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File: 1550208829457.png (750 KB, 1115x1600)
750 KB
750 KB PNG
Okay /a/, let's settle this once and for all.
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Imagine her slapping you in the face with those.
I only really like these two. The others move so much it feels like the maker was finding an excuses to animate.
Itsuki is the cutest quint. This is a fact no one can dispute with.
Nino a shit
File: sips.png (157 KB, 401x607)
157 KB
157 KB PNG

File: MIX.jpg (828 KB, 1797x2073)
828 KB
828 KB JPG
Is anyone else excited for the return of Adachi baseball anime?
>you are decades too old to play at the Koshien
At least there’s death waiting for us.
File: 1449817285530.png (58 KB, 441x361)
58 KB
>you will never take your waifu to Koshien
wait what

File: 1544819151504.jpg (1.16 MB, 1420x2080)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
What are you guys watchin? Been going through trigun and it's pretty good so far
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I'd rather have another Front Lady Innocence
Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland
The repetitive soundtrack almost made me go insane, and it was just bad in terms of execution all around. Conceptually it had a few cool ideas, it had nice looking girls and the occasional nice background as well. I don't regret watching it.

I also watched the first episode of Yokohama Shopping Log, which was gorgeous all around, fantastically paced and with near perfect shot composition. The character acting was very fluid and expressive in a subtle way too. I was also surprised how they could make me care about such a minute personal conflict despite not really giving me all that much information on the character, the voice acting and animation direction really shines through to give the main girl personality enough even though she hasn't been shown to be particularly multifaceted as a character This has been a real treat so far.
Poor Miyuki-Chan couldn't catch a break all ova.
File: macross85198.jpg (1.14 MB, 2560x1440)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
I'm watching Macross (1982) and Urusei Yatsura.

So far watching Macross feels like a cross between gudam and Yamato. I'm just getting to the part where protoculture comes into play. Really like it so far.

I'm on episode 7 of Urusei Yatsura. The episodes are very hit or miss for me. I'm not liking how repetitive it is already. the BD's i've downloaded look really good though.
Finished Escaflowne yesterday.
It's incredible but the ending felt rushed as fuck.

What’s the most anime thing you’ve ever done?
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japanese high school ends at around 3pm - 4pm, one could argue that people also go to schoolclubs but then you could aswell join a sports club.
One of my friends was panicking and having confidence issues so I paraphrased Kamina and told her "Don't believe in yourself if you can't, just believe in me and know that I believe in you."
It worked
This but ironically.
Puerto Ricans skip the fucking S all the time. And that dude is correct, they always go "etooo..." I lived in PR for like 5 years
I once tripped and landed on cute girl's vagina like a harem MC.

File: FIGURE-046433_01.jpg (69 KB, 534x800)
69 KB
Knowing is half the battle
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Nice. Just got Urusei Yatsura in the mail 2 days ago.
literal action figure, what did you expect?
What the fuck happened? What's going to happen with Super Robot Wars now?
Nothing? Banpresto's game operations became BB Studio and been making the SRW games since 2008 under Bandai Namco.
File: Kaosu.jpg (1.13 MB, 2822x2268)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
My kaosu arrived today.

File: 95-01.png (1.67 MB, 1114x1600)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
Something is wrong with aneki but we have Haruki to the rescue.
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It's not ecchi you baka.
It has some light fanservice elements. While it's not the main draw, there are times when Mutsuki's boobs get emphasized, we get a bathing scene, Mutsuki's being unguarded (again), and so on.
When will Haruki stick it in Uzukis butt?
File: c95-1.jpg (813 KB, 1114x1600)
813 KB
813 KB JPG
Lots of redraws this chapter.
The tag line of the series used to be "It's OK to flirt with your older and younger sister".

I just wanted a comfy manga about people climbing mountains, instead I got a bunch of whores and douchebags bullying mountain autist.
Fuck it, brb watching Yama no Susume and Yuru Camp again.
He won though. Hard.
I'm somewhat glad the mangaka decided to deviate from the source material since apparently, the novel version died young just like the real dude.
Lonely manga thread for a manga about a lonely dude.
you should read Kamigami no itadaki instead

File: 978-4-08-631271-4.jpg (221 KB, 510x728)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Another day, another LN cancelled because the author talked shit on Twitter.

