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So, all NTR spoilers were fake or what?
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File: 1564771285090[2].jpg (62 KB, 1080x608)
62 KB
hey goys, what's the confession song called, i can't decipher moon runes
Koibito tsunagi
Why would they? That's pronouns 101. That's exactly what made it funny that Hongo read so much into it.
So are the last few episodes basically taking the Kuzu no Honkai route?
Sonezaki is first (megane), but Kazusa has a cute plain girl vibe/look going on

Girls nobody hates
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File: angel_beats-19.png (1.99 MB, 1920x1080)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
File: 1559395142866.png (285 KB, 398x487)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
This one right here.
That's a lie, you love them. Always had, always will.
Thanks, flattery will get you everywhere.

File: death_a1_pride_before.png (109 KB, 726x432)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
What's the anime equivalent of Demonophobia?
Violence Jack
this game's story was fucking fun and amazing. It tells you what happens but because you don't want to believe it you avoid the truth till its to late

Just look at how fucking flat this Baka is
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File: komi think.png (11 KB, 140x117)
11 KB
Every time I've gone to Japan I've gotten sick
I can't believe Baka wrote irl fanfiction
It's gonna be useful information for her in a few years.
Wonder what Robo was doing.
You know, some robot stuffs

File: 102839833.png (344 KB, 793x1200)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
I miss the Colors so fucking much, bros. New scanlations/season 2 when?
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She’s an elementary schooler
小学生!!!  女子小学生!!!
File: Spoiler Image (303 KB, 1280x720)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
Do NOT open this
Goddammit, fuck the Colors

File: Helena.jpg (808 KB, 778x1100)
808 KB
808 KB JPG
>Young girls that will stay in their prime for eternity.
Did anime invent this trope? If not then the Japanese certainly bring it to perfection.
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File: 1565934094853.jpg (1.67 MB, 1920x1200)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
No, everybody know that vampires make the best lolis.
File: Nemesis (2).jpg (1.75 MB, 2648x3800)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
Brown lolibabas are great too.
File: Sukumizu Sisters.png (765 KB, 697x900)
765 KB
765 KB PNG
The Scarlet Sisters. They are incomparable.
Plenty of great vampire lolis
File: 16.jpg (509 KB, 1200x1720)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
Little brown demons are the best.

File: kodomo_no_kodomo_2.jpg (82 KB, 350x509)
82 KB
What the fuck did I just read
File: shinzo abe.jpg (7 KB, 286x176)
7 KB
An anti-abortion PSA. Remember kids, abortion is murder.

>he just uses it as a clock he doesn't actually use the alarm!
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Hey, nobody’s perfect.
>Alarm clocks are degenerate
Considering his habit of contradicting and arguing with himself in his head, Shirou having an alarm clock wouldn't surprise me and his calling them "degenerate" was really just a nod towards how much he hates using it.
But yeah, they just added that
Shirou's autism is beyond human comprehension
He's the embodiment of a samurai in the modern age.
He is pure discipline and lust for swords.

File: iu[1].jpg (48 KB, 1280x720)
48 KB
ITT: Characters that saved their respective series from being total, irredeemable trash.
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>DAE thinks that NARUTO is bad
>XD XD XD XD lollololololol

>Also ban me mods
This so much
File: Gajeel_Redfox.png (72 KB, 180x406)
72 KB
Too bad the author doesn't give him the love he deserves.
He was average at best in his introduction arc after that he became fairy tail's little bitch which in turn made him another worthless boring character.
File: 1531097901870.jpg (640 KB, 1279x950)
640 KB
640 KB JPG
These two

File: It's all your fault, Crow.jpg (219 KB, 1920x1080)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
/a/ I...
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File: 656370-bigthumbnail.jpg (30 KB, 450x352)
30 KB
>5D's second legace character is Aki instead of Crow
Because that went so well for Asuka.
At least Aki would show up in Synchro Dimension, which was like 60 episodes before Fusion.
File: CHADBURNER.jpg (84 KB, 650x738)
84 KB
am no longer the king of deck shilling.

File: NEOBK-2238990.jpg (66 KB, 316x500)
66 KB
So what the hell is up with the old guy, Satoru Akefu? Is that thing even his stand for sure?

Jojolion thread because nobody in the fucking regular JJBA thread wants to discuss part 8
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what's there to discuss you mongoloid? the new chapter is just Jo2uke and co. avoiding capture
Man, I'm getting tired of Josuke just running away constantly. I feel like Araki wants to minimize fights but he's not going about it in an interesting way.
what's that, ano~~~n? are you not enterta~~~ined?
Is part 8 any good? Looks the gayest of all of them
It’s the best part.

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (58 KB, 1280x720)
58 KB
So is the message behind UBW that superhero/capeshit ideals are retarded and anyone who unironically believes them needs to grow up?
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American comics are all about glorifying the villains though, they spend decades having the Joker piss in the audiences face with literally no repercussions then want to clutch pearls and screech about the startling number of evil incels out in the world.
I mean he still loses. That’s why he’s always trying to beat Batman or the Bat family because his last attempt failed.
they dont, they screech to no end about it constantly
I don't blame them, but from what i've seen the board is full of faggots who watch god awful shit like steven's universe
> thinks /co/ likes it
there is a reason why they were sent to /trash/, they dont if you dont know the place then you are better of not assuming shit then, that place is mostly
>screeching at this I dont like
>muh SJWs propaganda
>ITT we post obscure waifus

What does /a/ think of nyaa.si?
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File: 1564514687448.png (129 KB, 300x300)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
This guy thinks he's the only person to use the most popular anime torrenting site ever

my dad would encourage me to hack all of my game consoles for free vidya and then charge people money at the school playground to do it for them too
Memes aside, this dude is pure evil.
I don't care about that shit. I care about my anime not glitching out and looking like shit
i downloaded my manga from nyaa and i died
[This is an automated message.]

File: 1566163525204.png (282 KB, 580x326)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
Only popular girls allowed
File: 1545480800952.jpg (244 KB, 720x512)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Miku > Ichika = Yotsuba > Itsuki >>>> Nino
File: 91oYxbJ4lXL-min.jpg (1.15 MB, 2527x1776)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
>Japan's definition of popular
Right here.
I don't understand how people can like the snek

File: 1562659466668.jpg (63 KB, 716x403)
63 KB
If part 6 not getting animated means part 7 won't, fuck part 6. I don't hate Stone Ocean, but absolutely fuck it for holding back a much, much superior and kino part. Only cucks will dispute this.
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>Stephen Steel

>Interesting Characters
Opinion discarded.
>Not interesting characters
It's okay that you didn't read Part 7
Part 6's final OP better have the inversion of this.
Steven Steel is based and really underrated.

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