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File: ECxxsLeU4AEfHmv.jpg (185 KB, 714x738)
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185 KB JPG
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>Fugo being molested is canon
PHFags crying.
>implying I’ve even read that garbage fan fiction

Try again
>forgetting about the original string like stand
Hierophant Green is easily the best, but maybe not as versatile then SF.
>>Doggy Style
>Almost as much versatility as Stone Free
He can unravel the entirety of his body, as opposed to Jolyne's 70%, and overall seems to just tank whatever physical damage comes his way with no repercussions.
Does anyone have a good jojo mbti chart?

Best couples in anime history?
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Second for Isaac and Miria
why would it be funny
This, and only this
File: endgame.webm (1.79 MB, 626x346)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB WEBM
>Director confirmed wincest.
One-sided wincest.
File: Spoiler Image (731 KB, 1663x2751)
731 KB
731 KB JPG

File: 1573155708017.png (237 KB, 829x737)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
Big Jahy is for marriage and lots of monogamous hand holding and procreation.
Small Jahy is for lots of anal.
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I fucking wish
Hueg and smol Jahy are for PAY RENBT
File: 1569597988500.png (139 KB, 1219x1011)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
With their body.
File: 1573930502.png (177 KB, 1000x670)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
You walk into your room and see this. What do you do?
You have to pay ALL of the rebnts.

File: 1575227174820.jpg (552 KB, 1280x720)
552 KB
552 KB JPG
New episode out.
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What do toucans taste like?
Africa no Salaryman >>> Beastars
Is this a fucking Ashita no TTGL reference?

File: tribeam.jpg (15 KB, 350x271)
15 KB
There is any difference in power and effectiveness in Dragon Ball by creating and doing a named technique that requires a specific pose and preparation when they can use generic blasts all the time?
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Towards the end of Dragonball.
Saiyans have a natural Kai control that humans don't have. Which is why Goku learned the kamahameha wave so easily.

The kamahameha wave is different from regular energy blasts because it uses all the latent energy in a user's body.

The spirit bomb borrows energy from the environment

Yamcha's Spirit Ball is just a small ball of energy which he can control. Which is different from say Freeza's Planet Crusher, which is just a giant ball of energy that he drops on the planet.

Krillin's destructo disk use to just be a spinning blade he'd throw, but over time he learned to control it like Yamcha's Spirit Ball.

Tien's Tri-Beam was an older technique passed down by martial artists. Both Master Roshi and Master Shen know it. But Master Roshi modified it into the Kamehameha wave.
Vegeta's Final Flash could've killed Perfect Cell if he got his whole body blasted by it, while Cell was just taking all Vegeta's attacks like nothing before that, for example.
>using dub names for attacks

File: 1575729151072.jpg (154 KB, 1280x720)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Where do we go from here?
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What actually ruined AL anime:

-Shit animation
-Shit original story
-No Shikikan
-Muh friendship
-Focusing on bucket paint personality Enterprise
-hurr war never changes
So Iron Blood will be the last minute calvary, right?
File: 1575598861888.jpg (155 KB, 507x584)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
and yet it's still my AOTS
Shit villains aka the fox tards.
And muh friendship starters is especially to blame
>hurr war never changes
This was actually good, not every show is actually brave enough to start their first ep with a literal meme

File: oh my.png (185 KB, 553x454)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
spoilers soon
>lino chap
i awoke
>no Ishigami

File: final oreimo.jpg (193 KB, 1920x1080)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
What makes an anime worthy of the "anime of the decade presented by /a/" award?

Why do people wants to watch anime with 12/15 years old Girls?
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i have the utmost respect for people that dedicated to their craft
Was there ever any doubt?
Less bait, more using scripture to shitpost.
But it's not. The old testament is from older polytheistic cultures. None of it's original other than the Jewish civil war part and the Book of Job. This is all accepted academia and science.
And this stops me from using it to shitpost how?