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The artist's definitely not in the wrong, he's just casually saying he's getting bored of doing just one certain thing and wants to draw something more hardcore. There's nothing wrong with that. His tweets are chill and the kind of t hing you'd expect from a twitter not run by a PR firm. The author going nuts is all on him.
That was before I had more context for the tweets and such. I agree that the author is without a doubt in the wrong here.
knowing Japanese culture, they are passive-aggressive like that
I'm on the writer's side on this one. It isn't just a coincidence that out of the blue your artist would say that.
anyone siding with the artist is a retard
Literally nothing of value was lost.

File: 1513103872519.jpg (100 KB, 456x434)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
File: 1539747494928.gif (2.57 MB, 353x250)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB GIF

File: why.jpg (269 KB, 764x1200)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
What is your favorite axed series /a/?
>Marry Grave

Why do so many solid series get the axe while shit shonen get 200 chapters and an anime?
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If Red Sprite was published in another magazine, it would've lasted at least 7 volumes.
WSJ chuuni demographics are a shit
Just continue, it's hella good
still pissy that it got axed, the flashback was pretty necessary imo for the story to move forward but wouldn't be better to just get bits of it instead of an arc?
My nigga.

File: 19043903409.png (179 KB, 525x390)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Dearest Mother
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big ass
Dearest Mother,
*write*Oops,mistake watashi wa okama desu cute funny but sadly give funny for money tomahawk missile inbound fuck fuck oh god how do O MY BIG GUY i delete gomen gomen FOR YOU yard yare Fuck Moot Mechazawa is actually human,love eggplants oyakodon is terrible stop that's what she said but "she" fuck shit today I saw two faggots fuck niggers. pretty hot Fukou da moreover I'd like to touch myself thirteen percent sex time with Trueno AE86
that's black.
File: 1457807319004.jpg (69 KB, 675x663)
69 KB
Ebin :DD
John Quixote

File: 1476034736689.webm (1.08 MB, 720x404)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB WEBM
Pinnacle of character design.
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You better be being ironic. it's like they slapped an ugly mans head on a girls body

>that bra
I wonder how her back doesn't snap
>it's funny cuz its shit on purpose!
Her bra uses a series of pullies to distribute the weight over her body rather than focus it on her back.
File: 8.jpg (853 KB, 1920x3207)
853 KB
853 KB JPG

Most girls are fine with dragon dildos but this one wants the whole dragon inside her!
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1522008279425.jpg (191 KB, 1920x1080)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
>got your tail
What does it mean to be a manaria friend?
god i wish that were me
It's amazing how terrible the fight scenes were with the sales this shit is bringing in.

I almost wish it would return to the slow-paced early episodes because at least it's hard to mess those up animation-wise.
Don't forget how long it takes to produce an episode. By the time they start to get sales, the animation is almost done.

File: 1436577142362.png (346 KB, 526x810)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
This is my chance. I will be the most popular girl on 4channel!
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File: 1348518411856.jpg (134 KB, 1280x720)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>cutest and bestest Yuru!
You appear to have made a mistake, anon. Don't worry though, Akarin will forgive you.
she deserved it
File: 1548990499046.jpg (58 KB, 564x628)
58 KB
Absolutely delicious.
File: DhKp-YpUYAAhoQW.jpg:large.jpg (240 KB, 1271x1756)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
>wind blows
>skirt is suddenly longer than usual and barely avoids showing her pantsu
Sasuga Namori.
is there somewhere i can buy a tshirt with this image blown up to cover the whole front side

File: BEASTARS,_volume_1.jpg (28 KB, 211x330)
28 KB
Just read Beastars and its really amazing.I'm on chapter 17 and I can't stop reading it. Do you think the same way /a/?
31 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
No, because I'm not a furry creep.
Well, you don't have to be. You can also be a 5-year old where antropomorphic animal cartoons are the norm.
>he doesn't like looney tunes
pretty sad, desu.
I think very few people here are these suit wearing mongoloids.
Most just like this story.
File: 1484164136178.jpg (65 KB, 500x497)
65 KB
>3d intensifies
Of course these lazy fucks didnn't even bother to recreated the artstyle of the manga

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