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You're the worst, anon!
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File: meow.jpg (174 KB, 1920x1080)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Why won't people understand Tsukihi's charm?
She sings the world known best OP Platinum mad, she only wear yukatas (topcute) she is genki, she is a bird (birds are very important), fourteen (14)
It’s just insecurity anon, that’s a pretty common feeling
Do people actually not like bird or is it just shitposting?
I actually think she shares a #1 best girl spot with monkey.
I don't like Bird, at best she's a non-character who's entire existence is to be hysterical.
Worst case scenario she's an actively annoying character who contributes nothing significant to the plot.
Yozuru case scenario: Tsukihi Araragi doesn't exist and the monster you're considering Best Girl is actually a pathetic monster, being a parasite off of a human being that has deceived the family of the people it took over into taking care of it.
Only surviving to this day because the "brother" of the monster managed to convince Yozuru that he could ensure the monster never hurts anyone else.

File: IMG_20181210_224655.jpg (20 KB, 193x217)
20 KB
What do we think about this little witch?
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Ako stronk
I love her. Seriously. My heart aches when I think about her. I want her. And it brings me pain I would never have her or anyone like her.
Croix please, your internet privileges will be revoked at this rate
I wish someone would give her some green so she'd really look festive
Assuming I end up winning a free smutfic prompt, anyone here have any ideas for one? Pretty much anything is free game.

File: gen-urobuchi-01_3161.jpg (24 KB, 275x392)
24 KB
Did he quit Suffering for good?
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>t. hasn't read saya no uta
fuck off """"chinese"""" communist party
>considering wraith arc canon
it won't though
I'm talking about the nex homu powers of altering memories but yes, that's the point I liked the new wraith designs minus doppels
damn my keyboard

File: 1527822948876.jpg (59 KB, 400x400)
59 KB
Just finished watching the first movie,I enjoyed it,but why did they change Endo into a woman?
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Did you watch the Chinese one yet?
chinese ones?
chinese ones?
File: 0298-021.jpg (197 KB, 845x1200)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
It's happening.
Animal World, much better adaptation of the Restricted RPS arc than the first movie.

File: shinka.png (101 KB, 390x1059)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
Standing at 5'5" tall, weighing at 125lbs.
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Based and Shinkapilled.
File: 1520117427327s.jpg (3 KB, 125x125)
3 KB
You're better off lifting weights or doing chin ups. Push ups are relatively low intensity when it comes to building muscle relevant to actually picking things up, unless one can do diamond push ups. But if one can't pick up their waifu, I doubt one can do those in the first place.
I want my waifu to pick me up and protect me.
I can do isometric one arm pull ups at 90 degrees for 10 seconds. Do you I'm strong enough to pick up my wife? Please tell me Aniki?
File: Billy_Herrington.jpg (100 KB, 290x367)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
You were always strong enough, anon. You just need to believe in yourself.

File: manga explanation.png (43 KB, 266x345)
43 KB
Whoops! Guess what? You're starting at the wrong end of the comic!
...It's true! In keeping with the original Japanese format ___ is meant to be read from right to left, starting in the upper-right corner.
Unlike English, which is read form left to right, Japanese is read from right to left, meaning that action, sound effects and word-balloon order are completely reversed... something which can make readers unfamiliar with Japanese feel pretty backwards themselves. For this reason manga or Japanese comics published in the U.S. in English have sometimes been published "flopped" - that is, as though seen from the other side of a mirror.
By flopping pages, U.S. publishers can avoid confusing readers, but the compromise is not without it's downside. For one thing, a character in a flopped manga series who once wore in the original Japanese version a T-shirt emblazoned with "M A Y" (as in the "the merry month of") now wears one that reads "Y A M"! Additionally, many manga creators in Japan are themselves unhappy with the process, as some feel the mirror-imaging of their art skews their original intentions.
We are proud to bring you ___'s ___ in the original unflopped format. For now, though, turn to the other side of the book and let the adventure begin...!

Based oldfriend teaching our newfriends a vauable lesson.
This takes me back
Do japanese apps/sites go to a 'next page' like this? Clicking < to go forward etc.