File: Lolidusa.jpg (149 KB, 850x1134)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
What's her endgame? Why does she hate everyone?
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I love oshiri lolis
Illya really needed her own route.
File: 1553779703930.jpg (59 KB, 600x450)
59 KB
You can play her route in another game
What game is that and how many penguins are in it???
File: 1548179955744.jpg (67 KB, 554x1663)
67 KB
Majikoi S. Sequel to Majikoi.

File: azumanga.jpg (1.22 MB, 1422x1706)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
>Azumanga Daioh was 30 years ago
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So what, time passes.
Cowboy Bebop is only 27 according to the wiki.
>30 years ago
>manga debuted in 1999

Learn to count, faggot.

>Goblin Slayer Side Story - Year One 033 (2019) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

Folder: https://zippyshare.com/dankebitte/xuavcf4g/dir.html
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File: Just married.jpg (712 KB, 858x1350)
712 KB
712 KB JPG
Her misery will stop soon.
Without based Uncle as her wingman, she is totally hopeless. Not even in the game to job into last place at this rate. Childhood friends usually fail, but to this degree? It has been awhile...
And some people said he was supporting Priestess.
Who the fuck said that? They only said he liked her interactions with GS. Besides he doesn't even know her at this point anyway.

What are your thoughts on it? It definitely isn't great by any means and it's a solid 6-7/10 in my book, but it's pretty fun for what it is, despite the forced edge to it. Curious about what /a/'s opinion is.
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File: Spoiler Image (1.75 MB, 1365x767)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
yes pls
No rape I sleep
Man Bilbo T Baggins is a harsh teacher
File: 1541325597752.jpg (431 KB, 1740x1305)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
The manga is straight up better, I have no idea why I keep watching adaptations in this half the decade
The OP was pretty sweet though
File: 77243685_p6.jpg (1.17 MB, 2842x2240)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
But lizardbro is also green

File: android 19.jpg (11 KB, 210x240)
11 KB
What was the purpose of making 19 if it was weaker than 18 and 17, why also make those two if 16 at the end of the day was stronger?
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Gero didn't know about the Z fighters current strength or Super Saiyan at all. So from his point of view Android 19 probably was enough to kill everyone without running rampage.
File: muzan.jpg (62 KB, 640x640)
62 KB
>Villain that constantly switches bodies to cheat death takes the form of a young girl.

It's not an uncommon trope now, but during Toriyama's time, I don't know.
>how shit would the android saga be if the final bosses were any of the numbered androids?

Fairly sure it would turn out like the Super 13 movie.
I wouldn't be surprised if that movie came out because it was the original script (but much shorter due to a movie time constrains)
Hah who cares about that fat fuck, no one.
File: editors.png (377 KB, 430x600)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
Far right, Torishima. Editor for Dr Slump and the first half of Dragon Ball. Was the one who proposed the creation of Arale. Inspiration of King Piccolo. After he left, he told Toriyama that 19 and 20 were lame and that he needed new villains. 17 and 18 were made, but Torishima thought they were still not cool enough to surpass Freeza. Was satisfied by First Form Cell.

Middle, Kondou. Was Toriyama's editor from Piccolo Jr. to Cell. Encouraged more bombastic fights and powerful opponents. Supposedly the subconscious inspiration for Freeza. He automatically assumed Cell would transform, so Toriyama made Semi-Perfect Cell, to which Kondou responded negatively to, asking for him to change. This is the actual editorial mandate that the arc went through. Was satisfied by Perfect Cell.
Left, Takeda. Toriyama's Buu editor, likely inspiration for Majin Buu. Mostly lax, but was the one who suggested Satan to become a more prominent character in the arc.

File: ami eating burger.jpg (733 KB, 1556x1080)
733 KB
733 KB JPG
ami eating burger
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File: 1562259562587.png (1.16 MB, 1280x720)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
File: yayoi likes hambuerger.jpg (136 KB, 500x650)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
I swear to fucking god when I was young I thought Sailor Moon was stupid and for girls
Now I fap like a madman to sailor milfs doujins
Why do they wear such short skirts?

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