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File: soundcloud.png (10 KB, 796x457)
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No shill edition. Must give actual feedback. If not you will be ignored. If posting early in thread come back and provide feedback.
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File: IMG_20190102_015254_305.jpg (668 KB, 2160x2160)
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668 KB JPG

All feedback returned, my first single ^^

Next track Feb 1st <3

>roswell greys

London, UK
File: DTBIX.jpg (305 KB, 1500x1500)
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305 KB JPG
Anonymous 01/19/19(Sat)13:04:07 No.85362382▶
File: Myopic.jpg (190 KB, 1500x1500)
190 KB
>>85360729 (OP)



Sooooooo I made an album


I think
File: move2.png (3.1 MB, 1400x1400)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB PNG

album cover
File: astral1.jpg (936 KB, 1080x1080)
936 KB
936 KB JPG


>HiFi, pretty well mastered
>Spooky electronic

File: Ariel Pink.jpg (102 KB, 1500x1000)
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102 KB JPG
Say something nice about this man.
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saw him do a double headliner with Diiv last year

Everyone left after diiv's set lmao
imagine the smell
Well, that's dumb.
lol yeah ok fuck guy. no one wants to listen to this cornball clown play his shitty circus music
That's not a very nice thing to say.

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Rather small but still hit-worthy.
Fuck off
bump for interest

You can't have a thread if you don't post anything in it

File: 1533835547701.jpg (44 KB, 1024x576)
44 KB
Cute boys edition
Previous: >>85367713
FAQ: https://pastebin.com/3gUFzMQc
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File: 7domyl7.jpg (19 KB, 371x495)
19 KB
>isn't familiar with flotsam and jetsams discography
>expects us to guess this was released in a year other than 2019
I was ready to defend you, and you let me down.
File: giphy.gif (528 KB, 276x305)
528 KB
528 KB GIF
It was a joke.
desu I only know this came out this year cause I read a review lmfao

I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn’t believe.
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Extremely. He had an extremely confident, underplayed, down to earth attitude. He said everything in this really surreal way that was straightforward. He was soft spoken but not insecure or difficult to understand. I was quite offended at first when he claimed he was in NIRVANA and it was pretty obvious I wanted to physically hurt him but it didn't make him flinch one bit.
He's not like those mockup photos of what he's supposed to look like if he were still alive. He's still very beautiful with almost no body fat. Still has bleach blonde hair too. Short too of course. His outfit felt both very futuristic and classic. Probably the only time I haven't seen him wearing vintage clothes.
You should talk to a therapist.
File: 1527895228202.png (120 KB, 344x366)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
I have. Google the name "Jonathan Gersh".

File: front.jpg (463 KB, 1200x1200)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
My idol just released an album that is the worstly produced and mixed off all of his solo albums. It is very disappointing and I fear he is geting lazy and full of himself.
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Anomaly and Space Invader sound great. Even Origins sounds nice. I dont know what happened to Spaceman, on interviews it seems like Ace went too much into the laziness of working with ProTools and editing stuff.
not a native, i thought that word existed while i wrote it
problem is eddie kramer doesn't record for cheap, and KISS don't like the prospect of spending more money

these guys turned down fucking live aid in 1985 because it wasn't a paid performance
It looks like his head is photoshopped onto someone else's body.

Give me your best

“Listens to ____ once” memes
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Based Contra
god i want Contra to piss on me so bad
that should be this image >>85378500

File: download (4).jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
Screamo, also known as skramz, is a version of emotional hardcore. It is a subgenre that has really stuck with me over the years. I feel like a lot more people would be into it if they were just aware of it. Screamo is a word associated with a lot of cringe acts, but that stuff shouldn't represent the genre.

It takes the intensity of hardcore punk and adds the prettiness and inventiveness of post-rock. Post-rock by itself isn't very engaging, and I feel like that subgenre deserved to die. Screamo, however, takes the best parts of post-rock, and combines them with the best and more sincere parts of hardcore punk. Instead of the tiring crescendos of post-rock, which evolve into a mere anti-climatic groove, screamo takes the crescendo even further, supplying the most intense yet sincere cries of "it's not fair!" or "this isn't the way things should be!". Personally, I prefer the european acts over the american ones as they seem to be more inventive and experiment further with the post-rock elements.

This group is called Suffocate For Fucks Sake, they are from Sweden.
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File: 410xoPNGP6L[1].jpg (31 KB, 300x300)
31 KB
This is the track:
I absolutely love the contrast between the different parts and how they're able to make it work as one cohesive piece.
File: download (5).jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
damn what? I know they've got a piano part in the song * but never heard that harpsichord outro, that's wild

two compilation albums from la quiete, the first one has a truly amazing closing track that has one of the best guitar riffs form any genre ever. The second comp is longer and has a pretty cool radiohead esque piano part in a song in the middle. Also, the second comp is a bit more intense.
woah! Never heard that song before, it's so intense. That outro is so pretty, I wonder if they sampled it from somewhere? I mean it's the main melody of the song, too, maybe they made it as a homage.

suis la lune - riala
Another swedish band. I feel like they really nail the pretty post-rock upper register notes
another /mu/tant rec'd me this yesterday its actually really fucking good, up there with orchid and raein

Sorry it was a piano; it just sounded weird to me and I remembered it as a harpsichord. I would think that they wrote it themselves but I don't know.
Suis la Lune always felt too clean to me and the guitar tone just turns me off. Too clean with too much reverb or something.
This one is great though; raw as fuck. I also discovered them via /mu/ but that was a year ago or so.

