpg (101 KB, 800x1068)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
What are the perfect dimensions for a male body?

Why do models look so much better in clothes than ordinary people?
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Yakub in Russian means "I'm a cube"
they get clothes tailored specifically for them
they already look good
dont forget in pictures they use bulldog clips and spend 10 min getting the perfect angle + wind + lighting + pose + photoshop
i got this bodytype and i fucking hate how my legs look. they look like your pic but when you see yourself walking it looks retarded
File: hmmmm.png (3 KB, 149x126)
3 KB

File: 28489_wide_3.jpg (133 KB, 2200x1100)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Old one dead
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They look sick desu
I approve
I've been getting into techwear, I like the look of this. I'm 5'9, blonde with a beard if that changes anything
>but is a dated trend.
>caring about thrends
very cringe, anon. why are you on the fashion board, if you just wanna follow the herd? maybe instagram is more up your valley or street or alley
buy regular jeans and paint them yourself

File: jwcdgmpoemjeans-1_700x@2x.jpg (274 KB, 1400x1400)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
recent cops thread:^)

really excited for these pants, theyve been a grail since I first saw them .. post em pals :^}
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can anyone id the pants here or type of pants?
File: garfield.jpg (346 KB, 2000x2667)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
The gray one

File: 20181225_194627.jpg (2.02 MB, 3264x1836)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
So I buzzed off my long hair a few days ago and instantly regretted it. What are some ways to make it grow faster? I already take vitamin B pills.
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you aged 10 years
close shave and a closer buzz would be better
Wtf were those toys on your shelf called? Zortorbs or something?

Either way lose them and the deodorant collection
>Wtf were those toys on your shelf called?

Not OP, but they look like Bionicles, which you should know, faggot.


As soon as you get past this awkward growing in phase, the cut will ultimately look better than your long hair did (assuming it's the same as the first pic). Don't think there's anything out there that would make your hair grow in significantly faster than it already will. Just gotta give it time.
When taking a buzzpil why not first buzz your sides and back and see what you can do with your top?

File: _YVS0087.1366x2048.JPG.jpg (163 KB, 900x1349)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Is there any way to pull slp and have abs at the same time?

I'm 6'2 and 65 kilos
28x34 and M
Also skinny fat
work out
Eat less, do more cardio
28w skinny fat?
Have decently sized muscles but also have really, really low body fat. Like, probably unhealthy amounts.
Workout at a constant deficit. Prioritize high reps low weights. Your muscles will be smaller so you can fit slp but you will still get pretty strong

File: 1557126146675.jpg (206 KB, 870x1262)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
This garment was posted here a couple days ago, reverse image search gave no results. Does anyone know what this type of weeb shirt is called? It'd be a nice summer piece.
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it's called cultural appropriation
visvim has this kinda stuff but expensive
Thank you!

File: 20190521_034047.jpg (940 KB, 932x1920)
940 KB
940 KB JPG
do you ever edit your photos
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File: 20190521_044103.jpg (108 KB, 932x932)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
File: 20190521_045003.jpg (2.47 MB, 934x1920)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB JPG
File: 20190521_045328.jpg (89 KB, 998x1920)
89 KB
File: 20190521_050620.jpg (401 KB, 700x1340)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
File: 20190521_052220.jpg (1 MB, 934x1920)
1 MB

File: Dior.png (547 KB, 664x1806)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
I really like the Dior-style, but I prefer to keep my money in my wallet.
Saved 4435€ this way.
It's my own fashion style called "Decadent Goth".
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What the fuck is goth about that you fucking normie?
Yeah you bought a bunch of disposable garbage good job.
Shit thread.
cope, poorfag
>”really like the Dior-style”

Chooses the most generic shit you possibly could
File: Q8JC9IS_d.jpg (23 KB, 640x801)
23 KB
Go for hedi Dior aesthetic

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