File: happening.png (646 KB, 1094x800)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
Man, I really wish the translation for the new chapter would come out already.
I wanna know if it's really happening. The next chapter comes out in japan in like a week, so I hope this one is out by then
Looking forward to all the suffering.

File: download.jpg (21 KB, 190x265)
21 KB
>protagonist must be at least half-Japanese or else your manga will sell like shit

Why is this?
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That's an 80's context, so even if it were true, clearly it is no longer true as series like One Piece prove. Jojo also wasn't successful for a while and people complain about its start to this day even in the West where Part 1 would be normal to us so it's not like we can pretend the editors were wrong. Still, one of the most popular Jump manga before Araki was Cobra and there's nothing Japanese about that at all. Also, in the time between Jojo starting and Araki switching to a Japanese protagonist, other major Jump manga began that didn't feature Japanese protagonists and they didn't fail (like Bastard!! for example).
Thanks. Nothing about sales though.
For the same reason americanmovies have white male american leads: Gender/Ethnocentrism.

Humans are dumb apes like that. "Not look like one of my tribe? Me being attacked! Me angry!"
>using a foreign name for a main protagonist at the time was considered taboo.
Yeah no, you're just full of shit.
We know part 3 is the most popular though so you can guess it did much better in terms of sales

This could fix Saint Seiya.

Gender swap all the gayass characters.

Pisces gold saint should become a pretty woman whose name is Aphrodite.

Silver Saint Misty should become a girl too, this one is a FUCKING HOMO.

Shun becoming Shaun was a godsend.

Please do it Netflix!!!!!!

Who would waste their time on recreating such a piece of shit character?
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>hating Katse

Shit taste
You don't get it. He's a dick. He deserves to be hated.
File: 1380313360512.jpg (98 KB, 1280x720)
98 KB
I can think of a few nerds who would buy him.
File: 1554874756.png (624 KB, 948x840)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
Are they related ?
Why are you still making Berg threads? This level of fetishistic autism is ridiculous.

Story 67: Airport
40 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
That, plus, was GPS even invented when this manga was written?
GPS has been around since the 70s, and I had a consumer GPS receiver in the mid 90s. I feel like oji-san with you heisei kids.
Why is Yotsuba an adult now?
thank you
Would that mean Asagi is a cake now? I'd want to see that.

Was this a wholesome harem?

File: QbqAFGm6_400x400.jpg (37 KB, 400x400)
37 KB

The pedo loli ruined this series for me. Each scene involving her was a sad reminder that the show is nothing but a horny male's sex fantasy. They made the protagonist a female just to disguise the fact that the show is a harem.
242 replies and 46 images omitted. Click here to view.
>n-no u
keep bumping
My favorite AO3 writer that writes stuff like that is a woman.

What the flying fuck, I thought this thread was about Kanna, the OP post describes 100% more Kanna than Saikawa.
Somebody's just got a hankering to troll. Unfortunately he keeps picking shows he hasn't watched. Unfortunately further, this doesn't stop retards taking the bait anyway.
Someone's never played 4e.

Where were you when SAO got good?
131 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
So I'm not sure if the anime is going to bring this up next episode, but one is allowed to, within reason, reduce a person's life by a small amount in the process of a punishment.
For example, when the Integrity Knight strapped Alice to a dragon by chains, and Alice dangled about for a whole few days, she was bound to lose HP from that kind of abuse. But it was fine so long as her Life did not drop below a specified amount.
It's likely the noble punishment also allowed for some maximum amount of HP drop to take place.
It made Liz have even less screentime than what she had in the original. That in itself is enough to make it fucking atrocious
But being gay means he's attracted to men therefore impedes the fact that he has a girlfriend he's very devoted and loyal to because he would not be attracted to her otherwise.

No being gay means he is a faggot, which includes a huge spectrum of faggotry including bisexuality and pansexuality.
Is that how it works? I'm not familiar enough with the topic of homosexuality to see which one is defined by which

File: inspectre.png (619 KB, 850x513)
619 KB
619 KB PNG
I heard this series was supposed to get a sequel like a year ago. Where the hell is it?

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