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File: Dq1EIZVVAAEJOf0.jpg (202 KB, 837x1000)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
how many grilled fish did you get on Halloween? me, personally I stacked up a nice haul of 25

지금부터 이 보드는 한국말을 씁니다.

File: tricks.png (150 KB, 864x563)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
How many did you manage to trick last year anon?
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wew lads
i made it
File: 1536313487126.gif (306 KB, 900x900)
306 KB
306 KB GIF
>work all day and wasn't able to do any tricking
Oh well, there's always next year.
tricks in option doesnt work for me

File: 4tan.png (527 KB, 640x480)
527 KB
527 KB PNG
Bow down to your new queen
File: -_- face.jpg (23 KB, 245x216)
23 KB
whats her problem
She still has a hat

File: 1515856229771.webm (680 KB, 960x720)
680 KB
ITT Post the replies to your trickster posts!
File: asdasdds.png (11 KB, 364x78)
11 KB
This shit is too funny
downboat lel xd
I dont save replies.
Just take some screenshots anon
File: Screenshot_1.png (13 KB, 557x94)
13 KB

File: gk2.jpg (83 KB, 955x534)
83 KB
>make good post
>forget to put in tricks
>wasted replies
File: e-what.jpg (620 KB, 1796x2048)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
e What
wait do you really have to put tricks in the options?

Spooky, scary skeletons
Send shivers down your spine
Shrieking skulls will shock your soul
Seal your doom tonight
Spooky, scary skeletons
Speak with such a screech
You'll shake and shudder in surprise
When you hear these zombies shriek

We're so sorry, skeletons, you're so misunderstood
You only want to socialize, but I don't think we should

'Cause spooky, scary skeletons
Shout startling, shrilly screams
They'll sneak from their sarcophagus

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File: 1411470797103.jpg (65 KB, 500x748)
65 KB
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no, respond to this one please!
File: tegaki.png (9 KB, 400x400)
9 KB

File: 1540752112581.png (499 KB, 500x750)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
Can we make this a racism free, troll free, shitposting free safe space board. Im not even joking i browse the blue boards at wrk on my phone.
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Lol what? You painted that?
I browse most. Im an amateur techie and the wealth of information in the onstall gentoo wiki is astounding. In 2 months Ive sropped windows for linux and love it, learned bash, basically dropped google for everything, joined a private tracker. Theyre especially autistic over there but Id say IQ and skilz are high
Yes, painted using /vip/'s in-built drawy thing.

Yeah, I agree about /g/'s expertise. I make websites for side income and /g/'s /wdg/ always has some knowledgeable individual willing to help.

You looking for a job in tech?
Yeah def. I have a state job so the IT jobs for the state pay pretty well. Id say Im pretty experienced compared to yr average person but Im learning networking and databases now, def a weakness. Would possibly like to go as a pentester
Please if you have a tech job or resources let me know. Seems like the hardest thing to get is the first job/experience
File: tegaki.png (231 KB, 400x400)
231 KB
231 KB PNG

This century is a dystopian shithole in which the average citizen of even advanced democracies is nothing more than a passive consumer of infotainment. We don't live in a leisure economy, we live in a forced leisure economy. Young men waste their entire youths playing video games and watching porn because they have been shut out of gainful employment, unless they are intellectually gifted enough for STEM. They're not getting married, and they're not having children. The entire real economy is going to collapse once 1 in 4 Millennials passes through their 30s without buying a house or having children within marriage. Real estate, cars, anything tangible that doesn't have a processor in it will crash because no one is going to be able to afford to buy them.

What is the political solution to this? Closing the borders and mass unionization? What do we do with the generation of men that has already wasted the prime of their reproductive life?



We have eaten our seed corn.

File: 1533063338555.jpg (117 KB, 600x504)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Did you fags unironically vote for this shitty design or did Hiro rig the vote?
49 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
I forgot to vote.
You could have helped us get a cute fairy anon
I voted for her.
thick legs suck my dude
No, and she was in my bottom 5 of the final 20. I would have felt a lot better about the vote if the total votes were shown, but of course, those could have been faked too. Oh well. It's not like it really means anything.

File: 10-30.png (26 KB, 592x508)
26 KB
Have you heard
the Good Word?

File: 1539363386765.jpg (23 KB, 400x317)
23 KB
This is the most important image.
File: 1539166529211.png (2.99 MB, 2048x1536)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB PNG
No, this is the most important image.
I like beer

File: 7486768465.png (501 KB, 658x569)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
>lol anon, 4chan isn't your secret club you know, you're an elitist
>ugh, /pol/, get off MY board! You're not welcome here, this is OUR website!
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
/pol/ should get off all boards everywhere. All the /pol/smokers should gather on /pol/, then it should be dropped into a volcano.
I think you might be mad.
File: bananagirl.jpg (133 KB, 473x480)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
4chan is property of [a/jp]
Pol does the most real world pranks, and also the highest amount of users. So they try to recruit for pranks and sometimes the stormfags from their try to spread their stupid stuff on other threads

File: north_america_4.png (1.03 MB, 2503x1992)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
You wake up a hundred years from now, and North America has finally balkanized. The level of technology and memery is exactly the same, because of progress lost in the wars.

What do you do?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'd still live in the fucking USA lmao
i complain about mexico barely getting balkanized
Same thing I always do.
Sit on my ass and meme.
Same. lol

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