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File: Soulseek-png-3.png (74 KB, 512x512)
74 KB
>Put a .flac filter
>Download an album
>Put in a Spectrogram
>Not actually flac
>he isn't on red
What is this magical place?

File: soundtracks_grande.jpg (35 KB, 600x600)
35 KB
>It's an album where someone plays guitar for 30 minutes

*Y a w n*
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>implying 80% of music has to be good
You can't enjoy music, get out of /mu/ asshole. That was good for a laugh at least
>80% of music is guitar
>music started when guitar was invented
>music always centered around guitar
Maybe different styles of American and Spanish folk music and their derivatives, but not much else. Even Jazz, a genre which has heavy roots in blues, was quick to move away from the guitar.
I was talking about the fact that most albums have at least one instrument being played for the mayority of the album

File: maxresdefault.jpg (122 KB, 1280x720)
122 KB
122 KB JPG

Damn, flashbacks to high school. I always liked Amsterdam:
One of the only good songs on the radio.

File: good.png (940 KB, 615x616)
940 KB
940 KB PNG
You're good. Good. Good. Good.
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I once fell asleep to this album it was a very enjoyable experience
File: db4.jpg (17 KB, 495x362)
17 KB
I think it's finally time to finally introduce you to the BUENA BUENA BUENA BUENA GOOD GOOD GOOD
KNEW it had to be Saddest Song before clicking on the link... but I definitely agree c:
Interesting album indeed

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (113 KB, 1280x720)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
The two opening verses of this song are god awful for a Korn song way WAY too fucking Poppy and happy sounding Korn is NEVER supposed to sound happy for ANY reason
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I am the audience and I can decide what I do and don't like pop sucks so metal songs that use elements of pop music also suck
File: 1570753753158.gif (3.28 MB, 320x180)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB GIF
Drug addicts and white trash mothers listen to Korn. I was at a barbecue and my friend invited his drug addict neighbor over and he was tweaking on meth. He was calling our music shit and decided to put on Creed and Korns newest album and recited the lyrics word for word.

I also saw them live at a Godsmack and Korn concert and some white trash lady called me and my friends virgins while she puked and got kicked out along with her boyfriend. And then some other guy started tweaking too.
Doesn't even sound that happy, so did you say a word about Love and Luxury either? Or Pop a Pill? Just wondering
Probably Fieldy
How about neither deep despair nor naïve happiness and actually facing (and overcoming) real challenges?

>they obsess over literal vibrating air
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File: 1556341681420.jpg (242 KB, 2048x1896)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
>implying 4chan's love for cats will ever end
No sound nigga, the fuck you think? Vibrations can't travel in a vacuum
File: 1450786576937.jpg (597 KB, 800x800)
597 KB
597 KB JPG
gtfo niggerfaggot zoomer
dogs are better and literally everyone knows it, even if you can't admit it.
Yeah, if you're a normie fuck that needs constant validation

File: meanwhile-in-hamburg.webm (2.83 MB, 852x480)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB WEBM
Meanwhile in the German hardcore scene...
FUCK society
Who? This looks somewhat interesting. And I live only 10 minutes away from Hamburg
File: hamburg.jpg (421 KB, 1920x1080)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
Just find this building.

File: SCHLOPSCHLOP.jpg (244 KB, 800x1137)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
op is on drugs

I run from them but they are faster and if I ever leave drugs I wonder if I won't go through a blackout where I don't remember where I left my damn weed.

I feel bad for lizzo. All this hard work and fame, and she's still going to have to pay dudes to fuck her.
and die of a heart attack at an early age

File: shitty.png (776 KB, 563x564)
776 KB
776 KB PNG
Album art you hate so much that it makes you angry thread
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That album cover is fine. It's pretty uninspired but I don't see how you could hate it that much.
I fucking hate that giant, dude.
I like it.

File: i disagree.jpg (225 KB, 1152x1152)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
*saves metal*
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Let's not get ahead of ourselves. It'll be a good album but it won't save anything.
File: 1568644267785.png (170 KB, 717x586)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
>normalfags trying to understand metal
is that the trap boy
Poppy fucking sucks now. Talk about tryhard music.
I had no clue Poppy had a new EP this year and a new album in the works. So, she's transitioning to metal, huh? The artwork is cool. I just listened to the latest singles and eh, the songs aren't that great. The chorus for "I Disagree" is kinda neat and I actually enjoy each part of "Concrete", but its haphazard nature is too disorienting. I'll go back to my Death Metal. ;)

What is the best music theory book?
bump. am interested in this as well.

i studied tonal harmony but it's quite a trek. I enjoyed the jazz language and want to read post tonal harmony but haven't found a copy yet
beato book- fuck you

File: catgirl.jpg (66 KB, 1000x1000)
66 KB
music videos from this are sfm tier
he cute
come on anon, they are cute

File: ano2ozrc55t1.jpg (2 KB, 125x70)
2 KB

prev >>90632397
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File: gof.gif (499 KB, 500x281)
499 KB
499 KB GIF
the real one is yes

File: perfection.jpg (124 KB, 600x927)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
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File: JoyUnimpressed.jpg (408 KB, 2048x1364)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
this is a womens only thread actually
slug thread pretty please with seulgi on top
File: 1532532076783.webm (2.93 MB, 1280x720)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
early yuqi was super cute already

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