Kiss sucks
AC/DC sucks
The Beatles sucks
Bob Dylan sucks
Elvis Presley sucks
File: 1384386065792s.jpg (3 KB, 124x108)
3 KB
>The Beatles sucks
>Bob Dylan sucks
calm down
ElViS wAs RaCiSt

Am I the only one that doesn't like to listen to their favorite albums often, because they think it might lose it's power and impact if it's listened to often?
I haven't listened to my favorite album in like 6 months, and I only listened to it then because I caved in.
Pic semi related, but kinda isn't because it isn't actually my favorite album. I just wanted those clicks.
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That album is unlistenable the 30th time. Scaruffi gave it a 7 for a reason.

I've listened to Contemporary movements by Duster like 50 times and it still is almost as good as the fifth listen
Hey, LYSF is my favorite album as well. Or at least I think it is. I haven't listened to it since 2015 NYE, so around three years. I did feel it was losing it's magic so I told myself I'd only listen to it when something special happens in my life. Problem is literally nothing ever happens to me so I don't see an opportunity to listen to it.
Albums I liked the most would end up getting played at more significant times than just regular listening and I found it hard to move 'backwards' in terms of significance. So yeah, now that means a few have 'progressed' to special occasion only albums'. There is more music out there than you could ever fill your time with so I don't have much trouble letting my favorite music just be without hearing it much.
i regularly relisten to my favorites and have a decent rotation of things i think are on their way to becoming favorites. it helps me to identify what has staying power and what doesn't. there are some favorites that i've had for years and years and years that always satisfy me. many more that have had their greatness fade with time. always fun to check in on how my taste has developed.

but the vast majority of my listening is new (to me) albums

File: maqEBH9u.jpg (37 KB, 400x400)
37 KB
i like when do funny trampoline dance :) hehe
Yeah theyre exceptionally talented at their respective instruments but I cant stand them
A step up from Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers-adjacent jam bands (ie. Tedeschi Trucks, JRAD), but not quite as good as The Dead and Allmans themselves. Or Little Feat for that matter.

They seem technically proficient sure but jams are rooted or based in anything really substantial, no great songwriting or a stylistic continuum and canon of cover songs derived from the roots of American roots music (blues, jazz, country, folk, etc).
*are not rooted

But yeah they're fine, sometimes quite good, but just as often leave me feeling nothing.
>no great songwriting


ITT: Angsty shit you used to listen to back in high school
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This gives me hope, will relisten to and come back to the thread if it hasnt 404ed
Still really fun a few tracks in, but (as expected) not the fantastic album I thought it was in middle school, much more pop punk than metalcore than I remember. Honestly the vocalists range and timbre is incredibly unique and if they weren't in the genre they are I think it might have become something much larger than hot-topicore just based on that. Regardless of my "mature me" critique, I'm loving this shit still
File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg (25 KB, 220x220)
25 KB
I take it back there is a lot more going on than pop punk influence. Super nice use of space to let the music breathe at times and a great time signiture shift in My Disease. This might make me go back and listen to more of the stuff I've written off as "cringy young me music"
Went back, found my old iPod nano. This song in particular fucks with me because I think this trajectory, if this genre went there, exemplifies how good the metalcore-mallcore bullshit could have been if it wasn't so quickly corporatized.
Like FUCK man this song is acually still fantastic

File: eagles.jpg (55 KB, 630x420)
55 KB
So the other day we were talking about 60s vs 70s rock and which we prefer. I want to continue that discussion but also go into: what do you think are the buttrock acts of the 70s?
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Are you actually retarded?
How has nobody mentioned Led Zeppelin?
It was quite fashionable to like Led Zeppelin in the 70's. Was it ever considered hip to like Nickelback? No. Fuck off.
Just because it wasn't in the 90s doesn't mean that it can't be proto buttrock. What OP is stating, and what you can't understand is what's in between the lines. 70's rock and 90s post-grunge share common themes where the lyrics just feel cheap to the listener. There's a lot of YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH HOOO BABBBYYY BABY YEAH going on but nothing else really. You know how people say that in the 90s everyone was going "Yeahhh hyeahhh, yeah hyeahhh". Well, they were doing the same thing in the 70s. Both 70s rock and post-grunge suffer from lazy songwriting at times. That's all that's being stated, you stupid boomer. They're similar.
That isn't what "buttrock" implies. All of that stuff was en vogue in the 70's, so it doesn't apply. Buttrock was coined to make fun of generically commercial/normie pandering music of the 90's. AC/DC wasn't listened to by those types in their day, they were actually considered edgy and wild, believe it or not, sliding timescales man so hard to comprehend!

If you want to do an accurate comparison, you have to think what would be the music kids who didn't really like rock music in the 70's listen to, the more socially acceptable/normalfag version

File: real anime eyes.jpg (45 KB, 720x720)
45 KB
boutta listen to loveless to see what u fags are on about
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File: 1515916677706.jpg (78 KB, 579x633)
78 KB
>anon says "ima listen to this"
>we all discuss it and share opinions
>no flame
it's pretty surreal, man.
File: 1547515449269.jpg (31 KB, 750x533)
31 KB
its the best and most popular of the songs, as it should be
hmm digging the first song, not really digging anything else :(
why u false flaggin in my thread nigga
fuck outta here
what about loomer

File: nico.jpg (109 KB, 700x394)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
You it's true, the marble index, desertshore and the end are all better than anything TVU ever released.
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File: C5Te2MJUcAAusyU.jpg (92 KB, 800x616)
92 KB
>lou reed doing a gay voice
By "part of" you mean "all of"
Most of.
This is easily her most underrated song:
>lame pop shit

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